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    3M Community Giving 2008 Report People Potential Communities

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    Our giving story In 2008, we contributed more than $48 million to address local community needs through grants from 3M and the 3M Foundation, and donations of 3M products. Employees and retirees participated in 75 percent of 3M giving through matching programs and service on advisory committees, nonprofit boards, and community projects. And they volunteered to help countless individuals, prepare students and preserve natural resources around the world. Preparing students for success A skilled workforce: A partnership Higher Education K–12 Education Giving Emphasis between Lake Area Technical Institute, Giving Emphasis Watertown, S.D., and area high schools •฀ Increase student achievement in •฀ Further teaching and learning at leverages resources while providing math, science and economics. schools known for academic excellence training opportunities to meet the demand •฀ Increase the number of students in science, engineering and business. for skilled technicians. A $160,000 3M ready for higher education. •฀ Increase participation by underrepre- Foundation grant helped purchase training •฀ Make learning relevant through sented people in these fields. benches, curriculum and trained staff connections with employee and •฀ Build connections with K–12 education retiree volunteers to help students to prepare students for postsecondary in the Electronics Systems, Machine see their future. success, and provide professional Tool, Robotics and Energy Technology development for pre-service and Programs. The equipment allows students Recognizing teachers: 3M Ingenuity Grants current teachers. totaling $232,498 were awarded to 60 to fine-tune their skills to enter the workforce ready to succeed. schools in 13 states. Students, grades 3–8, in 669 classrooms benefit from grants Research leaders: Fellowships designed to increase student achievement totaling $220,000 were awarded to in math, science and economics. The grant The Pennsylvania State University, recognizes teachers and supports them as Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., they make learning relevant for students. and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The funds will allow students to pursue Future engineers: Students at Decatur City studies that lead to careers in industry Schools, Decatur, Ga., have the opportunity or academia. to explore engineering through a grant that brings Engineering Is Elementary to grades Encouraging Native American engineers: K–5 and Project Lead the Way Gateway By nurturing the seed of interest in math to Technology to grades 6–8. A $140,620 and science, South Dakota School of grant helped with materials and equipment. Mines, Rapid City, partners with area high schools to bring Native American students Power of Wind: National 4-H Foundation, to campus. A $20,000 grant allows students Silver Springs, Md., received a $500,000 to build a computer and enables them to grant to launch the Power of Wind achieve their academic goals. curriculum to ignite youths’ learning, curiosity and leadership in renewable energy. A $150,000 grant to the Minnesota 4-H Council will develop kits and training,

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    Building strong Enjoying a communities cultural life and mobilize partnerships in Minnesota, Health & Human Services Arts & Culture Giving Emphasis Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri and Texas. Giving Emphasis •฀ Encourage arts organizations with Math and science experiences: strong educational outreach. •฀ Support youth development, from birth A $200,000 3M Foundation grant launched to age 21, through prevention and •฀ Promote artistic and cultural diversity. SciFY, St. Paul, Minn., an afterschool and intervention efforts. •฀ Support premier arts organizations. summer program that offers gender-based •฀ Enhance early childhood experience science and math experiences for students through parent engagement and Art in the park: The Austin Symphony in grades 4–6. Participation increases school readiness efforts. Orchestra in Texas provides a unique students’ academic success and future •฀ Promote after-school programs tradition for children to experience the with a learning component. participation in postsecondary education. magic of the arts. A $7,500 3M Foundation Counseling youth: For more than 15 years, grant helps fund the weekly summer event Volunteers matter: 3M volunteers are 3M Austin Center, Texas, has supported Children’s Day Art Park. Youngsters can essential to the success of programs the Expect Respect School-Based visit the Instrument Petting Zoo where like MATHCOUNTS®, National Services Program run by SafePlace. The they can try to play the instruments. Or Engineers Week, Junior Achievement, program provides counseling and violence they can talk to symphony or Latin jazz FIRST LEGO® League and FIRST prevention services to elementary, middle band musicians and hear them play their Robotics. Their expertise allows and high school students. During the instruments, see a Ballet Folklorico, and students to participate in these programs 2007-2008 school year, 694 youth received try their hands at art projects. and meet people who increase their counseling; 8,217 participated in youth awareness about future careers and Performing arts: A $3,000 3M Foundation education and leadership programs; and postsecondary education. grant to Wausau Area Performing Arts 2,087 school personnel received training Association, Wausau, Wis., funded a School partnerships: In communities across through Expect Respect. workshop for area teachers to enable them the country, 3M employees reach out to Building community: A $200,000 3M to teach “The Outsiders” and other works establish partnerships with local schools, Foundation capital grant over two years of literature, incorporating performing building connections with programs listed will help Alexandria, Minn., build its arts into the curriculum. More than 50 within this report. In addition, 3M Supplies only community center, serving families, educators will be trained and their reach for Schools, administered by NAEIR children, teens, adults and seniors. Strong will extend to 5,000 students. Several of the (National Association for the Exchange community partnerships and a regional teachers will become trainers for in-service of Industrial Resources) donates 3M need should ensure success of the new programming and mentor new teachers in products, valued at more than $3.1 million, Alexandria Area YMCA. this style of teaching. for classroom use.

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    © The Nature Conservancy Sustaining the 2008 3M Community environment Giving Environmental Giving Emphasis Cash and In-Kind Giving by Program Area ($ in Millions) •฀ Preserve biodiversity. PROGRAM AREA CASH* IN-KIND TOTAL % Education $11.20 $8.88 $20.08 41 •฀ Positively impact climate change. Health & Human Services $8.22 $13.98 $22.20 46 •฀ Provide access to natural areas. Arts & Culture $2.51 $0.42 $2.93 6 •฀ Offer opportunities for volunteer Environment $2.15 – $2.15 4 involvement. Volunteer & Civic $1.15 $0.25 $1.40 3 TOTAL GIVING $25.23 $23.53 $48.76 Forests for future generations: *Combined cash giving from 3M and 3M Foundation A $1 million 3M Foundation grant to Community Giving Summary The Nature Conservancy supported ($ in Millions) three projects in 2008. Among the Foundation Cash $21.78 projects is The Salto Micro-Watershed Corporate Cash $3.45 in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, which In-Kind Donations $23.53 provides drinking water to 70 percent TOTAL GIVING $48.76 of Brazil’s population. The plan requires local farmers’ engagement, management for rural properties, tree planting and maintenance, and development of a carbon project for long-term sustainability. How to Apply Our guidelines are the same for cash and product donations. All contributions are processed online. For more information, visit http://www.3Mgiving.com. Outside the United States, please direct requests to the 3M office in your country. Community Giving 3M Community Affairs 3M Center, Building 225-01-S-23 St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 http://www.3Mgiving.com © 3M 2009. All rights reserved.

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