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    Annual Report of the Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center (July 2004-June 2005) The importance of public service, historical preservation and fostering a respectful environment are key elements in the established mission and goals associated with daily operations undertaken by the Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center staff on a daily basis. These objectives have been met in different ways as the wide-range of endeavors performed within this office have contributed to a positive, conscientious, and ever-increasing quality level of performance in the process. The staff currently consists of four full-time professionals including Dr. Kate Dodds, Archival Assistant; Monsignor Francis R. Seymour, Archdiocesan Archivist; Mr. Justin Myzie, Records Management Clerk; and Alan B. Delozier, University Archivist/Associate Professor. This report outlines and explains some of the most prominent ways we have facilitated our three main areas of responsibility - reference assistance, development of collection holdings and promoting public awareness along with other key accomplishments and highlights made over the past year. Reference Requests & Public Service The main focus of the Archives & Special Collections Center is public service, and this fact is evident in the number of requests completed over the past year which were handled primarily by Dr. Kate Dodds and myself with periodic assistance from other staff members. The following tables offer a breakdown and ratio explanation of research type, time frame, fiscal year and related data comparison overall according to the three major divisions of activity – Archdiocese of Newark (includes Genealogy [See Appendix I for more information on requests handled by Dr. Dodds]), Seton Hall University and the MacManus Irish Collection. Requests Completed Archdiocese of Newark FY 2002 FY 2003 FY 2004 FY 2005 July-Dec. 260 235 342 263 Jan.–June 290 303 225 189 Total 550 538 538 452 Seton Hall University FY 2002 FY 2003 FY 2004 FY 2005 July-Dec. 150 171 176 196 Jan.–June 175 163 163 142 Total 325 334 339 338

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    MacManus Collection FY 2002 FY 2003 FY 2004 FY 2005 July-Dec. 79 198 21 17 Jan.–June 102 55 6 29 Total 181 253 27 46 Our success rate is approximately 85-90% in regard to finding an answer to each request received. Since each query differs and has its own uniqueness we take as much time that is necessary to attain completion, but in every case we try to point an individual toward the right location or other potential source matter/library/archives which may be of help. Since we are a repository that not only deals with an academic-based clientele of faculty, staff and students, but also the general public most of our research requests deal with very specific information such as genealogy/family history, Catholicism in New Jersey and allied topics. Most of these queries cover anywhere between 15 minutes to multiple days for completion which varies depending upon the complexity and detail involved with each question received. A representative list of subjects covered can found in the Appendix Section but a full list of each research project completed is available upon request. Inquires received by the Archives & Special Collections Center come from across the nation and world with a majority having originated in New Jersey. Among other states represented include: Alabama, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Foreign countries include: Australia, Italy and Sweden. Multiple requests have come in from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Texas and Washington along with such foreign countries as Canada, Germany and Ireland. Research issues devoted to Seton Hall University-related topics was varied and diverse over this past year. Individuals who engaged in this type of research are mainly students, alumni and various administrators from different offices across campus. Among the wide-range of research requests worked upon included the utilization of such traditional sources as School Catalogues, Galleon (Student Yearbooks) and the Setonian (Student Newspaper). In addition, Doctoral Dissertations and Masters Theses written by Seton Hall alumni accounted for a major portion of research done in the field of institutional and general academic study. Otherwise, a wide array of additional resources situated within our collection are often considered and subsequently used in relation to appropriate queries received by our office. Consult Appendix II for a more detailed list of projects related to Seton Hall University History covered over the past year. The Archdiocese of Newark Collection has attracted a massive amount of

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    attention, and remains our most popular area of research focus among interested members of the general public. The PJ Kennedy Directories (OCD) are used often as are the sacramental records extracted from church registers microfilmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints. Parish histories are also very popular research tools which are often used as background data for commemorative books and various projects dealing with clergy and institutional origins. Consult Appendix III for a more detailed list of projects related to Archdiocese of Newark History covered by our office over the past year. The MacManus Irish Collection and activities related to the history, culture, religion, literature and other aspects of Ireland are an important part of our research base. This area of exploration is particularly popular among students, faculty and the general public alike. Consult Appendix IV for a more detailed list of projects related to the MacManus Irish Collection covered by our office over the past year. In terms of tangible assistance from the Archives & Special Collections Center found or implied in the acknowledgment sections of printed works/film credits show just a small part of our dedication to various educational initiatives. Various publication and public service projects both pending and completed had either their start or finish here. Patrons availed themselves of our material holdings in different ways. Along with these unique occurrences, the most prolific individual requests are an important part of the research experience this past year are found below in this top ten list presented in no particular order… I. Dr. Dermot Quinn has published his book the Irish in New Jersey (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2004) over the summer and most of the photographic images and background text used originated from our repository. Dr. Quinn is currently working on an institutional history of Seton Hall University to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the school and the completed work should be ready for publication within the next few years. II. Mr. Greg Tobin, long time author has used various sources from the MacManus Irish Collection as background in his forthcoming book on the life of St. Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland. Information was also provided on the life of Cardinal Ratzinger, the newly crowned Pope Benedict XVI from the newly processed Wyschogrod Collection for his book entitled: Holy Father: Pope Benedict XVI: Pontiff for a New Era published in May of 2005. III. Dr. Michael Birkner, Professor of History at Gettysburg College has done research through the Bernard Shanley Papers over the past two years for a book to be entitled: Sherman Adams and the Presidency of Dwight Eisenhower which will be due for release sometime within the next few years. IV. Photographic Reproduction and Mounting. A campus beautification project which entails the use of interior wall space through the scanning of archival

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    images for framing, mounting and long term display. The first group of images was requested by Msgr. Robert Sheeran and Ms. Robyn Andreula from the Office of University President who want various historical images of buildings and people of Setonia to be included within the halls of the Bishop Dougherty Student Center. The other commission involves scanning photographic images of Department Chairs from the Stillman School of Business for display in their Conference Room. V. Sister Rose Thering Film Project. Storyville Films of New York City produced a film on the life of Sister Rose and this effort resulted in a motion picture which was awarded a prize at the recent Tribecca Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award. Various background materials and guidance was offered through the Archives & Special Collections Center in regard to this project. VI. Dissertations/Theses. A number of individuals have investigated, began or continue to work on their advanced academic papers through resources found in our collection. Listed below are various scholars and their project themes. Ms. Maura Harrington, doctoral student at Drew University and adjunct professor at Seton Hall is using the MacManus Irish Collection for resources related to Our Lady of Knock. Mr. Biff Rocha, a graduate student at the University of Dayton is doing his dissertation on Rev. Januarus De Concilio, the author of the Baltimore Catechism and priest of the Diocese of Newark during the nineteenth century. Mrs. Julia Rabig, a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania is writing on social justice and cultural developments within the Archdiocese of Newark from the 1950s-90s and will be utilizing many resources particularly the papers of Archbishops Thomas Boland, Peter Gerety and Theodore McCarrick over the next several months as she completes her project. Mr. Nick Mazza, a Seton Hall student is working on through the Bishop Dougherty Papers between 1956 and 1969 along with other related materials for his paper on spirituality as it relates to education with the Archdiocese. Mrs. Kathy Carlton-Johnson of Canada and the University of South Africa is exploring the formation and history of the Catholic poetry journal Spirit which was at one time headquartered at Seton Hall. Mr. Terry Johnson, a magazine editor from Maryland is exploring Irish New Jersey involvement in the Civil War and has expressed interested in the Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley Collection with information regarding Msgr. George Doane, former Vicar General of the Diocese of Newark in particular. Mr. Todd Berghoff of Illinois is writing a study of Catholic colleges and the cancellation of their football teams due to financial problems from the 1950s-present as a prelude subject leading into his master‟s thesis. VII. The Seton Hall University School of Law 50th Anniversary publications and exhibit. Provided the coordination team from the Newark campus with a detailed outline and supporting images to help in their commemoration of the golden year celebration of the school. This program included assistance with graphic images used in a historical film by a production company in New York City released by Summer/Fall 2004. Various photographs, data and related information for a

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    feature story to be released in the Spring/Summer 2004 issues of Seton Hall University Magazine were also found at our repository. VIII. Information is often provided to researchers who work with newspapers, journals and other publications outside of books alone. Among the most prominent mentions achieved over this past year were featured by Ms. Jane Buckelew who utilized our Seton-Jeavons Papers and Civil War book collection for background material in the following article: “The Seton Family at War – Captain William Seton Jr.” Surgeon’s Call - Journal of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, 13-14 (Summer 2004). IX. Another commemorative book related to Seton Hall will be written by Msgr. Robert Wister, Chair of the School of Theology who is writing a history of the Immaculate Conception Seminary over the next few years. He has started with a survey of resources related to the subject and reviewing copies of source notes and annotations from the previously published Henry Beck history on the institution. X. Our resources also lend themselves to creative works outside of the realm of history. Local author, Mrs. Kathy Cecala has been using materials from our MacManus Irish Collection related to Galway and St. Brendan for a forthcoming book of fiction related to these topics. Collection Acquisitions Many different publications, artifacts and other items have been received and housed by the Archives & Special Collections Center over the past year. This is a significant part of our mission in building up our material holdings as a means of perpetuating the value of historical scholarship in its various forms. Each item which comes into our collection is acquired either by a staff member, independent means, word of mouth or direct inquiry/notice asking for donations. Materials are collected and accessioned into the Archives & Special Collections Center holdings catalog on a continual basis. Consult the “Archival Research & Daily Operations” section by Dr. Kate Dodds and Appendix V for a list of materials acquired over the past year. Internet Homepage/Website The introduction of a totally reformatted homepage continues to be one of the most important advancement made by the Archives & Special Collections. Launched during February of 2003, reception to our homepage has been positive and the site utilized extensively while various additions have been made at regular intervals. With constant planning and updates made to this resource area we plan to offer a more extended research environment both on-site and off-site than ever before. The unique part of this website is that a user does not have to scroll down to see each part of the screen interface. Gratitude goes to Dr.

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    Xueming Bao for his work in the technical aspects of website facilitation in line with our regularly submitted original content and information to be edited/updated. Like most comparable Internet pages, this area is broken down into three general sections which cover major topic areas dedicated to the collection holdings within the titles found as follows: I. Msgr. William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center (Introduction), II. University Archives, III. Seton Hall History Links, IV. Office of Records Management, V. Archdiocese of Newark Collection, VI. Sacramental Records & Genealogy Resources, VII. Catholic New Jersey History & Video Archive, VIII. New Jersey Catholic Historical Records Commission, IX. Manuscript Collections, X. Rare Book & Print Collections, XI. Dissertations, XII. Irish Culture & History, XIII. Civil War & Military History. On the bottom toolbar are sections devoted to interactive contact with our resources: XIV. Hours & User Policies, XV. Staff & Contact Data, XVI. News & Reports, XVII. How-to-Donate Materials, XVIII. FAQs & Guest Book, XIX. Archival Links. The last area on the right side of the site feature more broad-based web links which include: XX. Blessed Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton Resources and XXI. South Orange (NJ) History, XXII. Religious Archival & Internet Resources. Within the last year the following major sections have been added: XX. The Blessed Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton Resources page was first posted during August of 2004. This site includes four separate links including a Biographical Sketch, Bibliography & Archival Resources (General), Internet Resources and Timeline features. XXI. An expanded collaborative with our friends in the Village has been started with the institution of a South Orange (NJ) Resources homepage in February of 2005. The site presently includes books found in the Walsh Library/Archives & Special Collections Center catalog related to South Orange along with Internet links of interest from various local resource centers which specialize in historical information. As a result of these moves the New Jersey Catholic Video Archive was consolidated with the Catholic New Jersey History homepage to make unified resource. XXII. The Religious Archival & Internet Resources site is the by-product of a printed book chapter featuring mailing addresses, contact information and web sites related to every major faith- based denomination in the country with some select international sites as well. Additions and various edits were made to a number of existing sites to keep the flow of information both timely and accessible. The Msgr. William Noe‟ Field Archives & Special Collections (Introductory) page features the inclusion of our Mission Statement. New construction has been accomplished in relation to the Seton Hall History Links page where capsule summaries encompassing all 150 years of Seton Hall History (five different installments) has been added as a link via the originating Office of University Provost-Charter Day homepage. Under the How-to-Donate Materials area a printed flyer which was separately designed as part of our printed promotional literature was also inserted within a PDF file to this site for wider accessibility to those wanting information off-site. The most wide-

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    spread edits were done to the Sacramental Records & Genealogy Resources homepage over the past year. Included among the links added are covered under two main headings with secondary sites outlined within brackets: Obtaining Sacramental Certificates (Obtaining a Sacramental Certificate; Closed Parishes and Application for Sacramental Certificate) and Conducting Family History Research (Introduction to Microfilm Index; LDS Microfilm Index; Non-Microfilmed Church Records; Cemeteries and Genealogy Letter) are a part of this evolving and highly popular resource. The format of this homepage is a success if the site counter is any indication. There have been approximately 2867 hits on this page between 6/2004-6/2005 and since its inception in February, 2003 there have been 4325+ hits overall. The Genealogy & Family History Resources section is the most popular with over 1,063 + (period to period numbers not provided because this site has undergone three different shifts over the last few years) overall. Among other visitor numbers recorded between the inception of each respective site with the differential of hits since the last reading listed in the 2003-2004 Annual Report is denoted in brackets where available. University Archives - 347 (150); Office of Records Management – 393 (156); Seton Hall History Links - 547 (264); Archdiocese of Newark – 586 (107); Archival Links – External - 379 (162); Catholic New Jersey History – 500 (222) and New Jersey Catholic Video Archive – 60 (* As noted, this page was consolidated with the Catholic New Jersey History page and as such the number of total hits has changed) are the most popular sites overall. As for visitation to the new sites - Blessed Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton Resources (Since 8/2004 – 107); Religious Archival & Internet Resources (Since 2/2005 – 213) and South Orange (NJ) History (Since 2/2005 – 53) are experiencing a consistent rate of growth. The Archives & Special Collections homepage can be found at the following web address - http://library.shu.edu/sc-homepage.htm Archival Research & Daily Operations – Dr. Kate Dodds Dr. Kate Dodds has provided immeasurable and invaluable service to the Archives & Special Collections Center over the past year. She has coordinated exhibit projects, handled supply/procurement requests, office communication and several other tasks on a regular basis in a thorough and professional manner. Several accession reports have been produced by Dr. Dodds, which are necessary whenever new items are introduced into our collection. Counted among the donations received, subsequent reports generated and materials later securely placed in our storage vault include the following (with donor name where available) items… I. Accession Reports

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    A. University Advancement Clippings, 2/03-9/04 B. SHU yearbooks, Towers (Prep) and Journals (Med/Dent) C. SHU memorabilia - John & Anita Whitehead D. SHU memorabilia – Louis Casta E. SHU memorabilia – Jane Voscek F. Sacred Texts – Wellington Brown G. SHU Alumni Directory „95 H. SHU memorabilia – Steven Duff I. Parish histories, St. Luke, Ho-Ho-Kus, St. John the Baptist, Hillsdale J. SHU photos, 20 X 30” on foam core K. SHU memorabilia – seals L. Ed Havas prints M. Alumni Scrapbook, 1983-84 N. Plaque – Thomas Moser Cabinetmakers O. Many Are One Banners P. Slides – University Advancement Q. University Advancement Clippings – Grad Med Ed & Law, 1- 9/04 R. Photos – Alumni Relations S. History, Diocese of Brooklyn T. SHU memorabilia – Walsh Gymnasium U. Archbishop Myers – histories and memorabilia V. University Advancement – memorabilia, publications, photos

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    W. Rev. Debold – books & papers re: Opus Dei X. University Advancement – framed advertising awards Y. University Advancement – publications Z. Archbishop Myers – 20 boxes of papers AA. Resolution – NJ Gen. Assembly – Charter Day BB. Videos – Pirate Blue CC. Memorabilia – Msgr. Wister DD. Correspondence & clippings re: renovation of O.L. of Mt. Carmel, Ridgewood post Vatican II, Msgr. Houghton EE. SHU history files, books and news clippings from safe, President‟s Hall FF. University Advancement – publications GG. Sacred Heart Union Magazines, published @ Boystown, ‟58- „69 HH. Signed portraits Archbishop Walsh, Archbishop Boland to Bayley Seton League II. Year of the Eucharist cards – Archbishop Myers JJ. Msgr. Jarvais card/poem from ordination 3/15/1930 KK. Framed Charter, Serra – Union County East LL. Diploma, Adam Sadlowski, Bishop‟s Association for Laity of the Archdiocese of Newark for the Seminary After an Accession Report is created the next logical step is the development of a Finding Aid related to that specific collection if substantial enough to warrant such a detailed document. Included among the Finding Aids created over the past

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    year include… II. Finding Aids A. Constant updates to Priest Files, Parish Files, Boland Fire (54 pp.), Archbishop McCarrick (154 pp.) and Archbishop Myers Collections, Departmental Brochures & Information, Msgr. Sheeran papers B. Listing of Fr. Field‟s papers & effects; developed format for finding aid. C. Finding Aid for files & photos from Public Relations D. Finding Aid for historical material from President‟s Hall to augment SHU President‟s papers, history files, Bishop‟s papers E. Update Msgr. Walter Jarvais finding aid with accession from Msgr. Robert Coleman A major ongoing project includes the reorganization of holdings in terms of location within the storage vault as new donations are added. Among the recent organization efforts undertaken include Immaculate Conception Seminary materials, Master‟s Theses, School Catalogues among other key items and enterprises. Other activities engaged in are varied in terms of commitment and highlighted below in outline form… III. Organization A. Reorganized Vault to integrate the addition of 20 cartons of Archbishop Myers‟ papers B. Coordinated billing procedures for JP Morgan Chase, M & I Imaging C. Worked with Meagan Quinn to organize Fr. Field collection: papers, framed and religious items, medals, relics, books, clothing, etc. D. Developed Petty Cash forms and system for recording

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    debits/credits E. Developed account with Dickson for calibration of hygrometer F. With Justin organized papers from McNulty Hall for shredding/processing G. Updated all forms used in Reading Room and genealogy letter on web-site . Supervision of Students A. Jamie Ramberan 1. Developed description and link terms for Press Clippings 2. Organized and shelved autographed rare books 3. Preserved and organized Alumni Scrapbook 82-9 B. Rafaela Ochoa 1. Worked with Rafaela on enumerating architectural plans, estimating the number of boxes required, and supervised her placing plans into boxes, labeling and listing contents. C. Meagan Quinn 1. Collected listing of 3000 of Fr. Field‟s books and the merged lists from Excel and Word into Word 2. Collected listing of Fr. Murphy‟s books V. Sesquicentennial A. Met with History Sub Committee B. Serve on Student Journals Project Sub Sub Committee – participated in

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    drafting proposal for Deans/departments‟ support C. Met with Exhibit Sub Sub Committee – preliminary plans for windows and cases VI. Training A. PaymentNet – JP Morgan Chase Master Card B. Gourmet Dining Services online registration Procurement of materials such as acid-free boxes and folders and other tasks such as copier and microfilm maintenance are handled expertly by Dr. Dodds as well. This aspect of keeping order within the office is an important and proper balance present within the course of daily operations. Office of Records Management – Mr. Justin Myzie Shredding Records Management materials have not been shredded in at least two years. Last year‟s annual report indicated we were waiting for the final approval for shredding from certain departments. As of yet we are still waiting for the approval. Unfortunately, during the intervening time we have lost our shredding company. The transfer of boxes to Records Management without the disposition of old boxes results in less available space for new boxes. However, this situation has its advantages. We have been able to return records to the originating department that should have been shredded. The Stillman School of Business historically has not approved shredding. This year they have been working on disposing of their records that have reached the retention period and replacing them with new records. Storage Area The Records Management Storage Area can hold up to 1,400 boxes. Presently the storage area holds more boxes than it has in the past three years. The exact number is unknown. Earlier this year we exhausted our supply of boxes. Since then we ordered 280 more boxes and have gone through them. The majority of those boxes are returned to us full. As in years past few departments have for the first time taken advantage of our services. The majority of boxes originate from current users who are transferring greater numbers of records. This is especially the case with Enrollment Services.

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    Database The database containing relevant information about boxes and records transferred to Records Management has been functionally rebuilt. It has also been continuously improved. It has facilitated locating records in the storage area as well as replacing records after they have been returned. The database also provides the ability to give originating departments information on the records they have in the Records Storage Area immediately over the phone. Routine Operations Several Records Retention Schedules have been updated or created. Records Management received over 110 requests for records, the majority of which were completed successfully. This is a threefold increase over the number of requests from last year. In addition to the number of requests received there has been a large increase on the amount of time spent on fulfilling each request. Numerous boxes have been transferred and processed. Records Management has increased the detail of the processing; it has also increased the number of boxes subjected to such detailed processing. Among several benefits it facilitates in locating records. This will continue to increase as the processing time becomes shorter than the time spent searching for files over the duration of the inactive retention period. Assistance – Archives Projects During the past year a number of books from Msgr. Field‟s collection have been processed. Has aided 30 different genealogical, archival and Seton Hall related requests. Collecting copies of the electronic version of HallWays and integrating them with the publications files has also been an ongoing project as well. Archdiocese of Newark Archives – Monsignor Francis Seymour To preserve and protect documents and artifacts connected with the history of the Archdiocese of Newark and the Catholic Church in the State of New Jersey and to have them available for authorized researchers. Maintain and update files on priests, parishes and Catholic institutions in New Jersey. Fulfilled various requests for research from the Office of the Archbishop of Newark, other departments at the Archdiocesan Center in Newark, and from parishes. Response to select telephone, written and e-mail requests for archival research from all over the world. Identify photographs and collect newspaper clippings from current publications concerning the Archdiocese of Newark and the Catholic Church in New Jersey. Work closely with the editor of the Newark Archdiocesan Annual Directory for accuracy and additions. Acquired a large collection of books and artifacts from the estate of Rita Murphy for our Irish Heritage Collection. Father James Spera has donated artifacts from his family, notably a Greek prayer book from the 19th century and a pectoral cross from the late Archbishop Thomas

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    A. Boland. Archbishop Peter Gerety donated his pallium, a vestment signifying the rank of an archbishop, to the Archives. At the request of the Archbishop's Office, work has taken place for several weeks on compiling an accurate listing of all the deceased priests in the history of the Archdiocese of Newark. At the request of the Director of Development of Immaculate Conception Seminary, work on a list of bishops who are alumni of the seminary. The President of St. Thomas University in Miami has requested assistance in facilitating the transfer of records from the Archdiocese of Miami Archives to the St. Thomas University Library. Both parties would like an arrangement similar to the one between the Archdiocese of Newark and Seton Hall University that was made in 1977. Copies of documents that were drawn up at that time and in which he played a role have already been sent to the president of St. Thomas University. Student Worker & Internship Accomplishments The contributions of our student workers help immeasurably to the organizational efforts of the Archives & Special Collections Center in many different ways. In most cases this invaluable assistance focused upon individual projects and related assignments as created by our staff members. Those who deserve a tremendous amount of credit for their work include Mr. Robby Kuhrt, Mr. Sean McNamara, Ms. Rafaela Ochoa, Ms. Meagan Quinn and Ms. Jami Ramberan. Among the general projects accomplished by student workers included shelving cataloged books, blueprint size measurements and boxing, updating autographed and faculty author book lists among other valuable advances in bringing order among specific materials found in our collection. In terms of major projects, significant movement has been made in regard to the cataloging of the 150 volume G.K. Chesterton book collection (inventory list by Mr. McNamara) due to the work of initial inventorying of the 1,000+ volume Rita Murphy Irish Collection (by Ms. Meagan Quinn) has been started and a majority of these titles have already been listed and evaluated for content. A major accomplishment which has been finished was an inventorying of the 4,000+ volume Msgr. Field Book Collection (done by Ms. Quinn) and the shifting of papers into boxes by category type. Students from the Department of Sociology under the sponsorship of Professor Rosemarie Kramer provided valuable service to the Archives & Special Collections Center in line with their academic interests. Students Mr. Corey Dishmen and Ms. Kerry Lade were involved with this practicum during the Spring 2005 semester. Both constructed a statistical analysis of usership patterns by geographical locale, type of request, gender, request answer type and other variables between 2000-2003. Ms. Lade also wrote a three page paper on the Boland Hall Fire tragedy as a means of experiencing how to use primary source documents in relation to Seton Hall University history. Assigned help was also offered by Father Linus Akpin, a graduate student in the

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    Department of Judaeo-Christian Studies who created a finding aid and has worked hard to organize the Dr. Michael Wyschogrod (15.0 cubic feet appox.) collection devoted to various aspects of religious life. A graduate student from the Seton Hall University Department of Museum Studies, Ms. Heidi Stokes spent the past year as an intern and advisor who worked with our Rare Book Collection. She has provided immeasurable assistance which included text and binding evaluation, cleaning, repair along with other conservation measures including a recently completed condition report on the 100+ piece St. Patrick‟s Pro-Cathedral book donation of 2003-2004. New Jersey Catholic Historical Records Commission This administrative body which had its start at Seton Hall University during the mid-1970s has undergone its first major shift in location this year. The headquarters was moved from the Department of History to the Archives & Special Collections Center where the business files, publications and other materials relating to the organization currently reside. Under the directorship of Dr. Joseph Mahoney, various activities have taken place through our repository over the past few months. Included has been the receipt, processing and mail- order aspect of books published by Commission members, or through group sponsorship. Assistance with office tasks has also been undertaken by a new part-time assistant, Mr. Abia Younker who helps Dr. Mahoney with various duties as required. Additional information about activities being undertaken by the Commission can be directed to Dr. Mahoney upon request. Sesquicentennial of Seton Hall University The first signs of activity in regard to the Sesquicentennial of Seton Hall University began with an organizational meeting during March of 2004, and from here many events and commemorations of a historical nature are currently in the planning stages, but will begin in earnest during the Fall of 2005 and run through December of 2006. I have been named to the Executive/Steering Committee and Chair of the History & Heritage Committee. A number of sub-committees attached to the main History & Heritage Committee have been formed in response to this celebration. These include Student Journals, Exhibit, Charter Day, Publications (including Website Development), Special Presentations and 150 Lists among cross-participation with other groups, offices and individuals on campus who are working on Sesquicentennial-related initiatives. As of this writing a commitment has been made by the Office of University Advancement to produce a five-part historical commemorative series to be featured in forthcoming issues of the University Magazine. Other projects are being refined and will reach readiness by September of 2005. Help with content, research questions and other issues have already been provided on a regular basis in relation to the upcoming celebration. Included has been the Sesquicentennial Internet Homepage which currently includes the aforementioned five-part University

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    History series from past Charter Day celebrations, the first 150 students at Seton Hall and how to donate materials to the Archives & Special Collections Center. Soon to be added will be pages devoted to the Top 25 University Milestones and Top 25 Athletic Moments along with related content. Dr. Dodds and Mr. Myzie are both a part of the History & Heritage Committee as well, and their efforts will be imperative as we begin to assist with the implementation of the Master Plan (once approved in full) in relation to this celebration. Further details will be provided as events, functions and accomplishments continue to unfold over the next several months. Public Services Programming Special lectures and focused presentations were a unique means of bringing awareness and educational programming to the university community and showcased what types of historical representation are available at our repository. I. Within my curricular areas of History, Religious Studies and Philosophy, I have taught on the benefits of American History (2/10, 9/20, 9/22, 10/6) Religious Studies, Archival Science and Irish Culture (Modern Ireland – 2/8) among related topics for the 100-150 approx. students addressed. Special library instruction sessions were also held for a graduate class from Drew University conducted by visiting scholar Christine Kinealy (7/21/2004) which centered upon Irish archival resources. Another special class was requested by Msgr. Richard Liddy for his History of the Catholic Church graduate course (10/11/2004) where his four students selected projects on the History of Italian-American Church Traditions; Hispanic Catholic Rituals in Newark, New Jersey; Catholicism as Ethnicity and the History of Catholicism in Hackettstown, New Jersey completed mainly through resources found in the Archives & Special Collections Center. II. The Monsignor William Noé Field Memorial Lecture Series on Catholic New Jersey and University History entered its fifth season and was a success in terms of both content quality and the presence of a number of audience members who attended. A total of three (a planned fourth was postponed and then cancelled) different presentations were conducted between 3-5/2005 and attended by an average of 15-30 individuals. This series revolved around the theme of “Catholic New Jersey: From Local Landmarks to International Influence” and included such titles/speakers as:  "American Catholic History Student Research - New Jersey Catholicism Projects Panel," Monsignor Richard Liddy, Director of the Center for Catholic Studies at Seton Hall University; Mr. Elliot Guerra, student - "Catholicism as Ethnicity" and Mr. Roberto Ortiz, student - "Hispanic Catholic Rituals & Symbolism in Newark, New Jersey." (3/15/2005)  "Eucharistic Renaissance: Frequent Communion and the

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    Transformation of Catholic Piety in Early Twentieth Century Newark and Beyond," Dr. Jim McCartin, Professor of History at Seton Hall University. (4/7/2005)  "Holy Father: The Papacy, the Conclave, and the New Pope" Mr. Greg Tobin, Editor of the Catholic Advocate. (4/28/2005) Each of these presentations was aired live via Internet simulcast on the World Wide Web making these programs truly global in reach. Many positive results were registered in response to this series which has contributed to our oral/video history collection in the process. III. Special presentations outside of the Field Lecture Series which were organized by the Archives & Special Collections Center included a talk and drawing demonstration entitled: “The Philosophy of Laughter” by Mr. Fred McCarthy, creator of the “Brother Juniper” comic strip was scheduled, but he had to postpone this talk due to health problems. A makeup date has tentatively been scheduled for September of 2005. A well-attended and received talk delivered by Irish Famine scholar Dr. Christine Kinealy entitled: “Repeal, Republicanism and Revolution: The 1848 Uprising in Ireland,” (3/31/2005) was well publicized and a standing-room only affair. IV. Featured articles on the Archives & Special Collections Center published in conjunction with the release of the Sesquicentennial History of the Archdiocese of Newark can be found in the Seton Hall HallWays newsletter (Summer 2004 and 4-5/2005). A number of mentions in the Catholic Advocate (Newspaper of the Archdiocese of Newark) including the Golden Jubilee edition of The Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart (10/13/2004) and the Setonian (Undergraduate Newspaper) were among the other highlights found in the press coverage we have received in recent months. Provided written descriptions used by Msgr. Robert Sheeran, University President and various campus publications to promote this new standard. Special ones include an article about the nature of archival work in the Nonprofit Communications Report (2/2005) and “Coins of the Realm” written by Mr. Nick Humez and featured in Matters Magazine of Maplewood-South Orange (Spring 2005). These examples along with various “Library News” entries found on the University Libraries Homepage, lecture/event announcements in the local press, mentions in various book/journal/magazine acknowledgment sections and featured in many Public Relations-produced publications have continued to make the Archives & Special Collections Center more widely known on campus and beyond. V. A filmed taping featuring “How To Research Your Catholic Ancestors” featuring the University Archivist and filmed by host Mr. Stephen Conte at the studios of TV36 Cable in Summit, New Jersey and aired via this network (4- 6/2005) along with the Comcast and Morris County Cable Systems elsewhere in

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    the state. VI. Additional special presentations were provided upon request or designed to provide wider exposure to the Archives & Special Collections Center by the University Archivist. Research leading to a talk and visual timeline resulted from uncovering materials related which resulted in the following talks…  “History of Women at Seton Hall, 1856-1967” Seton Hall University Women‟s Conference. South Orange, NJ: Seton Hall University. (3/31/2005)  “Mergers, Acquisitions & Scandals: Religious Archivists Today,” Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference. Pittsburgh, PA: William Penn Hotel. (10/1/2004)  “Who Knew? Secrets of the SHU Archives?” Office of University Advancement, Alumni & Public Relations. South Orange, NJ: George M. Ring Building - Seton Hall University. (6/21/2004) Community Outreach and Exhibitions Along with special presentations, our repository allows for visiting historians and professionals to see the inner workings of how an archival repository works on a daily basis. I. Tours of the Archives & Special Collections Center were provided for a number of individuals, and I have personally served as a consultant to various individual archivists and organizations over the past year. Included are the New Jersey Catholic Historical Records Commission, Society of African Mission Archives, Seton Hall University African-American Alumni Association, South Orange Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Roger Apfelbaum (Shakespeare volume storage) member of the English faculty, Dr. Jim Marcum – Dean of Fairleigh Dickinson University Libraries, South Orange Public Library, Susan Tobin (independent archival contractor from New York City), Athar Murtuza – Seton Hall faculty member looking for information on archival resources for India and Donez Xiques, Professor of English at Brooklyn College (who delivered a talk on archival science at a conference in Canada) (5/2005) among others. II. Charter Day (2/25/2005). Responsible for the Mother Seton exhibit showcased at the post-event reception. Wrote and edited a fifth installment of the first 150 years of University History (1976-2005) brochure which was produced for this celebration. Printed materials for the Charter Day website were provided as well. Introduced and helped to unveil the new University Flag by request of Msgr. Robert Sheeran, University President. III. The Archives & Special Collections Center sponsored a table at the New

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    Jersey History Issues Conference in Trenton (3/2005) along with several other repositories and organizations situated around the state. IV. Various exhibits in the Archives & Special Collections Center are presented on a regular basis. Three different ones were supervised and setup by Dr. Kate Dodds or myself and assisted by student help in some cases. The themes chosen included:  “New Acquisitions of Seton Hall University and Archdiocese of Newark Collections.” This exhibit was comprised of new items such as books, glasses, prints and various artifacts which were newly acquired and have enhanced the collection as a whole. (Spring 2004- Spring 2005)  “Roman, Greek and Byzantine Coins.” This exhibit requested by Professor Fred Booth of the Classics Department was created for the NJCA Fall Conference. (October 2004)  “Brother Juniper Display.” This exhibit shows some of the interesting loaned items particularly artwork dealing with the life and career of Mr. Fred McCarthy, a comic artist famous for the syndicated “Brother Juniper” cartoon series. (Spring 2005) V. External archival exhibits were also requested by the following parties…  The Office of Advancement worked with the Archives & Special Collections Center to setup a special weekend exhibit which was featured prominently at the Sesquicentennial Kickoff Gala (11/2004) and Richie Regan Recreation Center Dedication held at the Seton Hall University Athletic Center.  Dr. Al Hakim, Director of College Teaching requested a setup display dedicated to Seton Hall History materials and handouts for the annual New Faculty Orientation session (8/2004) held at the Dougherty Student Center.  Ms. Hazel Patel, Office of Freshmen Studies invited the University Archivist to conduct a historical tour (6/2/2005) of campus. This event was cancelled, but handouts were sent instead to familiarize Freshmen Studies Leaders with the historical significance of buildings located on campus. VI. Brochures. A new two-sided, two-paneled handout was created which describes what types of acquisitions we are looking for along with an introduction on how to donate materials to our collection. The existing general promotional and informational handout created by myself was distributed at several events

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    including the Msgr. Field Lectures, Library Orientation sessions, and other unique occasions along with having them available to visitors to the Archives & Special Collections Center has been recopied many times over. This two-sided, three- paneled publication provides an overview of the holdings and services offered. (2003-present) VII. Catalogues. Other campus-wide initiatives include regular updates to the University Archives and Records Management sections included within the annual Seton Hall University Undergraduate and Graduate Student Handbooks (print and web versions). Reviews and suggestions have already been made for the upcoming 2006-2007 editions. VIII. Campus-Wide Awareness. Bi-annual community announcements (University Homepage) which calls for donations to the University Archives among the entire Seton Hall community. Regular outreach to individuals, offices and departments is designed to promote the need for ongoing growth in our mission to build up vast array of material holdings. IX. News Releases. Special articles and contributions have been sent to such organizations/ publications as the Society of American Archivists, Mid-Atlantic Archivist, The Chronicle – New Jersey Library Association, History & Preservation Section. Updates were also made on the Archives & Special Collections for the 2005 Directory of Research Libraries in the United States and Archdiocese of Newark Directory and Almanac among other news and reference sources. X. Tenth Anniversary of the Walsh Library. Provided materials for a Window Display viewed from the second floor of the library building. Ideas offered at a number of planning meetings and blueprints for the library for those interested in learning more about the building were on display at the Archives & Special Collections Center the day of the event (10/1/2005). Scans of pen and ink drawings of Walsh Library for the card provided for Sister Anita Talar, a member of the University Libraries Faculty as well. Additional Major Projects The following projects were accomplished over the last year which have been of great benefit to the Archives & Special Collections Center in various ways. They include among others…  A majority of books which constitute the Msgr. John Oesterreicher Library formerly housed in the Archives & Special Collections Center vault have been relocated (1/2005) to the fourth floor of Walsh Library where they are now stored in a locked cabinet. This has helped free up room for additional books and boxes of archival papers to be housed in our climate controlled environment.

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     Hired an expert in object conservation to repair an athletic scoreboard (c. 1939) later donated by the Department of Athletics (11/2004- present) and paid for by the Office of Advancement.  Began and engage in the ongoing process (8/2004-present) of acquiring rare books from the Immaculate Conception Library for proper cataloging and eventual inclusion in the Archives & Special Collections Center. Roughly 200 volumes have been amassed thus far.  Joined a pilot consortium of schools involved with the digitization of documents, photographs and artifacts dealing with American Catholic History. This partnership includes the University of Notre Dame, Boston College and University of San Diego among other institutions which share a common religious mission. Preliminary tests (12/2004- present) have been conducted on the scanning of ceremonial chalices from our collection.  Chaired the Walsh Library‟s newly created Phonographic Records Committee to help find a suitable alternative location for unwanted vinyl albums located in the Archives & Special Collections Center which should be housed elsewhere. The first meeting (2/2005) resulted in dialogue and some preliminary ideas.  The Archives & Special Collections Center has offered written and verbal support for the reinstitution of the Master‟s Degree program in History which is currently under review (1/2005-present) by the School of Arts & Sciences. Conclusion A thank you goes out to all who have supported the Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center over the past year. Included are Dr. Howard McGinn, current Dean of University Libraries; Dr. Richard Stern, former Acting Dean of University Libraries; Mr. Paul Chao, Associate Director of University Libraries; Ms. Catriona Hill, Building Manager; Maintenance Staff who keep our area clean and cheerful; Monsignor Robert Wister, Professor of Theology; Dr. Xueming Bao for his prowess on web publishing, the faculty and staff of the University Library and every donor, researcher and anyone not listed individually who has provided support and good will in any and all forms. Respectfully Submitted By, Alan Delozier University Archivist/Associate Professor

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