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    2015 Global Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report 1

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    “Diversity is vital to Corning because of our distinctive identity as a company that grows through global innovation. Innovation depends on diversity of ideas, experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. The more diverse the team, the better the output.” – Wendell Weeks Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President 2

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    Table of Contents Message from Christy Pambianchi 4 Message from Monica Bankston 5 Our Diverse Workforce 6 Spotlight on SPECTRA 8 Spotlight on SBP 9 Diversity Network 10 Employee Resource Groups 11 Employee Resource Group Profiles 12 Awards & Recognition 16 Spotlight on UP2 Women’s Conference 20 Spotlight on Military Hiring Re-energized 22 Map data from PeopleSoft. Location designations are approximate. Diversity & Inclusion and The Values 23 Diversity & Inclusion at Corning Diversity is integral to Corning’s belief in the fundamental dignity of The Individual – one of Corning’s seven core Values. We are committed to providing an environment where all employees can thrive. This begins with an understanding that our global workforce consists of a rich mixture of diverse people. This diversity will continue to be a source of our strength as well as a competitive advantage. Overview 3

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    A Message from Christy Pambianchi Senior Vice President, Human Resources Corning’s success is dependent upon many factors. Some Over the past decade, Corning has been working hard to of the most critical include visionary leadership, sustained increase diversity in our leadership ranks and we have made investment in R&D, development of disruptive innovations good progress. We did this by focusing on three things: that drive growth and productivity, having the right talent hiring to availability, managing promotions, and minimizing in the right place at the right time, and diversity. While these attrition. Our efforts have paid off with meaningful increases factors are obvious to most who know Corning’s legacy, in diversity on division teams, the Corning Management the role of diversity can be underestimated. As we publish Group, Corporate Officer positions, and the Management the 2015 Annual Report on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), it’s Committee. Going forward, we will continue these efforts important to understand the business case for diversity. to ensure our diverse talent is given every opportunity to be a part of the global leadership team that carries Corning We often say that successful global innovation at Corning forward in our chosen markets for another 160 years. depends on diversity of thought, experience, background, and the unique traits of individuals working in a collaborative, The business case for diversity and inclusion is clear. To inclusive culture. And that is true – having a diverse global leverage the competitive advantage diversity brings to workforce helps us generate more ideas which yield more Corning, we must continue to attract, develop, and retain innovative solutions to the challenges we face in solving diverse talent who can succeed in our open, collaborative our customers’ problems and in bringing new products and culture. And that includes all dimensions of diversity: culture, technologies to market. race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, veterans, and those with disabilities. All are welcome to be a part of While we have intuitively known that diversity is important, Corning’s global workforce of innovators. there is now empirical evidence that it is a competitive advantage. In 2015 McKinsey & Company published a report In closing, I encourage you to fully explore this Annual Report showing companies in the top 25 percent for gender, racial, to learn about our 2015 accomplishments in Diversity and and ethnic diversity are more likely to have greater financial Inclusion. Corning has much to be proud of. Thank you for returns than their peers. Further, the report shows that in the your contributions to this great company. U.S., for every 10 percent increase in diversity on a company’s senior executive team, Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT) rose 0.8 percent. That’s significant. 4

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    Welcome to Corning’s 2015 Annual Report on Diversity & workplace. Eight sessions were held in 2015 and we Inclusion! I am pleased to share with you this summary of anticipate the program will grow in 2016. our most recent achievements in Corning’s ongoing diversity journey. Key highlights include: • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): From professional development and mentoring to recruiting and • Military Hiring: Recognizing that the best business community service to advocacy and sponsoring guest leaders don’t always start their careers in business, speakers, these groups make a tremendous difference in Recruiting and Corning Life Sciences conducted a our work culture as they raise awareness about diversity successful pilot program to re-energize our approach to and amplify inclusion. To more accurately reflect the value hiring veterans. Participation in the program is expected ERGs bring to Corning, this year we formally changed our to expand in 2016. Learn more on page 22 of this report. terminology, referring to them now as Employee Resource Groups instead of Affinity Groups. Two ERGs, SPECTRA • UP2 Conference: The UP2 Initiative hosted its first and Society of Black Professionals, are featured in our conference in October. The well attended event featured Spotlight on pages eight and nine respectively, and all a number of speakers, most of whom were Corning groups are profiled beginning on page 10 of this report. employees, as well as several video-taped TED talks. Read more about the conference on page 20 of this report. Corning’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has never Another UP2 event was held in May where selected been stronger. We can all be proud that we are part of a sessions from the May 28 TEDWomen Conference were company that works so hard to maintain a culture in which rebroadcast for Corning employees. Both events received every individual is welcome and encouraged to contribute to outstanding feedback. their fullest potential. • Microinequities Training: Available to all business groups, this new course is designed to show how microinequities and unconscious bias impact behaviors and decision- making, and ultimately create barriers to inclusion. Through the training, participants learn to develop an awareness of the effects of body language, spoken language, and cultural etiquette on productivity in the A Message from Monica Bankston Talent Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion 5

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    Our Diverse Workforce 2015 Snapshot: What does Corning look like? Global Distribution of Corning Employees 34% 25% 12% 29% North America Latin America EMEA Asia Pacific Global Salaried Employee Retention Rate 6.8% Voluntary & Involuntary Separations 93.2% Globally Retained Employees 6

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    Asia Pacific Under 20 EMEA 21-30 Latin America Global Distribution of Corning Employees by Age* 31-40 41-50 North America Over 50 ? DidYou Know Between 2005 and 2015, diversity in Corning’s leadership improved by the following 5000 measures: 4000 • Division Teams: 24% to 37% diverse. 3000 • Corning Management Group: 2000 23% to 37% diverse. • Corporate Officers: 8% to 30% 1000 diverse. 0 • Management Committee: 14% to 33% diverse. Global Employee Population by Gender* Male Female 79% 21% 63% 37% 45% 55% 67% 33% Average Years of Service* 7.0 10.9 5.2 12.8 * Data does not include Corning Precision Materials 7

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    Spotlight: Speaking Out/Advocating for Acceptance In March, SPECTRA played a key role in encouraging Corning Incorporated to sign an amicus brief that was filed in the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of 379 employers. It documented the business case for a federal law ensuring all couples share in the right to marry. “Signing the amicus brief was an opportunity for Corning to take a leadership role on an important national issue,” said Linda Jolly, Corning’s vice president and corporate secretary, Securities and SPECTRA Governance, and a SPECTRA member. “The company’s support on this A long-standing Employee Resource Group at Corning, SPECTRA issue is a great example of Corning living its Values.” advocates for employees as well as for members of the local community who identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender (GLBT). The group has been a strong presence at the company since 1999, hosting a yearly series of internal and external events that have provided gender diversity awareness to the entire company and the larger community. In 2015, these events aligned with the group’s aim to focus on activities that “educate, advocate, and celebrate.” Reaching Out/Educating for Equality On July 7, SPECTRA hosted an ice cream social featuring Jeanne Gainsburg, education director from the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley (GAGV), who spoke on the topic of “Communicating Respectfully with LGBTQ Individuals.” The audience of 50 people Linda Jolly presents a bound copy of the amicus brief to Christy Pambianchi. included a mix of employees and interns, as well as guests from L-R: Linda Jolly, Lewis Steverson, Christy Pambianchi Corning Community College and Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes. In her well-received presentation, Gainsburg provided Stepping Out/Celebrating Community practical examples of accurate and respectful terminology to use In October, SPECTRA continued its twelve-year tradition in sponsoring when engaging with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender an annual free evening of entertainment that is open to the public. people. On October 28, SPECTRA collaborated with the Office of By reaching out to the larger community with this event, SPECTRA Global Diversity & Inclusion to offer “Inclusion in the Workplace…GLBT furthers its mission to support an environment that welcomes Considerations,” a free training course open to all Corning employees. diversity, particularly that of sexual orientation, gender identity, This instructor-led, interactive course enlightens attendees about the and family life. Rising comedy talent Ian Harvie was the featured tolerance scale, offers tips on how to avoid unintentional bias, and entertainer and a number of community groups benefited from provides suggestions on how to become a change agent. This training fundraising raffles held in conjunction with the event. will be offered again in 2016. SPECTRA will continue its important work in 2016. For more information, contact SPECTRA@corning.com. 8

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    Spotlight: Society Recruiting Working in partnership with HR, SBP actively utilizes the extensive professional networks of its members to help recruit high-potential talent for Corning. In a recent example, the company’s IT function reached out to SBP to assist in identifying diverse summer intern candidates. Several members responded by contacting their alumni universities and sharing a description of the characteristics that would make an ideal intern candidate for Corning. As a result, three interns were hired and one accepted a full-time employment offer shortly after completing the internship. “Our involvement in the recruiting process is a win-win for all concerned,” said Marisa Bazemore, president of SBP’s Corning Valley chapter. “The IT function will benefit from having another exceptional, diverse employee join the Corning family, HR will move one step closer to achieving their The Society of Black Professionals’ (SBP) mission is to grow Corning by diversity and inclusion goals, and SBP will once again live out an supporting the recruitment, retention, and professional development important aspect of its mission.” of Black employees. As Corning’s first Employee Resource Group of Black Professionals (ERG), SBP’s commitment to that mission has never been stronger. Coaching Program The group continues to build on its storied legacy as an effective Delivering consistent, outstanding job performance in alignment instrument for change by setting the standard for how ERGs can add with company Values is essential for success at Corning. Likewise, value to the corporation. establishing meaningful connections at work enables professional growth and career advancement. SBP’s coaching program At its annual convention in September, SBP reflected on 35 years of acknowledges the importance of these principles by bringing Black achievement while also looking ahead to future opportunities and employees together with coaches who can help them develop the partnerships. In a convention keynote speech, Clark Kinlin, executive necessary skills to succeed. The program begins each year by asking vice president, Corning Optical Communications, reaffirmed the participants to identify key professional development areas of focus. importance of SBP to Corning. “The Society of Black Professionals and Based on these inputs, SBP leaders connect each participant with a diversity are deeply important to Corning,” Clark said. “SBP’s founding Corning manager to initiate a coaching relationship. Participation in mission to advance its members is still very relevant today.” this signature program has increased each year since its inception almost five years ago. “The coaching program is one of our most SBP was established in 1980 by 11 employees in various middle important initiatives,” says Bazemore. “We’ve received great feedback management roles across the company. The group initially focused indicating that our coaches are helping participants strengthen core on systemic issues that helped shape Corning’s diversity and competencies, build professional relationships and maximize their inclusion initiatives. As the organization matured and the corporation contribution to Corning. It’s another win-win.” embraced diversity as an important priority, SBP shifted its focus to areas like recruiting and professional development. Today, Looking ahead, SBP will continue to evolve and align with Corning’s SBP’s efforts in these areas are widely recognized as critical to the diversity and inclusion goals, with an increased focus on sharing organization’s continued success. key learnings that encourage other ERGs to implement “win-win” programs that deliver value to Corning. 9

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    Diversity Network Driving Solutions & Sustaining an Inclusive Environment Corning’s Diversity Network includes representatives from all of Corning Employee Resource Groups, which are recognized by the company and the office of Global Diversity and Inclusion as representing the interests of a particular employee segment. The Diversity Network’s vision is to unite Employee Resource Groups throughout the company and support diversity initiatives with the intent that every employee shall have the opportunity to participate fully, to grow professionally, and to develop to his or her highest potential. Its mission is: • To provide a forum for all Employee Resource Groups to come together to share best practices, knowledge, experiences, and resources. • To provide representative voices to employees and leadership. • To make diversity and inclusion more visible. 10

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    Employee Resource Groups ? DidYou Know Corning Professional Women’s Forum (CPWF) has a total of 13 national and international More than 3,000 Corning employees belong to Employee Resource Groups. locations, making it the most global of all the ERGs. In our new chapter in Clayton, Raising Awareness, Building Cultural Understanding & Preparing Future Leaders Australia, women of eight Corning proudly sponsors a variety of Employee Resource Groups in which membership is voluntary. Each different nationalities make up group chooses a leader who works with members to develop an agreed-upon set of objectives, identify 24 percent of the workforce. resources to meet the objectives, and ensure timely execution of deliverables. Most Employee Resource Groups have an executive sponsor, who is typically a senior leader or mid-level manager at Corning. Executive sponsors provide guidance and support, ensure accountability, and serve as a link with the office of Global Diversity and Inclusion, the overall sponsor for all Employee Resource Groups. Through their efforts, Employee Resource Groups contribute to Corning’s success by fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. They do this by raising awareness around important issues that often stimulate the company to respond with new policies, services, and professional development opportunities. Also, these groups draw employees into cultural activities, thereby increasing cultural understanding among colleagues that enhances working relationships. Employee Resource Groups provide additional benefits to Corning, such as enabling the sharing of ideas and helping Corning attract and retain diverse talent. Every Employee Resource Group is open to all Corning employees. Employee Resource Group Highlights from 2015 ADAPT (Corning’s Able and This year, Corning’s 16 Employee Resource Groups engaged in a variety of activities focused on professional Disabled Partnering Together) development, recruiting, cultural celebrations, mentoring, advocacy, and community outreach. Each group is now has two EMEA locations in profiled on the pages that follow. addition to the Corning Valley chapter, one in Strykow, Poland, and one in Berlin, Germany. 11

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    ADAPT (Corning’s Abled and Disabled BGC BTN CCA Partnering Together) (Black Growth Council) (Black Technology Network) (Corning Chinese Association) Represents: Employees with a Represents: Employees of African Represents: Black employees Represents: The Chinese disability and those without a descent within the Manufacturing, in the Technology Community. community in the Southern disability. This group works to Technology & Engineering (MT&E) The group works to advocate Tier region of NY and welcomes increase awareness and provide function. They work to promote for the integration of Black other Corning employees who educational opportunities on the growth, success, and retention employees into the innovation and are interested in the Chinese disability topics for all employees. of Black and other diverse leadership fabric of the Technology culture. CCA hosts Chinese cultural employees in MT&E by providing Community. events, facilitates networking, 2015 Highlights: ADAPT focused support, tools, and understanding. and offers personal/professional all programming on the theme 2015 Highlights: BTN introduced development opportunities for its “Autoimmune Diseases – from Life 2015 Highlights: BGC planned the Research Triads technical members. Disruption to Disability.” and successfully executed Black forum, collaborated with other History Month celebrations. The ERGS for Black History Month 2015 Highlights: CCA hosted ADAPT Corning received the group attended the spring and activities, and co-sponsored Chinese New Year celebrations Disability Matters Steps to Success fall conferences for the National resume reviews. at Sullivan Park and in the Award in recognition of the work Society of Black Engineers local community. They co- done in forming this Employee (NSBE) and participated in eight sponsored workshops with Resource Group. They also led the campus recruiting events. BGC Career Development featuring Global Disability Employment also partnered with Corning presentations by HR professionals, Awareness Month activities, HR and Talent Acquisition to and hosted presentations with which featured keynote speaker identify candidates for internship Corning Greater China leadership. Nadine Vogel, CEO of Springboard opportunities. CCA also held cultural events Consulting. including Mother’s Day and Moon Festival celebrations, and ADAPT Berlin collected funds for participated in the Dragon Boat a local organization (Lebensmut) Race in Ithaca, NY. that helps children and young adults with disabilities, and organized and offered events for Disability Employment Awareness Month. ADAPT Poland also organized and offered events for Disability Employment Awareness Month. 12

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    C-VETS CPN CPWF (Corning Veterans Engaged to (Corning Professional Network) (Corning Professional Women’s Forum) Support Represents: A group who Represents: Salaried female CPWF Wilmington sponsored Represents: Military veterans welcomes new employees to employees at Corning. They welcome lunches for new and those who support veterans Corning. CPN members work champion an environment female salaried employees, at Corning. C-VETS offers to create a supportive and in which women are valued, hosted a book club with reading opportunities for members to interactive environment that promoted, and able to achieve selections focused on professional participate in community outreach will enable new employees their full career potential by efforts on behalf of military development, and held the “Take to become acclimated to the encouraging self-development and families and works to educate and Your Child to Work Day” event. company and the surrounding leadership skills. provide resource information for area. The group offers social and Corning veterans about military networking opportunities, as well 2015 Highlights: The group hosted entitlements and benefits. The as community outreach programs “Take Your Child to Work Day” group also assists with the and volunteering opportunities. and launched new chapters company’s recruitment of former in Lakeside, United Kingdom; and current members of the 2015 Highlights: CPN hosted its Tewkesbury, MA; Treyburn, NC, and military. annual Wine Tour. The group Clayton, Australia. organized networking and social 2015 Highlights: C-VETS attended activities including a hiking event CPWF Australia attended the Fort Drum’s Soldier for Life at Letchworth State Park, and they Women in Multinational Forum by Transition Center’s military job launched the “Fitness” newsletter. the CEO forum group. fair, launched its first chapter in Blacksburg, VA, and improved CPN Hickory organized social and CPWF Denmark, Germany, Israel, veteran identification in PeopleSoft networking events including a Mexico, and Turkey organized HR by 21 percent. Knights game and white water and offered events for Disability rafting. They organized volunteer Employment Awareness Month. opportunities such as soup kitchen support and Safe Harbor Rescue. CPWF Hickory hosted on-going The group also offered Culture/FIT New Horizons events and for interview and negotiation skills presentations, focused on campus workshops. recruiting and participated in summer intern events. CPWF Reynosa organized its annual Walk/Run fundraiser. 13

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    EDGE GLASS (Ethnically Diverse Group of (Global Latino Advancement MT&E ALG NAC Employees) and Success Society) (MT&E Asian and Latin Group) (Native American Council) Represents: All Corning employees. Represents: A collaborative Represents: Corning employees Represents: The Native Americans Many EDGE members have network representing the of Asian and Latin American at Corning and is open to all ancestry that includes Asian and Latino employees of Corning. heritage who are a part of the Corning employees interested Pacific Islander heritage. They Members work to promote Latino Manufacturing, Technology, and in the Native American culture. work to ensure that Corning’s advancement, talent recruitment, Engineering (MT&E) function. NAC actively participates in the ethnic minorities achieve their full retention, and professional MT&E ALG works to ensure that its recruiting and retention of Native potential as valued employees. development. GLASS also works members are able to achieve their American employees. The group to raise awareness about Latino full potential as valued employees. provides support for current and 2015 Highlights: EDGE provided culture. future employees, and offers training opportunities for members 2015 Highlights: MT&E ALG co- cultural awareness events. on topics such as technical writing, 2015 Highlights: GLASS sponsored career development influencing, negotiating skills, and participated in a workshop to workshops with HR speakers. They 2015 Highlights: NAC created professional development. They led develop the groups’ organizational also participated in the Dragon and hosted the Falling Leaves the Passport to the World (mega alignment and strategic initiatives Boat Race with CCA in Ithaca, NY. Festival, an interactive Pow Wow picnic) collaborative ERG event. and reached 100 followers on the for employees and the community They also conducted a survey Blue Line. The group also hosted with nearly 2,000 attendees. to identify member needs and its Annual GLASS Event featuring They attended the RIT Native developed a long-term strategy. guest speaker Julissa Arce, former American Outreach event as a banker, activist, and business part of NAC’s recruiting strategy. EDGE Concord held its annual woman. They also participated in a regional Passport to the World event with AISES science fair to judge the booths, food, and a guest speaker. submissions. This work encourages The group hosted an international younger Native American students coffee tasting for its culture month to pursue careers in the STEM and collaborated with the 24/7 fields. team for volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, and Toys for Tots. EDGE Wilmington hosted four development workshops and the “Take Your Child to Work Day” event. They also offered an ERG and staff networking event. 14

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    SPECTRA STICA TCWN SBP (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, (Southern Tier Indian Cultural (Technology Community (Society of Black Professionals) Transgender ERG) Association) Women’s Network) Represents: African American Represents: The gay, lesbian, Represents: The people of Asian Represents: Women in the employees at Corning. SBP works to bisexual, and transgendered Indian decent in the Southern Tier Technology Community. TCWN create and sustain an environment employees at Corning. SPECTRA of New York and anyone interested works to empower those women within Corning that will support works to create an environment in the Asian Indian culture. The in the Technology Community to recruitment, retention, and that embraces and celebrates group offers a support network achieve their full potential while professional advancement of Black diversity in sexual orientation and through social and cultural contributing to the company and employees at all levels. gender identity/expression. activities involving all Indian the community. Americans in the region. 2015 Highlights: SBP celebrated 2015 Highlights: SPECTRA 2015 Highlights: TCWN hosted its 35th anniversary at the supported the amicus brief filed 2015 Highlights: STICA hosted the “Take Your Child to Work group’s annual convention. They with the Supreme Court for Diwali celebrations internally and Day” event at Sullivan Park collaborated with other ERGs for Marriage Equality. For the first in the community. They created and supported breast cancer Black History Month activities time in its history, the group the STICA Diversity Excellence awareness. and several joint professional teamed with Corning Recruiting Award; Charlie Craig was the first development sessions. to sponsor two GLBT-focused recipient. The group completed hiring events, both of which an immigration survey for better SBP Hickory collaborated with were held at Cornell University in understanding of the process. the Hickory YMCA Black Achievers November. The group participated Program to provide a series of in training sessions, including interview preparation modules “Building a GLBT Friendly for their middle and high school Workplace” in Wilmington, NC, students. They sponsored a and “Inclusion in the Workplace: community event called “Hattitude” GLBT Considerations.” SPECTRA to create buzz around the musical also hosted its annual “Stepping “Crowns.” The event closed with a Out/Celebrating Community” reception at the Hickory Museum Community Event with comedian of Art, which included a display of Ian Harvie in October. ladies’ church hats. SBP Wilmington attended the SBP Convention in Corning, NY, provided support for the STEM Outreach program, and participated in the Middle School Leadership Forum. 15

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    Awards and Recognition External Awards Throughout its history, Corning has received numerous awards from around the world. We have been recognized for a variety of reasons, ranging from corporate citizenship, to product and process innovation, to simply being a great place to work. We are proud of our accolades, including those related to diversity and inclusion. The following 2015 awards are particularly noteworthy. Top Supporter of the Historically Black Colleges Women of Color STEM The Human Rights Campaign and Universities (HBCUs) Recognition The Human For the 13th The Women of Color awards Rights Campaign consecutive year, are presented by the Career Foundation’s Corning was Communications Group Corporate recognized by U.S. to recognize outstanding Equality Index Black Engineer minority women in the is the national & Information science, technology, benchmarking tool on corporate policies and Technology (USBE & IT) magazine for its engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Dr. Wageesha practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and commitment to supporting the 14 accredited Senaratne, research associate, Thin Films & transgender employees. Corning received a 100 HBCUs and ensuring a strong, diverse pipeline Surfaces, received the Outstanding Technical score for the eleventh consecutive year along of STEM talent. Contribution Award in the Industry Category. with the distinction of “Best Places to Work for Anna Hoover, scientist, Reliability, Corning Glass LGBT Equality.” Technologies Glass Development, received the Technology All-Star Award, given to women who have an accomplished track record of excellence in the workplace and the community. Dr. Manuela Ocampo, research associate, Organic Technologies, and Millicent Owusu, senior process engineer, MT&E, both received the Technology Rising Star Awards as recognition for how these two women are helping to shape the future of technology. 16

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    UC Santa Barbara Disability Matters North Engineering America & Europe Dr. Waguih Ishak, Springboard division vice president Consulting, LLC & director, Corning honors the best of West Technology Center, received the 2015 the best when it University of California Santa Barbara College comes to the commitment required and actions of Engineering Exemplary Service Award. necessary to successfully mainstream disability The award recognizes colleagues, faculty, in the workforce, workplace, and marketplace. and friends of the college community who At its annual Disability Matters Conference in have demonstrated exceptional service and April 2015, Corning Incorporated was one of leadership to the College of Engineering two recipients of the “Steps to Success” Award. through direct and meaningful involvement. Additionally, Rita Shauger, administrative The award committee unanimously selected assistant, Global Diversity & Inclusion, was one Waguih for this honor, praising him for of eight individuals in the nation honored as a his passionate support of the college and Disability Champion for her tireless efforts to particularly the Electrical and Computer champion disability in the workplace. ADAPT Engineering Department. was also recognized in the Workplace Category at the Disability Matters European Conference in June for the work they are doing in EMEA. Dr. Melissann Ashton Patton and Rita Shauger Disability Matters Award Recipients: Aleksandra (ola) Karpinska and Isabel Boxall - representing ADAPT in Berlin and Germany 17

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    Awards and Recognition Internal Awards GLASS Latino EDGE Awards Leadership Award EDGE handed out its top diverse workforce and creating Sinue Gomez and Anis Fadul awards on December 8 to an environment where cultural received the 2015 Latino Jim Merriken from Optical diversity contributes to Corning’s Leadership Award, which Communications in Reynosa, success. highlights the contributions of Mexico, and Anis Fadul from the Latino employees who display Emerging Innovations Group leadership traits at Corning. at Sullivan Park. Jim, a manager They were recognized by Joaquin in the Optical Connectivity Cuevas Gongora, Martha Solutions division, won the EDGE Gonzalez Cantu, Margot Romer, Excellence Award that goes and George Perezdiaz at the to an individual who leads by at the GLASS annual event in example in supporting Corning’s November. cultural diversity in a multitude of ways, including coaching and mentoring employees, facilitating professional development, and employing diversity to improve business performance. Anis, director of Marketing and Strategic Planning for Emerging Innovations Group, won the EDGE Champion Award for building and developing an ethnically 18

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    S&T Outstanding Publication Award STICA Diversity Excellence Award ? DidYou Know Matthew Dejneka, Indrajit In 2015, STICA initiated this year to Charlie Craig, Dutta, and Charlene Smith a focused effort senior vice president, Science & were the recipients of S&T’s towards improving Technology. Charlie has been a 2014 Outstanding External employee professional true role model for advancing Publication Award (OEPA), which growth and talent diversity in the technology was awarded in 2015. The team’s retention. This new community throughout his career. paper was titled “Chemically direction for the group Strengthened Low Crystallinity was fully supported by The Native American Council Monica Bankston, talent manager (NAC) partnered with the Black Glass-Ceramics with High Rockwell Museum and the Liquidus Viscosities” and was for Global Diversity & Inclusion, ARTS Council of the Southern published in the International and Badrinarayan Madapusi, Finger Lakes to hold a Falling Journal of Applied Glass Science STICA’s executive sponsor. As Leaves Festival at Watson in 2014. Randy Youngman, senior part of this effort and to create Homestead attended by research associate and OEPA role models for diversity and nearly 2,000 people. The committee chair, presented this inclusion, STICA created a new two-day festival featured year’s award and stated that Diversity Excellence Award to performances led by Bill the winning paper, among 74 recognize Corning leaders who Crouse, Faith Keeper of the submissions, is “representative demonstrate leadership in these Cold Springs Longhouse of of the finest scientific work we areas. Each year, STICA members the Seneca Nation, dancing do at Corning and proof that will nominate employees by the Allegheny River Indian we are leaders in science and for the award based on the Dancers, and a show by the technology.” established criteria. The STICA Old Bridge Singers drum award committee will review the group. Entertainment also nominations and make the final included a performance by selection. The first STICA Diversity Joseph FireCrow, a Grammy- Excellence Award was presented nominated Native American flute player. 19

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    Spotlight: The UP2 The UP2 Women Conference 2015 Inspiration Women Conference 2015 “It is up to us!” is the charge Christy Pambianchi, senior vice president of Human Resources, has issued to the women of the Corporate Management Group when she calls upon them to help develop the next generation of women leaders at Corning. This charge is the basis of the UP2 Initiative, founded in 2013, and which continues to focus on fostering mentoring relationships between women. This year, UP2 hosted its first conference as a way to bring women together to learn from and motivate each other to take action around whatever inspires them most. In keeping with that goal, the conference theme was “Inspiration.” The agenda featured a dynamic mix of curated TED talks and live speakers – many of whom were Corning women who shared moving personal stories. The conference, which was attended by 258 people, was emceed by Monica Bankston, talent manager, Diversity & Inclusion. Christy gave the keynote address in which she talked about her lifelong interest in politics and how she is particularly inspired by women in politics. She shared recent research on the outstanding effectiveness of women in government. 20

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    Other Corning speakers included: “Working to Elevate Women and Girls in • Merrion Edwards, director, Market and the Developing World.” She told the story Technology Development, Corning Optical of Sara from Central Africa who married Fiber and Cable, who discussed the at age six, and began having children at 13. importance of having a growth mindset When her husband died, Sara’s in-laws led instead of a fixed one, and how mentors can her to prostitution. Ultimately she escaped help with that learning. and with the help of others, created a new life for herself and her children. Laura spent • In her discussion, called “You Can Alter the five years working in Central Africa before Universe,” Maryanne DeChambeau, division beginning her career with Corning. She strategy/global brand manager, Corning challenged others to make a difference. Life Sciences, shared the “five Fs” of problem solving: Find a problem to solve, Feel around • Kim Frock, administrative head of school for a solution, Flesh out your idea, Float your and board treasurer for the Alternative idea, and Focus on the stakeholders. School for Math and Science (ASMS) in Corning, and former deputy treasurer and • Neda O’Reilly, project specialist, Programs director of Financial Consulting at Corning, Process Intelligence, Global Supply spoke on “The Life-Changing Impact of Management, discussed the concept of Adolescent Education” and the importance Power Jewelry and how she incorporates of getting children, particularly young girls, pieces into her daily outfits. She advised on a STEM career path. She explained that the audience to choose colors that provide women are underrepresented in leadership, meaning and inspiration. and too few pursue STEM careers. She urged the audience to volunteer, mentor, • Kristine Dale, director, IT Performance and coach girls as they need intellectually Excellence, Controls and Communications, capable, strong female role models in their spoke of “Choosing Kind.” She shared the lives. story of her son, Jeremy, who was born with a facial difference and other disabilities, The conference was videotaped and made which exposed her to a world she hadn’t available on the UP2 Intranet site so that seen before his birth. She talked about women in all of Corning’s global locations could what it means to “choose kind” and to be watch the presentations and be inspired. accepting of people who are different. • Laura Bissmeyer, Global Supply Management, spoke passionately on 21

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    recruiting Junior Military Officers. Today with the Stars and Stripes Spotlight: program, we have broadened that focus to include veterans from every level. We are excited about the progress CLS has made in improving Corning’s visibility within veteran candidate pools and are encouraging other business units to do the same because it’s a win-win for everyone. Corning gets exceptional employees while helping U.S. servicemen and servicewoman re-enter the workforce.” Military Hiring Re-energized Stout indicates that additions to the program for 2016 will include Corning Incorporated recognizes that the U.S. military is one of training for human resource managers and recruiting personnel the greatest institutions in the nation for instilling values like on effective techniques for hiring veterans. A new tool kit is being leadership, teamwork, and integrity. Veterans have an intense work developed that they will be able to use to engage with helpful ethic and proven expertise in a variety of disciplines, which makes resources. In a related measure, a new veteran hiring page will be the military a valuable source of highly qualified, diverse candidates launched on the Careers webpage on Corning’s external site in 2016 for employment at Corning. Therefore, we have had a long-standing in an effort to attract these candidates to our company. commitment to recruiting veterans to work for our company. The U.S. military is a great source for diverse talent with exceptional In 2015, our Recruiting team collaborated with Corning Life Sciences education, training, and skills. Their experience has taught them (CLS) to re-energize the company’s approach to military hiring with to overcome barriers and solve problems creatively. They have the a pilot project. The CLS “Stars and Stripes” program began following ability to work alongside others in an intense and collaborative news that the unemployment rate for recently returning veterans work environment. They often have experience with scientific and was higher than that of the general population. “This shocking technical projects, and they are flexible and adaptive to changing news caused us to quickly turn our focus to make a difference in conditions. And, they have the necessary leadership skills to this area,” said Michael Shields, division human resources manager. influence others to accomplish objectives by providing purpose, “Our objective in the Stars and Stripes project was to diversify and direction, and motivation. These are the exact characteristics of the strengthen talent pools throughout all payrolls in the Life Sciences talent Corning is looking to hire, and the Stars and Stripes program division.” is helping us do just that. The program was successful in meeting that objective. In 2015, the division set and met a target to have 10 percent of its U.S. hires be from the military. Veterans were recruited through employment websites and by building relationships with local veteran agencies and participating in related job fairs. According to Todd Stout, manager, Global Sourcing Strategies, “Ten years ago our approach to military hiring was largely focused on 22

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    Diversity & Inclusion and Our Values Diversity and Inclusion are intrinsic to all seven Values, especially The Individual. Only when each of us feels trusted, respected, and engaged can we fully contribute to the company’s success. Accordingly, we value the unique ability of each individual to contribute, and we intend that every employee shall have the opportunity to participate fully, to grow professionally, and to develop to his or her highest potential. We know that in the end the commitment and contribution of all our employees will determine our success. Corning’s Values are the key to our business success, a source of pride and excitement for our employees, and the factor that ultimately sets us apart from our competitors. In short, we believe that how we do things is as important as what we do. All seven, all around the world, all the time. 23

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    Corning Incorporated Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion diversity@corning.com 24

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