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    Annual Report of the Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center (July 2006-July 2007) The importance of public service, historical preservation and fostering a respectful environment are key elements in the established mission and goals associated with daily operations undertaken by the Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center staff on an everyday basis. These are objectives, which have been met in different ways as the wide-range of endeavors performed within this office have contributed to a positive, conscientious, and ever-increasing quality level of performance in the process. The staff currently consists of four full-time professionals including: Monsignor Francis R. Seymour, Archdiocesan Archivist; Dr. Kate Dodds, Archival Assistant/Genealogist; Mr. Justin Myzie, Records Management Clerk; Professor Maura Kenny, Processing Archivist/Librarian; Ms. Jeannie Brasile, Gallery Director and Alan Delozier, Director/University Archivist. This report outlines and explains some of the most prominent ways we have facilitated reference assistance, developed collection holdings, promoted public awareness and it also highlights other key accomplishments made over the past year. Major Special Projects A number of different initiatives which involve the Archives & Special Collections on a continual basis and beyond the confines of the University Libraries alone have been started over the past year and expansion to be worked upon in the days ahead. Among the most involved include… • Catholic Research Resources Initiative. A long-term collaborative effort between various Catholic-administrated institutions of higher education across the nation including the University of Notre Dame, Catholic University of America, University of San Diego and others including Seton Hall University involves the long-term digitization and Internet publishing of unique objects representing the physical history of the Catholic Church. The efforts made by Dr. Howard McGinn, Dean of University Libraries led to the adoption of this program. The first stage involving the charter members of this group involves a standardized system of metadata whereby the information and images produced can be placed on a centralized web site with various links for greater exposure and opportunity for study. The Seton Hall University Catholic Portals homepage being developed in partnership between the University Libraries, TLTC Center and the Archives & Special Collections is under development at the present time. The Archives & Special Collections Center has been responsible for the content which includes introductory text, captions and objects. The first materials filmed include chalices, ciboria, sick call boxes and related items. Publication of this page is scheduled for the fall of 2007. Additions to the site have and will continue to be made to the primary site over the next few years. The URL is – http://www.catholicresearch.net • Archdiocesan Patrimony. The creation of an advisory body devoted to identifying and preserving materials, papers and objects related to the history of the Archdiocese of

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    Newark has been endorsed by the Chancery Office. Each member of the Archives & Special Collections Center who deals with Archdiocesan records serves on this board. A document on what materials are to be saved along with an initial plan on how to proceed with advisement and/or transfer of materials from the over 300+ parishes and institutions located throughout the entire See. Preliminary meetings have been held of the board, and further development of this project will be forthcoming over the next year and beyond as the finer points of this operation are carried out by the committee and participants alike. • Disaster Preparation & Recovery. Building upon existing safeguards, the Archives & Special Collections Center in close consultation and partnership with the University Libraries has led to a closer look and improvement upon safety measures in our area. Under the guidance of Dr. Howard McGinn, Dean of University Libraries, the charge has been made to edit the existing Archives & Special Collections Disaster Plan Guide and to create a newly improved one for Walsh Library as well. This includes input from a special committee, research and working with the University Disaster Plan already in place. Additionally, plans for increased security and environmental preservation measures are being made to further protect collections found in the Archives & Special Collections Center storage vault. Recent measures include a collaboration with Mr. Michael Garcia, Internal Auditor for the University on material, object and donation appraisal and the procurement of a large free standing safe with alarm features placed in the storage vault in order to offer extra protection for smaller and more precious items found in our collection. • Campus Beautification. Various requests for photographic and design ideas were received and acted upon over the past year. In line with those historical images of various types (please see the 2005-2006 Annual Report for more detail) requested last year including those displayed in the Bayley Hall Waiting Room, Campus Bookstore, School of Business Conference Room – Jubilee Hall. Major installments made over the past year include 50 different framed architectural and student images of campus from the 1850s-1980s which are interspersed throughout the Student Center Dining Hall area. No attribution was given in print form, but these photographs all originated from our photographic and postcard collections. Another project in its initial stages, is the planning for a massive mural of the greatest Men’s Basketball players in Seton Hall University history over the last century plus for installation at the Newark Arena upon completion most likely within the next year. Player images and numerical information to be incorporated in this painting are based in large measure upon images featured inside the book: Seton Hall Pirates – A Basketball History along with various photographs from the collection as a whole. Sesquicentennial Celebration & School Commemoration - Seton Hall University The final activities associated with this celebration of the 150th anniversary of Seton Hall University were first undertaken during the Fall 2005 and has effectively ended by the end of the Fall 2006 semester. However, a few initiatives have endured into 2007 and continue to be part of our ongoing support agenda. As Chair of this Committee, the University Archivist led

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    or assisted in each aspect of this commemoration. Counted among the major accomplishments related to this event over the past year include the following contributions… • Student Journals. This project which focuses upon the lifestyles and observations of first year students at Seton Hall was facilitated by Dr. Tracy Gottlieb, Director of Freshmen Studies in one of her classes as a public service credit program. Student journals, photographs and other materials were made into individual portfolios which were forwarded to the Archives & Special Collections Center and will be evaluated in full for additional research and promotional use at a future date. As a follow-up measure a general call to each participant was sent out to inquire whether they wished to continue with the project and offer additional journal information as they progressed through their Sophomore year. A pair of students – Ms. Lisha Arino and Ms. Cendahl Cornellio-Alter arose to volunteer and have been actively adding to their portfolio over the past year and attended various meetings with Student Journals Committee members Dr. Dodds, Mr. Myzie, Ms. Kenny and Ms. Mary Bigelow form the Office of Grants and Ms. Naoma Welk, area resident and author. Further developments on this project are expected to continue as the Fall 2007 semester begins in earnest. • Institutional History. The end of the 2006 year has signaled the end of the Sesquicentennial of Seton Hall University, but the task of documenting the history of the school remains. Within the past five issues of the Seton Hall University Magazine (the last three will be outlined here with the first two found in the 2005-2006 Annual Report summary) articles on various periods of overall school history, and a complimentary series on sports highlights (six separate entries in all) authored (or adapted) by the University Archivist have been featured. The Summer 2006 edition covered the 1932-50 era; the Fall 2006 edition shows 1950-68 activities and 1968-2006 is part of the Winter/Spring 2007 issue. Corresponding information in the form of data boxes on Presidents, Expenses, Core Curriculum, Student Activities, Admissions and Head Coaches for example were provided along with a number of images germane to the time period to show a corresponding illustrative history as well. Local author, Ms. Naoma Welk also contributed two outstanding articles on the History of the Village entitled – “Destination: South Orange 1932-1968” (Winter 2006) and “Tradition and Innovation: South Orange 1968-Present” (Winter/Spring 2007) respectively. Dr. Dermot Quinn, Professor of History is still currently undertaking research and writing of the 150th anniversary of Seton Hall University due for publication within the next few years. • Seminary History. Another commemorative book related to Seton Hall will be written by Msgr. Robert Wister, Chair of the School of Theology who is writing a history of the Immaculate Conception Seminary over the next few years. He has started with a survey of resources related to the subject and reviewing copies of source notes and annotations from the previously published history of the institution by Rev. Henry Beck. Also aided immeasurably in the organization of the Immaculate Conception Seminary Collection of materials transferred from here to the Archives & Special Collections Center.

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    • University & Charter Day. The Seton Hall version of Homecoming and Founder’s Day respectively. Membership of the University Archivist on each Planning Committee is maintained and the Archives & Special Collections is involved by extension. For University Day, various history themes are stressed each year including the 2006 edition. A script on the architectural highlights of the campus was provided for narration by Ms. Andrea Davis from the Office of Advancement and the sound track included as an iPod option for those interested in touring the campus during this October event. This technology was used for subsequent events and offered as an option to anyone who wants to listen to the history of school landmarks. For Charter Day, assistance with the presentation program was facilitated as it has over the past commemorations. Last year a special history booklet outlining the History of Seton Hall from 1856-2006 was produced by the University Archivist as a compliment to the event insert. Reference Requests & Public Service The main focus of the Archives & Special Collections Center is public service, and this fact is evident in the number of requests completed over the past year which were handled primarily by Dr. Kate Dodds and myself with periodic assistance from other staff members. The following tables offer a breakdown and ratio explanation of research type, time frame, fiscal year and related data comparison overall according to the three major divisions of activity – Archdiocese of Newark, Seton Hall University and Ireland/Irish-American Life Collections. Archdiocese of Newark FY 02 FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 July-Dec. 260 235 342 263 213 365 Jan–Jun 290 303 225 239 280 349 Total 550 538 538 502 493 714 Seton Hall University FY 02 FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 July-Dec. 150 171 176 196 210 158 Jan–Jun 175 163 163 179 207 122 Total 325 334 339 375 417 280 Ireland/Irish-American Life FY 02 FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 July-Dec. 79 198 21 17 63 17 Jan–Jun 102 55 6 35 34 18 Total 181 253 27 52 97 35

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    • These figures are all close approximations since they are based on actual statistics representing formal research summaries completed by select members of the Archives & Special Collections Center including Dr. Dodds, Mr. Myzie and the Director. Other research requests were completed by Msgr. Francis Seymour, Archdiocesan Archivist which are not recorded in full here.) Our success rate is 85-90% in regard to finding an answer to each request received. Since each query differs and has its own uniqueness we take as much time as needed to attain completion, but in every case we try to point an individual toward the right location or other potential source matter/library/archives which may be of help. Since we are a repository that not only deals with an academic-based clientele of faculty, staff and students, but also the general public most of our research requests deal with very specific information such as genealogy/family history, Catholicism in New Jersey and allied topics. Most of these queries cover anywhere between 15 minutes to multiple days for completion which varies depending upon the complexity and detail involved with each question received. A representative or full list of specific research projects is available upon request. Inquires received by the Archives & Special Collections Center come from across the nation and world with a majority having originated in New Jersey. Among other states represented during this period include: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia. Foreign Countries include: Australia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Iraq, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom – Northern Ireland. • A complete or partial list of specific research projects is available upon request. Door Count - Overall 2006 July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Total N/A N/A 2354 2025 1820 1450 2007 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June Total 2120 2230 2232 1838 2088 1696 • Total from 7/1/2006 through 6/30/2007 = 21,954 (10,877 one way traffic) This particular statistic shows the vast amount of visitation experienced within the Archives & Special Collections Center. However, employees, maintenance stops and curious bystanders on daily rounds constitute most of this overall tally. Approximately 20-40% fall into the researcher, or potential inquisitor category and specific numbers on fully completed research projects are outlined in the section above.

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    Internet Homepage/Website This initiative was originally created by, and has been maintained by the Director since inception. Overall, the introduction of a totally reformatted homepage continues to be one of the most important advancements made to promote and offer more connected options between the research community and the Archives & Special Collections Center. Launched during February of 2003, reception to this homepage has been positive and the site utilized extensively while various additions have been made at regular intervals. With constant planning and updates made to this resource area we plan to offer a more extended research environment both on-site and off-site than ever before. The unique part of this website is that a user does not have to scroll down to see each part of the screen interface and a majority of links are only one- to-three levels deep when entering the site in more detail. Gratitude goes to Dr. Xueming Bao, Associate Professor/Librarian for his work in the technical aspects of website facilitation in line with our regularly submitted original content and edited/updated information as well. Like most comparable Internet pages, the front page area is broken down into three general sections which cover major topic areas dedicated to the collection holdings within the titles found as follows: I. Msgr. William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center (Introduction), II. University Archives, III. Seton Hall History Links, IV. Encyclopedia Setonica, V. Office of Records Management, VI. Archdiocese of Newark Collection, VII. Sacramental Records & Genealogy Resources, VIII. Catholic New Jersey History & Video Archive, IX. New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission, X. Rare Book Collections, XI. American Civil War & Military History, XII. Ireland & Irish-America, XIII. G.K. Chesterton, XIV. Affiliated Special Collections, XV. Manuscript & Photographic Collections, XVI. Artifacts, Ephemera & Related Collections, XVII. Detailed Collection Guides & Finding Aids, XVIII. Doctoral Dissertations & Master’s Theses. On the bottom toolbar are sections devoted to more interactive content and contact options connected to our resources: XIX. Hours & User Policies, XX. Staff & Contact Data, XXI. News & Reports, XXII. How-To-Donate Materials, XXIII. Books for Sale, XXIV. FAQs & Guest Book, XXV. Archival Links. The third segment situated on the right side of the site features more broad-based web links which include: XXVI. Blessed Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton Resources, XXVII. South Orange (NJ) History, XXVIII. Religious Archival & Internet Resources. Within the last year the following major sections have been added: IV. Encyclopedia Setonica and XVII. Detailed Collection Guides & Finding Aids. Several other pages have been updated and modified as circumstances warranted including the New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission, American Civil War & Military History, Ireland & Irish-America, Affiliated Special Collections, Hours & User Policies, News & Reports, Books For Sale and South Orange (NJ) History for example. Professor Kenny has added our first formal finding aids which is a major step towards parody with larger research institutions. Edited pages from Dr. Dodds in regard to Family History and Genealogy related upgrades effectively serve our family history community of researchers in turn.

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    The format of this homepage is a success if the site counter is any indication. There have been approximately 11,566+ hits on this page between 7/2006-6/30/2007 and since its inception in February, 2003 there have been 18,251+ hits overall. Broken down, the following figures show usage levels… Internet Homepage Counter Statistics – Specific Numbers (Since 2/2003) Page Title # Hits Msgr. William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center (Introduction)…………………....................250 Mission Statement………………………………………………………………………………………………...65 University Archives……………………………………………………………………………………………...728 [RG and Classification Guide – 510 , Reading List – 809] Seton Hall History Links………………………………………………………………………….....................1059 Encyclopedia Setonica……………………………………………………………………………………………46 Office of Records Management…………………………………………………………………... ……………808 Archdiocese of Newark Collection……………………………………………………………….....................1035 Sacramental Records & Genealogy Resources………………………………………………….......................2624 [Obtaining a Certificate – 572, Closed Parishes – 700, Introduction to Index – 787, Non-Microfilmed Church Index – 1131, Cemeteries – 804) Catholic New Jersey History & Video Archive…………………………………………………………………391 [Catholic New Jersey History – 702] New Jersey Catholic Historical Records Commission…………………………………………….....................710 Rare Book Collections…………………………………………………………………………………………..334 [Catalog – 3951] American Civil War & Military History………………………………………………………………………..454 [Catalog – 3337] Ireland & Irish-America………………………………………………………………………...........................731 [MacManus – 4250 ] G.K. Chesterton……………………………….………………………………………………………………....14 Affiliated Special Collections………………………………………………………………………..................112 Manuscript & Photographic Collections………………………………………………………………………..989 Artifacts, Ephemera & Related Collections…………………………………………………………………….342 Detailed Collection Guides & Finding Aids……………………………………………………………………125 Doctoral Dissertations & Master’s Theses……………………………………………………………………...292 Hours & User Policies……………………………………………………………………………......................675 Staff & Contact Data…………………………………………………………………………………………..1066 News & Reports…………………………………………………………………………………………………661 How-To-Donate Materials………………………………………………………………………………………253 Books for Sale………………………………………………………………………………………....................83 FAQs & Guest Book……………………………………………………………………………………………318 Archival Links…………………………………………………………………………………………………..731 Blessed Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton Resources……………………………………………………………….631 South Orange (NJ) History……………………………………………………………………………………...279 [South Orange Books – 138] Religious Archival & Internet Resources……………………………………………………………………….564 • The Archives & Special Collections homepage can be found at the following web address – http://library.shu.edu/sc-homepage.htm

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    Archival Research & Daily Operations – Dr. Kate Dodds Dr. Kate Dodds has provided immeasurable and invaluable service to the Archives & Special Collections Center over the past year. She has coordinated exhibit projects, handled supply/procurement requests, office communication and several other tasks on a regular basis in a thorough and professional manner. I. Reference Requests Seton Hall University Msgr. William Noé Field Special Collections Center Annual Report ~ Archival Assistant Kathleen S. Dodds, D.A. 1 January – 30 June 2007 I. Requests Completed Sacramental Requests handled by Kate Dodds FY FY FY FY FY 03 04 05 06 07* July- 25 $125 34 $180 27 $145 18 $115 47 $245 Dec. Jan– 41 $205 35 $175 28 $155 41 $210 65 $349 Jun Total 66 $330 69 $355 55 $300 59 $321 112 $594 Genealogy Searches handled by Kate Dodds FY FY FY FY FY 03 04 05 06 07* July- 14 $350 6 $200 12 $402 16 $460 6 $300 Dec. Jan– 9 $195 11 $285 14 $255 15 $490 10 $230 Jun Total 23 $545 17 $485 26 $657 31 $970 16 $530 G. Other Searches handled by Kate Dodds for which fees were collected FY 05 FY 06 FY 07* July-Dec. 6 $ 56.00 8 $397 3 $ 38 Jan–Jun 7 $ 45.90 7 $148 7** $ 89.30 Total 23 $101.90 15 $545 10 $127.30 (* An Excel spreadsheet for 2006 is available upon request, ** All handled by the Director)

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    H. Letters sent in response to Sacramental Requests FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 July-Dec. 30 50 48 8 23 Jan–Jun 41 27 22 20 46 Total 70 77 70 28 69 I. Letters sent in response to Genealogy Inquiries FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 July-Dec. 49 32 54 25 19 Jan–Jun 57 37 32 44 43 Total 106 69 86 69 62 J. Notification letters sent FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 July-Dec. 29 26 19 16 18 Jan–Jun 12 10 13 12 17 Total 41 36 32 28 35 K. Genealogy Researcher Appointments FY 03 FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 FY 07 July-Dec. 35 43 60 19 19 Jan–Jun 57 43 54 47 43 Total 92 86 114 66 62 L. Statistics from Weekly Reports Letters Letters Letters Letters Letters Calls Calls SHU Genealogy Certificate Notification ADN SHU Genealogy Jul-Dec 05 256 109 45 15 25 185 80 Jan-Jun 06 323 149 72 14 48 196 127 Totals FY06 579 258 117 29 73 381 207 Jul-Dec 06 222 138 75 28 89 121 87 Jan-Jun 07 326 191 117 24 109 172 138 Totals FY07 544 329 192 52 198 293 225 Calls Calls Researchers Researchers Researchers Researchers Certificate ADN MacManus SHU Genealogy ADN Jul-Dec 05 88 60 51 42 20 11 Jan-Jun 06 132 78 21 36 53 10 Totals FY06 220 138 72 78 73 21 Jul-Dec 06 139 80 5 17 41 11 Jan-Jun 07 185 59 5 35 41 8 Totals FY07 321 139 10 52 82 19 • Overall figures can be located in the section on Reference Requests & Public Service found above.

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    II. Accession Reports (Produced and material housed in vault) A. SHU – TLTC Handbook for Faculty, Military Qualification Standards II, Manual of Common Tasks for Lieutenants and Captains B. ADN – Archbishop McCarrick’s guest book, Sacred Heart Cathedral Basilica, 1998-2000 C. SHU - White and Blue, 1925 [Lawrence Patrick] D. ADN – History St. Catharine, Meditations on the Stained Glass Windows of St. Catharine of Siena, Spring Lake NJ; Bishop O’Connor letter re: 50th Anniversary of the Diocese E. ADN – vestments, memorabilia, books, artifacts from Msgr. Bonelli, secretary to Archbishop Boland F. ADN – files, videotapes, books [Archbishop Myers] G. ADN – files [Archbishop Gerety] H. SHU – ROTC books, clippings, brochures, booklets, programs [Lt. Col. Madelfia Abb] I. SHU – banners, New Student Orientation J. ADN – sacramental registers, St. Venantius, Orange K. SHU – papers, clippings, programs, publications, photos, framed memorabilia [Msgr. Fleming] L. ADN – scrapbooks re: Vatican II [Mrs. Frank Whitrock] M. SHU – rubbings, slides, stained glass windows, Immaculate Conception Chapel, SHU, from restoration ‘06 N. SHU – scrapbooks [Msgr. Kelley] O. SHU – Annual Reports, 2005-6 P. ADN – Sick Call Set, [Msgr. James Bouffard] Q. ADN – scrapbook, clippings re: Archbishop McCarrick’s assignment to Washington DC R. ADN – homilies, notes and other writing, Rev. George Clyde, Sacred Heart, Haworth S. ADN – letters, Bishop J.J. O’Connor [Jane Stoeffler, Catholic University] T. ADN – photos [Bishop Marconi] U. SHU – media guides, programs [Sports Information] V. ADN – parish history, prayer cards, medals [Jo Renée Formicola, SHU Pol. Sci.] W. ADN-SHU – papers, clippings, publications, photos, plaques [Rev. Walter Debold] X. SHU – papers, memorabilia [Frederick Justin Wortmann, Esq.] Y. SHU – CD, videotapes, files – SOPAC [Jason Marquis] Z. SHU – publications [University Advancement] AA. ADN – CD’s, pastors from Kearny [Edward Civinskas] BB. ADN – CD, Mass of Dedication, Crypt, Sacred Heart Cathedral Basilica, Newark [Christy Leigh Guerra] • Additional accessions and information received via the Director on donated materials is available upon request. III. Finding Aids Constant updates to Priest Files, Parish Files, Archbishop Gerety [incorporation of 8 cartons of topical files and correspondence], Archbishop McCarrick (154pp.), Archbishop Myers [incorporation of 17 boxes of topical files, correspondence, chronological files and miscellaneous files] Collections, constant updates to Departmental Brochures, Boland Fire (54 pp.), Msgr. Sheeran papers. IV. Supervision of Students & Volunteers A. Eilish Harrington, student 1. supervised her listing files from McNulty Hall

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    B. Tim Crandall, student 1. advised Tim’s listing books to/from Cataloging 2. supervised Tim’s listing of numerous VHS videos and storage 3. oversaw Tim’s reorganization of Rare Books in catalogue number order in vault 4. asked Tim’s help to find MacManus books in vault and upstairs 5. directed Tim’s accession & storage of Msgr. Bonelli artifacts C. Jessica Sechrist, student 1. advised her processing of Patrizzio collection when Alan absent D. Vanessa Guevara, student 1. supervised her insertion of material into SHU Vertical File, updating Publications list 2. guided her accessioning Sports Information materials and storage in vault and listing of posters 3. oversaw her research and reporting of Orphanage opening/closings in ADN E. Elizabeth O’Donnell, volunteer, 141.75 hours, Jan 07 – Jun 07 1. guided Elizabeth on identifying ADN shelf finds including papers, files, photos, objects 2. guided Elizabeth with storage of numerous ADN photographs 3. Elizabeth worked with the Director on reducing the accumulation on the cart behind his office F. Beth Morris, volunteer, 16.45 hours, Jan 07 – Jun 07 1. Beth worked with Alan & Maura on organizing Mother Seton Collection 2. Beth worked with Maura on Matthew Rinaldo papers V. Organization Coordinate billing procedures for JP Morgan Chase and accounts with all vendors [Brodart, Conservations Resources, Corporate Express, Gaylord, Metal Edge, Metro Imaging, Sayle & Wimmer, University Products, etc.] • Conduct replenishment & storage of Archival and office supplies. • Maintain Petty Cash reports and make deposits. • Maintain records for Friends of the Archives Fund and now make deposits. VI. Sesquicentennial Served on Student Journals Project Sub-Committee. • With the Director, met with TLTC staff to develop Blackboard Community to archive portfolios of student participants. • Continued to work with Committee to assist volunteers to continue the project during 06- 07.

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    Office of Records Management – Mr. Justin Myzie Mr. Justin Myzie has been very active and diligent in his work on the various files that constitute this active part of our operation. This area is a very important service to campus where help to departments and offices in the manner of records storage/destruction is facilitated, but is often overlooked as a vital part of the institution. Included here is an overview of activities undertaken over the past year. ANNUAL REPORT – RECORDS MANAGEMENT – 2006-2007 Shredding Records Management has not shredded in the past year. We contacted departments to inform them we intended to shred boxes of expired records. Due largely to the relationships built over the past three years we expect departments to respond positively. Storage Area The Records Management Storage Area can hold up to 1,400 boxes. Once again it currently holds many more boxes than it has in the past. The present number is in the vicinity of 1,200 boxes. This is 86 percent of our capacity. The number changes weekly as more records are transferred to Records Management. The majority of boxes originate from current users who are transferring greater numbers of records. Again several departments have taken advantage of our services for the first time this year. Many of these departments take time to develop their Records Retentions Schedules and transfer records. At least three departments have contacted us to either update or create Records Retention Schedules for them. The College of Nursing transferred over 60 boxes of undergraduate records. They also intend to send in the near future many more boxes. Nursing claims these boxes were not microfilmed at the creation of the Records Management Program, when other permanent records were microfilmed by outside contractors. Thus the records will be on site for the long-term as they are microfilmed. Database The Access database used to manage all transfers to Records Management continues to grow. All of the boxes and many of the records transferred to Records Management are tracked in the database. Previously transferred records are still being processed and entered into the database. This includes processing only so departments will sign off for its destruction; the hindrance is no one knows the contents of the boxes. For the first time this includes microfilmed records, no longer extant in hard copy. The microfilmed inventory consists solely of Human Resources files.

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    Routine Operations Several Records Retention Schedules have been updated or created or are in the process of being updated or created. This includes the schedule for the PC Support Services, the College of Nursing, Talent Search Project. Records Management received over 130 requests for records, the majority of which were completed successfully. A great many boxes have been transferred and processed – over 225 boxes (16% of our space). Archives I aided with 16 Archdiocesan, archival, or SHU requests. Archdiocese of Newark – Monsignor Francis Seymour Msgr. Francis Seymour has been active especially in the acquisition of materials and building upon his detailed and prolific priest files which have been of great value over the years. In his words Msgr. Seymour is dedicated to the preservation of Church records and their accessibility to the research community. “My primary function is to preserve and protect documents and artifacts connected with the history of the Archdiocese of Newark and the Catholic Church in the State of New Jersey and to have them available for authorized researchers.” Here is a summary of activities from July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007… • Maintaining and updating files on priests, parishes and Catholic institutions in New Jersey. • Fulfilling requests for research from the Office of the Archbishop of Newark, other departments at the Newark Archdiocesan Center, and from parishes and people in the Archdiocese of Newark and elsewhere. • Responding to telephone, written and electronic requests for archival research from all over the world. • Identifying photographs and collecting newspaper clippings from current publications concerning the Archdiocese of Newark and the Catholic Church in New Jersey. • Serving as Editor and supplying information for the annual Newark Archdiocesan Directory and Almanac. • I have also continued my assistance to Msgr. Robert Wister in his compiling material for his history of Immaculate Conception Seminary. • I have likewise assisted Professor Dermot Quinn in his work on the history of Seton Hall University that he is writing. In the past year, I have received donations of the following material:

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    1. Approximately one hundred audio tapes of events and concerts in Sacred Heart Cathedral Basilica, Newark, during the 1950's and 1960's. These were a gift from Reverend John O'Hara, Pastor of St. Theresa's Church, Staten Island, NY, who was working on the cathedral staff in those days and saved these tapes from destruction. 2. Ten large scrapbooks of clippings from 1959 to the late 1960's, covering the period from the first announcement of the Second Vatican Council to a few years after its closing. These were the gift of Reverend James Weiner, Pastor of St. Luke's Church, Hohokus, who found them in the attic of his rectory. They had been compiled by one of St. Luke's parishioners and donated to the parish many years ago. 3. A large number of very old books and some current ones from the library of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Whiting, NJ. Their library was running out of space and it was decided to offer these volumes to our Archives. 4. Through the year, as in other years, individuals have made separate donations of single books or artifacts too numerous to list here. All have been properly acknowledged with the thanks of the Archives. 5. The family of the late Archbishop Thomas A. Boland donated two boxes of photographs they received from him over the years. I spent a considerable amount of time identifying the people in those photos. Processing Archivist – Professor Maura Kenny The specialization of organizing collections in a systematic and detailed manner makes the work of Professor Kenny a key component in the overall success of the Archives & Special Collections Center. Her efforts have brought a much needed advancement in uniformity of collection descriptions in tandem with a more profound technological presence that has benefited the area in various ways as described as below. Oversaw the processing workflow of the archives, including the arrangement and description of collections, finding aids and Encoded Archival Description (EAD). ƒ A total of 47 ½ linear feet were brought under intellectual and physical control through processing and reformatting of finding aids. ƒ Wrote Procedures Manual of the Monsignor William Noé Field Archives & Special Collections Center to standardize the processing workflow. ƒ Created a standardized finding aid template for the department; future finding aids will be created in this template and old (or legacy) finding aids will be reformatted. ƒ Personally responsible for the arrangement and description, including all written finding aids, for the following collections:

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    o Bernard McQuaid papers o Michael Corrigan papers o James Corrigan papers o Joseph Synott papers o John Stafford papers o James F. Mooney papers o Thomas McLaughlin papers ƒ Finding aid standardization work including reformatting legacy finding aids to fit into the template and writing any needed components for the following collections: o Marcus Daly papers o Puerto Rican Institute records ƒ Supervised student workers and interns and their processing work on the following collections: o Edward Flannery papers, work by Meredith Ahlgren, Jewish Christian Studies major; processing begun by Sister Caroline Mbonu, HHCJ, and Andrew J. Summney o Collection on Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, work by Beth Morris, History major o W. Paul Stillman papers, work by Dan Schoch, History major Projects which were begun in June 2007 but not completed by student interns include: o Matthew Rinaldo papers, work by Beth Morris o Rita Murphy papers, work by intern Teddie Alvater o New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission records, work by intern Jessica Ray. Work on this collection had been begun by Andrew Lattanzi. o Michael Wyschogrod papers, work by intern Diego Salas ƒ Spearheaded all digital work for processing and finding aids within the Archives & Special Collections Center. This two step process includes the encoding of finding aids in Encoded Archival Description (EAD) and the transformation of the EAD files into a web browser readable format. o Encoded the following finding aids in Encoded Archival Description (EAD) • Collection on Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton • Edward Flannery papers • W. Paul Stillman papers • Bernard McQuaid papers • Michael Corrigan papers

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    • James Corrigan papers • Joseph Synott papers • John Stafford papers • James F. Mooney papers • Thomas McLaughlin papers o Some of the EAD files which included subjects of a Catholic nature were also sent to the Catholic Research Resources Initiative (CRRI) website for inclusion for testing in their database. • Collection on Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton • Edward Flannery papers o In conjunction with the Director of the Archives & Special Collections Center, purchased software to aid in the transformation of the EAD file into a HTML file for viewing through a web browser. o In conjunction with the Director and Professor Ming Bao set up a “Detailed Collection Guides and Finding Aids” page on the Archives & Special Collections website. The page will display the finding aids once their transformation into HTML is complete. Currently online versions of finding aids are available for the following collections: Bernard McQuaid papers - http://library.shu.edu/sc/shu0003.1.html Walsh Library Gallery – Ms. Jeannie Brasile This particular area falls under the direct supervision of the Archives & Special Collections Center, but is covered in a separate full-length report. The fine supervisory work of Mr. Brasile has made this one of the most important focal points of the University Libraries overall. More detailed insights on the Gallery and to review the latest, or past issues of the Annual Report please feel free to contact her office for further information. Student Worker/Internship/Volunteer Accomplishments The contributions of our student workers/interns/volunteers help immeasurably to the organizational efforts of the Archival & Special Collections Center in many different ways. In most cases this invaluable assistance focused upon individual projects and related assignments as created by our staff members. Dr. Dodds, Mr. Myzie and Professor Kenny deserve much credit for primary and direct supervision of various personnel and helped in full or part with guiding many of the individual tasks accomplished over the course of this past year.

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    Among our student workers/interns/volunteers who deserve a tremendous amount of credit for their work include: Ms. Meredith Ahlgren, Ms. Teddie Alvarez, Mr. Tim Crandall, Ms. Erin Ganley, Ms. Vanessa Guevara, Ms. Eilish Harrington, Mr. Andrew Lattanzi, Ms. Beth Morris, Ms. Erika Namaka, Ms. Elizabeth O’Donnell, Ms. Jessica Ray, Ms. Jennifer Roberts, Mr. Diego Salas, Mr. Dan Schoch and Mr. Andrew Summney. They are listed by status and their fine efforts are broken down in capsule form. A majority of these accomplishments have been outlined in the supervisory report compiled by Dr. Dodds or Professor Kenny (when corresponding to Processing-related endeavors) and denoted as such below… Student Workers Mr. Tim Crandall – See report by Dr. Dodds. Ms. Erin Ganley – Assisted Mr. Myzie with various Records Management related projects. Organization of boxes, record inventories and various microfilm research work was performed as a part of her time with the Center. Ms. Eilish Harrington – See report by Dr. Dodds. Unpaid volunteers are a selfless and highly respected part of our staff for their willingness to help on their own time and with much enthusiasm. The following accomplishments were made (# of hours worked listed where available) in turn by these individuals… Ms. Beth Morris – See reports by Dr. Dodds and Professor Kenny. Ms. Elizabeth O’Donnell – See report by Dr. Dodds. Individuals who volunteer for work in the Archives & Special Collections Center as part of an academic program are also providing a needed service for the organization, but also for their own benefit to learn the finer points of the archival profession especially when it comes to the mechanics of processing collections from start to finish (with semester(s) worked) and/or have created a comparable final paper. Included are those who have been involved in this program over the past year… Ms. Meredith Ahlgren – See report by Professor Kenny. Ms. Teddie Alvarez – Began project related to Academic Internship in Archival Processing days prior to the end of June. A more detailed summary will be provided within the next Annual Report. Mr. Andrew Lattanzi – Seton Hall History major who began the organization of the New Jersey Catholic Historical Records Commission files and those of Dr. Joseph Mahoney, former Director of this body. Ended his internship on a full-time basis prior to the beginning of the Fall 2006 semester and during this time and at various points during the Spring 2007 semester

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    offered assistance as this collection and its contents were worked upon in further detail by Ms. Ray. Ms. Erika Namaka – Museum Studies major at Seton Hall who uncovered, photographed, provided descriptive inventories on objects found within each of our Archbishop collections and those related to various Auxiliary Bishops. Finished a first rate inventory guide to materials from Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley through part of the Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Francis Collection Ms. Jessica Ray – Began project related to Academic Internship in Archival Processing days prior to the end of June centered upon the New Jersey Catholic Historical (Records) Commission Collection began by Mr. Lattanzi last year. A more detailed summary will be provided within the next Annual Report. Ms. Jennifer Roberts – Museum Studies major at Seton Hall who is working on the gathering, listing, inventorying and evaluation of materials from the campus radio station: WSOU-FM and materials related to this office already found in the Archives & Special Collections Center in anticipation of an exhibit and reunion event upcoming next year. Mr. Diego Salas – See report by Professor Kenny. Mr. Dan Schoch - Major in History at Seton Hall is worked on materials from the estate of W. Paul Stillman, benefactor to the School of Business including newspaper clippings, books and various property deeds. Mr. Andrew Summney – See report by Professor Kenny. New Jersey Catholic Historical Records Commission This administrative body which had its start at Seton Hall University during the mid-1970s has maintained various activities throughout the past year. The headquarters for this organization remains stationed in the Archives & Special Collections Center where the business files, publications and other materials relating to the organization currently reside. Under the directorship of Dr. James McCartin, Professor of History and guidance of former leader, the recently deceased Dr. Joseph Mahoney (R.I.P.) various activities have taken place through our repository over the past year. Various general meetings and those of the Development, Public Outreach and Scholarship Committees were held within our repository at different times over the past several months. Other accomplishments include… • The passing of Dr. Joseph Mahoney, Dr. Barbara Bari, Rev. Daniel Degnan, S.J. and Msgr. Robert Monetta were acknowledged for their respective contributions and service to the Commission over the years. • A name change was made for the organization to the New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission.

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    • The Director/University Archivist of Seton Hall University was selected as the new Executive Director for this Commission. • A Restructuring Report was created with various recommendation points relating to the future of the Commission. • Three Distinctive Committees were established and Committee Heads named as part of the specialized work of the Commission overall. These include: Development - Dr. Thomas Rzeznik, Public Outreach - Mr. Greg Tobin and Father Augustine Curley – Scholarship. • Commission By-Laws revised for the first time in over a decade in line with the accepted Restructuring Report noted above. • A new Commission-centered brochure was created for various events and general information purposes. • First round of updates to the Commission Website (hosted by the Archives & Special Collections Center as well) as basic changes and additions were made to the page. An Internet consultant Ms. Stephanie Noble was contacted and in line with the work of Mr. Tobin brought some new ideas for possible inclusion in the renewed homepage. • Early plans were made for the writing of a renewed version of the Commission newsletter not published for over two years. • An updated list was created and ideas for new individuals to join the group were submitted by veterans members. • Work on the budget and balancing accounts was made prior to the end of FY 2006. • Various major and sub-committee meetings held over the past year were scheduled and held to discuss a wide-range of Commission business. Director’s Report – Specific Activities & Accomplishments Along with some previous endeavors listed above some specific efforts are provided in the following section… Public Service & Educational Programming I. Special Lectures/Presentations In conjunction with informal discussions on the finer points of archival science and specifics focusing upon a wide-range of subject areas are discussed in the Archives & Special Collections Center on a daily basis, but special outreach efforts arise in the form of specially scheduled talks before campus groups and the general community alike. Included in this category were the following programs (in chronological order)… “Seton Hall University: Overview of School Architecture/History, 1856-Present,” A formal walking tour delivered before Summer School Students of Seton Hall University. South Orange, NJ: Seton Hall University. (July 26, 2006)

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    “What’s New in the Walsh Library,” Presentation given with fellow University Librarians as part of the Center for Information Technology (TLTC) Summer Institute Seminar Series. South Orange, NJ: Seton Hall University. (August 17, 2006) “Roman Coins – A History & The D’Argenio Collection at Seton Hall University,” Assisted Professor Fred Booth, Classics Professor with his talk before the Bayley-Seton League on the history of numismatics and their connection to ancient history. South Orange, NJ: Seton Hall University. (September 17, 2006) “Seton Hall University: Overview of School History, 1856-Present,” A formal presentation delivered before the Bayley-Seton League of Seton Hall University. South Orange, NJ: Seton Hall University. (September 19, 2006) “Cead Mile Failte: Documenting Irish Immigrant Work, Religion, and Culture,” A presentation on the Irish-related collections of our repository delivered before the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference. Scranton PA. (April 20, 2007) “Archivist – Profession Overview,” Presentation given to the Rotary Club of South Orange on the work done by those in our profession and an overview of the activities undertaken within the Archives & Special Collections. South Orange, NJ: Café Arugela. (May 24, 2007) II. Mass Media & Promotion Broadcast and print publicity alike helps to both solidify existing interest and widen exposure to our collections and services. Included were the following results from the past year… Internal Broadcast & Print Highlights • Revisions made to the Archives & Special Collections and Office of Records Management sections of the Seton Hall University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog(ue)s, 2007-2008. • Promotional notices on Archives & Special Collections activities submitted on a regular basis to the Seton Hall University Office of Advancement, Academic Archivist (Society of American Archivists), Mid-Atlantic Archivist (MARAC), Association of Catholic Diocesan Archivists and related organizations. External Broadcast & Print Highlights • Listed in an article entitled – “Remembering and Honoring the Past” by Phyllis Salvato found in the October 19, 2007 edition of the Italian Tribune. • Donation of materials from Mr. Thomas Murray, former Essex Catholic High School teacher and our repository was featured in the Easter 2007 edition of the TC Eagle’s Eyrie newsletter. • Mention in the bibliography section of the Wikipedia “Seton Hall University” entry found on the Internet.

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    • Profile article on the University Archivist written by Mr. Michael Duquette was published in the December 16, 2007 edition of the Setonian (School Newspaper). Internal Print Highlights. • Numerous information, photographic research, project advice has been provided in regard to various campus-centered department publication and promotional projects especially through the Office of Advancement. Examples such as the photographing of various artifacts from our collection for future Alumni newsletter feature articles were digitized. Specific project accomplishments are featured in our detailed research files. III. Academic Presentations Teaching lessons on information literacy and research techniques is an ongoing service provided mainly through the collaborative efforts of the University Libraries and various academic departments. Mainly class sessions connected with the History Department, but Freshman Studies and English were also undertaken at regular intervals. Students were often helped afterward with their assignments and reinforcement of research techniques. A total of 13 classes (7 Fall and 6 Spring) and 150+ students were taught over the past academic year. Serve as University Libraries liaison to the History, Religious Studies and Military Science Departments. • Assisted Ms. Betty Sieduth, a Graduate Student at the Pratt Institution in New York with questions regarding a report on Archives/Records Management that she wrote on the Seton Hall University operation for a term paper assignment during the Fall 2006 semester. • Assisted Ms. Johanna Neumann, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and Ms. Adeena Spingarn, a graduate student at Harvard University in regard to the writer Roi Ottley. The master’s thesis on his life and work written by the Director has been requested and shared with these individuals. IV. Publications Included are various articles written by the Director to promote various aspects of University History and History at large. Included are the following examples… “Bloodlines and Bluelines: Hockey as a Genealogical Study in the French-American Experience,” Je Me Souviens – Journal of the American-French Genealogical Society, 29:2, Autumn 2006. “Celebrating 150 Years, 1932-1950,” Seton Hall University Magazine, Summer 2006. “Celebrating 150 Years, 1950-1968,” Seton Hall University Magazine, Fall 2006. “Celebrating 150 Years, 1968-2006,” Seton Hall University Magazine, Winter/Spring 2007. “History of Athletics at Seton Hall College, 1932-1950,” Seton Hall University Magazine, Summer 2006.

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    “History of Athletics at Seton Hall College, 1950-1968,” Seton Hall University Magazine, Fall 2006. “History of Athletics at Seton Hall College, 1968-2006,” Seton Hall University Magazine, Winter/Spring 2007. “Papers of Defeated President Candidates – Political, Profound, Praiseworthy, Yet Still Overlooked,” Congressional Roundtable (Society of American Archivists) Internet Newsletter, Spring 2007. • “The Call of Two Cities: Citizenship and Christian Identity,” Seton Hall University Center for Catholic Studies Conference. Essay written in honor of this event on the connection of Frank Hague, Jersey City and St. Augustine, but is unpublished as of yet. V. Campus/Community Activities & Exhibitions Special Exhibitions/Displays The benefit of our manuscript collections is accentuated by photographic and objects which form a visual compliment to our strictly written research materials. These lend themselves to a thematic interpretation of some of part of Setonia or Church History in some manner. Among the exhibits undertaken over the past year include… • The Msgr. William Noe' Field Archives & Special Collections Center has partnered with the Newark Public Library to cosponsor an exhibit entitled: "The Irish in Newark and New Jersey" which draws on the historical legacy of the Irish-American experience in the Garden State. The Newark Public Library serves as the physical site and the primary source for display materials, but you can view the contributions of other individuals and repositories including our own during the course of this exhibition. (3/14-5/11/2007) More information about this event can be found via the following homepage – http://www.npl.org/Pages/ProgramsExhibits/Exhibits/irish07.html • Display Cases – Walsh Library Gallery, First Floor. Help and/or supplied materials to aid the creation of various window exhibits. Multiple cases devoted to the early History of Seton Hall University, Mother Seton and the Seton Family (Spring-Summer 2006). Celebration of the World Cup – Italy Victory which incorporated various trophies from the collection (Summer-Fall 2006). Preliminary advice provided in regard to an exhibit on Latin American Art (Spring 2007). Preparation done in anticipation of various projects to be staged during the Late Summer/Fall 2007 semester. Included are: “Form, Faith and Function” An Exhibit of Religious Garments, Essex Catholic High School – A History, Ed Lucas – A Life in Baseball & “As He Sees Life” for example.

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    • Display Cases – Archives & Special Collections Center. Continuation of the display on text books and primers used over the years at the school. Ideas formulated in anticipation of a new exhibit to be assembled in time for the Fall 2007 semester. • Other Exhibits - Rosary beads on loan to the Seton Hall University Museum (Fahy Hall) for an exhibit on ceremonial objects in religious art (1/2007-present) II. Campus Committees Part of the connection between our department and the wider-Seton Hall community comes with my participation in campus life. Most often in the form of service on short, or long- standing advisory and service bodies. Included are my most active ones from the past year… • Leadership Capacity. Executive Director – New Jersey Catholic Historical Commission (see separate section for further information), Co-Advisor for the Seton Hall University Student Irish Society (Pirates of Irish Persuasion and Excellence, PIPE). • Representative Participation. Center for Catholic Studies Committee, Charter Day Committee, Disaster Planning Committee, Faculty Guide & By-Laws Committee and Library Committee (Faculty Senate Sub-Committees), Faculty Senate – Alternate (2006), Immaculate Conception Seminary Library Committee, Library Collection Development, Program Review (Library) Committee, Sesquicentennial Symposium Planning Committee, University Day Committee, Walsh Library Gallery Advisory Board (Ex- Officio Member), Women’s Conference Planning Committee. III. External Committees Just like administrative bodies within the school, those devoted to professional and associated organizations help with learning about new trends in the field and provide opportunity for growth. Among those in which participation has been undertaken include… • Leadership Capacity. Co-Chair of the Arrangements Committee for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference Fall 2006 Meeting (Morristown, NJ). • Representative Participation. Archdiocese of Newark Patrimony Committee, Collections Committee – Catholic Resources Research Initiative (CRRI), Board of Advisors & Member – South Orange Historical Preservation Society. IV. Consultation & Professional Aid An extra part of the job includes sharing professional advice with colleagues and others who might have an interest in the particulars of archival science and other types of information needs. Included are some projects and problems that have been assisted with over the past year…

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    • Caldwell College. Basic advice on archival program initiatives to be applied at the school in anticipation of their upcoming anniversary in 2009. (Spring 2006) • Columbia High School, South Orange-Maplewood. Provided insights and assistance on the creation of a standardized archival program at this institution. (Summer 2007) • Drew University. Participated in a colloquium on the benefits of an Archival Studies program at this school. (3/9/207) • Genovese, Anthony. Alumnus of Seton Hall asked for assistance on the Archival Science and graduate studies in Library Science. • Immaculate Conception Library. Assistance on how to deal with mold and mildewed books within this collection. (9/2007) • Newark Historical Collaborative. Discussion about a collaborative project with other Newark (NJ) historical repositories including the Public Library, Historical Society, etc. (Spring 2007) • Sacred Heart Church – Jersey City. Evaluation of materials from this parish in line with the Patrimony Committee dictates on saving institutional records and objects. (8/4/2007) • St. Lucy’s Church-Newark First Ward Committee. Involved with a collection and preservation collaborative with this parish/group for long-term historical exhibit and research projects. (Spring 2007-present) • Seton Hall University Law School. Offered help on photograph, scanning and pricing estimates in regard to publication standards. (6/2007-present) • South Orange Public Library. Helped with ideas on local history program and resource preservation, storage and acquisition ideas. This is an ongoing consultancy. (2005- present) V. Special Accomplishments & Other Programs Outside of speaking engagements and sponsored events through the Archives & Special Collections Center, other unique opportunities for recognition or reflection arise. Here are some of the following ones that took place over the recent past… • Archival Advisory Board. This group is made up of various individuals from the Office of Advancement, Library Administration and those who can assist on decision making and help with donor outreach, fund raising and other initiatives. Further information will be found in subsequent Annual Reports as group activities become more focused and projects completed. • Irish and Italian Advisory Boards. Based on the concept of the main overall Archival Advisory Board with specific focus areas with the assistance of various members from the campus community and general public alike. Further information will be found in subsequent Annual Reports as group activities become more focused and projects completed. • Ron D’Argenio. Donor of the Roman, Greek and Byzantine Coin/Artifact Collection and other materials was honored as the Library designee of distinction at the annual Seton Hall University “Many Are One” celebration. (5/2007) • Continuation of work on streamlining books, clippings and other materials found in what will eventually become the foundation of a specialized Msgr. William Noé Field Collection.

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    Collection Acquisitions Many different publications, artifacts and other items have been received and housed by the Archives & Special Collections Center over the past year. This is a significant part of our mission in building up material holdings as a means of perpetuating the value of historical scholarship in its various forms. Each item which comes into our collection is acquiring either by a staff member, independent means, word of mouth or direct inquiry/notice asking for donations. Materials are collected and accessioned into the Archives & Special Collections Center holdings catalog on a continual basis. The Director and Dr. Kate Dodds make the evaluation and create the accession form for each group of item(s) in turn. Counted among the most significant collections amassed over the past year include… • The Father Walter De Bold (1916-2006) library of books and related texts in the study of ritualism and cults across the world will enliven our growing Rare Book Collection. Former University President Msgr. Edward Fleming has donated a number of newspaper clippings, photographs, letters and associated materials related to his life in academia and administrative circles that chronicle his activities as Chief Executive of Setonia from 1969- 70 in particular. Area teacher and historian, Thomas "TC" Murray who worked on the 1964 Tercentenary of New Jersey, and is widely regarded as the foremost expert on the now defunct Essex Catholic High School, is entrusting his papers and copies of publications which range from the 1960s-2000s to our repository. The acquisition of various book and print collections including a number of nineteenth and early twentieth century volumes from the Mother Seton Parish in Whiting and significant objects relating to the Cathedral of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark have been donated by former head docent and historian Bernard Flanagan. • A complete list of individual acquisitions can be obtained via request from the Archives & Special Collections Center. Conclusion A thank you goes out to all who have supported the Monsignor William Noe’ Field Archives & Special Collections Center over the past year. Included are Dr. Howard McGinn, Dean of University Libraries; Mr. Paul Chao, Associate Director of University Libraries; Ms. Catriona Hill, Building Manager; Maintenance Staff especially Mr. Nelson Paz-Marquez who keeps our area clean, cheerful and conscientious; Monsignor Robert Wister, Professor of Theology; Dr. Xueming Bao, Associate Professor/Librarian; the faculty and staff of the University Library and every donor, researcher and anyone not listed individually who has provided support and good will in any and all forms. Respectfully Submitted By, Alan Delozier Director/University Archivist

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