About BusinessRadar


About BusinessRadar

BusinessRadar was developed by Vertical Data in 2017 with the purpose to turn unstructured (web)data into relevant and valuable business information. At Vertical Data, we believe the web is the most valuable source of intelligence. The internet provides limitless sources with information hidden in text, images, audio, and video.

While the volume of available data has grown exponentially, most businesses struggle to derive value from it. Often, only a fraction of the potential is reached in terms of relevancy and usability of information.

Our vision is to make information from unstructured (web) data relevant and valuable for organizations so they can make proper well informed decisions on opportunities and risks.   

Our mission is to develop and supply technology that retrieves and analyzes unstructured data and determines the relevancy of the data using the specific domain knowledge of organizations and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms .   

The benefits of BusinessRadar for users are

  • Always up to date information on developments with your clients so you can mitigate risks or take(commercial) actions
  • Use your own strategic domain knowledge to determine the relevancy of information
  • An essential part of risk management and compliance procedures to minimize legal and bad business exposure
Global portfolio monitoring

Our clients use our service to meet their need for automated news monitoring of a substantial portfolio of companies based around the globe. Atradius, one of the largest credit risk insurers in the world, monitors millions of articles per day and automatically identify insolvency risks. In the past, underwriters would only follow the news of the companies with high risk or exposure. With Business Radar, Atradius can apply automated news monitoring to its complete portfolio, including small and medium-sized enterprises, to identify claims that would not have surfaced previously, resulting in a substantial decrease in costs over the years.