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    Progress CONTENTS Introduction 2 Together Leadership Accountability 2030 Goals Employee-led Efforts Embracing change in a year defined by it to drive greater Moving Forward 8 DEI Impact Targeted Investments In a year of change and crises, We’ve come together and supported Equitable Pay and Inclusive Benefits diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has each other in new ways, creating remained a key business priority for connection and community in a more Product Design VMware and, in many ways, we’ve global and inclusive way. Our metrics Inclusive Terminology been able to move faster. The new show incremental improvement and normal of work from home has momentum, but we know we aren’t Responsible Sourcing accelerated our plans for a distributed done. We are celebrating what we workforce, broadening our talent pool, have accomplished together this year enabling needed flexibility for our while recognizing that we have a lot current workforce and allowing us to more work to do as a company around reach much larger virtual audiences our hiring, retention and inclusive By the Numbers 14 than when we focused on delivering culture efforts. We are serious about FY21 Goals in-person events and programs. We our commitment – wanting to build are having more open and transparent upon our sustained pace of change Gender conversations around systemic racism and go bolder – as demonstrated Race/ Ethnicity and social inequalities, and wellness through our 2030 Agenda. Our and mental health is top of mind. 10-year commitment includes 30 goals Intersectionality Where we are comfortable doing so, by fiscal year (FY) 2030 to drive the Other Communities we are opening the ‘e-door’ into our outcomes of trust, equity and homes, meeting each other’s kids, sustainability. pets, messes and more – reinforcing and amplifying our commitment to bringing your authentic self to work. Building 19 Communities Commitments 22 2 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT | 3

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    Leader-Led We continued our multi-year commitment towards leadership accountability in FY211. While we made progress in FY20, we didn’t hit our representation goals, so we enlisted the help of 700 more senior leaders by extending our corporate DEI goals to all Senior Directors and above2. We also took money dedicated to reward goal achievement and reinvested it into corporate-wide DEI programs and investments (see Targeted Investments). We shifted our goals away from representation to the strategic levers that drive representation: hiring (including interview slate goals) and retention. Our senior leaders were supported in achieving their goals by getting on-demand access to their interview, hiring and retention metrics, regular communication and tools, and a dashboard that tracked directly to our DEI goals. Building from last year, all Vice Presidents continue to be aligned with HR and Talent Acquisition experts to create a personalized DEI strategy and plan. The VMinclusion Council, a global cross-functional executive advisory group, influenced and drove executive DEI accountability across business systems, decisions and processes. Examples of key business actions included sponsorship of our underrepresented senior engineering talent, listening sessions, and reverse mentorship opportunities with members of our Power of Difference Communities (PODs). Bridge Building Towards 2030 VMware believes that technology will play a critical role in building an equitable, accessible and inclusive digital future. Through our Anywhere Workspace solutions, we help our customers make the transition to a distributed workforce model, enabling them to attract more diverse talent and build a more inclusive culture. With our DEI efforts, we are redefining the workplace of the future. We empower employees with equal opportunity, inclusive leadership and increased flexibility. We’ve specifically committed to driving progress in this space with measurable goals and ongoing assessments. By 2030, we are confident that we will hire at least one woman for every one man we hire, and that at least half of our management team will be comprised of women and those from backgrounds currently underrepresented within our organization. With our partners, we work to close the digital skills gap in marginalized communities and make digital transformation more accessible for all. The work we do today is laying the foundation for creating a more equitable, sustainable and resilient future. 1 Our Fiscal Year 2021 runs February 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021 2 Inclusive of individual contributors at this level and above 4 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT

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    MORE THAN Employee Empowered Our Power of Difference (POD) communities are the employee-powered engines that fuel our DEI efforts. We have 7 global Demographic PODs: Asian@VMware, 1,100 VMWARE PEOPLE Black@VMware, Disability@VMware, Latinos@VMware, PRIDE@VMware, Women@VMware, and Veterans@VMware; and 12 VMinclusion Site SUPPORTED A FUNDRAISER PODs across our Global Locations: Australia and New Zealand ORGANIZED BY THE BLACK@ (ANZ), Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Germany, India, Ireland, VMWARE POD, DIRECTING Japan, Middle East Turkey & North Africa (METNA), Spain, South East Asia & Korea (SEAK), and the United Kingdom. NEARLY We continue to empower 14 POD leaders – selected by a $ company-wide nomination process in FY20 - across our demographic PODs who dedicate 20 percent of their time to the role. Participation is open to anyone in the 550,000 company and is designed to help participants grow as OF INDIVIDUALS’ AND leaders, engage with different communities, and drive VMWARE’S FUNDING business impact. THROUGH VMWARE While we were able to come together in February FOUNDATION CITIZEN before the pandemic for our Annual POD Leadership PHILANTHROPY PROGRAMS Summit, the world quickly changed afterwards. This year, PODs came together across locations and TO NONPROFITS demographic groups as we navigated work outside of SUPPORTING BLACK LIVES offices and across intersectional topics such as Wellness MATTER. Wednesdays (i.e., How to Be Present and Authentic in this Moment), #BlackTransLivesMatter - Raising Awareness on Systemic Racism & Transphobia and LGBTQ+ Equality in the Military. The Disability POD, newly launched in FY20, continued to build momentum as The Black POD helped lead us through the global conversation around well. The POD rolled out a series of awareness building learning courses systemic racism. From the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 to the killing (including Understanding Disabilities to Creating Accessible Content), advocated POD LEADERSHIP of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, to name only a few, along and advanced the conversation around accessibility as well as mental health and with the continued global momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement, our partnered on our first-time submission of the 2020 Disability:IN Disability SUMMIT 2020: Black and African-American communities around the world were in pain. In Equality Index. While our score highlights many areas of improvement, the 85 ATTENDEES FROM June, the POD hosted a Global Culture Club meeting where employees came baseline data has identified focus areas for immediate improvement and helped 10 GLOBAL LOCATIONS together to honor those lost, share personal stories, and offer support and us build out a comprehensive disability inclusion road map for FY22 and beyond. solidarity. Over 5,000 attended or viewed the replay, and many said this was the ATTENDED. NINETY-FIVE In light of the ongoing focus on social and racial justice and other VMware most impactful experience of their time at VMware. The Black POD continues to PERCENT INDICATED grow in membership, and we launched the Black@VMware UK chapter, our first values-related policy issues, we added representation from each Global POD to THAT ATTENDING chapter outside of the US. our Political Action Committee (PAC) Board of Directors and updated our bylaws to support candidates or political committees that align to our Global Impact THE SUMMIT HELPED Goals and our EPIC2 Values. In the aftermath of the January 6 attack on the US THEIR LEADERSHIP Capitol, the VMware PAC Board of Directors unanimously voted to suspend all DEVELOPMENT. contributions from the VMware PAC in Q1 FY22. POD members also support social issues through VMware Foundation programs. The mission of the VMware Foundation is to foster a culture of service by providing a platform to amplify the contributions of VMware people to their causes of choice and inspire the Citizen Philanthropist in all of us by empowering everyone to be active, engaged citizens in our communities. As such, several PODs around the world have created nonprofit fundraisers supporting issues top of mind for their members such as the Asian, Black, and Latinos Social Justice Funds and the LGBTQ+ Community Fund. 6 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT

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    Targeted Investments Inclusive Leadership in Action – An experiential course designed to increase awareness of diversity and inclusion key topics, build an To accelerate our DEI efforts, money allocated for our understanding of how behaviors impact our culture and inspire behavioral change across VMware. Topics covered include diversity, inclusion, leadership accountability efforts was reinvested into corporate- in-groups and out-groups, unconscious bias, microaggressions, covering, intersectionality, privilege and commitments. In our first year, over 700 wide DEI efforts with a focus on foundational DEI education as employees have taken the training. well as racial and equity programs including: POD Leadership Impact Program – A 5-month long development program in partnership with Jayzen Patria Speakers for current and future POD Leaders designed to build their leadership skills and drive the Accelerating Impact – A 6-month leadership development program . growth of our innovative and inclusive culture. The experience focused on focused on beliefs and actions by increasing awareness of participants’ accelerating leadership skills, driving business impact, building remote brand and beliefs and using key insights to drive enhanced performance communities and enabling distributed teams. Participants proposed a and a sense of belonging. Our first cohort focused on Black and African- business impact solution, developed the business case and will present to American talent and building on lessons learned we are launching a leaders for buy-in for FY22. There were 48 participants across 13 global second cohort in FY22 on Latinx talent. Each cohort consists of 50 PODs in six project teams focused on key areas including recruiting, leaders across VMware. onboarding, professional development and mentorship. Coaching for all POD Leaders – As part of our POD leadership strategy, Unconscious Bias Education – In our 6th year of investment and we are committed to providing POD leaders with ongoing opportunities evolution in partnership with the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership to grow and develop. We partnered with BetterUp to provide Innovation Lab, we continue to offer this foundational course around personalized, confidential, one-on-one leadership coaching. Over 100 awareness building and actions to block bias in the workplace. The POD members spent over 1,000 hours on the platform with 99 percent course is targeted to managers but open to everyone. Over 10,000 reporting this was a valuable use of their time and 97 percent feeling like employees completed this training in FY21. this helped them be more effective at work. Factuality - A facilitated dialogue, crash course, and interactive experience, that simulates structural inequalities. We piloted this course and will offer it on an ongoing basis in FY22. “Getting Real” – In an effort to enable all employees to feel comfortable and engaged in open and honest conversations about DEI topics, we launched the Getting Real speakers series. Speakers included Ijeoma Oluo, author of the book “So You Want to Talk About Race,” on conversations around race in the workplace; the GenderCool Project on spotlighting remarkable transgender and non-binary young people; Haben Girma, an American disability rights advocate, and the first deafblind graduate of Harvard Law School, on advocating for equal opportunities for people with disabilities; and actor Benjamin Bratt with his brother, Peter Bratt, producer, writer, director and activist, who were raised by their strong, indigenous single mother from Peru in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Inclusive Language Training - This course focuses on the breadth and depth of inclusive language, including gendered language, global communication, and assumptive or reductive language choices. It also includes actions we can all take, including interruption prevention, mistake recovery, and bystander intervention. In our first year, over 250 participants from various geographies and departments participated in the voluntary course. 8 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT

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    FEELING VALUED – KEY TO AN INCLUSIVE Equitable Pay and Inclusive Benefits CULTURE COVID-19 12,000 eCards shared on our new recognition platform In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we acted with urgency to address the safety of our employees As we evolved to a more distributed workforce, we reimagined the way that we while continuing to support the business continuity needs of our customers and partners. We recognize and express gratitude for the many contributions of our people. In transitioned to a remote workforce model during the first quarter of FY21 and since then, have created addition to launching a more formal recognition framework, we launched a flexible work and customer outreach experiences that have enabled our teams to remain connected with new recognition platform: At Our Best. Through FY21, more than 12,000 each other and with our customers while maintaining and enhancing productivity, operational excellence eCards were shared on this platform by leaders and peers, creating and innovation. We provided additional benefits to employees including a wellbeing allowance, Weekly strengthened connections and a sense of community. Wellness conversations (“Wellness Wednesdays”), pandemic time off, home equipment allowance and coverage of COVID testing and treatment. FUTURE OF WORK OUR COMMITMENT TO PAY EQUITY Going forward, we plan to continue building a dynamic, global workforce of the future that empowers our We are committed to equitable compensation. We know that leveraging the power of human difference people to work from any location, consistent with business requirements, that accelerates their starts with equal pay for equal work. We continually analyze compensation globally, accounting for productivity to deliver innovative solutions and operational excellence for our customers worldwide. We multiple factors that influence pay such as job, grade, tenure, time in job, geographic location and believe our approach to employee choice and flexibility will enable VMware to hire skilled and talented performance. Our most recent data analysis as of November 2020 shows that at VMware, women, in the team members from many new locations across the world and contribute to meeting our DEI goals. aggregate, adjusting for the factors identified above, earn 99 percent of their male counterparts’ target While planning for the initiative was well underway before the emergence of COVID-19, the pandemic cash compensation globally and underrepresented minorities earn 100 percent of their white accelerated our efforts. As our employees demonstrated throughout the pandemic, work location does counterparts in the U.S. not dictate success. The choice and flexibility that form the cornerstones of this new distributed workforce model mirror the choice and flexibility we provide to our customers when choosing their digital infrastructure. INCLUSIVE HIRING Going into FY22, additional changes to how we recognize and support our employees include new To improve representation of women and underrepresented communities, we’ve modified our hiring Employee Assistance Providers (EAP) who offer flexible and inclusive emotional wellbeing support for processes. We now require at least one woman and one underrepresented minority included in the employees and their families, Wellness Committee, four company-wide holidays that highlight global interview stage of all open job requisitions in the United States, and at least one woman on all events and give all employees a day to shut down and disconnect at the same time, and the addition of requisitions at the interview stage globally. two new observed holidays in the U.S. – Juneteenth and Veterans or Remembrance Day. VMware also launched a family planning program on January 1, 2020 in the US called Maven. This supports all families: To block bias in our interview process, we focus on three pillars: same sex couples, single parents, and younger employees who have no idea if or when they want a 1. Job descriptions explain the work as performance outcomes (goals) and not individual characteristics of an family but can find support to do egg freezing. Families that used our parental leave programs get “ideal” candidate. This helps reduce “requirements inflation” which often preclude candidates from non- assigned a Return to Work Coach to support them as they transition back to work. This program will be traditional backgrounds. We want to hire people not only on what they have today but on what they will global later in FY22. become by taking a positive career move by joining VMware. 2. Interviewing and assessment methods that seek a holistic evaluation of a candidate’s significant achievements and professional strengths against the performance outcomes in the job description. LYRA OUR NEW US EAP OFFERS 3. Hiring teams are trained on how to reduce bias and an equitable interview process. COACHES / THERAPISTS FROM University Talent has been diversifying our campus engagement efforts globally over the last several years in line with our DEI goals. We are investing in diversity partnerships, events, tools and programs UNDERREPRESENTED COMMUNITIES that give us access to millions of students across thousands of campuses and associations at once. This AND THE ABILITY TO REQUEST shift will allow us to exponentially expand our reach. SOMEONE FROM A PARTICULAR In the U.S., we have made a strategic decision to invest in a deep engagement partnership with nine DEMOGRAPHIC. ICAS, OUR EAP Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and five Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). We OUTSIDE OF THE US, OFFERS MORE hired resources that have experience in executing engagement and recruiting strategies with these institutions. Over time, we will continue to expand our efforts and programs with HBCUs & HSIs while GLOBAL ACCESS TO SUPPORT OUR continuing to build our brand on these strategic campuses. EMPLOYEES IN COUNTRY AND IN LOCAL LANGUAGE. 10 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT | 11

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    INCLUSIVE TERMINOLOGY We launched a cross functional Inclusive Terminology Initiative to inspect the language we use – from code to customer to colleague communication and collateral. As such, we reviewed and updated the terminology we use in customer-facing and internal-facing content, products, services, or communications. As part of our ongoing commitment, we continue to identify and eliminate insensitive terms that don’t reflect our values and continue to investigate tools and processes to help us do so seamlessly. Any employee can flag language for review, and we offer multiple courses around inclusive language to foster ongoing awareness efforts. In August of 2020, we announced our internal effort to change our standard product, services and marketing terminology to more inclusive language. Our continued commitment, focus and learnings resulted in an even bigger step forward towards changing terminology across the technology industry. In December, VMware joined forces with other technology leaders to eradicate racial bias from code by forming the Inclusive Naming Initiative. This cross-organizational effort will remove harmful, racist, and unclear language in software development and unify the adoption of replacement terms across the technology industry. The long-term goal of the initiative is to remove all harmful and unclear language of any kind and replace it with an agreed-upon set of neutral terms. We are thrilled to be part of this effort, laying the groundwork to solve this issue for good. RESPONSIBLE SOURCING VMware has launched a new Responsible Sourcing Program that centralizes all supplier facing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts. The new program supports VMware’s newly established 2030 Agenda, and will focus its efforts in the following areas: DEI, Sustainability, and Accessibility. Within DEI, VMware has committed to spending $1.5B with diverse suppliers by 2030, and plans to set specific spend targets for certified minority-owned businesses including those identified as Black, Latinx, veteran, people with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ owned businesses. DESIGNING OUR PRODUCTS In February 2020, we kicked off our first ever Accessibility Week with a Summit followed by an accessibility hackathon, a joint effort between the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, the Disability POD and our Accessibility Team. Five different countries, six different business units, and nine different products in total were represented. Ten concepts were developed during the hackathon including walk assistant application for Blind/Low Vision; open doors with the twist or tap of your smart phone; Alexa- based Voice User Interface (VUI) for VMware Wavefront; Intelligent Wheelchair Object Awareness; and making VMware’s intranet accessible. Opening doors with your phone, the winning idea, was integrated into VMware Workspace One Access. Furthermore, we automated captions for all Zoom meetings, added disability diverse icons to our branding library, upgraded our PowerPoint templates to accessible versions and completed the roll out of three largely accessible tools – Fusion, Workstation and Player, with more to come in 2021. 12 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT

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    Measuring Gender Breakdown at VMware (Global) Gender Gender – Overall Gender – Leadership Change 80 76.1% 75.6% 74.6% 80 75.3% 74.3% 72.9% 70 70 60 60 50 50 40 40 Our FY21 hiring and retention goals specifically included: 30 24.7% 25.7% 27.1% 30 23.9% 24.4% 25.4% 20 20 At least 1 in 3 hires globally will identify as a woman – 10 10 31.5% (almost 1 in 3) of our hires self-identified as a woman. 0 0 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 While our external hire rates exceeded our goals, our Women Men Women Men acquisition metrics brought us slightly below our goal. Gender Breakdown at VMware (Global) Gender – Tech Gender – Non-Tech At least 1 in 7 hires in the U.S. will identify as an underrepresented minority – 13.3% of our hires self- 78.6% 77.3% 80 75.3% 80 73.2% 72.1% 70.9% 3 identified as an underrepresented minority (URM) . Our 70 70 external hiring and acquisitions brought us slightly under 60 60 50 our goal, with around 1 in 8 hires identifying as URM. 50 40 40 30 26.8% 27.9% 29.1% 30 24.7% All interview slates should have at least one women or US 21.4% 22.7% 20 20 underrepresented minority – At the close of FY21, 82.4% 10 10 of interview slates met this requirement. For FY22, we will 0 0 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 continue to move this goal forward by requiring one woman Women Men Women Men and one URM in the candidate interview slates (U.S. only) and requiring a VP approval process for interview slates Gender Breakdown at VMware by Region that do not meet this requirement. Gender by Region – AMER Gender by Region – APJ Gender by Region – EMEA 77.3% 75.3% 80 78.6% 77.3% 76.7% 75.4% 74.0% 80 78.6% 75.3% 80 70 70 70 Attrition for women and underrepresented minorities 60 60 60 is lower than company average – Attrition for women 50 50 50 40 40 40 was 0.2% higher than our global company-wide attrition 30 21.4% 22.7% 24.7% 30 21.4% 22.7% 24.7% 30 23.3% 24.6% 26.0% 20 20 20 numbers, while U.S. URM attrition was 0.3% lower than the 10 10 10 U.S. company rate. 0 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 0 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 0 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 Women Men Women Men Women Men 3 URM includes those that identify in the U.S. as African American/ Black, American Indian/ Alaska Native, Hispanic/ Latino and Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander. AMER APJ EMEA 14 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT | 15

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    Race and Ethnicity at VMware (U.S.) Intersectionality by Gender, Ethnicity and Job Level (U.S.) Race / Ethnicity Intersectionality – Job Level 2021 Race / Ethnicity – Overall Race / Ethnicity – Leadership 2019 3.0% 2019 1.4% 2020 3.2% 2020 1.5% 41.5% 2021 3.7% 2021 2.2% 22.4% 2019 33.8% 2019 28.2% 8.7% 2020 31.1% 2020 26.2% IC 2021 32.2% 2021 27.4% 12.9% 2019 55.6% 2019 64.9% 10.3% 2020 57.6% 2020 67.1% 4.1% 2021 55.4% 2021 64.2% 2019 5.5% 2019 4.0% 2020 2020 3.8% 37.4% 5.8% 2021 6.2% 2021 4.3% 22.2% 2019 1.7% 2019 1.2% Manager/ 7.6% 2020 1.8% 2020 1.1% Sr.Manager 2021 2.0% 2021 1.4% 17.3% 2019 0.3% 10.7% 2019 0.4% 2020 0.5% 2020 0.3% 4.8% 2021 0.5% 2021 0.5% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 45.6% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 African-American/Black Asian Caucasian/White HIspanic/LatinX Multiracial Other* 18.8% African-American/Black Asian Caucasian/White HIspanic/LatinX Multiracial Other* Director/ 6.7% Sr.Director 18.4% 8.2% 2.4% Other Communities at VMware 48.8% Race and Ethnicity at VMware (U.S.) 21.2% 4.1% VP 15.9% Race / Ethnicity – Tech Race / Ethnicity – Non Tech 8.2% 2019 3.9% 1.8% 2019 1.8% 2020 2.2% 2020 4.2% 2021 2.5% 2021 4.8% 47.4% 2019 58.8% 2019 13.7% 23.7% 2020 50.5% 2020 13.5% 2021 51.3% 2021 13.9% SVP+ 2019 72.0% 18.4% 2019 35.1% 2020 41.8% 2020 72.0% 2021 40.0% 2021 70.2% 10.5% 2019 2.8% 2019 7.6% 2020 3.7% 2020 7.7% 2021 4.2% 2021 8.2% 0 10 20 30 40 50 2019 1.2% 2019 2.2% 2020 1.5% 2020 2.1% Men of Color Women of Color 2021 1.7% 2021 2.2% White Men Asian Men White Women Asian Women (Other than Asian) (Other than Asian) 2019 0.2% 2019 0.6% 2020 0.4% 2020 0.6% 2021 0.4% 2021 0.7% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 African-American/Black Asian Caucasian/White HIspanic/LatinX Multiracial Other* African-American/Black Asian Caucasian/White HIspanic/LatinX Multiracial Other* Other Communities at VMware Other Communities at VMware Self-Identification Intersectionality by Gender, Ethnicity for Tech and Non-Tech (U.S.) Intersectionality Intersectionality – Tech 2021 6 5.5% 5.4% Intersectionality – Non Tech 2021 5.1% 5 60 40 36.5% 50.5% 35 32.4% 50 4 30 40 3.0% 3.2% 3.0% 25 20 30 3 2.6% 15 14.8% 20 19.8% 1.8% 2.0% 2 10 7.6% 6.2% 8.2% 10.5% 2.5% 10 5.7% 5.4% 5 0 0 1 White White Asian Asian Men of Color Women of Color White White Asian Asian Men of Color Women of Color Men Women Men Women (Other than (Other than Men Women Men Women (Other than (Other than Asian) Asian) Asian) Asian) 0 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 Persons with Disabilities (U.S.) Veterans (U.S.) LGBTQ (Global) 16 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT | 17

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    Other Communities at VMware (cont.) Building Communities Regional Workforce Global Age We innovate to create new experiences to identify, expand and support the pool of underrepresented talent across the Technology Industry. 60 40.0% 40 38.7% 38.5% 52.3% VMware Ascent Hiring Programs: We offer a variety of curated 48.7% 49.5% 50 35 development and hiring programs for people with differing experiences 30 and perspectives to start or restart their career at VMware including: 27.6% 27.4% 27.2% 40 33.3% Apprenti: VMware partners with Apprenti to offer an innovative 30.8% 31.9% 25 30 20.9%21.4% 21.4% apprentice program where applicants can attend a VMware 20 specific, four-month technical bootcamp and receive on-the-job 18.0% 17.0% 18.6% 20 15 11.5% 12.5% 12.9% training for a year in a software development role. 10 Nakshatra: VMware’s six-month returnship program for 10 5 professionals in India, Nakshatra enables participants to restart 0 their career after having been away from the traditional workforce 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 2019 2020 2021 0 Under 31 yrs 31-40 yrs 41-50 yrs Over 50 yrs for two plus years. Returnees receive a paid returnship, on-the-job AMER APJ EMEA training based on business requirements, mentorship and learning paths to support a successful transition back into the workforce. Overall, in FY21 we increased global representation of women by 1.4% globally and the representation of underrepresented Neurodiversity Inclusion Program: VMware’s Neurodiversity minorities (URMs) in the US by 0.9%. We know there is still a lot of work ahead and although we did not meet our exact Inclusion Program is tailored for people with autism. The program numerical goals in FY21, we are proud of the progress we made. We will continue to set aggressive goals to accelerate our includes enablement for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates progress. to engage in an interview process that is inclusive of neurodiverse individuals. If hired through this program, employees receive one- Looking ahead, we are building inclusive culture into our FY22 Goals and will measure using employee pulsing questions on-one mentorship and formal job coaching to ensure success aligned with our Inclusive Culture Survey questions, specifically: and satisfaction in the new role. • All employees are treated fairly in my business group, regardless of their individual differences. Path Forward: In partnership with Path Forward, VMware offers • Senior leaders of my business group demonstrate a commitment to DEI through their actions. professionals in the US with five plus years of professional experience with the opportunity to restart their career after a two • My business group is making noticeable improvements on its inclusive culture. plus year career break. Path Forward participants complete an As shared in last year’s annual report, we are committed to looking at our data across key demographic groups and closing 18-week professional internship where they are given access to the gaps between majority and underrepresented groups. To help us expand our measurement and goals over time, we technical training, mentorship, and professional development. launched a Self-ID Campaign in the U.S., going beyond compliance by giving our employees the option to voluntarily and Technical Bootcamp: In partnership with Galvanize, the VMware confidentially disclose gender identity, LGBTQ+ identity, and pronoun, in addition to the already existing fields of gender, Ascent Technical Bootcamp provides career opportunities for race/ethnicity, military status and disability status in our Human Resources Information Systems. We plan to expand these people in the United States that have non-traditional backgrounds efforts globally going forward to help us better understand our employees and broaden our recruiting, hiring, development and skillsets, and who are looking for entry level software and retention efforts. We want our employees to feel safe telling us who they are. One simple step we took was to development positions. Participants attend a twelve-week, encourage everyone to add pronouns to their email signatures and in Zoom. That being said, with the low activation rate of immersive technical training prior to being extended a job offer 6 percent in the U.S. for the voluntary LGBTQ+ fields, we have much more work to do around communicating the “why” to from VMware. Access to VMware technical mentors, one-on-one encourage more employees to self-identify. meetings with a dedicated talent acquisition expert, and instruction in DevOps, Java microservice development, advanced data structures, service design patterns, distributed application Data Footnotes: development, and VMware-specific technologies are several of • Data is reflective of each Fiscal Year. 2021 data is current as of January 31, 2021. 2020 data is current as of January 31, 2020. 2019 the benefits of this opportunity. Once hired as a full-time data is as of February 1, 2019. Our representation data excludes blanks and declines. Pay equity analysis was conducted in November 2020. Data from past years is restated to reflect organizational changes and may reflect slight variances from last employee, they receive a personalized, ninety-day onboarding year’s publication. and mentorship experience. • Leadership is defined as director level and above. • “Other” includes American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander. • Self-identification is voluntary disclosure data. Veteran data is collected for protected-status veterans only, which does not include all veterans. LGBTQ data was collected in countries where identification is legal as part of our employee survey which had limited employee participation. We recognize that our current gender reporting is not inclusive of our non-binary population and are working on more inclusive data collection efforts through expanded self-identification efforts. 18 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT | 19

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    CodeHouse Atlanta: A weekend-long virtual event for Black and Latinx VMware Achieve Scholarship: The VMware Achieve Scholarship students who identify as women and are studying Computer Science/ provides a one-time $10,000 USD tuition award to a student who Computer Engineering. Attendees tackle a technical challenge that identifies as a woman pursuing a degree in Computer Science, engages and gives back to the community, while practicing their Computer Engineering, or related technical field. technical skills alongside the mentorship of experienced industry VMware Rise Scholarship: VMware Rise Scholarship provides a one- leaders. VMware CodeHouse brings together the community of women time, $5,000 USD tuition award to two students pursuing a degree in in technology in an unrivaled experience unlike any other. Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related. Applicants must CodeHouse Palo Alto: A weekend-long virtual event for students who identify with one or more underrepresented minority groups. identify as women and are studying Computer Science/Computer VMware Nirmaan: In January 2021, VMware India hosted the second Engineering. Attendees tackle a technical challenge that engages and edition of Nirmaan, a unique forum committed to building a gender- gives back to the community, while practicing their technical skills balanced leadership talent pipeline and creating a supportive alongside the mentorship of experienced industry leaders. VMware ecosystem for women in technology. The virtual event saw industry CodeHouse brings together the community of women in technology in leaders come together to inspire the next generation of women leaders an unrivaled experience unlike any other. by fostering dialogue on how organizations can help drive inclusion to Connect: VMware Connect is an opportunity for potential job build a resilient workforce. The one of its kind virtual event was candidates to virtually connect with our global executives, hiring designed to create a real difference in the lives of Indian women in managers, VMware Talent Acquisition team members and individuals technology. It aimed to help them build not just knowledge but also from our PODs. We host virtual VMware Connect events throughout the network and learn some great career development tips. The agenda year focused on different topics of interest to talent around the world. included inspirational addresses by women leaders and role models, These events will allow candidates the opportunity to understand what industry insights and knowledge sharing, and also practical learning and kind of careers are available at VMware, career progression career advice sessions for attendees. The unique giveaways for the opportunities and most importantly, how they can be a part of this and interactive sessions included mentorship sessions and networking with be empowered to be part of our community and environment where VMware leaders. The forum saw an overwhelming response with over everyone feels they belong and can contribute to fully drive innovation. 2,000 professionals attending the different sessions and, to continue the conversations, we launched the Nirmaan portal, to engage in Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab: Through a quarterly issues and topics that are relevant to women in tech $15 million endowment to the Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab, going forward. VMware is investing in women’s leadership research at Stanford for generations to come. We are committed to bridging the gap between Women Transforming Technology: VMware founded the Women industry and academia, and through this collaboration, we intend to Transforming Technology (WT2) conference, a consortium of companies accelerate combining research with practitioner insights to generate and organizations committed to building a community of support to new evidence-based solutions. tackle issues that women face in the industry. We hosted the 5th annual and first ever virtual Women Transforming Technology conference on VMinclusion Taara: We launched VMinclusion Taara in India in early May 5, 2020 with a theme of “We Rise” with Laura Dern, actress, 2019, making a commitment to train and certify 15,000 women on producer, director and activist, and Kathryn Finney, CEO of VMware products and technology that enable digital business digitalundivided, a social enterprise that leads high potential Black and transformation; so that they can return to the workplace more easily Latinx women founders through the startup pipeline, as keynote after taking time off, with confidence. Over 9,300 participants have speakers. Moving to completely virtual format enabled us to increase engaged with the program and 68 percent of these women have participation to over 6,000 representing 385 organizations, improve activated their account to start their learning journey. Over 600+ accessibility including closed captioning for all sessions, and increase companies in India have hired from this pool. We continue to partner the number of sessions and tracks. with customers and partner to enable women to return and be hired across industries in India. 20 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT | 21

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    Commitments We believe that we can’t solve this challenge alone and are working with strategic partners to create systemic change. We are proud of the recognition of our efforts. Partnerships We are proud of our DEI efforts in FY21 and our commitment to action. We know it will take all of us working together, across VMware, our partners and our ecosystems. We recognize that while the work may never be done, we must seize the opportunities ahead to go faster, be bolder, and continue to adapt and evolve to drive even more sustained impact in the years to come. Recognition • Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality, Human Rights Campaign • ET Now Business Leader of the Year - CSR category for 2021 VMinclusion Taara • Blind’s Top 15 Companies with the Happiest Employees 2020 • India Workplace Equality Index (IWEI) Top Employers 2020 (LGBT+) • China International Public Relations Association - Silver Award of Corporate Culture • JobsForHer: Top 20 Most DivHERsity Programs 2020 • Forbes 2021 Best Employers for Diversity • JobsForHer: Top 20 DivHERsity CHAMPIONS 2020 • Forbes 2021 Best Employers for Veterans • JobsForHer: Top 20 WOMEN RETURNEE PROGRAMS 2020 • Forbes 2020 Best Employers for Women • Women Leading ChangeCampaign Awards – VMware’s VMinclusion Taara – Women Return to Work 2020 • Forbes 2020 JUST 100 List • Zinnov Awards – Inclusion & Diversity 2020 • Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2020 22 | FY21 DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION REPORT

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