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    2005 Report 3 Investing in people Community Advancing potential Giving

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    2005 Community Giving Summary In 2005, 3M Community Giving contributed over $39 million in support of education, life and the environment in communities where 3M employees live and work. This includes grants from 3M and the 3M Foundation and donations of 3M products. 50% 2005 Giving 43% Foundation Cash: $19.587 Million (50%) Corporate Cash: $2.604 Million (7%) In-Kind Donations: $16.838 Million (43%) TOTAL: $39.029 Million 7% 5% 10% 2005 Cash Giving by Program Area 34% Higher Education: $7.621 Million (34%) 10% K–12 Education: $1.907 Million (9%) Health & Human Services: $7.037 Million (32%) Arts & Culture: $2.239 Million (10%) Environment: $2.169 Million (10%) 9% 32% Community: $1.218 Million (5%) 2 2005 Community Giving Summary

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    Dear Reader, What unites us all is 3M’s culture of giving. Through active volunteerism and generous donations, 3M employees and retirees join with 3M and the 3M Foundation to build stronger communities from the inside out. Advancing potential As a technology company, we see our role as a catalyst for cooperative approaches that raise student participation and achievement in science, mathematics and business and help students make connections to future careers in these fields. This has been our commitment for more than 25 years since the beginning of the 3M Science Encouragement Programs and more recently through 3M/school partnerships. We’re also investing in those who teach our children science subjects — focusing on teacher development and retention and supporting teachers who bring innovation to their classrooms. We salute the wonderful works of 3M employees and retirees who serve in schools and other endeavors year-round. And we thank them for their generosity that helped set another 3M United Way giving record and produced unprecedented disaster response in 2005. To the many local organizations working to build hope, health and a better life in our communities everywhere, we also say thank you. We stand behind you all the way. George W. Buckley Robert D. MacDonald Chairman of the Board, President President, 3M Foundation and Chief Executive Officer Chair, Corporate Contributions Committee Advancing Potential 3

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    Volunteers: Committed to Helping United Way records Connection projects and on building the marketable We are proud to report hours served. skills they need for future four, consecutive record As a result of our success. That’s good for our years of 3M United Way support, the United Way kids, our communities and giving. Together, employees, of America presented 3M for companies like 3M where retirees and the 3M with its highest tribute — they may someday work. Foundation pledged the Spirit of America Over three decades and $8.3 million in 2005 Award. This prestigious two continents, 3M scientist to more than 75 United national award is given to Rick Rossiter has dedicated Ways in 3M communities one company judged to have himself to inspiring young across the United States. the most comprehensive, scientific minds. He is chair In addition, more than companywide commitment to of 3M STEP (Science 2,500 3M volunteers strengthening communities. Training Encouragement served 8,353 hours in Program). Volunteering in 163 service projects Improving lives schools, Rossiter helps throughout the country. We believe that everyone excite students about science In 2005, 3M ranked benefits when people are and technology in their first among Twin Cities willing to help. Because daily lives. He has high companies for the number employees and retirees hopes that some will follow of Greater Twin Cities choose to be involved, more his example and pursue a United Way Caring students have a healthy start career in science or math. 4 Volunteers: Committed to Helping

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    Employees at 3M sites across many disciplines to organizations where they around the country also help increase high school volunteered 25 hours or volunteer at local schools graduation rates and college- more. In the six-year history through business/school readiness among teens from of the 3M Volunteer Match, partnerships. Cindy Lopez, low income families. the 3M Foundation has an engineering employee donated nearly $1.6 million at 3M Austin Center in Celebrating to 1,700 organizations in Texas, is an active tutor good works 50 states recognizing the to elementary and middle Rossiter, Lopez and Arons work of more than 7,900 school students and are among 25 recipients of volunteers. teachers at nearby schools. the 2005 3M Community And in honor of all International Operations Volunteer Award for volunteers, 3M sponsored employee Colleen Arons, exceptional contributions to the 2005 Points of Light St. Paul, Minn., shares her their communities. For each Foundation National business expertise with high volunteer honored, the 3M Conference on Volunteerism school teachers and students Foundation donates $1,000 held in Washington D.C. through the 3M/St. Paul to the nonprofit organization for training of nonprofit, Public School Johnson of her or his choice. corporate and government and Harding High Schools In 2005, 1,275 volunteer managers. Partnership. This partnership employees and retirees involves employees/retirees earned $200 grants for the Volunteers: Committed to Helping 5

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    6 Higher Education

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    Higher Education Giving Emphasis ■ Advance teaching and learning at schools known for academic excellence in science, engineering and business. ■ Increase participation by underrepresented people in these fields. ■ Encourage innovation in private colleges. ■ Link with K–12 initiatives to prepare students for college and develop current and future math and science teachers. Capital Grants opportunities for students University of Wisconsin, is the focus of a $500,000 Madison: 3M and the grant from the 3M university continue to Foundation. The gift funds collaborate in science scholarships, student and technology education. projects, curriculum and Thanks to support from the retention efforts to increase 3M Foundation, mechanical the numbers of engineering engineering students will graduates. soon study in a renovated and expanded facility. The University of Illinois, Northwestern University, multi-year $1.4 million gift Champaign/Urbana: An Evanston, Ill.: Graduate and $200,000 in donated undergraduate teaching students at the Medill 3M products will also laboratory in the School School of Journalism enhance their learning of Chemical Sciences and Kellogg School of experience. In addition, will be renovated and Management will broaden a $450,000 multi-year equipped with advanced their learning of leadership grant from the foundation instrumentation made and ethical issues within establishes Science and possible by $300,000 from their disciplines with Technology Fellowships the 3M Foundation. With support from the 3M to help talented students these improvements, Foundation. The Medill pursue graduate degrees students will be more School received $150,000 in chemistry; engineering; effectively prepared as for a new facility and to biological, chemical and future practitioners of develop a new course in electrical engineering; organic chemistry. Law and Marketing. The engineering physics and Kellogg School received materials science. Iowa State, Ames: The $200,000 to develop a new Engineering Leadership Civic Leadership Program Institute and an innovative that integrates leadership, Honors Program that management and strategic provides new learning thinking into the curriculum. Higher Education 7

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    Program Grants workers by helping University of North Engineering interested students stay and Dakota, Grand Forks: Retention Initiative succeed in the sciences. The Access for American Increasing and retaining the Building on existing Indian Students for number of engineering programs at the schools, Engineering Education students, especially women the awards encourage program received $93,500 and under-represented collaboration between from the 3M Foundation to people, is the focus of four faculty and students as launch a new program for grants. 3M Foundation well as connections with American Indian students awards totaling $388,000 middle and high school interested in engineering. support initiatives at teachers. This interaction Five to eight students will Michigan State and the helps teachers understand receive support from their Universities of Illinois, careers in the field and junior year in high school Michigan and Minnesota. high school courses that through the engineering The awards address the will help students succeed program at the university. looming shortage of in college. engineers and technical 8 Higher Education

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    Higher Education 9

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    10 K–12 Education

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    K–12 Education Giving Emphasis ■ Increase student achievement in math, science and economics. ■ Make learning relevant through connections with everyday life and future careers. ■ Increase the number of students ready for higher education. ■ Engage employees and retirees as volunteers. Ingenious teachers More science Almost 28,000 students education from 65 schools in 9 states Outreach programs to enjoy fun, hands-on engage more students in experiences that connect the sciences are supported math, science and economics by 3M Foundation grants learning to everyday life. to Catholic University of Annual 3M Foundation America in Washington, Ingenuity Grants of up to DC; Georgetown University $3,500 each recognize in Washington, DC; Central elementary and middle achievement in science Michigan University in school teachers who use follows. Catalyst, a science Mt. Pleasant, Mich.; and innovative teaching methods institute partnership University of Missouri to improve student between St. Paul Public Columbia in Columbia, Mo. achievement. One 2005 Schools and University of Efforts range from summer grant went to a St. Paul, Minnesota College of programs for youth to Minn., teacher who is Biological Science, received professional development helping recently arrived $95,904 from the 3M for teachers. Hmong refugee students Foundation to enhance develop marketing and teacher learning. During the Have some fun business plans for selling school year, teachers join 3M Foundation grants to handmade Hmong research teams that include national partners — Junior Story Cloths. students, university Achievement, National researchers and scientists Engineers Week, Investing in teachers from 3M and other MATHCOUNTS, When middle and high companies. In summer, Destination ImagiNation school teachers better teachers work with and U.S. FIRST™ LEGO® understand the science university researchers on League — engage 3M content in education science experiments. volunteers with students and standards, student teachers to have fun with hands-on math, science and economics. K–12 Education 11

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    12 Health & Human Services

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    Health & Human Services Giving Emphasis ■ Increase resiliency in youth and families through prevention and intervention efforts. ■ Increase employment readiness, access and job training. ■ Provide humanitarian and disaster relief. Disaster Response Peer education In response to massive for Latino youth natural disasters in 2005, With the goal to reduce the 3M family acted quickly domestic and youth violence, with cash and products for Casa de Esperanza, located in disaster relief and long-term St. Paul, serves more than recovery efforts. A global 220 Latino youth to develop total of nearly $14 million positive peer relationships. was donated by 3M, the 3M The 3M Foundation gave Foundation, employees and $10,000 for programming retirees following Hurricanes locations around the world. that includes peer education, Katrina and Rita in the Another $100,000 was after- and in-school groups, United States Gulf Coast, donated by the foundation youth leadership programs Hurricane Wilma in Florida, for earthquake relief in and participation with the the tsunami and earthquake Pakistan and India. Boys and Girls Club. in Southern Asia and Africa and the earthquake in Help under one roof Everyone should Pakistan and India. Low income families and expect respect 3M’s 2005 hurricane those dealing with alcohol, For more than 15 years, 3M donations totaled more than drug and abuse issues in Austin Center has supported $9 million — the largest Dunn County, Wis., can the Expect Respect School- disaster relief gift in 3M’s find nonprofit agencies Based Services Program run history. Hurricane relief poised to help all under one by SafePlace. The program included $860,000 given by roof. The 3M Foundation provides counseling and employees and retirees and a donated $75,000 for the violence prevention services $750,000 3M Foundation construction of the Oaklawn to elementary, middle and match to the American Red Harmony Center that will high school students. During Cross and Salvation Army. house nine agencies ranging the 2004-05 school year, More than $7 million in from combined daycare almost 450 youth received 3M products was donated for adults with disabilities counseling, 1,550 participated for hurricane response. and able-bodied children, in classroom presentations In addition, tsunami relief low-income dental care, and 3,215 school personnel, in early 2005 totaled mental health services and other professionals and $4.5 million from 3M United Way. parents received training through Expect Respect. Health & Human Services 13

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    14 Arts & Culture

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    Arts & Culture Giving Emphasis ■ Encourage arts organizations with strong education and community outreach. ■ Promote artistic and cultural diversity. ■ Support premier arts organizations. Science quest museum will offer limit- When students visit the less opportunities for Discovery Science Center creative, hands-on learning of Orange County, Calif., year-round. their teachers receive an innovative classroom Art in common curriculum and workshops Ordway Center for the on science and math Performing Arts in activities to help solidify Minnesota provides written what their students have study guides and workshops learned. A $10,000 3M Museum makes before students attend Foundation grant helps fund memories performances. These the curriculum/training Tight school budgets can Education at Ordway Center and provides access for mean the elimination of arts tools, funded by $100,000 underprivileged students to and culture from the school from the 3M Foundation, experience hands-on learning curriculum. But students also integrate Minnesota at the Science Center. and families in greater graduation standards with Chippewa Valley region the arts. Study guides give have the new Children’s students a deeper under- Museum of Eau Claire, standing and appreciation Wis., to look forward to. for the performers and With $40,000 from the their crafts. 3M Foundation, the Arts & Culture 15

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    16 Environment

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    Environment Giving Emphasis ■ Preserve biodiversity. ■ Positively impact climate change. ■ Provide access to natural areas. ■ Offer opportunities for volunteer involvement. Long-term The Mountains of environmental grants Southwest China — Good progress is being In early 2005, 3M China made to restore and and Conservation preserve lands and International China endangered wildlife at two officially launched an sites in the United States environmental partnership and one in China thanks to supported by a $3 million multi-year 3M Foundation grant from the 3M grants totalling almost Foundation. Work is $6 million. Alabama Paint Rock underway to inventory River Project — 3M endangered wildlife, New Jersey Sourland Foundation funds from including rare pandas and Mountains Project — a $1.475 million grant to monkeys; select species With the $1.5 million grant The Nature Conservancy for planting; and monitor to The Nature Conservancy, are supporting the greenhouse gas and climate work is underway at four reforestation of property change parameters. sites of high conservation with native hardwoods to interest within the 2,100 reduce carbon dioxide, Dragonflies acre project. The area provide habitat for animals and turtles contains 74 species of and decrease excessive Wildlife presentations breeding birds, 51 nutrients and sedimentation on dragonflies and turtles migratory bird species, in the Paint Rock River. and details on river bobcat, amphibians and Scientists report that local cleanups in the Shawsheen many plant species. conservation strategies are River Watershed area delivering positive results in Tewksbury, Mass., for the 100 species of fish, encourage residents to enjoy 45 species of mussels, their river, prevent litter and migratory birds, bats and support river restoration unique cave fauna in the area. efforts. The watershed education program is supported by a $5,400 grant from the 3M Foundation. Environment 17

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    Guidelines & How to Apply Giving Goals and Priorities Our goal is to positively impact 3M communities by investing in initiatives that serve youth and families. We look for initiatives with defined and measurable results in the following areas: Higher Education Organizations Not Eligible for Support Investing in academic programs in science, • Organizations located outside engineering and business, and increasing communities where 3M has a facility the diversity of individuals entering these • Individuals or for-profit organizations fields. • Disease-related organizations K-12 Education • Government agencies Inspiring student interest and success in • Hospitals and clinics math, science and economics by advancing • Individual K-12 schools teacher excellence and college readiness. • Religious, fraternal or social organizations • Scholarship funds or organizations Health & Human Services Strengthening youth and families through • Youth or college athletics prevention programs, job training and by providing humanitarian and disaster relief. We Do Not Fund • Advocacy and lobbying efforts to Arts & Culture influence legislation Enhancing the quality of cultural life in 3M • Conferences, seminars, workshops communities through organizations with or publications of their proceedings strong education and community outreach • Endowments programs. • Film/video production Environment • Fundraising, testimonial, athletic and Contributing to the sustainability of the special events Earth’s ecosystems, focusing on • Playground or athletic equipment biodiversity and climate change. • Equipment • Travel How to Apply Our guidelines are the same for cash and product donations. All requests are submitted on-line. For more information visit http://www.3Mgiving.com Outside the United States, direct requests to the 3M office in your country. 18 Guidelines & How to Apply

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    3 Community Giving 3M Community Affairs 3M Center, Building 225-01-S-23 10% Post-consumer waste paper St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 Printed in U.S.A. http://www.3Mgiving.com © 3M 2006 78-6901-0021-5

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