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    UW I N F O R M AT I O N TECHNOLOGY 2012 Annual Report

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    Welcome W e believe the mark of a great technology organization is how well it helps others succeed. Whether it’s modernizing UW business systems to make staff more efficient, partnering with the eScience Institute to help researchers achieve breakthrough discoveries, or providing next-generation teaching and learning tools to help faculty innovate and students engage, UW-IT’s primary focus is supporting— and advancing—the work of the UW community. Over the past year, UW-IT has worked with UW stakeholders to further one of the UW’s most important missions—educating the next generation of leaders. A centerpiece of that effort was piloting and selecting Canvas as the UW’s learning management system—giving digitally savvy students and faculty the cutting-edge technologies and coordinated services they want. Another innovative tool, Tegrity, allows instructors to “flip the classroom,” so students can review lectures on their own and use class time for meaningful interactions. We delivered MyPlan, enabling students to build multi-year academic plans, and expanded ViDA, providing students with 24/7 virtual desktop access to high-end software. We also piloted eTexts to explore the benefits of online textbooks, and enhanced student self- service options for financial aid notification and loan monitoring. All this work was data driven—in direct response to what students and faculty said was important to them in a 2011 Teaching, Learning, and Research Technologies survey. In addition, UW-IT quickly responded to emerging student needs: developing the SpaceScout mobile app to locate study spots and creating MyUW Mobile for wireless access to class resources. This work contributed to significant progress toward meeting the near-term goals of the UW’s Two Years to Two Decades (2y2d) teaching and learning initiative, and to improving organizational effectiveness. UW-IT also improved support for research and updated critical infrastructure. We partnered with the eScience Institute to enhance cyberinfrastructure and cloud-based services for researchers. We upgraded the UW’s primary data center to improve research support, built greater resiliency into the UW’s network, and increased Wi-Fi performance and coverage. We deepened connections with key corporate partners, such as Microsoft and Amazon, and national consortiums such as Internet2 and Gig.U—expanding the UW’s reach and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technological innovation. To improve the efficiency of the UW’s business operations, UW-IT continued to work with key business partners to replace the UW’s aging HR/Payroll (HRP) system. This major undertaking will deliver a modern HRP system that improves support for critical functions, strengthens regulatory compliance, and provides better information for decision making. It is part of a strategy to modernize UW business systems, which also includes significant enhancements to student and financial systems. To further engage the University community, UW-IT established three boards to govern IT at the strategic, project, and service levels. These boards are intended to make decision making about IT across the University more comprehensive and holistic, and to ensure we are focusing limited resources on the highest priorities. Technology is becoming a strategic differentiator for modern research universities. In partnership with you, we will continue to leverage the power of technology to drive positive and transformative change—enabling people throughout the University to extend and deepen their impact. Kelli Trosvig VICE PRESIDENT FOR UW INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER COVER: Student uses technology to learn sign language.

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    UW-IT Strategic Plan: Progress on Goals UW-IT Strategic Goals Key Completed Projects Excellent foundation •฀Major฀phone฀system฀upgrade,฀phase฀2 1. services and •฀Network฀upgrade฀including฀IPv6฀and฀new฀architecture infrastructure •฀Wi-Fi฀upgrade;฀faster฀speeds,฀expanded฀coverage •฀Data฀center฀upgrades฀and฀consolidation฀planning •฀MediaAMP฀service฀for฀digital฀media฀management •฀Core฀computing฀infrastructure฀enhancements •฀ITIL฀training฀for฀87฀technology฀staff฀at฀the฀UW Who We Are Improved collaboration •฀Software฀licensing฀agreements฀with฀Microsoft,฀ UW Information Technology (UW-IT) 2. and productivity tools Apple,฀and฀RedHat is the central information technology •฀MyUW฀Mobile:฀Web฀app฀released organization for the University of •฀m.UW:฀mobile฀Web฀app฀updated Washington, responsible for strategic •฀SpaceScout:฀mobile฀app฀to฀find฀UW฀Seattle฀study฀spots planning, oversight, and direction of •฀UW฀Exchange฀2010฀upgrade the UW’s IT infrastructure, resources, •฀Partner฀with฀Gig.U฀to฀attract฀ultra-high-speed฀networks฀ and services. We provide critical to local communities technology support to all three campuses, the UW medical centers, and 3. Advanced global research support •฀Upgrades฀to฀lolo,฀a฀scalable฀storage฀system฀for฀ research computing research operations around the world. •฀Upgrades฀to฀Hyak,฀a฀high-performance฀computing cluster฀for฀research •฀eScience฀partnership฀to฀deliver฀cloud฀services฀ Our Mission such฀as฀SQLShare •฀ Enable฀UW฀students,฀faculty,฀ •฀National฀partnerships฀to฀explore฀cyberinfrastructure฀ and staff to be more effective for฀science฀ •฀ Help฀the฀UW฀manage฀risks฀ and resources Innovative teaching •฀Canvas฀learning฀management฀system฀evaluated฀and฀ 4. and learning tools selected฀for฀UW •฀฀Foster฀a฀community฀of฀innovation฀ •฀Tegrity฀Web-based฀lecture฀and฀presentation฀capture฀ released •฀eTexts฀pilot •฀MyPlan฀academic฀planning฀tool฀released฀ •฀Assessing฀faculty฀and฀student฀experience฀with฀ Coursera฀Massive฀Open฀Online฀Courses฀(MOOCs) Information for •฀Research฀awards฀data฀in฀Enterprise฀Data฀Warehouse฀(EDW) 5. decision making •฀Additional฀student฀enrollment฀data฀in฀EDW •฀Institution-wide฀data฀definitions฀created Modern business •฀HR/Payroll฀replacement฀effort฀launched;฀RFP฀issued 6. More฀info information systems •฀Enterprise฀Document฀Management฀System฀RFP฀issued •฀MyFinancial฀Desktop฀enhancements฀ •฀Online฀review฀of฀faculty฀effort฀certification฀reports฀ UW฀Information฀ •฀Online฀supplier฀registration,฀in฀partnership฀with฀ Technology฀(UW-IT) Financial฀Management uw.edu/uwit/ Business continuity, •฀Geographic฀redundancy฀for฀data฀centers,฀phase฀1 UW-IT Strategic Plan 7. security, and privacy •฀Business฀Impact฀Analysis฀for฀critical฀business฀applications uw.edu/uwit/strategic.plan.html protection •฀UW฀Policy฀for฀Information฀Security฀and฀Operational฀ UW-IT฀Service฀Catalog฀ Practices uw.edu/uwit/services/ •฀Online฀training฀for฀information฀security฀and฀ privacy฀awareness 2012฀ANNUAL฀REPORT 1

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    IMPROVING THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE A฀Canvas฀of฀ Possibilities Enriching the learning— and teaching—experience UW Tacoma Professor Riki Thompson engages students with the latest technology tools. S tep inside one of Professor Riki Thompson’s UW Tacoma Canvas is one of several major UW-IT efforts to improve the Rhetoric and Composition classes, and you’re likely to student experience. “Because of the Provost’s 2y2d teaching and see small groups of students working collaboratively. learning initiative, we’ve adopted a whole range of technologies Whether they’re writing chapter summaries or building like Canvas, Tegrity lecture and presentation capture software, annotated bibliographies, they can tackle the same document and ViDA virtual desktop access,” said Tom Lewis, UW-IT’s simultaneously, while Thompson actively supports them in real Director of Academic & Collaborative Applications. “Students are time, underlining or crossing out passages to make her points. more and more digitally savvy. We want to stay a step ahead and provide them with cutting-edge, transformative tools.” This approach is possible because of one of the features integrated into Canvas, a next-generation learning management Most other Washington state public universities and community system (LMS) being widely adopted at the UW. “It’s great to have colleges have recently followed the UW’s lead and adopted students be the drivers,” Thompson said. “The whole class can Canvas as their LMS, Lewis said. “This provides significant share the experience of critiquing, editing, and refining.” cost savings for everyone. It also creates a uniform, seamless experience for students throughout the state.” Document sharing is just one example of Canvas’s rich array of intuitive features. Canvas simplifies course management, Nationally, the UW is sponsoring Canvas as an Internet2 NET+ assignment submission, scheduling, and grading, Thompson said. Service, a portfolio of cost-effective and easy-to-access services Canvas not only makes teaching more efficient, it enables faculty tailored to the unique needs of Internet2’s 221 higher education to experiment and innovate. That’s why the Board of Deans and member institutions. “Leveraging Internet2 technologies can Chancellors and the Teaching and Learning Technology Oversight make collaboration easier among universities,” Lewis said. Committee have endorsed its adoption “Imagine professors from Penn State or Harvard logging in to as a unified LMS for the UW. Canvas to help teach a UW class, or students from different schools working together simultaneously on a project.” “The neat thing about Canvas is that it’s not static. It’s about being active and collaborative,” Thompson said. “It’s great to give At the UW, Thompson’s students are embracing this collaborative students immediate, personal feedback that goes beyond the red approach. “Companies like Microsoft consider working pen. I’ve always used collaborative tools, but they weren’t as well collaboratively to be the norm,” Thompson summed up. “Canvas integrated into the LMS as they are with Canvas, and could be is one tool that is helping us teach our students key skills that will confusing for students.” help them succeed when they leave the UW.” 2 UW฀INFORMATION฀TECHNOLOGY

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    Enhancing teaching and learning with technology MyPlan online academic planning tool, eTexts pilot explores benefits of online Providing assistive technology and released this fall, helps students find textbooks, evaluating student success, IT accessibility resources. The DO-IT courses, create a multi-year education satisfaction, and support needed. eTexts Center celebrated 20 years of increasing plan, track progress toward graduation, are available via newer browsers, on the success of individuals with and work more productively with tablets and smartphones, and offer full- disabilities in college and careers, using advisors. Funded in part by the Student text search, digital highlighting, and technology as an empowering tool. Technology Fee, this tool leverages annotation. Up next: Continue pilots; Its Access Technology Center provided UW’s investment in the Kuali Student report findings in winter 2013. equipment, consulting, testing, and information system. Braille translation. Up next: Assess Students take charge of debt with an accessibility of Tegrity, Canvas, eTexts, Tegrity Web-based lecture and improved Financial Aid Status tool, and HRP software. presentation capture lets anyone with managing financial aid awards and a UW NetID develop student projects, tracking accumulated federal loan debt. Class lists update in near real time (not faculty colloquia, and staff training. Based on need, they can accept, reject, overnight) thanks to innovative, event- Instructors can “flip the classroom,” so or request reduction of loan awards. driven architecture employed by UW-IT. students review lectures outside class Developed with the Office of Student Up next: Provide students with faster and use in-class time for interaction. Financial Aid. notification of available courses. UW-IT provides consultation, SpaceScout mobile app helps students workshops, and help. Up next: find the perfect study spot, showcasing Deploy Tegrity across the UW. over 200 great study spaces in 26 UW ViDA virtual desktop gives students Seattle buildings. SpaceScout is available 24/7 access to high-end software. Adobe on the Web, in iTunes, and soon for Creative Suite (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Android. Developed with UW partners Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise, SPSS, and Mathematica can be accessed on and funded by the Student Technology Fee. Up next: SpaceScout for UW Bothell and UW Tacoma. More info Improving the Student Experience uw.edu/uwit/init.html Internet-connected devices. Up next: Explore larger-scale cloud deployment. Learning and Scholarly Technologies uw.edu/lst/ DO-IT uw.edu/doit/ What’s next •฀ Support Canvas adoption across the •฀ Continue implementing Kuali UW. Sponsor Canvas as an Internet2 Student Curriculum Management NET+ service. system to manage curricula information published in UW’s General Catalog. •฀ Upgrade and expand Washington’s K-20 network, connecting 99.8 percent •฀ Enhance MyPlan in FY 2013 to of Washington state classrooms. provide mobile access for students, advisor-created sample plans, and •฀ Assess faculty and student Time Schedule information to experience with UW’s Coursera classes. support planning. 2012฀ANNUAL฀REPORT 3

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    UW BUSINESS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY A฀Great฀Leap฀ Forward Bringing the UW’s human resources and payroll operations into the 21st century School of Social Work Director of Finance & Administration Vicki Anderson- Ellis looks forward to the benefits of a modern HR/Payroll system. W hen the UW’s online payroll system launched more need to attract, support, and effectively manage our world-class than 30 years ago, it was cutting-edge and the faculty and staff.” Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” dominated the charts, This project is part of a larger effort by the University to modernize said Vicki Anderson-Ellis, Director of Finance & the core administrative systems that run its critical business Administration for the School of Social Work. operations, according to V’Ella Warren, UW Senior Vice President Now, three decades later, the UW is operating on a payroll and lead Executive Sponsor of the HR/Payroll Replacement Project. system that lacks basic human resources functionality and While the University can tackle only one project of this scale cannot support the increasingly complex business needs of a and complexity at a time, incremental improvements are also growing university. underway for the UW’s student and financial systems. “It creates challenges every single month,” Anderson-Ellis said. “We see this as the beginning of a complete renewal of all our “Today the UW is a $4.6 billion global enterprise. We’re the third core business systems and processes,” Warren said. “Without largest employer in the state. It’s the 21st century, but we’re modern systems, the University will be at a competitive still doing redundant manual entry. We’re constantly forced to disadvantage with other institutions. Our faculty and staff have invent end-runs to get information we need to pay people and to work harder, process more transactions, and operate without support their careers. It requires a lot of time, and there’s a lot of complete data.” frustration. While our peers have moved toward automation and In preparation for a new system, the UW is engaging HR and self-service, we still struggle with basics.” payroll staff and leadership across its three campuses in a But relief is in sight. In September, the UW released a Request Business Process Redesign effort to identify opportunities to for Proposal, undertaking a major effort to implement a modern, streamline and standardize current business processes so they will highly automated HR/Payroll system that can chart every function optimally in the future. “We’re laying the groundwork employee’s career, provide information needed to manage the for success,” said Yeager. “We’ve interviewed peer institutions UW’s business operations, and keep up with a rapidly changing who’ve done similar projects to find out what they’ve learned. regulatory landscape. And we’re undertaking a change management effort to make sure we’re providing the right information and training at the right “A modern HR/Payroll system will give us an entirely new level of times in the process. We’re determined to do it right.” support for our operations,” said Lisa Yeager, Director of UW-IT’s Human Resources/Payroll Program. “It’s going to improve services “These systems touch everyone who’s part of the UW,” Anderson- and create efficiencies and productivity gains throughout the UW. Ellis said.“ We’re all excited to move forward and find a great We’ll have the flexibility to quickly respond to changes in our system that can grow with us over the long term.” regulatory environment. And it’s going to give us the tools we 4 UW฀INFORMATION฀TECHNOLOGY

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    Moving into the 21st century From data to decisions—delivering Online budget reconciliation is simpler Partnered in launch of U-PASS powered better information through a new with source documents linked to posted by ORCA. Issued 6,400 new Husky architecture for UW’s Enterprise transactions in MyFinancial.desktop. Cards with smart chips for U-PASS Data Warehouse (EDW) that enables Paid invoices, ProCard information, holders; activated over 15,000 cards at integrated analytics and reports across and long distance charges are a click Harborview and UW. Created MyUW subjects and new analytic capabilities. away. Up next: Automated revenue and feature to let students and employees Institution-wide data definitions and journal vouchers. confirm U-PASS activation. business rules built into data enable Making purchasing faster, more efficient Preparing for emergencies and ensuring users to visualize and discover trends with a Procure-to-Pay initiative. This geographic redundancy for critical and patterns using desktop tools. Data effort with the Office of Financial business systems by beginning to build on research awards is available, and new Management is greatly reducing the out UW’s remote data center in Eastern student data has been added. cost of processing purchase orders and Washington, creating a permanent Faculty certify effort reports online invoices. Up next: An integrated system Unit Response Center facility for with a new Electronic Faculty Effort to analyze and manage spending, and UW-IT, and updating Business Impact and Cost Sharing (eFECS) service more efficiently process requisitions, Analysis information for critical business that reduces administrative burden, expense reports, invoices, and applications needed for system recovery. eliminates tracking of paper reports, reimbursements. improves compliance, and saves time. Up next: Enhancements to support cost- More info share grant tracking, management, and Information Management compliance with federal effort reporting uw.edu/uwit/im/ requirements. HRP Replacement Project uw.edu/uwit/im/HR/ replacement.html Promoting green computing Decision Support •฀ Partnered on Smart Grid project, •฀ UW Tower data center operating (EDW data and tools) saving energy฀by฀installing฀intelligent฀ efficiencies฀are฀saving฀energy฀and฀ uw.edu/uwit/im/ds/ electrical฀meters,฀water฀meters,฀and฀ lowering฀UW’s฀carbon฀footprint.฀Server฀ lighting฀controls฀in฀most฀UW฀Seattle฀ load฀increased฀by฀63฀percent฀with฀ buildings฀through฀participation฀in฀the฀ only฀a฀0.3฀percent฀increase฀in฀power฀ Pacific฀Northwest฀Smart฀Grid฀Project. use,฀resulting฀in฀three฀million฀fewer฀ pounds฀of฀carbon฀released฀into฀the฀ •฀ PC power/patch management atmosphere. software,฀now฀widely฀available฀at฀UW฀ Seattle,฀is฀reducing฀desktop฀power฀ consumption. What’s next •฀ Move forward with HR/Payroll Management System to capture, store, to spot trends and see patterns. replacement and complete Business and manage electronic content. System Add more data, including student credit Process Redesign. Assess bids, recommend implementation to begin summer 2013. hour data needed to support UW’s Activity a new system vendor, and seek Board of Based Budgeting. •฀ Improve UW-IT business processes and Regents’ approval to issue a contract (fall streamline financial information with •฀ Pilot Microsoft Dynamics Customer 2013). System implementation expected to a new financial accounting and reporting Relationship Management with start in 2014, with functionality delivered system, Microsoft Dynamics AX. stakeholders on projects to improve in phases starting in 2017. student engagement. •฀ Pilot new visualization tool for •฀ Reduce paper use and increase Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to efficiency. UW has released a request help decision makers easily visualize data for proposal for an Enterprise Document 2012฀ANNUAL฀REPORT 5

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    ADVANCING DISCOVERY Computing Power฀Drives฀ Discovery Cutting-edge resource gives UW scientists a distinct advantage Chemical Engineering Professor Jim Pfaendtner leverages UW’s computational power to drive science. T he interview had reached a critical point. The rising-star “The UW offers amazingly strong support for scientific post-doc candidate, who Chemical Engineering Professor computing,” Pfaendtner said. “That transforms my ability to Jim Pfaendtner hoped to attract to the UW, posed a compete for funding, to publish papers in leading journals, to pointed question. make an impact in the world, and to really get students excited about the work. Hyak is miles beyond what most of my peers “He asked how much time he’d have to spend on computer have.” With Hyak and the other computing support, Pfaendtner administration for his data-hungry work of simulating said his Ph.D. chemical engineering students can now pose a biochemical processes,” Pfaendtner said. “I was proud to tell complex question, design an experiment, and have an answer in him zero. At the UW, your job isn’t computer administration. five days. Your job is to do great science.” “Ten years ago, a Ph.D. student would be lucky to do one of That was the moment the post-doc said yes. those calculations in two years. Even that would require heroic Like Pfaendtner, scientists and students across the UW can focus effort—and we’d be less sure of its accuracy. Now a Ph.D. student on breakthrough research thanks to the combined efforts of the can do 10 or even 100,” Pfaendtner said. “When I can show eScience Institute and UW-IT to create and maintain world-class prospective students a second-year Ph.D. who has published two scientific computing. One key element is Hyak, a shared high- papers, has great results and cool visualizations, it’s a big deal,” performance computing cluster, backed by lolo, an enormous, he said. “UW-IT is my backbone. I wouldn’t look anything like I scalable storage system, and the super high-speed networks that do today without its support.” tie the whole thing together. Another important effort is focused Using Hyak, Pfaendtner and his research group recently on managing big data by broadening awareness and facilitating developed a new method to tightly couple their simulations of the use of cloud-based services such as SQLShare, a database biomolecules on surfaces with experimental data from the labs of service that makes it easier for researchers to manage and query their collaborators. It’s the kind of basic discovery that could have large datasets. long-term implications for everything from medicines to biofuels. “Three years ago, central support for large-scale computational “To figure out the right way to do these calculations, we science at the UW really took off,” said Chance Reschke, needed over 400 processors running simulations for over two the UW-IT research consultant most responsible for building months,” Pfaendtner said. “Five years ago, people couldn’t even Hyak. Since then, this support has enabled a diverse group of dream of doing this. Having the capability drives the science— UW scientists to take leadership in compute- and data-driven it gives us the ability to try new ideas and take risks in ways we discovery, Reschke said. This research ranges from complex never could before.” physics and astrobiology to climate science and bioinformatics. 6 UW฀INFORMATION฀TECHNOLOGY

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    Advancing research and discovery Helping scholars tackle computational Microsoft Research, and Google led to Promoting a culture of security. The challenges by providing access to discounts and grants for UW researchers Office of the Chief Information Security and management of IT resources and and are fostering collaboration with Officer (CISO) promoted awareness of expert consultation. UW-IT continues to other universities. information security and privacy risks, enhance its cyberinfrastructure services, including developing online training. Partnering on a national level to Hyak and lolo, to efficiently meet CISO also provided consultation, tools, explore cyberinfrastructure for science research needs through standardized and resources, and it published a new by co-hosting workshops—with UC tools and shared infrastructure. These UW Policy for Information Security and Berkeley, Internet2, the eScience services operate in partnership with the Operational Practices. Institute, and Microsoft—that identify eScience Institute, with oversight by the special data management needs and Helping UW researchers manage survey Hyak Governance Board. how to acquire tools and resources. responses better with enhancements Collaborating with the eScience to the WebQ online survey tool. New Expanding research capabilities with Institute to deliver new cloud-based features include ability to track who has new high-speed Ethernet from Seattle services, such as SQLShare, and started, viewed, or submitted a survey. to Chicago. Northern Wave, a shared, represent UW interests with vendors. 10G Ethernet facility funded by SQLShare manages data for researchers NSF and run by the Pacific Northwest and attracts users and external funding Gigapop, enables participants to for research and development. New exchange traffic at high speeds with partnerships with Amazon Web Services, each other and international networks. More info The UW eScience Institute escience.uw.edu What’s next Office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) •฀ Seek funding to implement and •฀ Expand capabilities of the UW’s Hyak ciso.uw.edu support a dedicated 40G Research and high-performance computing cluster Science Network, with 10G bandwidth to meet UW researchers’ demands Hyak Governance Board to research locations, including Hyak (UW for technical consultation services, sig.washington.edu/itsigs/ high-performance computing cluster) and computation speed, storage space, WIKI_for_Hyak_Governance_ data storage. Taking advantage of flexible and software. Board architecture, software-defined network •฀ Build regional partnerships to share protocols, and utilizing high-performance cyberinfrastructure for collaborative computing and storage, the campus 40G research with organizations such as the network will connect to the 100G Pacific NW Climate Center, NW Transportation Northwest Gigapop and Internet2 fabric. Center, and the Coalition for Academic •฀ Continue to work with the eScience Scientific Computation. Institute to provide cloud-based •฀ Pilot an OpenFlow-enabled testbed computing resources, and explore among a subset of UW Seattle buildings solutions with Amazon, Microsoft, to improve network traffic management. and other vendors. Funded by NSF and implemented with UW •฀ Collaborate with national peers on Computer Science & Engineering. Internet2 NET+ program, a portfolio of •฀ Continue UW data center cloud services offered by Internet2, a consolidation to reduce sites from five consortium of universities focused on to three, saving about $1 million per advanced networking. UW-IT is part of year in operating costs, reducing UW’s a working group introducing vendor environmental footprint, and increasing products into the NET+ service catalog. efficiencies. Internet2’s purchasing power provides cost-effective, scalable services. 2012฀ANNUAL฀REPORT 7

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    FOSTERING COLLABORATION Collaboration฀ Made฀Simple Cloud services make it easy to share and access work anywhere, anytime UW Bothell senior Avalon Willows collaborates anywhere, anytime using cloud tools. O n her summer study trip to Chile, UW Bothell Global And that’s just Google. In Winter Quarter, UW-IT will begin to Studies and Media Communications senior Avalon offer Microsoft’s Office 365 email suite with a 25GB mailbox and Willows was able to travel light. That’s because with rich calendaring. The service fully complies with HIPAA, the Health cloud computing services offered by UW-IT, Willows Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, so Health Sciences was able to access all of her UW resources and stay in touch and UW Medicine will be able to use it. Other specialized cloud- abroad with just one small device. based applications, such as Tegrity, give faculty an unprecedented ability to capture and share lectures and presentations, Lewis said. “All I took was my iPod touch,” said Willows. “It was great to access everything in the cloud. I used Google Docs to keep up “In the past, large institutions like the UW often built email or with class notes, and email to arrange financial aid, make plans, other services from the ground up. The cloud changed that,” and keep in touch. I worked in my hotel room, in the lobby— Lewis said. “Today, UW-IT engineers add value to the UW’s cloud anywhere with Wi-Fi—to write my class reflection paper. By the applications by stitching and weaving innovative add-ons,” such time I got home, my thumbs were sore from so much typing.” as the one just created for Tegrity that allows anyone with a UW NetID to use the lecture capture tool in any way their inspiration According to Tom Lewis, UW-IT’s Director of Academic & takes them. Collaborative Applications, having access to documents— anytime, anywhere, from almost any wireless capable device—is “Our job now is about integrating cloud and campus systems just one of the many possibilities cloud applications open up for to deliver even more innovation more quickly to students, faculty, staff, and students like Willows. Google Docs and other faculty, and staff,” said Lewis. “And when you’re working with cloud-based software are another huge benefit. companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, you know they’re going to keep innovating and updating too. That kind of Willows agrees. “During the school year, when we do group future-proofs us.” projects, I insist on using Google Docs. It takes so much of the pain out of group work. Everybody can contribute directly to a Like many other students, Willows has embraced these shared document in real time, which can be really hard to do innovations. “When I started at the UW, my binder was stuffed. through email.” Everything was on paper,” Willows said. “I do everything digitally now. It’s accessible from anywhere. It’s so simple to have all your The benefits of total access and easy collaboration extend much work available through one account. It makes life a lot easier.” farther, Lewis said. The Google suite alone features nearly two dozen cloud programs—everything from conducting live, remote meetings, to developing a portfolio of student work, to blogging. 8 UW฀INFORMATION฀TECHNOLOGY

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    More mobility, better capability Wi-Fi upgrades bring faster, next- Licensing agreements provide popular Local high-speed network proposal generation service. More than half software at significant savings. is part of national Gig.U effort. UW of UW Seattle’s buildings have been Continuing agreements provide current is working with the City of Seattle to upgraded in a three-year effort to and new Microsoft and Apple software secure private sector investment to increase wireless speed by 600-800 and the RedHat Unix operating system bring ultra-high-speed fiber to nearby percent, improve support, and expand at no additional cost on UW-owned areas including the U District, South capacity. An additional $500,000 from computers, and help to keep them Lake Union, and UW-owned tracts the Student Technology Fee Committee up-to-date and in compliance. downtown. is bringing more speed and expanded IPv6 deployment keeps UW at The popular UW Blogs Network makes coverage to popular student forefront of networking technologies. it easy for faculty and staff to create gathering spots. IPv6, the next-generation Internet a publicly accessible, UW-branded The MyUW Mobile Web app, released protocol, provides almost unlimited WordPress blog. this fall, provides students with IP addresses, plus configuration and Core computing infrastructure current information about textbooks, security improvements, and is supported enhancements made this year included instructors, and classrooms. Also, the transparently on newer operating Kerberos authentication upgrade, Web m.UW mobile Web app was updated systems. IPv6 is part of a major network publishing, load balancing, application and has a new site. refresh that included implementing a programming interfaces for a financial new architecture. Major telephone system upgrade brings Web service, server replacements, and enhanced reliability and features. Boost innovation and lower costs virtualization. The second phase of a multi-year UW with MediaAMP, a new cloud service telephone system upgrade to replace offered by UW-IT to manage, store, and aging hardware and software is targeted distribute digital streaming video and for completion by the end of 2012. audio to mobile devices, Web platforms, and enterprise systems. MediaAMP More info UW-IT Service Catalog meets the standards for protected health uw.edu/uwit/services/ information and enables global-scale collaboration. MediaAMP mediaamp.org/ Gig.U www.gig-u.org/ What’s next •฀ Continue major UW network refresh videoconferencing, and desktop and to bring state-of-the art capabilities. document collaboration. By early 2014, UW-IT will meet demand •฀ Continue UW Exchange upgrade, for bandwidth, enhanced security, leveraging Microsoft Office 365, to offer and 10G virtual private networks for a 25GB mailbox, ubiquitous calendaring, research. This cost-effective, reliable and HIPAA compliance. network will be easier to maintain and able to support future needs. •฀ Continue cell, TV, and Wi-Fi New services will include unfettered upgrades: Improve cellular coverage in off-campus access for researchers, and around UW Seattle, including AT&T centralized firewalls, and support for and T-Mobile 4G LTE updates. Improve expanded Voice over IP. HuskyTV service for UW Housing, UW Medical Center patients, and campus •฀ Continue unified communications locations. Encrypt UW Wi-Fi, to better and phone system upgrades. protect transmitted information. Move customers to a new system that integrates voice, chat, •฀ Enable additional Google services. 2012฀ANNUAL฀REPORT 9

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    SERVING YOU BETTER Best฀Practices,฀ Better฀Service Creating a shared vision of great service across UW’s diverse IT community UW Computing Directors Betsy Tippens, Mark Baratta, Barb Prentiss, and Scott Barker work together to provide better service. B etsy Tippens, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information the UW participated in the UW-IT–sponsored ITIL Foundations Technologies at UW Bothell, remembers a time when training; 30 were from 13 academic departments in the School getting great service from UW-IT depended way too of Medicine. much on knowing who to call. “We’re now having conversations with UW-IT at a level of “When I started working here 13 years ago,” Tippens recalled, understanding and enthusiasm we never had before,” Prentiss “I felt like I needed an org chart. Who worked in central IT? said. “I really like the ITIL part of the equation. It helps so much to What were they responsible for? If you didn’t know, it could be have a clearly defined direction that’s nimble enough to change.” challenging to get the service you needed.” ITIL training is also having an impact at the College of Built That’s all changed, thanks to UW-IT’s online Service Catalog, Environments. It’s helping their IT staff face the challenge of which makes it easy to find what’s offered, how much it costs, rapidly changing technology, according to Director of Computing, and how long it will take to activate the service. “The Service Mark Baratta. “Having ITIL as a framework to think about change Catalog made a real difference in my life,” Tippens said. “The is helping us move toward a world where we’re becoming a people behind the services are still really important—but I no community of practice—rather than being the IT guys in the longer need to go to them directly.” basement who know what magic to perform,” Baratta said. UW-IT’s Service Catalog is just one highly visible element of a Scott Barker, Director of Information Technology at the major, multi-year effort within the organization to adopt the Information School, agrees. “Fundamentally, with ITIL, we’re all world’s most widely used IT service best practices framework. going to be able to provide much better service to students and Called the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), this faculty,” Barker said. “UW-IT has done many different things to framework is a comprehensive guide for providing great service improve services across the University over the last several years. from the time a need is identified until the service is retired. ITIL is one part of that.” UW-IT has expanded this effort to improve collaboration with “ITIL gives us a framework to work in partnership across IT professionals across the University by offering them ITIL best the University in ways we’ve never done before,” said Erik practices training. Lundberg, UW-IT’s Assistant Vice President for IT Services & This training is helping to change the IT landscape across campus, Strategic Sourcing. “It’s a continuous cycle of improvement, according to Barb Prentiss, School of Medicine Director of with ITIL helping us to manage our services and keep making Information Technology. Almost 90 IT professionals from across them better.” 10 UW฀INFORMATION฀TECHNOLOGY

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    Improved service New IT governance Metrics online UW-IT is undertaking a major effort A new information technology (IT) To help ensure transparency and to implement ITIL, a widely used IT governance process for the UW accountability, UW-IT is reporting service best practices framework. This launched this fall to provide advice and performance in six key areas: services, will help UW-IT to be more efficient, guidance on IT strategies, priorities, finances, support for strategic goals, deliver better customer service, and align and services. The goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, employee with campus needs. Initially, UW-IT is that decision making about critical IT satisfaction, and peer benchmarking. using ITIL to improve how services are services and resources is comprehensive, offered, requests fulfilled, and incidents holistic, and includes the right level of More info ITIL responded to and resolved. engagement across the UW. itsmfi.org/files/itSMF_ UW-IT is sponsoring ITIL training Three boards guide IT decision making: ITILV3_Intro_Overview.pdf sessions for UW technical staff to provide The IT Strategy Board on strategic a common language and strengthen issues and long-range directions, the IT IT Governance collaboration. Service Investment Board on priorities uw.edu/uwit/governance/ and funding levels, and the IT Service Annual service assessments will ensure UW-IT FY 2012 Metrics Management Board on optimal design, UW-IT services are aligned with customer, uw.edu/uwit/metrics/ delivery, and operation of IT services. financial, and strategic objectives. UW-IT Service Catalog uw.edu/uwit/services/ By the Numbers: What UW-IT Supported in FY 2012 petabytes thousand 10 Data฀the฀UW฀exchanged฀over฀the฀Internet — equals 133 years of HD video 283 Unique฀devices฀that฀used฀the฀ UW฀wireless฀network thousand 217 petabyte 1 Capacity฀for฀scalable฀scientific฀computing฀ with฀Hyak฀and฀lolo People฀who฀used฀their฀ UW฀NetIDs฀ thousand 128 billion 1.3 Email messages processed — almost two-thirds spam Reports run using the Enterprise Data฀Warehouse thousand 30 million 28 CPU฀hours฀spent฀in฀scientific฀ calculation฀using฀Hyak People฀in฀24฀countries฀(including฀USA)฀ who฀accessed฀UW’s฀mobile฀apps thousand per month 21 million 1.3 Business฀transactions฀processed฀ on฀peak฀days Requests/incidents฀managed฀through฀ the฀Technology฀Service฀Center thousand per minute 3 thousand 641 Logins฀to฀computers฀in฀Odegaard฀ Undergraduate฀Library฀Learning฀Commons thousand Student course registration transactions฀during฀peak฀times 287 Unique฀devices฀that฀used฀the฀ UW฀wired฀network 2012฀ANNUAL฀REPORT 11

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    UW-IT’s Annual Budget: Fiscal Year 2013 Sources (Revenue) State Appropriations, Tuition, and Indirect Cost Recovery $ 42,787,014 Technology Recharge Fee 18,400,000 Self-Sustaining Services 19,630,608 Student Technology Fee 1,801,454 Total $ 82,619,076 Uses (Expenses) Administrative Systems $ 24,833,596 Data Networks 18,924,488 Telecommunication Services 8,207,519 Managed Servers and Workstations 3,659,314 Data Centers and Facilities 3,545,923 Campus Software Licensing 3,215,119 Teaching and Learning Tools 3,188,514 Identity and Access Management 2,711,756 Email, Calendaring, and Collaboration Tools 2,475,848 Information Security and Privacy 1,911,569 Student Technology Fee — Funded Initiatives 1,801,454 Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity 1,308,677 UW Support for UWTV and KEXP 1,150,179 Backups and Mass Storage 997,316 Web Publishing 874,619 Office of the Vice President and CIO 863,047 Accessible Technologies 806,595 Technology Spaces and Labs 663,267 IT Consulting 572,610 Enterprise Portal 476,114 Cable Television 431,553 Total $ 82,619,076 12 UW฀INFORMATION฀TECHNOLOGY

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    Specific UW-IT Priorities for FY 2013 Improve the student experience: Deliver core infrastructure: Continue Enhance collaboration: Offer Microsoft Enhance MyPlan student academic third phase of phone system upgrades, Office 365 for email, calendaring, and planning tool. Support Canvas learning and expand server and storage offerings. collaboration across campuses and medical management system rollout and UW Improve Wi-Fi coverage, business centers. Lower the cost of virtualization adoption. Sponsor Canvas as a national continuity, security, and privacy protection. with HyperV technologies. Pilot Microsoft Internet2 NET+ service. Further deploy Continue emergency preparation. Improve Dynamics Customer Relationship Tegrity Web-based lecture capture and geographic redundancy for critical Management software with partners to enhance for non-course uses. Develop business systems by building out UW’s improve student engagement. Deploy course availability notification software. remote data center in Eastern Washington. hundreds of Windows 8 desktops as part Support a new admission system. of an early adopters program. Enable Modernize UW’s business systems: additional Google services. Better support for research: Upgrade Move forward with the HR/Payroll the research network backbone to 40G to replacement project by completing Engage the UW community: Work support scientific applications, contingent Business Process Redesign and selecting a within the new IT governance structure to on funding. Deploy second phase of vendor. Implement an Enterprise Document obtain input on strategies, priorities, and Hyak, UW’s shared high-performance Management System. Automate services. Use the ITIL framework to engage computing cluster. Deploy lower-cost purchasing and accounts receivable UW partners to improve service delivery options for long-term storage of research (procure-to-pay) to facilitate business-to- and accountability. Engage stakeholders data. Experiment with OpenFlow and business transactions. Enhance MyFinancial across the UW to obtain an end-to-end other “software-defined networking” Desktop by automating revenue, bulk, view of UW’s HR/Payroll business processes technologies. Deploy EduRoam to and GL journal vouchers. Build out the and to plan future improvements. improve researcher collaboration. Co-host Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with cyberinfrastructure for science workshops. research and student credit hour data. Partner with eScience Institute to explore Launch a new EDW visualization pilot to Windows Azure and Amazon Web help staff quickly spot trends and patterns. Services cloud platforms. Funding Sources Basic Bundle of IT Services Total: $39,750,278 Almost 50 percent of UW-IT’s FY 2013 budget ($39,750,258) Technology Recharge Fee is dedicated to providing a basic bundle of critical information $18,400,000 technology services to all UW students, faculty, and staff. These basic services are supported by $21,350,278 in UW central funds and $18,400,000 from the Technology Recharge Fee. This fee was established in FY 2011 to provide a sustainable, long-term funding model for information technology. It replaced an outdated recharge model based on phone lines, which did not fully cover the cost of services. The Technology Recharge Fee is a per capita rate paid by all UW UW Central Funds academic units, UW administrative units, and Medical Centers. $21,350,278 Credits Feature฀writing:฀Rudy฀Yuly;฀Writing฀and฀editing:฀UW-IT฀Communications฀Team;฀Design:฀Karin฀Mellskog,฀UW฀Creative฀Communications;฀ Feature฀photography:฀Mary฀Levin,฀University฀Photography;฀Other฀photography:฀Brian฀DalBalcon,฀Rick฀Ells,฀Kilian฀Frey,฀Doug฀Plummer,฀Dennis฀Wise Contact uw.edu/uwit December฀2012

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