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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 THREE YEAR OVERVIEW ABOUT OUR BUSINESS We are the leading source of intelligent information for the world’s businesses 2012 and professionals, providing customers ȕ 2012 was a year of change for our company James C. Smith became our new CEO and with competitive advantage. Intelligent Stephane Bello became our new CFO. We also collapsed our divisional structure into a information is a unique synthesis of group of strategic business units with a human intelligence, industry expertise single corporate center to support them ȕ Our 2012 revenue growth was 3% and innovative technology that provides before currency decision-makers with the knowledge to act, ȕ We completed 29 acquisitions sold our enabling them to make better decisions Healthcare business, three Financial & Risk businesses and a Tax & Accounting business faster. Through approximately 60,000 ȕ We further made improvements in product employees across more than 100 countries, quality, customer service and execution capabilities in our Financial & Risk business we deliver this must-have insight to the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and science and media 2011 markets, powered by the world’s most ȕ We continued to invest through a challenging economic cycle trusted news organization. ȕ Our 2011 revenue growth was 5% before currency We are organized in four business units: ȕ We completed 39 acquisitions, investing in faster growing international markets, with ȕ Financial & Risk, a leading provider of critical news, information a particular emphasis on rapidly developing and analytics, enabling transactions and bringing together financial economies such as Brazil communities. Financial & Risk also provides leading regulatory and operational risk management solutions; ȕ We realigned our sales force more closely with our markets, customers and products ȕ Legal, a leading provider of critical online and print information, decision support tools, software and services to support legal, investigation, business and government professionals around the world; ȕ Tax & Accounting, a leading provider of integrated tax compliance and accounting information, software and services for professionals 2010 ȕ We focused on restarting growth and in accounting firms, corporations, law firms and government; and returned to revenue growth in the second ȕ Intellectual Property & Science, a leading provider of comprehensive half of 2010 intellectual property and scientific resources that enable our ȕ We launched a number of new product customers to discover, develop and deliver innovations. platforms, including: We also have a Global Growth & Operations organization which works – WestlawNext across our business units to combine our global capabilities and to – Thomson Reuters Eikon expand our local presence and development in countries and regions – ONESOURCE where we believe the greatest growth opportunities exist. – Thomson Reuters Elektron At our corporate center, we manage Reuters, the world’s largest ȕ We completed 26 acquisitions to support international news agency, which is a leading provider of real-time, new initiatives such as global expansion and high-impact, multimedia news and information services to newspapers, our Governance, Risk & Compliance business television and cable networks, radio stations and websites around ȕ We consolidated and integrated technology the globe. platforms to achieve cost savings and increase flexibility and scalability COVER IMAGE: REUTERS/Beawiharta Beawiharta 3

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 EXECUTIVE INTRODUCTION CONTENTS Dear Reader, I’m delighted to welcome you to Thomson Reuters second Corporate Responsibility (CR) report. CR is our commitment to treating people and the environment with integrity and respect. We know that sustainability means good business, and that it’s possible to take an ethical stand with a commercial focus. It’s the way we believe things will change, and need to change in a world of finite resources and vulnerable systems. Emerging markets are hugely important to us as we look towards a more connected, global future. Through our Global Growth & INTRODUCTION Operations organization we are investing in communities, hiring local 2012 AT A GLANCE Page 6 talent and transferring our knowledge, skills and resources to help these new markets grow and become knowledge based economies. OUR APPROACH TO Diversity and Inclusion are essential to our success and Thomson Reuters CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Pages 6 – 9 takes a strong stand against any kind of discrimination. It makes good business sense and it’s the right thing to do. We have been recognized by the Corporate Equality Index for our on-going efforts, and I’m proud MARKETPLACE Pages 10 – 21 of our 100% score this year. This is the first time we have achieved a perfect score and I’m confident it will not be the last. The senior WORKPLACE Pages 22 – 31 leadership of women continues to be important to us. We have put programs in place to help women at Thomson Reuters achieve their full potential as business leaders. COMMUNITY Pages 32 – 39 On a personal level, I am a signatory to the CEO pledge to end global travel restrictions for HIV positive individuals. We are a group of CEOs ENVIRONMENT Pages 40 – 45 committed to getting to zero HIV discrimination. Like many businesses, we realize that sustainability is increasingly DATA AND AWARDS Pages 46 – 47 important in a turbulent world, and focusing on sustainability – for ourselves and for our customers – is good for business. In 2012 we launched the Thomson Reuters sustainability website as a source of independent news and information on a broad range of social, economic and environmental issues, products and practices. The aim is to serve and encourage sustainability initiatives across our global community of professionals by creating a space where new ideas can be explored and important conversations can begin. We will follow this with our new environmental sustainability strategy, which complements our CR work. Our annual Community Champion Awards celebrate the efforts of our employees around the world who volunteer their time and expertise to benefit hundreds of communities. Thomson Reuters gives grants to the charities supported by the Community Champion Award winners. I am proud of the passion and commitment of my colleagues at Thomson Reuters and continue to be inspired by their high levels of volunteerism. I encourage you to read on and find out more. Jim Smith, Chief Executive Officer 4 5

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    OUR APPROACH TO CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY 2012 AT A Being a responsible business is written in Thomson Reuters history. Our Trust Principles1 – established in 1941 and still COMMUNITY COMMUNITY DOLLARS 4 SOCIAL INVESTMENTS GLANCE CHAMPIONS DOERS relevant today – clearly set out our values and commit us Strengthening the communities and societies VOLUNTEER- MATCHED in which we operate GIVING PROG GIVING to providing independent, unbiased news and data with ING RAM S integrity. Ethical business practices underpinned by trust PAYROLL FOUNDATION GIVING Launched “Sustainability”, our website are the foundation on which we have built our CR approach. MARKETPLACE COMMUNITY which brings together the latest news, As the world’s leading source of intelligent information for Making a positive difference in the marketplace AND REP ACCELUS ING O ASSET4 for customers, suppliers and partners by using UR ON THE W RTI information and discussions on the topic businesses and professionals, operating globally, we have a AS ACT SOC DUCTS & SERVIC LE OR GLOBAL PRO P NG D RO DIVERSITY A POSITIV ME M HEALTH our products and services to deliver shared value IALLY RESPONSIB & INCLUSION L significant opportunity to make a positive impact in the world EI ION UNDABOU around us. Making a difference through our products, services CORPORATE LANWORTH POINT RESPONSIBILITY Scored 100% in the Human Rights and people informs all of our CR activities. We implement flagship ENVIRONMENT CARBON ING WORKPLACE MARKETPLACE WESTLAW Protecting and preserving the environment AK Campaign Corporate Equality Index TU programs focused around four areas where we have the resources HEALTH WORLD- ES S SAFETY & M CHECK and skills to make a positive impact: the workplace, community, on which we all depend WELL-BEING ZOOLOGICAL RECORD marketplace and the environment. Our updated CR strategy wheel, Listed as one of the World’s Most Ethical featured later in this chapter, illustrates our refined approach, and SPONSORSHIP TRUST ENVIRONMENT Companies by the Ethisphere Institute related activities are detailed throughout the report. WORKPLACE PRINCIPLE & CODES OF SUPPLY for the fourth consecutive year Creating a company culture and workplace ETHICS CHAIN CODE OF ETHICS For us, CR is a journey with changing conditions that require that promotes diversity, mutual respect and us to adapt and evolve how we plan and respond. In 2012, safeguards the health and safety of all employees GREEN WORKPLACES GREEN DATA CENTRES the reorganization of our business has meant a more efficient Launch of My Community, the one-stop global structure, enabling us to better align our CR programs shop for all employees to access our to core business activities and to maximize our positive impact community programs on the world. Our CR approach is connecting people working in collaboration across our organization; it’s helping to improve Saved 3 megawatts of power through employee health, safety and wellbeing; and boosting motivation data center efficiencies levels, along with our bottom line. KEY HIGHLIGHTS FOR 2012 LOOKING AHEAD Our focus was on the development of our CR strategy In the coming year we will be focusing on: development to align with the core business, consolidating ȕ Continuing to develop CR, ensuring it aligns with the our community work and formalizing our governance core business and supports our business areas process. Key achievements include: ȕ Supporting our people across the organization to ȕ An updated CR strategy approach identifying broader increase awareness and action on CR in the workplace areas where we can have an impact ȕ Broadening our CR approach to include citizenship ȕ Launch of a new My Community platform as the to enhance employee engagement one-stop-shop for our flagship community programs ȕ Developing our environmental programs to align ȕ A refreshed governance structure and process elements across our CR work ȕ Launching our customer-focused “Sustainability” platform: ȕ Reflecting new policy changes, including the two days’ sustainability.thomsonreuters.com volunteering allowance for all permanent employees ȕ Raising the profile of our sustainable products and services by making their value within the marketplace clear We look forward to reporting back on these developments in our next report. 1 thomsonreuters.com/about/trust_principles/ 6 7

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 “THIS IS THE MOST WIDE RANGING AND BALANCED COVERAGE I’VE SEEN ON WHAT (I CONSIDER TO BE) THE MOST IMPORTANT ECONOMIC, POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ISSUE. WILL THIS EVOLVE INTO A PRODUCT?” Robert Mosimann, Legal, Thomson Reuters – commenting on sustainability.thomsonreuters.com In addition to direct engagement, we also MATERIALITY participate in a number of forums. These Last year we identified a range of CR-related include chairing the Europe, Middle East risks, opportunities and impacts for our business and Africa branch of the Green Grid, an as shown in our Materiality Matrix. Based on international association that promotes best internal consultation we plotted the importance practice on green data centers. Further, our of the issues to our business and to our Global Head of CR sits on the Board of the UK’s stakeholders. The most material issues included: Corporate Responsibility Group, a learning Living up to our Trust Principles through and development network for CR professionals the integrity of the information we provide; that shares an agenda with the Corporate Customer data protection and security; and Responsibility Officer’s Association in the US. products and services for sustainable business. We believe that these issues remain relevant In 2013 we’ll be working to develop a more for Thomson Reuters today and we continue to formalized and robust approach to engaging address them through our CR approach. stakeholders on our management of CR issues REUTERS/Mike Segar and our approach to CR reporting, focusing in Our aim is to involve external stakeholders in particular on supplier diversity. our materiality assessment in the future. GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT policy makers, and investors. Individuals and In 2012, we enhanced our governance structure, teams across our business engage with these building on the system we put in place last stakeholders on a regular basis in multiple High year. Our governance Roundtable is made up ways, from one-to-one meetings and seminars, Living up to our Trust of representatives from across the business and to surveys. Principles integrity of the is headed by Executive Vice President, General information we provide Last year we started by engaging our internal Counsel and Secretary, Deirdre Stanley, our CR “customers”– our colleagues – and have Customer data protection sponsor. The Roundtable has oversight of our key continued to talk to them about CR throughout Information services for and security activities and is presented with the latest projects those in need 2012. This year we launched a dedicated and initiatives for feedback throughout the year. “Sustainability“ 2 website as a way of providing Local community The Roundtable meets quarterly to discuss and topical and inspiring sustainability news Charitable giving investment IMPORTANCE TO STAKEHOLDERS provide high level guidance on CR program and information to customers, suppliers and implementation. This year it has helped to business partners, and to become a platform Products and services for sustainable business shape our updated CR strategy wheel and has for debate around key issues. Engagement like Reducing environmental (e.g. Asset4; Point Carbon) supported the two-day volunteering policy, this helps us to better understand how we can impacts across our supply chain implemented in January 2013. provide products and services that will enable Medium Ethical business conduct ENGAGING OUR STAKEHOLDERS our customers to do business more sustainably. Reducing the environmental Listening to our customers and employees impacts of our operations Ryan Sheppard, Vice President of Employee diversity Employee satisfaction is a focus across the business and especially Trademark Assets and a leading member and inclusion for CR. We believe it’s important that we of the development team for the site, said: Industry leadership Supplier adherence understand their expectations, and those of “sustainability is a huge and growing issue to our Ethical Code the rest of our stakeholders, regarding the for all of us. We must all think in new Employee training Changing the shape Employee volunteering and development role our business can play in making a positive ways about a world of finite resources and of our business impact on the world. vulnerable systems to ensure a sustainable Right shoring/Off shoring Community Our main stakeholder groups include future and begin conversations that include individuals and corporations, citizens and Risk segmentation of suppliers Workplace employees, customers, suppliers and partners, opinion-formers such as non- societies. ‘Sustainability’ will provide news Environment Supplier diversity Compliance with governmental organizations (NGOs) and key and other resources to provide context for environmental legislation Marketplace media organizations, international and local this new thinking.” Low Low Medium High IMPORTANCE TO THE BUSINESS 2 sustainability.thomsonreuters.com 8 9

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 MARKETPLACE INTRODUCTION: INVESTING FOR THE FUTURE During another year of persistent financial turbulence we continued to invest heavily in future growth opportunities for the knowledge economy. In 2012 we implemented our Global Growth & Operations (GGO) capability, strengthening our resources and providing information solutions for the emergent economies of Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, China, North Asia and India. We believe that our tailored products and services will help the professional communities in those regions foster growth and innovation with more comprehensive information and analysis of the relevant legal, regulatory and financial contexts. This year we also invested in a new communications platform for the environmental and social issues relevant to our audiences. For the first time we have a dedicated website which pulls together the work we are doing on sustainability issues across the business and places them in the context of global events. With strong support from our leadership team, we look forward to growing the capabilities of ‘Sustainability’3 and helping it become an invaluable tool on issues like energy and the environment. In an increasingly interconnected world, we’re providing our business and professional customers with the tools that enable them to respond to the environmental and social challenges we all face, wherever they do business or practice. In this chapter you can read about our key highlights, the values that drive the business, how we’re helping to make data more secure, and how our growing portfolio of products and services is enabling investors, governments and communities to make better decisions for the long-term. 3 sustainability.thomsonreuters.com 10 REUTERS/Toru Hanai 11

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 PLACING VALUES AT THE HEART OF OUR BUSINESS With a footprint in over one hundred countries “A STRONG ETHICAL FOUNDATION IS A COMPETITIVE and a truly international business, upholding ADVANTAGE, AND THOMSON REUTERS RECOGNIZES THE the ethical principles that our company was built upon has never been more important, IMPORTANT ROLE CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY PLAYS both for our reputation and the long-term IN IMPROVING ITS BOTTOM LINE, AS MORE AND MORE credibility of our information services provision. ORGANIZATIONS STRIVE FOR THIS HONOR EACH YEAR, We have a clear set of values and an effective governance system to ensure they are adhered THE INCLUSION OF THOMSON REUTERS AS A WORLD’S to at all times, in every aspect of our business. Established in 1941, as an agreement between MOST ETHICAL COMPANY FOR 2012 DEMONSTRATES the Newspaper Publishers Association and ITS INDUSTRY-LEADING COMMITMENT TO ETHICS AND the Reuters shareholders, the Trust Principles commit the organization and its journalists to DEDICATION TO INTEGRITY.” independence, integrity and freedom from bias. Alex Brigham, Executive Director of the Ethisphere Institute REUTERS/Brendan McDermid Over seventy years on, and the Trust Principles are just as relevant today as when we only reported the news. As the world’s leading KEY HIGHLIGHTS The Ethisphere Institute, a leading business ethics think-tank, has once provider of information services, our customers again recognized Thomson Reuters as one of the World’s Most Ethical ȕ Implementation of major emerging markets capability (GGO) rely on the quality of our data and analysis, Companies for 20124, in its ‘Media’ category. ȕ Strong support and leadership from senior management knowing that we have a clear ethical framework and a commitment to doing what’s right. Ethisphere reviews hundreds of companies across 36 industries and in ȕ Launch of Sustainability website 2012 evaluated a record number of applications in its respected annual The Thomson Reuters Founders Share ȕ Listed in World’s Most Ethical Companies award for fourth ranking. Companies were judged on the following issues: Corporate Company, a separate company with access to consecutive year Citizenship and Responsibility; Corporate Governance; Innovation that the Board and voting rights ensures that the ȕ Tenth year of Socially Responsible Investing and Contributes to the Public Well Being; Industry leadership; Executive Trust Principles are adhered to. Its Board of 16 Sustainability Survey Leadership and Tone from the Top; Legal, Regulatory and Reputation directors from 12 nationalities meets regularly Track Record; and Internal Systems and Ethics/Compliance Program. ȕ Embedding our sustainability criteria for suppliers to consider all major business decisions and can veto any plans that might put the Principles at risk. For day-to-day decisions, our Code of Business THOMSON REUTERS VOTED AS ONE OF Conduct and Ethics provides clarity on all THE WORLD’S MOST ETHICAL COMPANIES issues, from protecting company assets to ensuring equal opportunities for all staff, and FOR THE FOURTH YEAR RUNNING. compliance with regulations and legislation. We have a dedicated whistleblower telephone line and email account, for anyone concerned about suspected contraventions of the Code. We apply the same ethical values to our supply chain. You can read about our Supplier’s Code and recent updates to how we administer it, later in this report. 4 ethisphere.com/wme 12 13

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 DELIVERING SUSTAINABLE OUTCOMES THROUGH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THOMSON REUTERS ASSET4 SUMMARY SCORES 2008-2011 The rapid spread of information technology is creating unparalleled Scores are calculated based on performance indicators and scores are displayed awareness of environmental and ethical issues, placing increased between A+ and D- (where 91.6% – 100% = A+ and 0% – 8.3% = D-) pressure on businesses and governments to respond. From this year’s record melting of sea ice in the Arctic5, to the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy in the US6, sustainability issues remain firmly on the 2011 2010 2009 2008 agenda, despite a flat economic outlook in many markets. Overall ESG Score A- B B C The impacts, and an increasing awareness of climate change and other Corporate Governance A B+ B- B- issues such as rapid species loss and the shifting demographics of the Social A- B+ A- D- global population, mean that the regulatory and legislative context for companies and individuals is likely to become more complex. Our Environment B C- C+ D- information services help companies and professionals navigate this rapidly changing landscape. Thomson Reuters customers include the 25 largest global banks, many Thomson Reuters Lanworth: Acquired in 2011, Socially Responsible Investing and of the world’s leading law firms, the four largest accounting firms and this company has pioneered the use of satellite Sustainability Survey: Thomson Reuters more than 15,000 customers innovating or legislating in sectors such imagery and computer modeling to accurately and the UK Sustainable Investment and as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Providing information services predict outputs in agriculture, forestry and Finance Association (UKSIF) announced to such a diverse range of sectors and companies puts us in a unique renewable energy production. The Lanworth the results of the 10th annual poll of Socially position to help address the big environmental and ethical challenges data is now integrated into our main data Responsible Investing at an event held at the we face. The information that we collect, assess and distribute is already terminal product Thomson Reuters Eikon8 and Thomson Reuters Building in Canary Wharf, helping many companies and communities make decisions is being used to help investors and farming London. The 2012 Survey represents the views with environmental and ethical considerations. REUTERS/Bobby Yip businesses assess risks and make better- of over 500 investment professionals from We acquire, develop and market a number of ethically and informed investments. 27 countries, making it the most extensive environmentally-focused products and services, which we describe on assessment of socially responsible investing Thomson Reuters Point Carbon: these pages. It’s worth noting that many of our mainstream products like (SRI) in the European investment community. A world-leading provider of independent news, Thomson Reuters Accelus7, which helps companies identify Governance, Voting was conducted from 19 March to 4 May analysis and consulting services for global Risk and Compliance issues, can also play a crucial role in the mitigation 2012. It reflects a contribution from 228 power, gas and carbon markets, providing of environmental and ethical risks. Below we list some of the services that buy-side firms and 29 brokerage firms/ customers with unrivalled market intelligence. are helping companies and individuals to succeed responsibly. research houses. Our staff include experts in international and Thomson Reuters ASSET4: Acquired in 2009, this business provides regional climate policy, mathematical and standardized and comparable environmental, social and governance economic modeling, forecasting methodologies, (ESG) data and news on more than 4,000 leading companies. risk management and market reporting. Point Professional investors use this ESG data to define a wide range of Carbon now has more than 55,000 clients, responsible investment strategies and integrate it into their traditional including the world’s major energy companies, investment analysis. Recent developments include expanding our financial institutions, organizations and coverage to emerging markets and the deeper integration of ASSET4 governments, in over 150 countries. Reports are within our business-wide research platforms. Clients can now download translated from English into Japanese, Chinese, data and make decisions based on a vast array of sustainable ethical Portuguese, French and Spanish. performance criteria, easily embedding ESG analysis into their investment decision making. 5 in.reuters.com/article/2012/09/19/arctic-ice-idINL1E8KJB5F20120919 6 reuters.com/article/2012/10/30/us-storm-sandy-insurance-idUSBRE89T0WT20121030 7 8 accelus.thomsonreuters.com thomsonreuterseikon.com 14 15

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 CASE STUDY ASPEN IDEAS FESTIVAL included, the “Information’s Beautiful Future” Thomson Reuters was proud to sponsor the with Thomson Reuters Chief Technology 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival to continue the Officer, James Powell. “Cracking the Genetic tradition of uniting thought leaders from across Code”, where President of Thomson Reuters the globe to discuss their work, issues that Intellectual Property & Science, Chris Kibarian, inspire them, and most importantly, their ideas. moderated a dynamic panel and “The New Professional” where Deirdre Stanley, EVP, Hosted by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic, General Counsel and Secretary for the festival attracts a diverse and influential Thomson Reuters, participated on a lively community. This year leaders from the worlds panel. Thomson Reuters Foundation CEO of science, business, politics, education and Monique Villa also moderated a panel the arts gathered in Aspen, Colorado to discussion titled, “The Politics of Sex”. discuss subjects including the US elections, a seven-billion population world, prospects Participants and the wider community had for democracy, and the impact of disruptive comprehensive access to festival content via REUTERS/Eric Thayer technologies on society. Reuters News, our Knowledge Effect blog12, Twitter13 and the numerous independent One of Thomson Reuters main sponsorship blogs and sites that reported on this year’s Sustainability Investing – State of the Nation report: components includes three Knowledge high-profile festival. On site, a Reuters studio Extel conducted direct interviews with 20 leading sustainability Exchanges – where Thomson Reuters works helped to spread the impact of the event – practitioners to create the report9. Key highlights from the 2012 with The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute to broadcasting interviews with key speakers and craft robust topics aligned to our businesses Thomson Reuters Extel/UKSIF Survey include: a growing uptake participants throughout the festival. and discuss key issues of the day. Discussions of the UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) has now reached the stage where real action, rather than ‘box- ticking’ is required; 69% percent of buy-side firms want Socially Responsibile Investing/Environmental, Social Governance research integrated into mainstream analysis. Thomson Reuters World-Check: World-Check10 provides Global Ethics Summit: In March 2012, Thomson Reuters information that profiles companies and individuals to and the Ethisphere Institute partnered to host the identify potential risks such as political exposure and 4th annual Global Ethics Summit. Attended by CEOs, ongoing litigation. The company has more than 5,400 Board Chairs, Global Risk and Compliance leaders, and clients in over 150 countries, including 49 of the world’s top government and regulatory officials, the event offered 50 banks, 200 enforcement and regulatory agencies, and critical and timely insight into the challenges compliance 45 of the world’s top 100 corporations. and ethics professionals face with the increasingly complex regulations of the international marketplace.11 THOUGHT LEADERSHIP As well as the sustainable products and services that World Economic Forum – Davos, Switzerland: we provide for our customers, we also believe we have a Thomson Reuters became a member of the Green Growth valuable role to play in supporting influential individuals Action Alliance (G2A2) in 2012 with Shanker Ramamurthy, and organizations as they try to solve the big ethical President of Global Growth & Operations, hosting one of and environmental challenges. As the world’s largest the table discussions in Davos. Members include more than international news organization, reaching over a billion 50 companies, public and private financial institutions and people a day, we leverage our brand and resources to help research organizations. By bringing together the knowledge support and promote key thought leadership events. of many different stakeholders, the Alliance aims to work with governments to help them adopt a systematic approach that rewards innovative green sectors through sound policies and improves their access to finance. 9 extelsurveys.com/Panel_Pages/PanelPagesBriefings.aspx?FileName=Sustainability_Investing-State_of_the_Nation 10 12 world-check.com blog.thomsonreuters.com/index.php/heard-around-aspen-july-3rd 11 13 globalethicssummit2012.com #aspenideas 16 17

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 CASE STUDY CASE STUDY KNOWLEDGE EFFECT CONTEST 2012, WINNER USING DATA TO HELP INTERNATIONAL THE KNOWLEDGE EFFECT Helping Liberians secure their property rights INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & SCIENCE UNIVERSITIES COMPARE PERFORMANCE We believe that the right information in The scientific and academic communities are at the right hands can lead to amazing things. Frank Pichel, Regional Manager, the forefront of creating the technologies and Simon Pratt, Product Manager, With the best data and analysis our customers Tax and Accounting systems that will support a more sustainable Institutional Research in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, ȕ Location: Washington DC, US future. We contribute to this process by helping ȕ -PDBUJPO-FFET 6, intellectual property and science and media ȕ Joined: 2004 experts in the fields of Intellectual Property, ȕ +PJOFE markets can shape events, grow economies Scientific and Scholarly Research and Life and promote justice. We call this ‘The Sciences to manage information, protect their Knowledge Effect’. ideas and market their products. “In 2011 and 2012 I was fortunate enough to work on a project in “For the last three years we’ve provided the data and analysis that Over 20 million professionals rely on Liberia where our OpenTitle17 software, land administration expertise Through products like Thomson Reuters powers the World University Rankings, the leading comparison Thomson Reuters, using our intelligent and information management skills are helping people to secure their Cortellis21, which aggregates all the latest of academic institutions. The annual publication by Times Higher information to spark ideas and actions that land rights. information on drug patents for the Life Education (THE) assesses 400 universities’ performance against can benefit millions more. To help capture Sciences sector and IP Manager22, which helps their core missions – teaching, research, knowledge transfer and From the 1980s right up until around 2003, Liberia suffered prolonged and share this process in action, we have research and development professionals bring international outlook. civil conflict. This was often a result of disputes over land rights, and a dedicated Knowledge Effect blog14. This ideas on-stream, our companies and products the monopoly of the country’s rich mineral resources and rainforest THE aims to publish the most robust and credible global rating and platform features compelling examples of are helping to build knowledge economies. products by a small minority who could prove tenure. their methodology must deliver this. Our expertise has helped them where Thomson Reuters capabilities and to better assess performance at a more granular level. For example, people are delivering value and benefits Like many West African countries, rural property rights in Liberia we’ve eliminated bias for subjects with higher funding and record the to our clients and the communities they serve. are often based on undocumented long-standing customs or number of academic papers published per staff member rather than family arrangements. What documents do exist are generally poorly 2012 was a busy year with many standout the total for the department or university. catalogued, in vulnerable hard copy formats and lack uniformity. international projects featured on The Furthermore, they are not always recognized by government agencies. It’s a truly global project. Increasingly, governments and the academic Knowledge Effect blog. In Kerala, India, a villager 18 community use the rankings as geo-political indicator, helping them was inspired by a Thomson Reuters Foundation Working with groups like the Liberian Land Commission and the to understand the performance of their education policies and how poll15 of dangerous countries to fight gender United States Agency for International Development (USAAID)19, we’ve well they’re responding to the demands of the knowledge economy. violence. And our Intellectual Property & Science helped the Liberians to protect their existing property information, make For example, in Australia the universities are very much like an export teams worked with Saudi Arabia National it more accessible and produce it in secure digital formats. industry because lots of international students study there. And in Science Agency16 to trial tools designed to enable Our low-cost and robust OpenTitle software is proving an invaluable Korea and China where they are investing heavily in education, it’s the country’s knowledge economy. tool in helping Liberia update its approach to property rights. Working really valuable to be able to compare performance to other countries. We run an annual Knowledge Effect contest for with my colleagues in Liberia and across our organization on this Our work with THE allows academic institutions to reach new staff. This year the standout work in a crowded project has been a fascinating and rewarding experience. And it’s great audiences. The World University Rankings 2012-201323 is helping field was by Frank Pichel and his team in Tax & to share this experience with my colleagues around Thomson Reuters the THE website attract tens of millions of page views and Forbes24, Accounting, to help people and communities through The Knowledge Effect blog20.” Huffington Post25 and BBC26 were among more than 550 publications secure land rights in Liberia. to cover the latest rankings. The work also fits into our wider academic programs such as our Institutional Profiles Project27.” 14 21 blog.thomsonreuters.com cortellis.thomsonreuters.com 15 22 trust.org/trustlaw/womens-rights/dangerpoll thomsonipmanagement.com/docs/default-document-library/thomson_ip_manager_fs_0611.pdf 16 23 thomsonreuters.com/content/press_room/science/657646 timeshighereducation.co.uk/world-university-rankings 17 24 grm.thomsonreuters.com/software-products/opentitle forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2012/10/03/the-worlds-top-universities-2012 18 25 lc.gov.lr huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/04/cal-tech-is-number-one-ti_n_1940338.html 19 26 mcc.gov bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-19823466 20 27 blog.thomsonreuters.com ip-science.thomsonreuters.com/globalprofilesproject 18 19

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 CASE STUDY SUSTAINABILITY: CREATING A NEW DESTINATION “FOCUSING ON SUSTAINABILITY – FOR OURSELVES AND FOR OUR CUSTOMERS FOR OUR ETHICAL AND – IS GOOD BUSINESS. THIS NEW THOMSON REUTERS WEBSITE ENCOMPASSES ENVIRONMENTAL WORK A BROAD RANGE OF ISSUES, PRODUCTS AND PRACTICES CONCERNING THE ENVIRONMENT, ECONOMIES, CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP AND RISK MANAGEMENT. IT IS INTENDED TO SERVE AND ENCOURAGE SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES Tim Nixon, Asset Owner, ACROSS THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF PROFESSIONALS.” Legal Content in Global Resources Jim Smith, CEO, Thomson Reuters ȕ -PDBUJPO#BBS 4XJU[FSMBOE ȕ +PJOFE With a fast-growing audience, we’ve leveraged tighter criteria and reduce the number of “Everyone we contacted, within the business and our status as the world’s leading source of companies who provide us with services and externally wanted to be involved in this project. For intelligent information to enlist contributions goods. This ensures that we are less exposed to the first time, we’re providing a single, focused channel SUSTAINABILITY – OUR NEW PLATFORM from major figures in politics and business. the risks associated with ethical or legal failures for all the sustainability related thinking and projects In September 2012 we launched a new website called, simply, Called Executive Perspectives, we’ve launched a by third parties. across the organization, and we have engaged with “Sustainability”31. The site brings together our work advising series of thought pieces with contributions from the wider customer and partner community to bring decision makers in the professional and business communities, Our supply chain also represents the greatest leading climate change communicator Al Gore, in additional insight. with our corporate responsibility initiatives and the work of the share of our total carbon footprint. As climate and Paul Polman, the visionary CEO of Unilever, Thomson Reuters Foundation32. change impacts legislation and our own My role is about identifying synergies across the amongst others. environmental ambitions increase, having greater organization to create more value for our customers For the first time we have a public-facing online platform As well as featuring in this publication, the control of who we spend with will help us to avoid and stakeholders. This is a great example of that. We where environmental and social conversations can take place, Sustainability site is also linked to the online emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. have journalists from Reuters contributing alongside with input from all aspects of the business, as well as leading version of our Annual Report34, emphasizing its experts from the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and experts from outside of the Thomson Reuters community. We currently spend the greatest portion of our significance internally and amongst groups such our Point Carbon and ASSET4 businesses. WWF, the United Nations Environment Programme and the budget in the US and UK, but as we consolidate as the investment community. World Economic Forum have partnered with us for the project, our hubs in emerging markets such as Latin We’re building a resource to be genuinely useful, IMPROVING OUR SUPPLY CHAIN America, India and China, this profile will for our people, clients and the wider community. providing expert insights and new data from their own research. In time we also hope to co-create new products and services To ensure consistency across our organization change. We have a number of proprietary Also key to this objective is the participation of our and for absolute clarity with all existing and tools and services which increase our ability external partners such as WWF28, the United Nations with the NGOs and their networks. future suppliers, we publish our Supply Chain to identify suitable supplier partners. These Environment Programme29 and the World Economic Thomson Reuters has a growing portfolio of market-leading Ethical Code35. This concise document, updated include World-Check36 and IntegraScreen37 both Forum30. Having their support and involvement means business services which are helping companies improve their in 2011, ensures that the organizations and market-leading due diligence screening services that we open the site and content up to different performance and investing behaviors along environmental individuals we procure from understand our high owned by Thomson Reuters. audiences, and we benefit from their deep insights and and ethical lines. The insights we and our customers gain from standards on issues such as child and forced research into the issues. products like ASSET4, Accelus, World-Check, Point Carbon, To help us maintain a proactive, diverse labor practices, unionization, working hours, and Lanworth, should provide an invaluable contribution to the approach to ethical and environmental I’m really proud to have been involved in this project. It’s diversity, bribery, corruption and responsible efforts of the global community on issues like climate change standards we also partner with NGOs with about aggregating the best information, and connecting environmental practices. To strengthen and resource scarcity. specialist knowledge on sourcing and supply people with diverse skills and knowledge to drive adherence to the Supply Chain Ethical Code, in chain issues. In 2012 we worked with the solutions – which is what Thomson Reuters is all about.” Reuters33, the largest international news agency in the world, 2012 we embedded its terms in the Terms and National Minority Supplier Development provides relevant breaking stories and perspectives on climate, Conditions of all Purchase Orders. Council38, based in the US. energy, health, law and corporate governance. In-depth As Thomson Reuters has grown, both analysis and opinion from Thomson Reuters specialists is organically and through acquisitions, our complemented by the voices of respected commentators, NGOs network of suppliers has become large. In 2012, and other news organizations. we began an orchestrated plan to implement 28 wwf.org 29 34 unep.org ar.thomsonreuters.com/home.html 30 35 weforum.org thomsonreuters.com/about/corporate_responsibility/marketplace/supply_chain_ethical_code 31 36 sustainability.thomsonreuters.com accelus.thomsonreuters.com/solutions/screening/world-check 32 37 trust.org accelus.thomsonreuters.com/solutions/screening/integrascreen-reports 33 38 reuters.com nmsdc.org/nmsdc 20 21

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 WORKPLACE INTRODUCTION: BUILDING STRENGTH FROM WITHIN We are the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. Maintaining that role requires a workplace where growth and innovation can thrive at a time when economic, environmental and societal challenges have never been more complex. We believe that the key to this is by attracting and retaining the best, diverse talent and giving them the tools and development opportunities to connect with their clients, colleagues and communities in the most useful ways possible. Thomson Reuters began 2012 with a simplified organizational structure with new senior management. During the year we also refined our approach to Human Resources, helping our ambitious people and their managers to become more results-orientated and prioritize customer needs above all else. We’ve reoriented the People function to align more closely to the needs of the businesses, emphasizing the need for specialist expertise, for example in our high-growth markets of Latin America, India, China, and the Middle East, Africa, North Asia and Russia. On these pages you can read about our key 2012 Workplace highlights, how we secure and retain the best people, and our approach to training and development. We also set out how we manage employee benefits, health and wellbeing, safety and security and share our performance on diversity and inclusion. For readers interested in our volunteering activities, please see the Communities section of this report. 22 REUTERS/Mariana Bazo 23

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 FOCUS ON MAKING SUCCESSFUL THOSE PROJECTS THAT INCREASE THE FLOW OF TALENT AND EXPAND OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN AND HIGH POTENTIAL WORKING WITH THE BEST PEOPLE MANAGERS FROM A DIVERSE BACKGROUND Our People function has a critical role to play LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT Thirdly, a series of management development in driving our four focus areas – customer, Thomson Reuters recognizes the high level modules for new, first time managers was collaboration, performance and talent – into of expertise we demand from our people. piloted and sets the foundation for future the organization, as well as supporting our To support individuals in achieving their management development efforts. The First colleagues in putting the customer first and business and personal objectives, we provide Line Management Development program working together to deliver results. We ensure thorough and wide-ranging learning and equips team leads, through bite-size, high we have the right talent in areas poised for development opportunities. impact sessions, with the skills to manage the growth and implement a systemic approach performance of their teams. We developed two new leadership programs to diversity while also developing our leaders to target specific talent segments. The Our new leadership and management of tomorrow. These are no small tasks, but Business Leader Program is a two-year, programs have been designed to complement ultimately our company will thrive because of global leadership program with participation our existing suite of programs which range our people, supported in an environment that across Thomson Reuters. It has been from a world class executive graduate leads to success – for our company, for our designed to provide opportunities for our program, MAP, leadership programs for employees and for our customers. top talent to further develop the skills and global talent segments, Generate and REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke As Chief People Officer (CPO), Peter Warwick career experiences needed to accelerate their our Asia Leadership Program, Women’s brings to the role extensive client-facing careers on the path of becoming business Leadership Programs and initiatives, to our business experience gained at Thomson leaders/General Managers. In addition, the core management programs, Management KEY HIGHLIGHTS Reuters. Based on his personal 2012 goal to Leadership Program for Women, a six month Development Program and Advanced “Focus on making successful those projects development program, was developed to Leadership Program. Incremental updates ȕ New senior leadership team that increase the flow of talent and expand support women in enhancing the specific were made to our suite of programs ȕ Wellness Weeks in USA, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong opportunities for women and high potential leadership skills to help them progress and throughout 2012 to ensure their continued and Poland managers from a diverse background,” he succeed in senior roles. impact and relevance for our business. ȕ Score of 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate set the 2012 priorities for the wider People Equality Index function as: ȕ Implementation of a new Diversity and Inclusion Strategy ȕ Focus on having the right talent, at the ȕ Standardization of benefits right time, in the right place ȕ Ensure we have competitive reward and recognition schemes ȕ Make significant progress in systematically tackling gender and diversity issues ȕ Cultivate an organization of learning and development ȕ Improving the user experience for managers and employees around HR data, content, processes and systems REUTERS/Daniel Munoz 24 25

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 “HEALTH IS A STATE OF COMPLETE PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND SOCIAL WELL-BEING AND NOT MERELY THE ABSENCE OF DISEASE OR INFIRMITY.” REWARDING BEYOND THE SALARY World Health Organization CASE STUDY TAKING THE INITIATIVE HEALTH AND WELLBEING ON WELLBEING Overview Comprehensive research40 and our own experience strongly indicates that Anette Grahns, Program investing in the health and wellbeing of our people is vital for long-term Manager, Financial & Risk, success. We rely heavily on the happiness and motivation of our workforce Instrument and Pricing to serve the needs of our customers. By creating a working environment Content that encourages good mental and physical health we help our people to achieve and sustain better performance, we enhance our reputation amongst clients and communities, and we can reduce our medical bills ȕ -PDBUJPO&YFUFS 6, and absence costs. ȕ +PJOFE In 2012 we continued to invest heavily in health, with a significant spend “Following the completion of a postgraduate on direct medical care across our international footprint. Our policies vary module in Public Health, I initiated and according to the quality and status of local provision and we carefully developed the Devon Wellbeing program, track which types of conditions affect Thomson Reuters communities, setting up a local Wellbeing Team in 2009, and their impacts. For example we know that treating musculoskeletal using the British Heart Foundation’s template REUTERS/Susana Vera problems absorbs the largest proportion of our health spend. You can for designing and implementing health read more about our specific health packages in our Benefits section of and wellbeing programs. By surveying our this report. colleagues we identified smoking, alcohol and Overview to Chile worked closely with our Corporate As a business employing approximately Benefits team to achieve solutions that met This year our international health and wellbeing provision included breaks away from the desk as key issues. 60,000 highly-skilled individuals, we believe everyone’s expectations. Below we list more programs on behavioral health and stress management, health To address these issues we invited an NHS it’s essential that our people feel consistently highlights which demonstrate some of the screenings and assessments. We also provided access to fitness centers, Smoking Cessation officer to come and rewarded and supported by Thomson Reuters, issues that we are responding to across our smoking advice and support, on-site and on-line consultations with speak, arranged for classes and walks wherever they work. We aim to provide our international operations. doctors, provision of flu vaccinations and the management of chronic during lunch time, and designed an alcohol people with access to quality healthcare, diseases such as diabetes. awareness campaign. We also set up a ȕ In Korea we designed and implemented support in achieving long-term financial We continued to raise awareness at all levels of the organization with bicycle user group, and shared the best a new defined contribution pension plan, security, and the resources and facilities to ‘Wellness Weeks’ in the US, Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, India and routes for an active commute. In our 2012 replacing the existing benefits package. ensure a health and work-life balance. Poland with regular communications across our internal online platform survey 9.3% of staff were smoking, with 8% The new plan, which takes advantage of Differences in regulations, culture and state recent legislation, will aid attraction and The Hub. And our senior management has commissioned research into of this group wanting to give up. In the past provision mean that every country has its own retention of our people while allowing how we can simplify the communication of our global activities, pulling two years over 9% of the survey participants set of constraints. By working proactively we Thomson Reuters to manage its risk and them together into one comprehensive strategy to be launched in 2013. have managed to quit. are constantly evolving our offering to ensure control its long-term cost Reflecting this growing emphasis, Jim Smith, our Chief Executive Officer For UK Wellbeing Week we organized a that we remain competitive on key issues like ȕ We were able to negotiate better terms with has been playing an active role and recently joined other leaders of series of events. In 2012 our highlights in benefits covering fatalities, disability and a new health insurance provider in France. major international businesses in committing to end travel restrictions Exeter included Pilates classes, healthy general healthcare. This will benefit our people with both a more for people living with HIV. And in the US we’ve introduced an innovative breakfasts, table-tennis games, sleep and Performance in 2012 comprehensive package and an in-built incentives-led program called Blueprint for Wellness where our people stress seminars, and a competition against 2012 has been another busy year for our structure to limit future costs rises will receive US$200 for participating in a free health assessment. other local businesses in Exeter Business benefits teams, both centrally and locally, ȕ Thomson Reuters responded to the new Games. Our 2012 Wellbeing Survey showed with refinements happening in all our key Pensions Act in Nigeria by securing a that of all Exeter respondents, 100% are markets. A key issue for our teams is how to partnership with the leading pension fund physically active, up from 95% in 2011 and manage continued integration of benefits administration company. By researching 88% in 2010. following acquisitions. With the purchase of the local market thoroughly and through For me corporate responsibility is about the market-leading risk-assessment group preferred provider recommendation we creating positive changes to people’s lives and World-Check39 the role for the benefits teams were able to make an informed choice having some fun. I feel fortunate to work for a was in the harmonization and integration of to our staff and make the administration company which values this kind of work, and I plans following its acquisition. Local human process simpler and more efficient often hear comments from friends and family resources teams in countries from Panama who are impressed by the matching funds scheme, health benefits and volunteering day 40 who.int/features/factfiles/mental_health/en that Thomson Reuters people benefit from.” 39 41 world-check.com blog.thomsonreuters.com/index.php/tag/jim-smith 26 27

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 CASE STUDY RESPONDING TO A CRISIS: HURRICANE SANDY SAFETY AND SECURITY Hurricane Sandy brought havoc to the “WE OWE SPECIAL GRATITUDE TO OUR COLLEAGUES WHO COMMITTED Keeping our people safe US, devastating people’s lives, homes and AS FIRST-RESPONDERS. PEOPLE LIKE THE OPERATIONS SPECIALIST WHO Thomson Reuters is committed to conducting its business operations businesses. As owners of the crisis management program, the Thomson Reuters Security SERVES ON HIS LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT AND FOUGHT HOUSE FIRES WHILE and activities in a way that protects the health and safety of our employees, customers, visitors and contractors. Our Trust Principles42, team had a large role to play in the storm’s WAIST-DEEP IN WATER, AND WHO HELPED TAKE SEVERAL BUSLOADS OF in place since 1941, provide the ethical framework for our business and aftermath. The group coordinated our response PEOPLE TO SAFETY. OR THE SALES DIRECTOR WHO POSTED A MESSAGE commit the organization to protect all of our people. to the disaster, helping to bring organization and discipline to the clean-up process in the ONLINE OFFERING HIS GENERATOR TO A FAMILY WITHOUT ELECTRICITY – With a footprint in over 100 countries, understanding how to minimize immediate days following the storm. AND WHEN A COLLEAGUE TOOK HIM UP ON THE OFFER, DROVE MANY MILES risks and comply with laws and regulations on environmental and health and safety (EH&S) issues in all markets is complex. Since 2010 More than 35 Thomson Reuters facilities were THROUGH THE NIGHT TO DELIVER AND INSTALL THE GENERATOR. PEOPLE we’ve been organizing our policies and approaches centrally. But now, located in the affected region and we had over 6000 colleagues to account for. The Security LIKE THESE ARE THE HEART AND SOUL OF OUR COMPANY.” as we seek to empower local leadership to grow our international businesses, it makes sense to recruit local experts familiar with team held twice daily calls with Incident Jim Smith, CEO, Thomson Reuters, commenting on Hurricane Sandy efforts site-specific constraints. Management Teams from these sites to ensure our people were safe and business remained At the end of 2012 we reshaped our EH&S function to better serve operational. Situation reports were drafted by SUPPORTING A DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY Led by, our Jim Smith our CEO and Peter Warwick, our business requirements. Some environmental responsibilities will Security to provide updates to stakeholders on Overview our CPO, we have shared with our people how this transfer to the Global Corporate Responsibility team, while the Facilities the weather forecast, communications plan, 2012 represented an important year for strategy will be achieved by focusing on three goals: Operations teams will audit and oversee the implementation of and status of people affected. Thomson Reuters and our conviction that long- appropriate EH&S procedures. ǎ Diverse Talent: Establish programs and processes term success is explicitly tied to being a diverse The commitment of Thomson Reuters people that systematically attract, develop, and Ensuring the security of our operations and inclusive company. Led from the very top of the was impressive, with all company personnel accelerate the careers of our top diverse talent The Security team oversees all aspects of physical and business threats. organization, our progress this year was built on our accounted for. Business operations were able ǎ Inclusive Workplace: Create a workplace in Teams are split regionally with location-specific knowledge and skills. new Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategy driving to continue and households with electricity which everyone is valued and has an opportunity Responsibilities include support for fire safety, medical emergencies, an extensive series of development and networking opened up their homes to people without to reach their full potential emergency response to incidents, supervision of the building access opportunities, strengthening our internal culture power so they could continue to work. An control systems and processes, as well as perimeter security. through engagement and the creation of a Diversity ǎ External Positioning: Position Thomson Reuters assistance exchange was set up to match and Inclusion Community of Practice. We positively as a great company for diverse and female talent Our teams have advanced skills in personal and travel security, helping those with needs to those who could help and encourage feedback with our CEO and CPO hosting Thomson Reuters people and affiliates to prepare themselves, whether we provided emergency assistance loans to Implementing the strategy several breakfast and lunch events around the world operating in the hot spots of the world or simply working from home. colleagues. Volunteers helped in the clean-up We plan and manage our approach to D&I at actively seeking feedback from our colleagues. Information Security specialists cover all data and IT threats. of heavily damaged areas, and colleagues central, regional and local levels. The D&I Center Additionally The Hub provides opportunity for came together to raise funds for hurricane relief. of Excellence provides direction, guidance, support Responding to emergencies unmoderated and open discussion. When the hard work was done we celebrated and budget to the organization, leveraging Regional For major humanitarian crises which affect our staff such as natural Thomson Reuters people’s commitment with Our focus and attention is being acknowledged Councils established in the Americas, Asia, UK and disasters, accidents, conflicts and terrorism we have an Emergency a “hurricane heroes” event. by the wider community. Recent awards include a Europe. Additionally we have an extensive network Response Plan, supported by a Security Operations Center and 24-hour perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign of local Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to share medical provision. Our first priority is to protect all personnel within or Corporate Equality Index43 and the recognition by communications and align with strategic priorities. near our facilities, and secondly to protect our property and assets. Women in Leadership India that Thomson Reuters To embed our strategy and enhance communications The plan is designed to provide three levels of support: is one of the Best Employers for Women.44 we established the D&I Community of Practice. This 1 Emergency Response: immediate provision of life-saving resources Leading with a new strategy forum provides a dedicated space for D&I champions and supplies In 2012 we reinforced the principles set out by our – including D&I Council members and ERG Chairs – 2 Crisis Management: overall coordination of Thomson Reuters response Code of Business Conduct and Ethics45 with the to meet virtually with senior leaders, share best roll-out of our new D&I strategy. Our strategic goal practices and review progress at least once a quarter. 3 Business continuity and Disaster Recovery: restoration of all systems is to create a global workforce comprised of the and procedures Hosted on our intranet, we’ve also introduced new most talented and diverse individuals to provide the All staff have access to the Emergency Response Plan via designates Diversity and Inclusion learning tools. These provide innovative solutions our customers expect from us. in the facilities where they work and through internal resources such REUTERS/Lucas Jackson all our people and managers with the resources to as our intranet, The Hub. understand and respond to our D&I goals. 43 hrc.org/corporate-equality-index 44 willforumindia.com/default.asp 42 45 thomsonreuters.com/about/trust_principles ir.thomsonreuters.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=76540&p=irol-govConduct 28 29

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 CASE STUDY CASE STUDY ENGAGING THE GENERATE: Key new initiatives for 2012 CORPORATE COMMUNITY DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE Women’s Advisory Task Force: Launched in May 2012 and chaired by our TO REALIZE THE COLLABORATION IN REAL CEO and CPO, the Task Force comprises 10 senior business leaders from POTENTIAL OF A AND VIRTUAL SETTINGS across Thomson Reuters. The first steps have been to identify four pillars DIVERSE WORKPLACE Alvaro Arjona, of focus for women in leadership in 2012 and to take action across those Kelly Miller, Operations Editorial and Content pillars throughout the year. Manager, Wealth Manager – Clinical Women’s Leadership Program: Launched in October with 34 Management participants and their managers participating in a virtual session, this in Financial and Risk ȕ -PDBUJPO#BSDFMPOB 4QBJO global program develops women with strong leadership potential ȕ +PJOFE ȕ -PDBUJPO/FX:PSL$JUZ 64 through knowledge sharing, networking and skill-building. Underpinned ȕ +PJOFE “My project team worked with Mumbai by research and analysis into gender trends within the organization, we also launched a formal Career Sponsorship Program to focus on ”One of the big highlights of the year for me Mobile Creches49, an NGO whose mission the careers of our top women and to encourage and increase exposure was our participation in the annual Out & is to provide children of families living internally and externally. Equal Workplace Summit46. This marquee and working on construction sites with event draws participation from nearly education and a safe, healthy environment. LeadHership1: We ran a 6-month global virtual leadership development REUTERS/Kiyoshi Ota Our challenge was to build a sustainable, 3,000 representatives of the world’s leading program called LeadHership for over 80 of our mid-level female efficient and systematic framework to corporations to share experience, knowledge technologists in eight global locations. The program aims to build self support the organization’s marketing and and resources on issues facing lesbian, gay, Developing future leaders with the Generate program awareness and leadership confidence and prepare women for their next communication activities. bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees Our award-winning Generate leadership program, offers future career step. in the working environment. leaders in our businesses a unique opportunity to build their It was thrilling to better understand how Employee Resource Groups business skills, and helps to retain talent who have high potential different cultures and skill-sets approach As the leading provider of information services, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) create awareness and understanding for long-term success at Thomson Reuters. The demanding 11-week problems. By building trust in a virtual and with such a strong Diversity and Inclusion of the cultures represented in our business and throughout the world. program, developed with global people development company environment, our team moved from the culture, it’s vital for Thomson Reuters to have They also provide a network of support for our people and help to deliver Impact International47, fosters collaboration and innovation across basic sharing/small talk base to effectively a voice there. Leaders from Pride at Work, our our Diversity and Inclusion strategy. international borders by asking participants to solve live challenges consult with our client and deliver employee resource group for LGBT individuals In 2012, we had over 80 active local groups representing the interests and friends, worked to secure sponsorship for charities in rapidly developing economies. meaningful and useful support to the and exchanging information for our Asian, black, disabled, Latino and budget from senior management who were The program is split into four phases: Engage: Four-weeks of virtual community partner. Hispanic, LGBT, veteran and female colleagues across our markets. quick to realize the value of the opportunity. learning to develop self, team and organizational awareness; In Mumbai day-long sessions were held at Consult: One-week consultancy in a rapidly developing economy the NGO office and construction sites. We 2012 activities included the UK Disability Employee Network organizing an As a result we increased our presence in providing consultancy services for a local community partner followed these with group sessions where we event for Thomson Reuters parents of Autistic Spectrum children to meet 2012, with Thomson Reuters serving as around their specific business need; Lead: Six weeks of virtual would analyze the performance of the team, and share insights. The Black Employee Network hosted a number of career a champion-level sponsor and fielding collaboration to deliver against the business project for handover to individual contributions and interactions with development workshops with leading business people and thought leaders a diverse delegation from nine countries. the client; Excel: Ongoing performance in the business, application the NGO representatives, while trying to build including human rights activist Naomi Tu Tu and UN Ambassador Andrew In addition to learning best practices and of learning and mentoring via alumni networks. the project proposal for presentation to our Jackson. Pride at Work hosted an evening for LGBT heroes in New York, and leadership skills from corporate peers, the Women @ Thomson Reuters group facilitated a number of successful these representatives also helped establish In 2012, we provided 29 rising stars with the experience, including client by the end of the week. events with external organizations and mentoring relationships for specific Thomson Reuters as a thought leader by a demanding week working on the ground in Mumbai with The challenges of the environment skills such as project management and career advancement. contributing our own expertise. their allocated organization. The results of the program since it provided an extremely stimulating learning launched in 2010 are impressive. 75% of Generate participants I was especially proud of our workshop on the experience characterized by honest have received a promotion, and 23% have been promoted twice. cultural, political and legal issues facing LGBT feedback, straightforward communication, 95% of Generate participants still work with Thomson Reuters. people in India and The Philippines, presented and importantly, acts of leadership. Generate received the 2012 Training Journal Award48 for ‘Best use by my colleagues Dana Rosete, Jai Carinan, I couldn’t help but feel a great sense of Kalyani Srinivasan and Eric Burroughs. It was of Technology in Learning’. fulfillment and satisfaction after our client’s a good reminder that Diversity and Inclusion is positive response to our work, and also not just a big opportunity, but a vital necessity when reflecting on how far we had come as - and it’s good to be amongst peers in our a team in just two months.” organization and others that recognize that.” 47 impactinternational.com 48 impactinternational.com/news/training-journal-award-winners 46 49 outandequal.org/summit-2012 mumbaimobilecreches.org 30 31

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 COMMUNITY INTRODUCTION: As a global organization operating in different cultural contexts, we value having good relationships with the communities where we work. We support our local communities directly with company funds and initiatives, and we also back the causes our employees are involved in personally. At a local level, we work with community partners and internationally through our charity the Thomson Reuters Foundation, striving for a positive impact on the world around us. 2012 was a busy year for our work with communities. We refreshed our support policies and enhanced the opportunities available to our people with more flexible giving programs and an updated approach to community support. In addition we launched our My Community platform, a simple and direct portal for our employees across the world to access all of our community programs. Our refreshed community policies and activities have had a positive impact: volunteering time registered on our My Community platform have risen to 35,661 hours and we have registered increased engagement across all of our programs, with more employees making use of the tools available. We look forward to extending the reach of our community activities further in 2013. 32 REUTERS/Ivan Canabrava 33

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 SUPPORTING WITH FUNDS Through the Thomson Reuters Matching Gifts SHARING OUR EXPERTISE program employees can double their personal With approximately 60,000 people in over 100 countries we have a vast range of skills and charitable donations with an equal donation expertise across our business. We encourage our people to share these assets by working directly from the company, up to a limit of US$1,000. with registered charities and community organizations. We provide opportunities throughout the In 2012, to enable even more donations we regions in which we have a presence, both company sponsored or empowering our employees lowered the minimum match threshold from to pursue an opportunity of their choice, depending on the skills, interests and experience of the US$75 to US$50. Following this change we can individual. These include trusteeships for boards, developing marketing strategies for charities report that 34% of Matching Gifts donations and mentorships for young people. were within this new threshold. USING THE RIGHT TOOLS We continue to invest financially in programs This year, we’ve developed a new platform, called My Community, which connects anyone in and projects which reflect our core activities our organization to our charitable giving and volunteering activities. Created using employee and where we can add the most value. Often feedback and an in-depth analysis of industry provisions, the site enables our employees to log championed at an executive level, one-off their volunteering time and apply for their chosen charity to receive Matching Gifts or a Dollars grants in local communities enable us to offer for Doers grant. With our programs, policies and FAQs we can track and measure usage to ensure short-term support to projects proposed by our the best service provision for our people. own people or through contact with partner organizations and the wider community. For long-term community projects we act as sponsors, either on our own or with partners. Available in a number of locations, our Employee Giving Campaign offers our people the opportunity to pledge nominated funds to a charitable cause of their choice, matched by the company. Through a dedicated communications campaign and championed at an executive level, the program has, to date, raised US$23.8M for charitable causes. GIVING WITH TIME Our volunteering policy enables our people to spend at least one day a year giving their time to a cause of their choice. In 2013, volunteering time off will increase to two days for all eligible Thomson Reuters employees. This change underlines our commitment to empowering our KEY HIGHLIGHTS employees to support the causes that mean the ȕ Policy refresh to better support our people’s community most to them, and to share their skills beyond volunteering and giving the workplace. We will continue to update and enhance the platform, with planned functionality including the ȕ Launch of My Community platform, bringing all our Our Dollars for Doers program rewards our capacity to initiate payroll giving, where available. We’ll continue to work with our provider to programs together for the first time people’s volunteering efforts, both during and ensure the best possible experience for both Thomson Reuters people and charities and causes ȕ Increased engagement with volunteering programs across outside working hours, with grants. Employees they choose to support. our global operations who volunteer 40 hours or more can earn US$1,000 from Thomson Reuters for their COMMUNITY CHAMPION AWARDS In the following section we outline the different ways in nominated charity. This year, to encourage more Our flagship program now in its eleventh year, Community Champion Awards rewards our which we support organizations, causes and events. Detailed activity and donations, we boosted the program people’s outstanding volunteering commitments with donations from company funds. In 2012, activities by region can be found in subsequent sections. with a grant of US$500 for 20 hours a panel of Thomson Reuters employees from across the business awarded 45 charitable grants of volunteering. totaling US$150,000. Since the program began in 2001, we have donated over US$1M to charities across the globe through the scheme. 34 35

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 OUR TOP COMMUNITY CHAMPION AWARD WINNERS SPONSORING FOR GOOD Award winner Jack Conrad has worked hard to raise funds and awareness for Young Heroes, a non-profit that We are proud of the sponsorship helps to meet the medical and psychological needs of children and teens orphaned by AIDS in Swaziland. With the HIV/AIDS epidemic exerting a heavy toll in the Kingdom, Young Heroes is the only Swaziland-led investments we make across the initiative supporting this vulnerable group. In late July, Jack, who serves as the Communications Chair on the globe, supporting causes that Board of NGO Friends of Swaziland (FOS)50, completed an 800-kilometer bike ride across six countries in we believe in and which have Europe over six days. Soliciting pledges of support from colleagues at Thomson Reuters and FOS, he raised clear links to our brand, products more than US$8000 for the charity. Jack has also twice participated in the Red Ribbon Ride, a 480-kilometer, and services. We continue to four-day bike trek across the upper Midwest of the US, raising over US$10,000 for Young Heroes. ensure that our sponsorship opportunities not only support our brand but also benefit community focused campaigns and projects where possible. Williams F1 and Plan International In 2012, our sponsorship of the Williams F1 Team supported a bespoke campaign with Plan International. A special “Go Japan!” message was created for school children in the tsunami affected areas of Japan. With many children receiving This year, young ladies from Camp Pendleton – a major counselling support through Plan following the tsunami, the United States Marine Corps base in Southern California “Go Japan!” posters featuring Thomson Reuters sponsored – rotated among the mentors, receiving guidance and Williams F1 Team drivers, Pastor Maldonado and Bruno Senna hearing personal accounts of career paths. were a positive message seen in 20 schools. We believe in the power of information, and the sharing of “In the last year tsunami survivors, especially children, have knowledge in the Notebook Mentoring session reflects this. gone through a very challenging time. Supporting a return To prove it we gave these impressive young women Apple Community Champion Blanca Cofino is recognized for her work on the Board of Directors and in the Strategy to normality for children has been a key priority of Plan’s aid iPads™ filled with educational apps. It’s our hope that this gift and Planning Committee of US non-profit the Mercy Center. The New York based organization empowers response. The ‘Go Japan!’ posters will certainly put a smile on of intelligent information will enable them to make their own women and their families in the South Bronx to liberate themselves from economic poverty. Founded nearly children’s faces and give a boost to our efforts.” said Gabriel contributions to the world as they pursue further education. 22 years ago, the Center works to build community and change lives, one woman, one family at a time. Kazuo Tsurumi, Executive Managing and National Director Today, the Mercy Center51 serves more than 2,000 people a year, providing the community with free, high- of Plan Japan. This initiative reflects the work of our Women in Leadership quality, intensive programs that enable women and families to connect with resources to become financially Taskforce which is focused on establishing a culture across independent, create social networks, and catalyze positive changes in their own neighborhoods. Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit our company that will ensure that we are viewed as a 2012 marked Thomson Reuters third year sponsoring the best in class organization for the career development and Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit52. The Summit advancement of women. Underpinning that mission is a which provides a great opportunity for our executives to focus on education and development of all women, both spend three days with the most prominent women leaders in within Thomson Reuters and in the wider community. business, philanthropy, government, education and the arts. Mike Weir Miracle Golf Drive The program includes dynamic panel discussions, on-stage Mike Weir Miracle Golf Drive has raised over CA$5 million conversations and interactive breakout sessions which are for children’s awareness with over CA$3 million raised for aimed to inspire attendees with new ideas and valuable children’s health care and related causes over the last eight connections. The event brings customers together to discuss years. As a long term sponsor, Thomson Reuters is proud to relevant global business and professional development issues be involved with such a dynamic charity as they partner with face-to-face. more hospitals to provide critical care and education treating Thomson Reuters co-sponsors a successful component over 2.6 million children each year. of the Summit called “Notebook Mentoring.” Each year talented local high school girls unite with 25 Summit executives in a ‘speed dating’ format to seek candid advice. 50 friendsofswaziland.org 51 52 mercycenterbronx.org/about.htm fortuneconferences.com/most-powerful-women-summit-2012/ 36 37

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 CASE STUDY CHANGING THE FACE OF WOMEN’S HOMELESSNESS VOLUNTEERING FOR IMPACT Asia Pacific Thomson Reuters Elite, part of our legal business, embarked on an 18 UPDATING OUR COMMUNITY STRATEGY Our Volunteer Action Network and Corporate In May 2012 our offices in the region took part in month partnership project with homeless charity, St Mungo’s58. The In 2013 we’re taking our community strategy Responsibility Champions work with local the first ever Asia Corporate Responsibility Day. multi-media research project addressed the challenges of homeless women forward under the theme and title Citizenship. community partners to develop opportunities in This was a unique opportunity for our people to in London through a series of candid interviews and photography. The The new approach will build on the existing line with our corporate programs and policies spend time sampling a broad range of volunteering blog “Where From? Where Now?”59 charted the work of photographer and work taking place across the company with across our international footprint. They drive projects, from litter clearing and gardening projects journalist Georgina Cranston who immersed herself in life at St Mungo’s increased emphasis on the environment. We employee engagement with their communities, to raising funds for school supplies. hostels, and went out with their outreach teams to deliver the research. The want to ensure that our brand and values promoting collaborative events and local project was funded to support St Mungo’s women’s strategy, developing continue to be aligned, empowering our For the second year running, colleagues in India materials and evidence of why women become homeless and how they are volunteering opportunities. people to use their skills and expertise to make took part in the Community Service Program. rebuilding their lives. The project culminated in a free public exhibition in a positive impact on the world around us. Our people invest money, time and expertise Over 3,000 volunteers from New Delhi, Mumbai, central London in November 2012. into local community projects. The following Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Nagercoil Selected representatives from across the globe sections feature some of the employee-driven supported over 270 projects for 42 non-profit Over 300 employees across the globe were involved in this unique project. are helping us to develop the strategy. The and company-sponsored activities taking place partners, making this our most well-attended Fundraising activities, raffles, marathons, abseils and quiz nights raised group, called the Social Investment Workstream, in the different regions where we operate. volunteering day ever. in excess of £70,000 including corporate donations and our people also will consist of employees who champion committed their time by volunteering their skills directly to the project community support initiatives in their regions. Americas Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East through photo editing, transcribing audio and manning the exhibition. They will be sharing insights and examples of Our active volunteering community in and Africa “We decided to focus on a long-term project with specific, tangible best practice in community support. Philadelphia, PA supported MANNA53, a charity 100 employees in Germany took part in the Team which provides food and support to those Challenge 2012 which combined philanthropic deliverables that would have a direct impact on the community around THOMSON REUTERS FOUNDATION vulnerable to malnutrition. Throughout the year, commitments with a wellbeing challenge. 20 us. We are leaving St. Mungo’s with a visceral, powerful series of www.trust.org volunteers helped to make more than 15,000 teams walked, ran, cycled or swam, with each images, texts and videos that they will be able to use for many years Established in 1982, the Thomson Reuters meals for those in need. We also made a donation kilometer completed raising a 10 Cent donation to to come in their efforts to address the issue of homelessness among Foundation, is committed to empowering to support the charity’s Thanksgiving campaign. a range of charities nominated by those taking part. women. We are incredibly proud of our achievements in this endeavour, people in need around the world with trusted All participants received a free heart rate check and and grateful to everyone who donated time and/or money to make it a information and free legal assistance. A Our people in Carrolton, TX raised US$70,000 success for both St Mungo’s and Elite.” over the three week challenge we raised €2,320. registered charity in the US and UK, the for United Way54, the community advocacy and Patrick Hurley, VP Global Expansion, Thomson Reuters Elite Foundation leverages the skills, values and volunteering network. Through a combination Instead of giving Christmas cards to clients, expertise across Thomson Reuters to promote of payroll giving and other events including the Athens office in Greece made a financial the rule of law, save lives in disasters and a silent auction, our donations increased by contribution to charity, Klimaka56, which addresses improve standards of journalism. nearly US$25,000 from previous years. United social inclusion and the mental health of vulnerable Way recognized this effort with an award for groups. In addition to the charitable donation there Our initiatives stand for better governance, “Outstanding Campaign Growth”. was also a clothing drive for the charity. greater transparency, more effective humanitarian relief and a robust global press. Our virtual mentoring scheme has gone from United Kingdom and Ireland strength to strength in Eagan, MN. Working in With the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics To read more about the work of the partnership with financial literacy and business taking place on our doorstep, our employees Thomson Reuters Foundation you can access education non-profit BestPrep55 over 150 volunteered as Games Makers, London their 2012 Annual Report on their website60. volunteers support pupils on curriculum topics Ambassadors and even performers in the through weekly emails, and offer teachers and Opening and Closing Ceremonies. To support the volunteers expert advice on a range of topics Games and encourage participation in the world’s including workplace skills, economics and largest multi-sport event, we developed a special financial literacy. Evaluation of the program has volunteering policy which matched time-off with demonstrated that the initiative helps students an additional five days of leave. to better understand how valuable their Supporting a local campaign in the region, education is to their future careers. our Exmouth office funded the provision of a Maria, 25, walks through the subway at Elephant & Castle in London where she slept rough on her own. defibrillator and training for eight members of staff She is now in hostel accommodation at the local community college. In response to an ©Georgina Cranston 53 mannapa.org initiative by a local resident called “defibz4kidz”57, 54 worldwide.unitedway.org the campaign seeks to ensure that there are 55 bestprep.org/ defibrillators at all schools in the region. 58 mungos.org 56 klimaka.org.gr 59 wherefromwherenow.org 57 defibz4kidz.co.uk 60 trust.org 38 39

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 ENVIRONMENT INTRODUCTION: WORKING INSIDE AND OUT During another twelve months of financial turbulence and extreme weather events, the pressures both from within our organization and the wider community have underlined how important our work on environmental stewardship has become. From NASA reporting61 97% of Greenland’s sea ice melting during July, to the frequency of intense storms lashing the East Coast of the US, and floods from Argentina to Germany, carbon management is big news again. Issues like energy security and the rising prices of commodities like conventional oil, gold and wheat are underlining how important it is to be thinking beyond the quarterly reporting cycle. Environmental pressures represent an opportunity for Thomson Reuters. By providing timely and accurate information and analysis we can help our customers to reduce their environmental impacts, and measure and communicate their successes. And by assessing and responding to the environmental risks of our activities, we develop a more resilient business with the license to operate. But as well as the environmental services and intelligence that we offer through products like Point Carbon and ASSET4, we recognize that our operations have significant impacts, which we are addressing. In this section we set out our approach to managing our environmental impacts, and we collate the latest data on issues like carbon and recycling. We also describe the significant material improvements that teams all over the business are making around issues like sourcing, data centers and building a green Thomson Reuters culture. 61 reuters.com/article/2012/07/25/arctic-ice-melt-idUSL2E8IPHFR20120725 40 REUTERS/Ge Gong 41

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 OUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS, ALTHOUGH RELATIVELY SMALL COMPARED TO THE MANUFACTURING AND EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES, STILL REQUIRE CAREFUL IMPROVING OUR PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND INVESTMENT. KEY HIGHLIGHTS MEASURING OUR IMPACTS CARBON EMISSIONS ȕ New governance We’re a global business, providing products Total Carbon Footprint structure and services through around 14 million square ǎ 2011 footprint: 508,562 metric tonnes of ȕ Overall carbon feet of office space and one million square CO2 including gas, electricity, air travel and emissions reported as feet of energy-intensive data centers. Our some local staff travel. 496,316 metric tonnes environmental impacts, although relatively ǎ 2012 footprint: 496,316 metric tonnes of CO2 small compared to the manufacturing and CO2 including gas, electricity, air travel and extractive industries, still require careful ȕ Carbon Saver Standard some local staff travel. management and investment. achieved in the UK Per the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol direct ȕ 3 megawatts of power During the last twelve months we’ve been and indirect emissions are categorized into saved through data working hard to standardize and improve our three broad scopes: center efficiencies assessments across our international business. We’ve been using our existing proprietary ǎ Scope 1: All direct GHG emissions – REUTERS/Vincent West services and tools while developing more as Energy directly generated from fuel on the demand for accurate data and analysis on site due to testing our emergency backup environmental responsibility grows. power generators. Approximately 4% By improving our environmental performance The new governance structure was the first of our footprint we reduce risks and create opportunities. step in helping us to better manage issues Innovations for the year include designing a With increased global regulation and like carbon. Following organizational changes bespoke system to approximate our global ǎ Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions – legislation, such as the UK’s Carbon Reduction we’ll need to continue to modify the structure carbon footprint. And we’re beta testing a Consumption of purchased electricity, heat Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency in 2013 but the new approach should help us global compliance tool to help our facilities or steam, energy purchased from third Scheme62, there will be a future impact on our to drive performance on other key areas such managers and senior site officers understand party generators. Approximately 86% of bottom line. But perhaps more importantly, as water, waste and recycling: the precise regulatory landscape in the our footprint our clients are requesting more information countries and regions they operate in. Below ǎ Executive Sponsors – senior leadership ǎ Scope 3: Other indirect emissions – on our environmental stewardship, during the we list some measures that are ready for the who can set the strategic priorities and Transport-related activities in vehicles bidding process for contracts and beyond. And scrutiny of the wider community: assess performance not owned or controlled by the business, as the frequency and volume of information ǎ Green Advisory Council – made up of 60 Overall performance electricity-related activities not covered about the impacts of resource scarcity and representatives from key functions across We’ve used our proprietary tool ASSET4 in Scope 2, outsourced activities, waste climate change increase, the pressure mounts our international business. The group, which service which ranks the performance of over disposal, business travel. Approximately to be part of the solution. includes experts on data centers, real estate, 4,000 international companies against 10% of our footprint In 2012 we enhanced our environmental strategy, and client-facing roles, meets environmental, economic, social and stewardship approach with a new system of quarterly to run and oversee specific projects governance criteria. On the environment we governance, structured around a Green Advisory have demonstrated continued improvement ǎ Environmental Sustainability Teams – Council, set out below. This built on work taking our score from C- to B. You can read small, temporary groups chosen from the we had carried out with leading sustainable more about ASSET4 in the Marketplace Green Advisory Council with specialist skills development NGO Forum for the Future in 2011. section of this report. to implement and deliver projects. Focus They had helped us map our key impacts using areas for 2012 have included sourcing, the Scope 1 to 3 model of carbon emissions and benchmarking, e-waste and supporting our identified key opportunities in areas such as our grass roots Green Teams real estate portfolio and our supply chain. ǎ Green Teams – the highly-valued grass roots volunteers who identify and implement change to help our business and our employees live and operate in a more environmentally sustainable way 62 carbonreductioncommitment.co.uk 42 43

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 CASE STUDY CASE STUDY USING COMMUNICATIONS MAKING EFFICIENCY Carbon Disclosure Project TO ENGAGE COLLEAGUES MAKING DATA CENTERS WORK SMARTER AN EVERYDAY Our 2012 disclosure score dropped slightly from 63 points (2011) to WITH ETHICAL AND Our data centers containing servers, switching and other computing CONSIDERATION 61 points (2012). We remain on band D (on a spectrum of A – E) for ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES tools, are the workhorses of our business. They perform the vital job of Robb Gamm, Vice our overall performance rating. We are analyzing our 2012 score aggregating and processing the information that we provide and analyze Anontawong President, Data Center to understand where to focus our efforts for 2013 with the intent of for our customers. Currently producing around 50% of our direct emissions, ‘Rut’ Marukpitak Rationalization improving our position. We believe we can strengthen our score through these facilities represent a key opportunity for us to reduce our total carbon Communications greater disclosure, executive engagement, target setting and external footprint. And every gram of CO2 represents a monetary value in terms of Specialist, Global Growth verification of our data collection and analysis. energy prices, and regulation and compliance costs avoided. & Operations Center ȕ -PDBUJPO&BHBO 64 Carbon Saver Standard To improve the data centers’ effectiveness, reduce their costs and ȕ Location: Bangkok, Thailand. ȕ +PJOFE In June 2012, we achieved the Carbon Saver Standard63, demonstrating their emissions, we’ve been running a comprehensive five-year work that our UK business is taking positive action on climate change. The ȕ Joined: 2003 rationalization and efficiency program. We’re standardizing our “My role is to get the most value out of our Award follows three years of measuring, managing and reducing the “For my first six years at Thomson Reuters I operating model and improving the efficiency of servers. We’re replacing data center assets. It’s a broad program with carbon emissions of our primary locations in Britain. The experience of worked as a software engineer and then on physical machines with virtual systems, removing redundant machines many facets that involve many people. On achieving this standard in the UK will help us to reach carbon reduction a Support team. I’m now a Communications and shutting facilities, and improving the design of the buildings and one level it’s about identifying redundant targets across the rest of our international footprint. Specialist which means I get to be very infrastructure that remain. At the start of 2012 we had in excess of 300 equipment and using virtualization to take involved in our ethical and environmental data centers of varying size in our global estate but have now initiated out unnecessary machines which frees up Reducing Business Travel activities. We use our intranet, The Hub, a multi-year program to rationalise this into a number of regional hub real estate and saves costs and carbon We are managing our energy-intensive business travel, and substituted and many other channels such as events data centers augmented by a number of smaller sites to support location emissions. But it’s also about ensuring that it with over 38,000 hours of TelePresence meetings in nearly 60 special and direct marketing campaigns to get our specific needs of Thomson Reuters and our clients. what remains is operating more efficiently. facilities worldwide during 2012. Travel has steadily reduced since 2010 people to engage with the issues. Without this program, if we’d just carried on, from 269 million miles to around 172 million miles in 2012. Our people are playing a key role in reducing the carbon footprint of our we’d have had to increase our capacity by 2012 has been another very busy year data center stock. This year, following the success of a similar program Reducing waste and recycling something like 2.5 megawatts every year to in Thailand. We’ve been working hard to in 2011 we ran a staff engagement program called the ‘Two Megawatt Although we have yet to set company-wide targets, we’re committed satisfy the demand. reduce waste and have launched a number Challenge’ to reduce the energy demanded by our data centers. Through to waste–reduction across our international footprint and have made of targeted recycling programs focusing the commitment and technical skills of our teams, we successfully The key thing is to make efficiency second electronic waste a focus for one of our Environmental Sustainability Team on particular products. Our successes reduced our power consumption by over 3 megawatts, roughly enough nature. 2012 has taken us an important initiatives. Recent successful initiatives include the work by the Bangkok include reaching a tally of over 25,000 power to run 3,300 US homes and treble what was saved in 2011. step closer to that goal, I think. In 2011, Green team on recycling and e-waste during this year’s Green Week. collected beverage cartons and 266 kg our program ‘Cash for Kilowatts’ did well As we’re able to remove machines and reduce the square footage of of old calendars. - we saved over a megawatt of energy by data centers we need, this produces other attendant environmental and incentivizing our people. People thought One of my proudest moments this year was financial benefits. We can reduce the amount of buildings we need to that this would be hard to improve upon, being involved in the Thomson Reuters own and service and we reduce the emissions of the supply chain that but this year, we’ve more than doubled that Mini-Marathon at Lumpini Park. We supports the facilities. In 2012 we continued to share knowledge and target with our ‘Two Megawatt Challenge’. managed to get over 600 colleagues expertise with our competitors in the industry, chairing industry bodies We did this by integrating this efficiency participating, either as runners or helping such as the influential Green Grid64, and attending events. thinking into our teams’ targets. So there with logistics, timing, photo shooting, and was no cash incentive but we made it more handing out refreshments and medals. The about being an effective worker or manager. event raised over US$9,000 for Thailand’s National Cancer Institute Foundation, which Last year everyone was working really Thomson Reuters doubled with their hard in December to achieve the one Matching Gifts program.“ megawatt saving but in 2012 we’d cracked two megawatts by as early as November and we were able to raise the target to 2.5 megawatts. We’ve made our systems more powerful, which is great for our customers, less carbon-intensive and has ultimately saved in excess of US$2m in energy bills as well as millions more that we would have had to spend on running new facilities if we’d stayed put.” 63 64 carbonsaver.org thegreengrid.org 44 45

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    CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY REPORT 2012 DATA AWARDS EMPLOYEES 2012 2011 2010 2009 BENCHMARKS 2012 2011 2010 2009 Total Employees 59,400 60,500 57,900 55,000 Ethisphere Listed Listed Listed Listed Gender: Male | Female % 58% | 42% 58% | 42% No verifiable data No verifiable data FTSE4Good Listed Listed Listed Listed Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index Scored Scored Scored Scored HEADCOUNT – BY REGION 2012 2011 2010 2009 100/100 90/100 85/100 75/100 Americas 27,600 28,500 27,900 27,700 Ethibel Excellence Investment Register Listed Listed Listed Listed Europe, Middle East and Africa 12,100 12,300 12,300 12,100 Carbon Disclosure Project Category D Category D Category D Listed Asia 19,700 19,700 17,700 15,200 61/100 63/100 50/100 Green Rankings Global 500 Listed Listed COMMUNITY 2012 2011 2010 2009 Best Global Brand – Interbrand Listed #44 Listed #37 Listed #39 Listed #40 Employee Volunteering Hours 35,661 20,675 16,662 No verifiable data Most Admired Companies – Fortune Listed #1 in Listed #2 in Listed #2 in Listed #3 in Matching Gifts (US$) 1,365,727 1,395,284 1,343,723 No verifiable data Financial Data Financial Data Financial Data Financial Data Matching Gifts at ExCom level (US$) No program 122,709 52,780 No verifiable data Best Adoption Friendly Workplace Listed Listed Listed Listed Dollars for Doers (US$ | Employees) 235,500 | 280 159,000 | 318 129,000 | 258 No verifiable data Canada’s Top 100 Employer Listed Listed Listed Listed Great Place to Work Institute – Best Workplaces Listed: Listed: Listed: Listed: ENVIRONMENT 2012 TONNES % 2011 TONNES | % Canada Canada, Canada Canada, TOTAL CO2 EMISSIONS 496,316 100 508,562 100 Poland Portugal Scope 1 19,824 4.0 19,824 3.9 Scope 2 429,660 86.6 437,498 86 Scope 3 46,832 9.4 51,240 10.1 Emissions per US$ million 36.0 n/a 36.9 n/a Emissions per square foot 35.5 n/a 36.3 n/a SCOPE 2 TONNES KWH TONNES KWH CO2 EMISSIONS – BY REGION UKI 65,608 132,488 67,101 132,798 CEMA 7,045 49,590 7,073 50,376 AMERICAS 291,860 447,225 301,569 459,111 ASIA PACIFIC 65,148 101,630 61,755 97,125 2012 AWARDS TELEPRESENCE USE 2012 2011 2010 2009 2012 Training Journal Award: Best Use of Technology in Learning Number of TelePresence 57 52 28 21 WILL Best Employers for Women Award, 2012 Hours of Use 38,594 25,086 14,205 5,841 NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards – Inclusion & Diversity Award BUSINESS TRAVEL* 2012 2011 2010 2009 Air: Miles Flown 170,634,027 196,976,982 267,310,625 No verifiable data CO2 Emissions (KG) 30,884,759 35,660,994 48,482,874 No verifiable data Rail: Miles Traveled 1,588,031 2,444,871 2,228,357 No verifiable data CO2 Emissions (KG) 173,095 266,591 183,991 No verifiable data Total Miles Traveled 172,222,058 199,421,853 269,538,982 No verifiable data Total CO2 Emissions (KG) 31,057,854 25,927,585 48,666,865 No verifiable data *Travel as booked through business approved agents 46 47

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    ABOUT THIS REPORT This is Thomson Reuters company-wide Corporate Responsibility Report. The report includes performance information and data from the 2012 calendar year for all Thomson Reuters businesses. In developing the content for the report, we referenced the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines but we have not produced a GRI level report. We aim to do this in future years. We also intend to have our reporting assured by an independent third party. This year’s report has not been externally assured. © Thomson Reuters 2013. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Thomson Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Thomson Reuters. ‘Thomson Reuters’ and the Thomson Reuters logo are registered trademarks and trademarks of Thomson Reuters and its affiliated companies. 8980404 0213.

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