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    2018 Sustainability and Community Relations Annual Report Photo courtesy of OneGoal. Students in OneGoal’s Chicago, IL, USA program learn leadership principles to prepare for high school graduation and the transition to college.

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    ADTALEM 2 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT A Message on Adtalem’s Sustainability Dear readers, It is my pleasure to introduce and Adtalem’s fiscal year 2018 Sustainability and Community as well. Twenty U.S. states and our Caribbean communities were impacted by hurricanes, flooding Community Report. As many of you know, Adtalem Global Education has a mission-driven focus, and other natural disasters. We therefore provided additional corporate contributions to disaster Programs demonstrated in what we teach and how we teach, and importantly, demonstrated by our relief in an effort to advance rebuilding endeavors in these resilient communities. Learn about tens of thousands of alumni and the Foundation and our global members across the globe making giving on pages 6 and 7. inspiring contributions to their communities. The spirit of giving is best reflected by our colleagues, faculty and Adtalem’s commitments extend students, who volunteered their beyond the community and time, talent and resources to many classroom, and are also reflected in worthwhile organizations over the the way we govern our business to past year. ensure quality operations. Adtalem launched its inaugural Therefore, this year’s report “Month of Service” initiative, has been expanded to include thus deepening our support for an explanation of Adtalem’s colleagues’ personal community sustainability strategy, and to share engagement. An extensive amount Lisa Sodeika examples of our environmental, of volunteering was completed at social and governance (ESG) the campus level as well, benefiting policies and practices. See our people and projects in the places SVP, Corporate Relations, sustainability strategy statement where we teach. See pages 8 Adtalem Global Education and further ESG details on pages 3 and 9 for examples of our global President of the Adtalem through 5. volunteering efforts. Global Education Foundation 2018 was also a transformative year Throughout this report, we for Adtalem Global Education’s have included reflections community platform, as we took a from our community partners. more expansive view to ensure our These “partner profiles” are a community investments reflected representation of the strong Adtalem’s global presence, and relationships we have built with strategic growth in the medical community organizations across and healthcare, and professional the globe. We are grateful to our education segments. partners and value their incredible Also, the move of our corporate contributions to society. headquarters to downtown Adtalem is proud to be a mission- Chicago was reflected in a driven organization dedicated to renewed focus on supporting the being an agent of change globally, public education system in the city. while understanding that true Fiscal 2018 saw an increase in the impact is made locally, person-to- need for disaster relief support person, one community at a time. ABOUT ADTALEM We believe in providing Creating a dynamic global global access to knowledge community of life-long that transforms lives and learners who improve MISSION enables careers. VISION the world.

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    ADTALEM Sustainability: Our Environmental, 3 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT Social and Governance Strategy Adtalem is committed to a holistic Key components of our current ESG practices include: approach to each of our communities, providing quality education and experiences for our students, but also Adtalem considers conducting our business in ways that ENVIRONMENTAL environmentally conscious are responsible for the environment, our options when developing real ongoing and future operations, as well as PRACTICES estate projects, globally. our various stakeholders, while allowing us to give back in a variety of ways. In fiscal year 2018 we developed our formal sustainability strategy statement: Our Corporate Headquarters in Chicago and both the Chicago and Cleveland campuses of ADTALEM’S ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL Chamberlain University are Leadership in Energy and AND GOVERNANCE (ESG) PRACTICES Environmental Design (LEED®) Certified In California, all Buildings. The development of the Adtalem Adtalem real SUPPORT OUR PURPOSE - TO headquarters included the installation of estate projects energy efficient LED lighting and bottle meet that state’s EMPOWER STUDENTS TO ACHIEVE Title 24 Building filling drinking fountains, as well as the use THEIR GOALS, FIND SUCCESS AND of zero or low volatile organic compound Energy Efficiency (VOC) paints. Standards for MAKE INSPIRING CONTRIBUTIONS TO electrical usage. OUR GLOBAL COMMUNITY. ADTALEM AIMS TO EMPOWER AND ENHANCE THE COMMUNITIES IN WHICH WE TEACH, 53% of all energy Per our U.S. consumed by Supplier Code LEARN AND WORK BY OPERATING the Adtalem of Conduct, Educacional do SUSTAINABLY, MAINTAINING we expect our Brasil campuses third party partners to use is powered by the Free Market RESPONSIBLE GOVERNANCE of Energy from Renewable environmentally responsible practices and production STANDARDS, AND SUPPORTING Sources, an open market for methods that meet well- wind, biomass, hydropower and established certification OUR GLOBAL COMMUNITY. similar energy. standards. COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILE AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION “Thanks to Adtalem’s generous support, American Humane has been able to help improve the lives of veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress. With a highly trained service dog from American Humane by their side, these veterans are now able to go out in public, deal with crowds, and attend their children’s activities. We are so grateful to be able to not only help dogs who need a forever home, but give back to our nation’s heroes.” Dr. Amy McCullough, National Director, Rescue and Military Affairs, American Humane Association

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    ADTALEM Sustainability: Our Environmental, 4 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT Social and Governance Strategy STUDENT DIVERSITY SOCIAL Our TEACH values—Teamwork, Energy, Accountability, Community and Heart—shape how we work together PRACTICES to fulfill our promise to our students and each other. 84.3% 35.8% female minority population population Adtalem’s voluntary Student In addition to valuing Commitments build upon our our diverse colleague strong foundation of existing and student base, COLLEAGUE DIVERSITY practices to benefit, inform and our Supplier Diversity support students at all of our Policy recognizes the Title IV institutions. Because we are committed to continuous benefit of creating an equal opportunity 76% vs. 47% improvement and accountability, we review for all suppliers and U.S. female U.S. and refresh our Commitments annually, and an our commitment population average independent third party measures our results for a to diversity and public report. Details about Student Commitments nondiscrimination can be found on the Adtalem website. in our business 40% vs. 22% operations. We have U.S. minority U.S. As part of the Student Commitments, Adtalem multi-year goals population average is dedicated to the responsible marketing of its in place for total products and services, as well as transparency spending with diverse global female and accuracy in all of its advertising messages and promotional communications. All content suppliers and are 64% population actively tracking those developed for use in the United States is governed expenditures. by the Adtalem Marketing Communications Policy. EMPOWER SCHOLARSHIP FUND Adtalem invests in our colleagues. The Adtalem Assistance More than awarded to Professional training courses are Fund directly benefits available through multiple online colleagues and $529,000 278 resources. A tuition assistance students who endure students program is also offered to colleagues to aid in their personal hardship. in 2018 further educational development. Adtalem’s EDGE More than $388,000 Above data excludes DeVry University and (Empowerment, Diversity, Growth, Excellence) was distributed in fall Carrington College. Adtalem does not require network, which supports the enhanced career 2017 to members of students or colleagues to report diversity. Student data is for Fall 2017 enrollment at experience and advancement of women in the the Adtalem family Adtalem’s Title IV institutions, and metrics represent the known percentages for the workforce, is one of our most vibrant internal impacted by hurricanes, population as a whole. Colleague data is as of programs promoting professional development flooding, wildfires and 6/30/18 and is for those who chose to report. Source of U.S. Averages: U.S. Department of and diversity. other natural disasters. Labor and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILE ST. MAARTEN AIDS FOUNDATION “We have had the pleasure of working with AUC and its students for many years in different capacities. We also provide free testing, counseling and treatment in the community— oftentimes in partnership with AUC. This donation will allow us to purchase more than 1,000 HIV rapid test kits for our free screening events, and enables our foundation to continue our vision of promoting HIV awareness and assisting with the care and support of people in St. Maarten who are living with HIV/AIDS. Judith Martin-Bell, St. Maarten AIDS Foundation

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    ADTALEM Sustainability: Our Environmental, 5 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT Social and Governance Strategy BOARD DIVERSITY GOVERNANCE PRACTICES 2016 2018 Under the leadership We have a responsibility to 11% 33% 33% 44% Female Minorities Female Minorities of President uphold strong and CEO Lisa governance Wardell, Adtalem has notably practices in regards to the increased female and multi- security of student and cultural representation on colleague data. Adtalem’s BOARD INDEPENDENCE its Board of Directors since Enterprise Information 2016. We believe diverse Security Framework policy INDEPENDENCE MEMBERS and independent Directors and other procedures on create stronger practices and Information Governance Full Board 77.8% 9 outcomes for the company. and Security are modeled Lisa Wardell is an advocate on National Institute of Audit 100% 3 for increasing the number Standards and Technology of women and minorities (NIST) 800-53 policy Compensation 100% 3 in corporate leadership framework. External positions, and in 2018 Relations 100% 3 became a signatory with Academic CEO Action for Diversity & Quality 100% 3 Inclusion. Nominating 100% 4 Data as of June 30, 2018. We are committed to the highest standards of corporate conduct in the operation of our business. Our code of business conduct sets professional standards for how we operate. Adtalem colleagues receive training on the code of business conduct to enhance understanding of these directives. COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILE CHILDREN FIRST FUND: THE CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOUNDATION “Through Adtalem Global Education’s support, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will have a new and nationally innovative platform for philanthropy. Through this platform, Chicagoans will be able to invest directly in support of CPS schools at all giving levels. Through this generous donation, the Children First Fund: The Chicago Public Schools Foundation, will have the technical support for an organizational re-launch with this new online giving mechanism, as well as marketing materials to organize the city’s vast resources against the needs of Chicago’s youth and schools.” Francie Schnipke Richards, Head of External Partnerships and Development, Chicago Public Schools, and Acting Executive Director of Children First Fund

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    ADTALEM 6 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT The Adtalem Global Education Foundation and Corporate Giving FOUNDATION BOARD MEMBERS The Adtalem Global Education The Adtalem Global Foundation provides support to partners through grants and programs Education Foundation that reflect our organization: • Education: As a provider of education, FINANCIALS FOR FISCAL we encourage those who strive to YEAR ENDING JUNE 30, 2018 improve academic quality, access and student support. This includes nonprofit Beginning Lisa Sodeika Susan Cash Balance .................... $1,129,417 President and Groenwald organizations that work to improve K-12 Director Director education, strengthen the transition from high school to college and Revenue increase access to higher education for Interest Income........................ $960 underserved populations. Expenses • Health and Wellbeing: As a reflection of Grants to our substantial presence in medical and Public Charities................ $392,000 healthcare education, our Foundation Operating Expenses .............. $147 supports organizations that improve community health and wellbeing, in Ending Cash Balance ....... $738,230 particular for underserved populations who may not have access to quality or Richard Gunst Fernando Lau affordable health care. Director Director • Economic and Workforce Development: ADTALEM GLOBAL EDUCATION The Foundation works to promote FOUNDATION GIVING IN FISCAL YEAR 2018 FOUNDATION OFFICERS economic and workforce development by supporting workforce initiatives that advance career opportunities for new majority students and improve the $392,000 economic health of local communities. Total Awarded • Veterans: In appreciation of the contributions and sacrifices of military service members, the Foundation 13 Grants Made supports organizations that honor Patrick Jennifer our nation’s veterans, those currently Unzicker McGuffin enlisted and military families. Treasurer Assistant Secretary COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILE CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION “The Center for Excellence in Education is incredibly grateful to the Adtalem Global Education Foundation for its financial support of the Center’s Teacher Enrichment Program. These funds provided opportunities for science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers in California to attend a professional enrichment workshop in their community. Adtalem has also provided in-kind support through the use of classroom space for workshops. Without the generous support from the Adtalem Global Education Foundation and other donors, the Center would be unable to continue to conduct these workshops free of cost to underserved middle and high school STEM teachers across the country.” Natasha Schuh-Nuhfer, Teacher Enrichment Program Director, Center for Excellence in Education

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    ADTALEM 7 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT The Adtalem Global Education Foundation and Corporate Giving Corporate Giving – U.S. and International CORPORATE GIVING IN FISCAL YEAR 2018 In addition to the grants provided by the Adtalem Global Education of community groups which focus on different aspects of the student $422,564 Foundation, we utilize corporate experience. in global community giving as a means to further support and civic support Adtalem is aligned with the medical, the global communities in which nursing and healthcare communities, our institutions, students, faculty, companies and colleagues are located. We also serve as partners to which is reflected in our corporate giving to cover costs of medical 96 services and supplies for groups in global community community groups by donating our and civic partners need and support medical research. resources and campus space for event Health and wellness is a strong focus and programming needs. of Adtalem’s charitable giving in the In fiscal year 2018, we provided Caribbean, where our two medical corporate community support to schools and our veterinary school charitable and civic organizations in the are located. Additionally, Adtalem CORPORATE GIVING United States and the Caribbean that provided support for medical aid after SINCE FISCAL YEAR 2011 share Adtalem’s values and passion for the devastating hurricanes, flooding program areas including: youth and and wildfires of 2017, which impacted a More than education, professional development number of our campuses. and workforce equality, and health and wellness. We also value our diverse set of colleagues at Adtalem, which reflects $4,500,000 in global community Supporting charitable organizations our student base and provides us with and civic support that improve access to and the quality valuable perspectives. Through our of K-12 education has always been a corporate giving, we provide support philanthropic priority for Adtalem. We for diverse economic development and accomplish this by sponsoring a variety equity opportunities. COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILE GIRLS IN THE GAME “Support from Adtalem Global Education has deepened Girls in the Game’s ability to help girls develop into role models as they grow up. They have graciously hosted our annual Leadership Institute from the event’s inception, providing a day of networking, exploration and early professional development for teen and middle school girls. Adtalem is a recognized supporter in the Girls in the Game world, sharing the common goal of developing future generations of leaders.” Dawn Kobel, Director of Development and Communications, Girls in the Game

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    ADTALEM 8 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT Community Engagement IN ADDITION CORPORATE VOLUNTEER EFFORTS TO FINANCIAL In January of 2018, Adtalem held its first “Month of Service,” providing a paid work day for colleagues to volunteer with a charitable organization of their choosing. We feel SUPPORT, ADTALEM strongly that it is important to support philanthropic platforms that our colleagues are passionate about, and therefore provided a monetary donation to twenty nonprofits STUDENTS, FACULTY where our employees volunteered their time. AND COLLEAGUES Many of our colleagues, including senior leaders, also lend their expertise to the community by participating on nonprofit boards or by speaking on panels at GIVE BACK TO OUR community events. COMMUNITIES BY PARTICIPATING IN CAMPUS VOLUNTEER EFFORTS signs and identifying different heart and lung sounds. They are also introduced to PHILANTHROPIC At each of our campus locations, our simulation technology to understand how students and faculty join together to it is an integral part of nursing education. OPPORTUNITIES volunteer their time and resources for the betterment of their local communities, Our Ross University School of Medicine AND DONATING leveraging the specific skillsets they learn community was temporarily relocated to THEIR TIME and teach. Knoxville, Tennessee and St. Kitts after Hurricane Maria hit Dominica, but they THROUGHOUT THE still wanted to help Dominica in efforts to Our Healthcare and Medical Institutions rebuild that community. Partnering with YEAR AT CORPORATE the Salybia Mission Project, our students Our medical students and faculty host and colleagues in our Knoxville location AND CAMPUS- health fairs in their local communities, collected approximately $15,000 worth offering screening services for blood SUPPORTED EVENTS. of health, medical and construction pressure, vision, BMI and cholesterol, supplies—everything from toothpaste providing an opportunity for students to and first aid equipment to generators hone their skills while providing tangible and building materials—to aid the people aid to local residents. of Dominica’s Kalinago Territory. Many Chamberlain University campuses Ross University School of Veterinary hosted nursing experience days for high Medicine’s Small Ruminant Student Club school students. During these programs, collaborated with the St. Kitts & Nevis teens learn about the variety of careers Ministry of Agriculture to improve goat in nursing and see skills used on a daily production on the island. Through the basis in the field, such as reading vital COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILE GIRLS WHO CODE “Adtalem Global Education Foundation’s support for our after-school clubs program in the San Francisco Bay Area has allowed us to reach more than 90,000 girls nationally with high quality computer science education. We can’t do this work alone, and we look forward to continue working with partners like Adtalem to grow the Girls Who Code movement.” Reshma Saujani, CEO and Founder, Girls Who Code

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    ADTALEM 9 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT Community Engagement crossbreeding of local indigenous Florida, ACAMS staff has built a 120 children, introducing them to species with goats from Florida, the strong partnership with Kristi House, engineering, as well as explaining project will enhance the agriculture a Miami-based center that provides career opportunities in the field. industry through the quality of education and prevention services Another group of students and livestock on the island within the along with a healing environment faculty volunteered as part of the next five to ten years by producing for young victims of trafficking and “Projeto Robótica Educacional” to offspring with better growth rates, abuse. ACAMS also participates train students of the Public High higher quality of meat, and stronger in training sessions with Polaris School Network of Colégio Rômulo resistance to local diseases. Project, a leader in the global fight Almeida who were participating to eradicate modern-day slavery. in the Brazilian Robotics Olympics In St. Maarten, the American held at the Electronics Laboratory University of the Caribbean In the Chicagoland area, as a of Faculty ÁREA1 Wyden. continued its quarterly Community reflection of Becker Professional Action Day program. For the Education’s CPA prep courses, At Faculdade Ruy Barbosa | Wyden, June event, approximately 775 Adtalem has provided space and free courses are offered during service hours were spent helping volunteers for Ladder Up’s free tax holiday months to people with 16 different community groups, assistance program. At the Adtalem- disabilities through an initiative from health education and youth hosted site this year, 254 tax returns titled “Novo Olhar,” or “New Look.” mentoring to beach clean-up and were filed, helping lower-income These classes, which cover topics donation drives. families secure more than $500,000 such as Entrepreneurship, Customer in refunds. Service, Basic Informatics and Our Professional Education Grammar, aim to empower this Companies Our Technology and Business too-often excluded community with Institutions technical and interpersonal skills Our Professional Education that allow them easier entry into the businesses have an international An extensive amount of job market. presence and support groups with volunteering takes place at our a broad geographic range as well Adtalem Educacional do Brasil The “Wonder Woman Project,” a as those in the community of their campuses, benefiting thousands of rotating annual program hosted respective headquarters. local residents. at ISL I Wyden in fiscal year 2018, offers women free entrepreneurship ACAMS® (Association of Certified Students from the Engineering workshops to develop their skills Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) Program at Wyden Educacional and empower them with the actively contributes to organizations have multiple social engagement confidence to start their own that combat human trafficking, programs in place to mentor businesses. reflecting one of the target areas youth in their community. For of their anti-money laundering one initiative, called “Engenharia professionals. Headquartered in Solidária,” the students spoke with COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILE JUST KID INN “After Hurricane Irma, I never thought we would be able to restart the school. I am forever grateful to everyone at AUC for helping to recover this project. Opening Just Kid Inn has given meaning and purpose to my life again. It is my dream, my hope, and we are making a difference in the community.” Carolina Garcia, Founder and Teacher, Just Kid Inn

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    ADTALEM ADDITIONAL COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILES 10 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT AMERICAN RED CROSS “In 2000, measles was a leading cause of vaccine-preventable death among children, at the time taking the lives of an estimated 548,000 people each year—the vast majority of them under the age of five. The American Red Cross, in conjunction with supporters like the Adtalem Global Education Foundation, has helped improve these odds. As a member of the Measles & Rubella Initiative we have led efforts to vaccinate more than 2 billion children in more than 88 countries against this deadly disease since 2001. In response to Hurricane Harvey, thousands of trained Red Cross disaster workers from all over the country joined local volunteers and partners to bring aid, staffing shelters for thousands of people forced from their homes, providing warm meals and relief supplies, and offering emotional support for individuals and families coping with the stress of evacuation. Adtalem Global Education helped to make this response possible.” Jennifer Alt, Regional Philanthropy Officer, American Red Cross ASSOCIATION HOUSE OF CHICAGO “Association House High School’s (AHHS) partnership with Adtalem is crucial in supporting the school’s mentoring program, family literacy program and before- and after-school programming. These three services are components of the broader wrap-around services that the high school utilizes to re-engage out-of-school and at-risk youth, and ensure positive academic outcomes. It is the support of Adtalem that helps further AHHS’s vision of a world in which all students—regardless of background and barriers—can achieve personal success, elevate their community and contribute globally.” David Pieper, Association House High School Principal BRENT SOPEL FOUNDATION “We are grateful for the support provided by the Adtalem Global Education Foundation. Receiving this grant has allowed our organization to utilize the best teaching methods to train students identified with dyslexia attending schools in Chicago. These children are receiving targeted instruction at no charge from specialists trained in the Wilson Reading System, a structured literacy program based on phonological- coding research. This learning method will systematically teach the structure of the English language and unlock the keys to reading and a better future. Thank you so much for providing these children with an opportunity to experience success in reading and a better life.” Brent Sopel, President, Brent Sopel Foundation

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    ADTALEM ADDITIONAL COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILES 11 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT COMMUNITIES IN SCHOOLS “With the support from the Adtalem Global Education Foundation, Communities In Schools of Chicago connects critical health, social- emotional and enrichment programs to Chicago public school students at no cost to schools and families. In the 2017-2018 school year, 71,000 youth across the city benefited from programs and services right at their school. Together, we are surrounding students with a community of support and ensuring their access to services that keep them in school, on the path to high school graduation, and prepared for success in life.” Jane Mentzinger, Executive Director, Communities In Schools of Chicago DRESS FOR SUCCESS “Dress for Success is helping create a world where women do not live in poverty; are treated with dignity and respect; and are strengthening their families and shaping their communities. We serve 72,000 women each year in over 150 cities worldwide, providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. We would like to thank Adtalem Global Education for partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of the women we serve.” Wendy Wilkins, Director, Dress for Success Worldwide - Central DIABETES FOUNDATION OF ST. MAARTEN “In our 20 years of diabetes prevention education and outreach, we have yet to convince the health authorities on the importance of podiatric care. Services are not available on island and lack of care has raised amputations to an alarming rate. Through AUC’s financial support, we are able to bring well-known podiatrists to St. Maarten to evaluate the feet of diabetic patients free of charge. They will also provide lectures and workshops to help train local medical professionals. Words cannot describe our gratitude. This is a major step forward to advance diabetic podiatric care and curb unnecessary amputations.” Lotty Peterson, Diabetes Foundation of St. Maarten URBAN ALLIANCE “From donating classroom space to providing our interns with valuable work experiences under the guidance of strong, caring mentors, Adtalem has been a wonderful partner to Urban Alliance for over six years. We are so grateful for their support, and for their ongoing dedication to helping us ensure that more young people in Chicago have access to economic opportunity.” Jenna Ketchum, Chicago Executive Director, Urban Alliance

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    ADTALEM ADDITIONAL COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILES 12 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT “Junior Achievement (JA) is fortunate to be a long-time partner of Adtalem in our efforts to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. The generous financial support from the Adtalem Global Education Foundation has enabled JA to provide programing to more than 2,800 students in the Chicago market this year. While many of these programs foster entrepreneurial thinking and sound money management, Adtalem has played an invaluable role in helping our students prepare for careers in STEM-related fields through our JA Reverse Job Shadow program. We are grateful for the volunteers from Adtalem for providing their time, talent and inspiration to our young people.” Derek Ernst, Vice President of Operations, Junior Achievement of Chicago GOLDEN APPLE “The Golden Apple Foundation is incredibly grateful for Adtalem’s grant in support of our Golden Apple Scholars Program. Our Golden Apple Scholars are diverse, largely first-generation college goers, with high potential, grit and perseverance, who are recruited from the communities in which we return them to serve as teachers in schools-of-need. We are beyond grateful for this investment in ensuring students have the benefit of highly-effective teachers, as teachers are the most important factor in a student’s academic growth and, thus, one of the best investments you can make in the future of a child.” Alicia Winckler, President and Chief Executive Officer, Golden Apple K1 BRITANNIA FOUNDATION “Our second-chance program gives young offenders a second chance at life by providing them with employment opportunities, job training, service opportunities, and mentorship. AUC is playing an instrumental role in our GED initiative, which helps youth complete their GED. In addition to funding, AUC students and their spouses volunteer, tutor, and counsel them ahead of the GED exam. Together, we are giving kids another chance in life, and teaching them the importance of giving back to their community.” Iris Hakkens, K1 Britannia Foundation NEW LEADERS, INC. “Because of the grant New Leaders received from the Adtalem Global Education Foundation, three Emerging Leaders participants were able to complete the program at no cost. As a result of participating in the program, these teacher leaders were able to build their instructional leadership capacity and have an impact on the instructional practice of peers, which ultimately led to better outcomes for students.” Lakita McKinney, Executive Director, Program Implementation, New Leaders, Inc.

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    ADTALEM ADDITIONAL COMMUNITY PARTNER PROFILES 13 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT ONEGOAL CHICAGO “OneGoal is committed to making college graduation a viable, attainable option for all students, because every young person deserves the opportunity to earn a college degree–and the life that comes with it. The Adtalem Global Education Foundation’s generous investment helped us reach more than 6,000 students in Chicago. OneGoal has an opportunity to close the gap between the Chicago and the nationwide attainment rates in a matter of years. We cannot do this alone. Our success depends on champions who understand the stakes, share our belief in all students, and are committed to solving the degree divide in our lifetime. In partnership with the Adtalem Global Education Foundation, we will continue to change the face of higher education–and the workforce– across Chicago.” Tracy Woodley, Manager of Development, Foundation and Public Funding, OneGoal Chicago PLAYER DEVELOPMENT SXM “When Hurricane Irma forced medical students to leave the island, they never stopped helping us. Many have become pen pals and send our at- risk children letters on a weekly basis. The children have seen photos of familiar faces in England (from nearly all the Harry Potter locations) and photos from AUC folks at home or at hospitals from Michigan, Arizona, Georgia and even Canada. We have even used the internet to video chat with some of the students. We look forward to their return and to playing a game of baseball very soon.” Tom Burnett, Coach – Little League, Player Development SXM WINGS PROGRAM, INC. “WINGS is extremely grateful to the Adtalem Global Education Foundation for the generous grant to support our Safe House at WINGS Metro, located on the southwest side of Chicago. Domestic violence is a serious public health problem. Those who experience it are at a higher risk of mental health disorders, chronic diseases and infections. The Safe House at WINGS Metro is a safe haven where adults and children can escape domestic violence. With this grant, the Adtalem Counseling Office will be named to provide the space for healing to take place. On behalf of all of the women, men and children who desperately need this treatment, thank you to Adtalem!” Rebecca Darr, Chief Executive Officer, WINGS Program, Inc.

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    ADTALEM 14 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT Community Engagement ADTALEM FOUNDATION PARTNERS CARIBBEAN CORPORATE GIVING PARTNERS American Center for Golden Apple Aurthur Dominica Police Princess Humane Excellence in Junior Waldron Sports Club Margaret Association Education Achievement Seventh Day Dominica State Hospital American Red Communities in Adventist College Royal St. New Leaders, Academy Cross Schools Inc. Dublanc Village Christopher & Association Foundation Basseterre Council Nevis Police OneGoal High School Force House of for Teaching Education Trust Chicago Economics WINGS Chemistry Team Safe Haven Program, Inc. Fund Brent Sopel Girls Who Code Bense Primary Salybia Mission School Girl Guides Foundation Association of Project Bioche Dominica Savanne Paille Enhancement Primary School Committee Goodwill U.S. CORPORATE GIVING PARTNERS Primary School St. John’s Castle Bruce Catholic School Secondary Goodwill After School Dress for Muscular Secondary St. Kitts Matters Success* Dystrophy School School and Nevis American DuPage County Association* Children’s Heart Department of Fund Isiah Thomas Cancer Society Animal Care & New Beginnings Secondary Agriculture American Heart Control* Therapeutic Christian Union School St. Kitts and Association DuPage County Riding Primary School Nevis Fire & Foundation* K1 Britannia American Red Community in Clarence Fitzroy Rescue Services Youth Nick Finnegan Bryant College Molphil Cross Explorers Group St. Kitts and Fisher House Counseling Scholarship Nevis Ministry American Center Nature Veterinary Free Bikes 4 Colihaut of Education Northern Illinois Primary School Foundation Medical Kidz* St. Kitts and Foundation Food Bank* Diabetes ND-Portsmouth Nevis Ministry Girls in the Youth Center AMVETS Game* Paphaven Foundation of of Health Rescue* St. Maarten North East St. Kitts and Association Greater Comprehensive House of Chicago Food Presence Health Dominica Nevis Ministry Chicago Depository* Foundation* Association of Pioneer Prep of National Project Persons with School Security Aurora Area Habitat for Disabilities Interfaith Food Humanity Exploration* Portsmouth St. Martin Pantry* Sisters of Dominica Breakers Secondary Illinois Patriot Children’s Home Netball Team School Blessings in a Education Fund Charity, BVM Support Fund - Chances Portsmouth St. Maarten Backpack* International Take This, Inc.* Dominica Library AIDS Changing Women’s Elderly Home Foundation Worlds* Forum Teen Parent Portsmouth Connection* Dominica Secondary United Nations Chicago Debate Junior Fencing School Development Commission Achievement The Field Association Programme - Museum Portsmouth Children First Kendall County Dominica Tourism Dominica Fund Community Urban Alliance Fire Fighters Association University of City Year Food Pantry* Wags2Wishes* Association the West Indies Presidents Chicago* Kristi House Women Dominica Charities Waitukubuli Communities in Ladder Up Employed Literary and Foundation Inc. Dance Theatre Schools Make a Wish World Wildlife Debating Cradles to Foundation Foundation Society Crayons* *Denotes a “Month of Service” donation recipient.

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    ADTALEM 15 SUSTAINABILITY AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS ANNUAL REPORT Photo courtesy of Urban Alliance. Students attended weekly professional development sessions with their cohort in addition to their individual internships with local businesses in Chicago, IL, USA. For more information regarding the Adtalem Global Education Foundation, or other sustainability and community relations initiatives, please contact info@adtalemfoundation.org or write to: Adtalem Global Education Attn: Community Relations Manager 500 W. Monroe, 28th Floor Chicago, IL 60661 FOLLOW ADTALEM ON: @adtalemglobal company/adtalemglobaleducation @AdtalemGlobalEducation ©2018 Adtalem Global Education Inc. All rights reserved.

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