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    Sustaining the 2007 3M Community environment Giving Environmental Giving Emphasis Cash and In-Kind Giving by Program Area ($ in Millions) •฀ Preserve biodiversity. PROGRAM AREA CASH* IN-KIND TOTAL % Education $10.724 $8.433 $19.157 45 •฀ Positively impact climate change. Health & Human Services $7.550 $7.311 $14.861 35 •฀ Provide access to natural areas. Arts & Culture $3.300 $1.357 $4.657 11 Environment $2.208 $142 $2.350 5 •฀ Offer opportunities for volunteer Volunteer & Civic $1.272 $294 $1.566 4 involvement. TOTAL GIVING $25.054 $17.537 $42.591 *Combined cash giving from 3M and 3M Foundation Forests for future generations: One of the few intact forests of its Community Giving Summary size left in the United States is being ($ in Millions) protected through a 3M Foundation Foundation Cash $21.256 grant of $1.5 million over three years Corporate Cash $3.798 to The Nature Conservancy Forest In-Kind Donations $17.537 Legacy Partnership in Minnesota. The TOTAL GIVING $42.591 partnership maintains sustainable forest industry-related jobs and recreational activities while preserving some of Minnesota’s most biologically diverse and important wildlife habitats. Up close with nature: The National How to Apply Audubon Society in Little Rock, Ark., Our guidelines are the same for cash and product donations. All contributions are received $10,000 for Common Ground processed online. For more information, visit http://www.3mgiving.com. Outside Environmental Education for Middle the United States, please direct requests to the 3M office in your country. and High School Youth. The program offers project-based learning, field science, leadership, technology and service learning. Community Giving 3M Community Affairs 3M Center, Building 225-01-S-23 Please recycle. Printed in USA. St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 © 3M 2008. All rights reserved. http://www.3Mgiving.com 78-6901-0021-5

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    3M Community Giving 2007 Report People Potential Communities

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    Our giving story In 2007, we contributed more than $42.5 million to address local community needs and leave a better world for future generations through grants from 3M and the 3M Foundation and donations of 3M products. Employees and retirees participated in 75 percent of 3M giving through matching programs and service on advisory committees, nonprofit boards and community projects. And they volunteered to help countless individuals, prepare students and preserve our natural resources around the world. Preparing students for success Doubling business graduates: A multiyear Higher Education K-12 Education Giving Emphasis grant to the University of Minnesota Giving Emphasis Carlson School includes $1 million and 3M •฀ Increase student achievement in math, •฀ Further teaching and learning at schools products for a new classroom facility that science and economics. known for academic excellence in science, engineering and business. will double the number of undergraduate •฀ Make learning relevant through connections business students. Another $100,000 with employee and retiree volunteers to •฀ Increase participation by underrepresented help students see their future. people in these fields. provides scholarships for those first in their families to attend college, and $50,000 •฀ Increase the number of students •฀ Build connections with K–12 education ready for higher education. to prepare students for postsecondary funds a retention program to help them success, and provide professional succeed and graduate. More resources for teachers: 3M Ingenuity development for preservice and Grants to 86 teachers in 13 states brought current teachers. Engineering leaders: Fostering an new materials into 734 math, science and atmosphere that attracts, retains and economics classes to engage students and accelerates engineering studies, the Iowa increase achievement. Another 35 teachers State University Engineering Leadership attended the summer Keystone Science Program received a multiyear $1 million Institute in Colorado for environmental 3M Foundation grant. Funds will support laboratory and field activities that they scholarships, student projects and can share in their classrooms. And the curriculum development. dream of a teacher resource center at Encouraging Native American engineers: the Science Museum of Minnesota became By nurturing the seed of interest in an a reality, thanks to a $1.8 million multiyear engineering career among tribal high 3M Foundation grant. Teachers come school students, the University of North for curriculum consultation and to Dakota supports Native American students borrow telescopes and skeletons for all the way to an engineering degree. their classrooms. Access for American Indian Students for Progressive learning: Students at Harrison Engineering Education received $128,000 County Schools, Cynthiana, Ky., now have ($425,000 over six years) for summer more opportunities to explore engineering programs, internships and intensive with the progressive Project Lead the Way® academic advising. coursework that begins in middle school and continues through the local community college. A $42,000 grant helped with materials and equipment.

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    Building strong Enjoying a communities cultural life Getting into college: The Minnesota Health & Human Services Arts & Culture Giving Emphasis College Access Network received $50,000 Giving Emphasis to help develop college resource centers •฀ Encourage arts organizations with strong •฀ Support youth development, from birth educational outreach. and train people to help underserved to age 21, through prevention and •฀ Promote artistic and cultural diversity. students navigate the process of selecting intervention efforts. and applying to college and financing that •฀ Support premier arts organizations. •฀ Enhance early childhood experience education. Multiple sites could reach up to through parent engagement and 5,000 potential college enrollees annually. school readiness efforts. New home for performers: The 3M Foundation provided $1 million toward •฀ Promote after-school programs Volunteers shine: 3M volunteers are star the construction of The Long Center for with a learning component. players in partnerships with schools in 3M the Performing Arts in Austin, Texas. communities. Through programs such as Power to preschoolers: Preparing children It is a state-of-the-art, multivenue Junior Achievement®, MATHCOUNTS®, to learn and succeed when they start facility and new home for the Austin National Engineers Week and Destination kindergarten is the work of the Greater Symphony Orchestra, Austin Lyric Opera, ImagiNation®, they help students achieve, Twin Cities United Way/Minnesota Ballet Austin and a host of diverse smaller graduate and be ready for postsecondary Early Learning Foundation for the Early arts organizations. education. A partnership with two inner- Childhood Collaborative. With $1 million city St. Paul, Minn., high schools includes from the 3M Foundation over two years, a Global interactive: The old county library tutoring and e-mentoring between 3M pilot program will provide early childhood in Greenville, S.C., is being renovated into employees and students. development scholarships to low income a world class children’s museum thanks in children and set a quality rating system for part to $100,000 from the 3M Foundation. Learning with LEGOs® : After-school In one exhibit, the National Oceanic and early childhood care providers. programs continue student learning and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) application of what they learned during After-school counts: Young kids and middle Science on a Sphere® media projection class. Major support for FIRST™ LEGO® and high school teens have a safe place display presents advanced satellite data and League and FIRST™ Robotics from 3M, for fun, skill-building and contact time other visual effects on a dramatic spherical the 3M Foundation and volunteers with caring adults in Landfall, Minn. screen of the earth. More than 300,000 gives thousands of kids around the The Landfall Youth Development Initiative children and school groups will attend world the opportunity to use robotics received $5,000 to support 2,000 hours museum camps and after-school and school- and LEGOs to learn from annual a year of activities such as peer study day programming. engineering challenges. groups, access to computers, dramatic play, reading, woodworking, and career exploration for boys and girls.

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