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    WE LIVE in an age of transformative change, one where engagement employees. We advanced sustainability, investing millions in energy and leadership from corporations can have a greater impact on optimization, announcing a partnership to build a 100-megawatt society than perhaps ever before. With this in mind, in 2018 solar array, and achieving multiple LEED and green building MGM Resorts underwent an analysis of our social impact and certifications. We strengthened our communities, generating sustainability strategy – testing the assumptions that propelled our billions in economic impact and investing in education, reskilling previous accomplishments and asking ourselves how we can do and career readiness programs. This commitment is shared across even more. our Company, as our people contributed nearly 125,000 volunteer The result is a bold vision and evolving plan for how our Company hours to service efforts, and more than 71 percent of our US will lead in the years to come. Grounded in our values of integrity, employees donated to The MGM Resorts Foundation – supporting inclusion, teamwork and excellence, Focused on What Matters: millions of dollars in corporate giving. Embracing Humanity and Protecting the Planet articulates our As we applaud these accomplishments, we continue to challenge purpose and our commitment to a set of priorities and goals we ourselves to focus on what matters and achieve greater impact in hope will generate actions that can have an enduring impact on the the years ahead. world. Our evolving efforts also align with a growing interest from Thank you for your trust in our Company as we continue to evolve investors to define a set of Environmental, Social and Governance and enact an ambitious agenda for change – in our own business (ESG) criteria that assists in identifying companies with values that and the communities in which we work, play and live. We owe a match their own. debt of gratitude to our people, our guests, our community partners Using this criteria of standards to drive MGM Resorts’ strategies, and all who support us as we dream big and attempt to accomplish the program builds upon our Company’s previous commitments more. and long-standing efforts to care for our people, invest in our communities, and protect our planet. Guided by this foundational Jim Murren, Rose McKinney-James, work, we drove a range of key social impact and environmental CHAIRMAN & CEO CHAIR, CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY sustainability initiatives in 2018. COMMITTEE, BOARD OF DIRECTORS We championed diversity and inclusion, expanding participation in our Employee Network Groups (ENGs), broadening our diverse supply chain, and launching Learning Experiences Accelerate Development (LEAD), a self-directed leadership program for 1

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    ABOUT OUR EFFORTS GOAL DEVELOPMENT & REPORTING reported is primarily focused on, but not forward-looking statements include effects of Throughout 2018, the leadership of MGM exclusive to, our activities in the United States. economic and market conditions in the markets Resorts worked to refine and evolve our We track key performance indicators against our in which the Company operates, and competition approach to achieving impact. The result is program goals and seek third-party validation in the markets in which the Company operates, our 2018 Social Impact and Sustainability from relevant partners, such as Applied and competition with other destination travel Plan, Focused on What Matters: Embracing Analysis.1 locations throughout the United States and Humanity and Protecting the Planet. It presents the world, the design, timing and costs of FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS our vision for MGM Resorts’ role in creating expansion projects, risks relating to international Statements in this 2018 Social Impact and positive environmental and societal impact operations, permits, licenses, financings, Sustainability Plan that are not historical facts by highlighting the work we do today and the approvals and other contingencies in connection are forward-looking statements, within the goals we aim to achieve across four areas of with growth in new or existing jurisdictions and meaning of the Private Securities Litigation disciplined focus: Fostering Diversity and additional risks and uncertainties described in Reform Act of 1995 and involve risks and/or Inclusion, Investing in Community, Caring for the Company’s Form 10-K, Form 10-Q and Form uncertainties, including those described in the One Another and Protecting the Planet. We 8-K reports (including all amendments to those MGM Resorts International (“MGM Resorts”) are guided by the United Nations Sustainable reports). In providing forward-looking statements, public filings with the Securities and Exchange Development Goals (UNSDGs) as a framework the Company is not undertaking any duty or Commission. The Company has based forward- for our environmental sustainability and social obligation to update these statements publicly looking statements on management’s current impact efforts. as a result of new information, future events expectations and assumptions and not on At MGM Resorts, we strive to operate with or otherwise, except as required by law. If the historical facts. Examples of these statements honesty, integrity and in compliance with the Company updates one or more forward-looking include, but are not limited to, the Company’s law, guided by our robust corporate governance statements, no inference should be drawn that expectations regarding future initiatives related guidelines which include our Code of Business it will make additional updates with respect to to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and Conduct and Ethics and our Conflict of Interest those other forward-looking statements. the Company’s ability to achieve its CSR goals. Policy. These policies can be found on our These forward-looking statements involve a website at mgmresorts.investorroom.com/ number of risks and uncertainties. Among the corporate-governance. important factors that could cause actual results While our commitments are global, the data to differ materially from those indicated in such 1. http://www.appliedanalysis.com/

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    FOCUSED ON WHAT MATTERS: EMBRACING HUMANITY AND PROTECTING THE PLANET FOR NEARLY TWO DECADES, we have led our social responsibility strategy. Our intent: to and to the planet we must protect for future our industry in social impact investments that begin 2019 with a bold vision, ambitious goals generations. MGM Resorts will always strive benefit our employees, our shareholders and our and expanded, data-driven methods to measure to create vibrant environments that welcome communities. our progress. everyone and represent our values locally and in the national conversation. We will support the We have done so because we have long believed “Focused on What Matters: Embracing Humanity growth and sustainability of our communities that modern corporations have the opportunity and Protecting the Planet” reasserts who we and give generously to our neighbors through and the responsibility to affect the world’s are as a Company and our commitment as a volunteering, leadership and philanthropy. most pressing economic, environmental and community partner. It defines our environmental We will continue to take seriously our role in social issues. Employees, customers, partners sustainability and social impact strategy in four reducing our carbon footprint and preserving the and shareholders rightly demand that leading critical areas: Fostering Diversity and Inclusion, natural environment. companies take action to promote equality, Investing in Community, Caring for One Another improve the status quo, stimulate economic and Protecting the Planet. In each of these growth and protect the planet, wherever they areas we have adopted goals against which we operate. will chart our progress, from today to 2025 and For MGM Resorts, a rigorous approach to acting beyond. In 2018, we joined the world’s leading As we look toward 2025 and beyond, responsibly is in our DNA; it is a driver of companies and aligned our CSR priorities to “Focused on What Matters: Embracing strategy and a mechanism of lasting change. The the United Nations Sustainable Development Humanity and Protecting the Planet” growth and resiliency of our Company depends Goals (UNSDGs). We have selected 10 UNSDGs is the north star for our Company, our upon the business decisions we make and the in which we can, and do, have the greatest leadership, our social responsibility ways in which we harness our influence for good. impact – from striving to end poverty and hunger to promoting gender equality and stimulating teams and our employees. Our 2018 We are immensely proud of what we have economic growth. accomplishments and our plans for achieved to improve economic opportunity the future can be found on the pages for our employees, advance equality, boost “Focused on What Matters: Embracing Humanity quality of life in our communities and reduce that follow. and Protecting the Planet” also reaffirms our our environmental footprint. In 2018, inspired commitments to our guests, employees and by our values and past accomplishments, we partners; to the communities we call home; embarked on a company-wide process to hone 3

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    Agenda 2030 In 2015, the Member States of the United Nations adopted “Agenda 2030,” a 15-year plan for achieving a better future for society and our planet, and 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To guide us in making a deeply positive impact on each of our communities, MGM Resorts has selected 10 SDGs to inspire our environmental sustainability and social impact strategy. End poverty in all its forms everywhere Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy End hunger, achieve food security and promote Promote inclusive and sustainable economic sustainable agriculture growth, full and productive employment and decent work Ensure inclusive and equitable quality Ensure sustainable consumption and education and promote lifelong learning production patterns opportunities for all Achieve gender equality and Promote peace and build effective, accountable empower all women and girls and inclusive institutions at all levels Ensure availability and sustainable Revitalize the global partnership for management of water and sanitation sustainable development

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    FOCUSED ON WHAT MATTERS: EMBRACING HUMANITY AND PROTECTING THE PLANET We operate today with a view toward tomorrow. As a values-driven company, what matters most is the impact we have on people, our communities and our planet. FOSTERING DIVERSITY & INCLUSION 6 We constantly seek new ways to harness the power of differences to expand diversity in our Company, broaden our supply chain and create welcoming environments for all people. INVESTING IN COMMUNITY 10 We strengthen the economic livelihood of our communities, supporting good jobs and wages, lasting skills and critical tax revenues while contributing to longstanding institutions and support systems that improve the quality of life for our neighbors. CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER 14 We are passionately committed to volunteerism and philanthropy, from meeting local area needs to working for the global good. PROTECTING THE PLANET 18 We preserve the environment through climate leadership, sustainable design and construction and responsible operating practices including energy, water and materials management. 5

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    FOSTERING DIVERSITY & INCLUSION WE RECOGNIZE diversity as a wellspring receive group mentoring and perform National Harbor. The program offers of innovation and cutting-edge community service. From 2017 to 2018, diverse-owned and -operated businesses competitiveness. We strive to create we’ve seen a 43 percent increase in ENG six months of one-on-one mentorship from respectful and welcoming environments participation. our executives and classroom sessions for all people, especially our employees, In 2018, we launched Learning focused on leadership and business guests, neighbors and partners. We Experiences Accelerate Development strategy. are at our best when we lead diverse (LEAD), a self-directed leadership A longtime supplier to MGM Resorts, teams toward excellence, exceed program for employees. The program Oscar Aliaga, president and CEO at CESS, the expectations of our increasingly offers online learning development Inc., is a graduate of the 2018 program. diverse customer base, partner with an opportunities to employees of all Oscar participated in MGM Resorts’ increasingly broader chain of diverse schedules and positions. Employees three-year LED retrofit, which installed suppliers and take strong and principled also gather in person for discussion, more than 1.5 million LED bulbs at our stands on issues of equality. networking and volunteering to turn their domestic properties. The growth of Oscar’s DEVELOPING A DIVERSE WORKFORCE new knowledge into actionable skills. business meant that he could buy out MGM Resorts actively recruits, develops his partner organization, becoming 100 BUILDING AN INCLUSIVE SUPPLY CHAIN and retains a diverse workforce. From our percent minority owned. We cultivate partnerships with various non-discriminatory hiring, promotion and community partners and suppliers to performance management practices to our support the development of local and pay equity and leadership development diverse businesses. Since 2000, we initiatives, we seek to promote career “As small business owners, we think have required diversity participation in mobility for our employees and ensure we know it all after a few years, but all construction bids, and since 2003, that everyone feels safe in their authentic there’s so much more that we can we have required minority and women identities. learn,” says Oscar. “The tools and participation in all biddable commodity guidance I received from my mentors, In our Employee Network Groups (ENGs), purchases exceeding $3,000. In 2018, MGM facilitators and the diversity for example, employees make meaningful we expanded our innovative Supplier team were instrumental in the connections with their peers, participate Diversity Mentorship Program beyond success of my business.” 2 in professional development programs, Southern Nevada to include MGM 2. Mediaplanet, Future of Business and Tech. The Competitive Advantage of Supplier Diversity (article). Retrieved from http://www.futureofbusinessandtech.com/sponsored/the-competitive-advantage-of-supplier-diversity

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    In 2018, 9.3 percent of our biddable spending with domestic business suppliers went to diverse enterprises, totaling nearly $183 million to fuel businesses that strengthen our Company and our communities. LOVE IS UNIVERSAL We welcome all guests, regardless of race, age, ability, gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation. We are especially proud of our inclusive wedding offerings, featuring gender-neutral imagery, floral packages and dressing room titles. In 2018, we released UNIVERSAL LOVE, an album of reimagined love songs that recognizes love as a transcendent human experience and features pronouns that reflect diverse celebrations of love. For example, Bob Dylan re-recorded his classic “She’s Funny That Way” as “He’s Funny That Way.” We’re proud that the album has sparked an important conversation about evolving classic love songs, ensuring that every couple’s first dance celebrates the universal power of love. 7

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    ANN HOFF, PORTFOLIO PRESIDENT A PROFILE IN LEADERSHIP Ann Hoff has always taken a bold approach to growth, a mindset she credits for helping to achieve a senior leadership role at MGM Resorts. Now the Portfolio President for four of MGM Resorts’ Southern Nevada properties, Ann advocates for others, serving as the executive sponsor for the Company’s Management Associate Program (MAP) and the Emerging Leaders Employee Network Group. She points to mentor support and leadership programs as influences, as well as to MGM Resorts’ Women’s Leadership Conference as a hallmark of a culture that develops women in leadership. “Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary,” “As a female executive and mother, I feel fortunate to work for an says Ann, “but we cannot realize our full potential organization that maintains an unwavering commitment to diversity. until we are willing to be vulnerable and fearless We know we must persistently champion women by providing enough to risk failure. I have been fortunate to effective mentorship, consistent encouragement and meaningful acquire many mentors and advocates who have celebration of success. We must also lead by example, confidently supported my development and endorsed me for speaking up, contributing and providing the support required for new operating roles at pivotal times in my career.” women to take on additional responsibility.” – Ann Hoff

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    FOSTERING DIVERSITY & INCLUSION 2025 ASPIRATIONS DIVERSE ENGAGEMENT TALENT MANAGEMENT Spend with diverse suppliers at least 10% Train 100% of management employees of our domestic biddable procurement on corporate social responsibility policies and goals DIVERSE & INCLUSIVE WORK CULTURE DIVERSE ENGAGEMENT Ensure that all employees – including women, Expand our individualized Supplier Diversity the LGBTQ+ community, people of color and Mentorship Program to achieve a cumulative people with disabilities – have equal access milestone of 50 graduates of diverse suppliers to leadership opportunities throughout MGM among our host communities Resorts and that our policies of inclusion are embedded into our culture Companies with diverse and inclusive workforces, suppliers, and customers outperform their non-diverse peers. MGM Resorts is committed to developing and enhancing talent management systems that ensure equal access to employment and career growth opportunities for all. Through education and training, we will continue to create welcoming, inclusive environments where diverse ideas and perspectives lead to innovative and creative solutions to drive business growth and expand Company goodwill around the world. 9

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    INVESTING IN COMMUNITY IN 2018, we operated in six states and The program will empower employees scholarship opportunities to help fund two countries, creating jobs, stimulating throughout our Company to seek higher their post-secondary education, including economic growth and generating crucial education degrees and achieve entry and universities, community colleges and tax revenue that spurs progress and funds promotion into the middle-class workforce. recognized certification programs. important social services. In 2018, we We also launched a new Student Loan COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS FOR generated more than $20.9 billion in Debt Assistance Program, which launches OUR COMMUNITIES economic impact, paying $4.6 billion in in 2020, will match a portion of monthly We fund and contribute to programs wages and contributing $2.29 billion in student loan debt payments for qualifying that build resilient skills and create local, state and federal taxes. 3 employees. economic mobility everywhere we operate. We work with the private sector, civic For example, one of many community leaders and nonprofit partners to provide investments we made in 2018 was the economic opportunity and enhance Because we believe in the power of commitment of $500,000 to the Boys the social and cultural fabric of the education to create opportunity for future & Girls Club of Atlantic City to support generations, we have re-established the MGM communities where we operate. the development of the MGM Resorts Resorts Scholarship Program for Children of International Teen Center for Economic ADVANCING EDUCATION Employees with an initial gift of $1 million. Youth Development & College Readiness. Our contributions to economic mobility begin at home, with the Pathways The Center will help youth members of the Educational Opportunities Program for Boys & Girls Club – 93 percent of whom Beginning in 2019, the fund will our employees. In 2018, we announced live in poverty – develop the necessary award scholarships of up to $2,500 to a 90 percent increase in our existing skills to graduate high school, attend selected children of MGM Resorts’ full- tuition reimbursements to $4,000 college or begin a career in the health, time domestic employees (excluding per employee each year, and our new hospitality and technology industries. executives), based on their financial College Opportunity Program, a landmark With a teaching kitchen, a fabrication need and academic performance. The partnership with the Nevada System lab, STEM classes, tutoring and more, program will be administered by The of Higher Education to provide online the Center will help Atlantic City teens Public Education Foundation, which education at no cost to all eligible MGM break the cycle of poverty and lay the will educate all applicants about other Resorts employees in the United States. groundwork for a better tomorrow. 3. Applied Analysis. (2019) MGM Resorts International Economic Impact Analysis: United States Operations

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    KEISHLA MORALES PATHWAYS TO THE WORKFORCE MGM Resorts invests considerable resources in community career training – including the Massachusetts Casino Career Training Institute (MCCTI) Gaming School in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts. We provided instructors, curriculum and gaming equipment, guaranteed interviews to students and tuition reimbursement to graduates who join our team because we have seen firsthand how gaming careers can change lives. For western Massachusetts residents like Keishla Morales, the MCCTI has been a pathway to economic mobility. After earning her high school diploma as a young parent, Keishla joined the MCCTI to train as a games table dealer. Now a dealer at MGM Springfield, Keishla is flourishing in her career and looking to the future. “As a single teen mother who once struggled with childcare, transportation and reliable housing, I still cannot believe how far I have come,” says Keishla, who was awarded an Honorable Citation from the Massachusetts State House and an award from the commissioner of the Massachusetts Department “As a single teen mother who once struggled with of Transitional Assistance for her indomitable spirit. “After childcare, transportation and reliable housing, I graduating from the MCCTI Gaming School, I have a job as still cannot believe how far I have come…” a Table Games Dealer, where I work for one of the biggest – Keishla Morales companies in the world.”

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    INVESTING IN COMMUNITY 2025 ASPIRATIONS W O R KF O RC E DE V E L O P M E N T CO MMU N ITY D EVELOPM ENT Expand our support of nonprofit workforce Award 600 post-secondary scholarships development and education programs from to children of employees4 25% to 40% of our annual Company giving Strengthening our local communities socially and economically is critical to the growth and resiliency of our Company. In collaboration with the public sector, policy makers, educators and nonprofit organizations, we strive to expand pathways to economic security for our workforce. By enhancing the social and cultural fabric in the communities where we operate, we’re working to elevate the quality of life for everyone in our communities. 4. Scholarships for children of employees goal is based on a 2019 start date

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    CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER WE LIVE our commitment to the of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his Homeless Youth Program was awarded communities that have welcomed us by pursuit of equality and civil rights, which a grant to fund workforce training and giving generously to our neighbors. MGM continues to this day. This grant furthers improve access to affordable housing for Resorts partners with organizations that Dr. King’s legacy – the foundation for homeless young adults 18-24, the fastest- strengthen our neighborhoods, teach job our modern-day inclusion values – by growing homeless population in the Gulf skills, feed the hungry and sustain our supporting the museum’s programming for Coast.5 planet. the anniversary of his tragic assassination VOLUNTEERISM Volunteerism and philanthropy are core entitled, “MLK50 – Where Do We Go From Here?” Our employees also give their time to our culture and a source of pride generously, spending nearly 124,000 for our employees and our leadership. THE MGM RESORTS FOUNDATION hours in service to their communities Through The MGM Resorts Foundation, In 2018, 71 percent of our employees in 2018. More than 8,700 employees CSR Councils, and ENGs, our employees made a contribution to The MGM Resorts participated in activities ranging champion causes, donate time and fund Foundation, raising nearly $5.3 million. from onsite volunteering to service organizations that share our values and The Foundation awarded 85 grants to with organizations dedicated to youth commitments. nonprofit partners in Southern Nevada, mentorship, feeding the hungry, protecting CORPORATE GIVING Maryland, Mississippi and Michigan. our environment and other causes aligned In 2018, we awarded $15,584,430 in For instance, The Adoption Exchange, with our Company values. corporate giving to deserving organizations, one of the Foundation’s 2018 awardees, In Michigan, the MGM Grand Detroit including The Community Foundation of received a grant to produce professional team participated in its 9th Count Day in Prince George’s County (Maryland), the photographs of adoptable children in 2018. School attendance on Count Day Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, foster care for its website and a travelling determines 90 percent of the funding and Three Square. exhibit, the Nevada Heart Gallery, that that Detroit’s public schools will receive Among these contributions, we provided gives children their best chance to find in the coming year. In a school takeover, $150,000 to the National Civil Rights their forever family. And in Mississippi, 77 MGM Grand Detroit employees Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, in honor the BREAKTHROUGH! – Housing distributed backpacks, winter coats and 5. “Programs” Community Care Network. Retrieved from http://www.ccnms.org/programs

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    school supplies to students and organized a day of storytelling, games, crafts and a meal prepared by the resort’s culinary team to encourage attendance. Count Day has a lasting impact, helping students stay warm for winter and ensuring their school will maximize its federal funding opportunity. 15

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    CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER 2025 ASPIRATIONS VO LUN T E E R IS M EMPLO YEE G IVIN G Surpass 1 million cumulative volunteer hours Achieve 75% domestic employee donations through the Employee Volunteer Program6 to The MGM Resorts Foundation C O R P O R AT E P H IL A N T H RO P Y CO R PO R ATE PH ILAN T HROPY Exceed $100 million in cumulative employee Donate 5 million meals through our Feeding community support donations through The Forward program8 MGM Resorts Foundation7 Stronger communities create better places to live and work, leading to long-term customers and employees. Through volunteerism, employee giving and Company philanthropy, MGM Resorts instills philanthropic commitment and pride in employees that drives positive social impact in their communities. With a focus on core initiatives of hunger relief, public education, workforce development, diversity, environmental sustainability, and health & wellness MGM Resorts supports our host communities’ unique challenges. 6. Volunteer Hours Aspiration is based on 2012 program start 7. Employee Foundation Donations Aspiration is based on 2002 program start 8. Feeding Forward Aspiration is based on 2016 program start

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    FEEDING FORWARD One in eight Nevadans is affected by hunger9, a crisis with devastating consequences for society and our economy. In 2007, MGM Resorts was instrumental in founding Three Square Food Bank in Southern Nevada. Since then, our employees have donated more than 2.7 million meals through food drives and volunteered 54,193 hours to help Three Square build programs, such as the Summer Backpack for Kids Program, which has provided 127,000 meals to children in the community since 2016. In 2016, we expanded our partnership by announcing a two- year grant of $768,000 to Three Square, with an initial grant in 2018 of $286,000 to help build the core infrastructure to expand our Feeding Forward program to include an innovative food donation process that combats food waste and food insecurity at scale by collecting and preserving unserved, untouched event food from MGM Resorts. Three Square freezes the collected food using blast-chilling technology and stores it in their warehouse freezer until a community need arises. More In 2018, our five major convention resorts participated in than 120 hunger relief agencies – serving food-insecure people Feeding Forward, rescuing over 279,000 meals, bringing our in Southern Nevada 10 – have selected prepared, frozen meals total number of meals donated through the new process to from Three Square’s online ordering system. Since its launch, 562,000 meals since the program’s inception in 2016. We Feeding Forward has expanded to include unprepared kitchen have ambitious aspirations for Feeding Forward, with a goal of ingredients and unused minibar and warehouse items. donating 5 million meals by 2025. 9. Hunger in Nevada. Feeding America. Retrieved from: https://www.feedingamerica.org/hunger-in-america/nevada 10. https://www.threesquare.org/ 17

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    PROTECTING THE PLANET WE ENDEAVOR TO LEAD our industry in POWERED BY RENEWABLE ENERGY A GREENER BUSINESS IS A BETTER environmental sustainability, putting In 2018, we substantially completed BUSINESS the needs of our planet and our global our LED retrofit, surpassing our initial We strive to integrate environmental community at the center of our operations. commitment and installing more than 1.5 benefits into every MGM Resorts Sustainable design and construction, and million LED bulbs. experience, whether our guests are responsible operating practices including enjoying a getaway or attending a We also announced a game-changing effective energy, water and materials convention. When our guests stay, partnership with Invenergy, the management, are hallmarks of how we play, dine and attend a meeting at an country’s largest independent renewable conduct our business and serve our guests. MGM Resorts destination, they benefit energy company, to create a 640-acre, Beyond the boundaries of our destinations, 100-megawatt solar array in the United from a comprehensive Environmental we help protect the environment by Management System through which we States Bureau of Land Management’s Dry pursuing climate leadership, sharing actively conserve water and energy, divert Lake Solar Energy Zone. When operational best practices with peers and customers, recyclables and food scraps away from in 2020, the 100MW array will generate seeking innovations that mitigate climate landfills and support the local economy. clean, renewable energy, providing up to risk and partnering with organizations that 90 percent of the daytime power needed By the end of 2018, nine of our properties share our vision for a greener future. at MGM Resorts’ 13 Las Vegas Strip had achieved LEED Gold certification, destinations – more than 70 million 16 had received Four or Five Green square feet of real estate. Keys and our new property, MGM Cotai in Macau, earned a prestigious Three- When our guests stay, play, dine The project will also have a lasting Star certification under the China Green and attend a meeting at an MGM economic impact, supporting 350 jobs Building Design Label by the China Green Resorts destination, they benefit during construction and generating $20 Building and Energy Saving (Macau) from a comprehensive Environmental million in sales and property tax revenue Association. In July, we committed to Management System through over the lifetime of the project. reduce our use of single plastics by which we actively conserve water and energy, divert recyclables and food scraps away from landfills and support the local economy.

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    providing paper straws upon request. Meeting clients at our five major Las Vegas convention resorts can take comfort in the fact that most unserved and unprepared food from major events will be donated to charity through our Feeding Forward program (see page 17).In addition to the standard environmental practices at our resorts, we offer our convention clients a unique Sustainable Event Program with a full menu of options to help them enhance the social and environmental benefits of the events they host at our resorts – from venue, space, décor and signage to food and beverage and community engagement. Moreover, we often collaborate with our clients to customize innovative offerings, like the 100 percent compostable lunch box (including packaging and cutlery) we designed with Amazon Web Services for their 2018 re:Invent global customer conference, which attracted more than Since 2007, we have invested over $47 million in energy 50,000 attendees. optimization, ensuring that our properties use less power per square foot and that our energy comes from greener, cleaner sources. 19

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    RESTORING THE CHESAPEAKE BAY’S OYSTER REEFS Oysters purify the Chesapeake Bay as they filter the water for their food. An adult oyster can filter as much as 50 gallons of water a day. Once, the oysters in the Chesapeake Bay – home to MGM National Harbor – could filter a volume of water equal to the entire Bay in just a week.11 After the oystering decline in the mid-1980s, sediment and nitrogen levels began to cause problems in the Bay waters. Today, it would take the remaining Bay oysters more than a year to accomplish the same.12 Our oyster shell recycling program, founded at MGM National Harbor in 2016, collects oyster half-shells from five of our resorts across the country as a means of restoring this critical habitat. At the Hooper’s Island Oyster Company hatchery in the Chesapeake Bay, each half-shell becomes home to an average of ten baby oysters, or “spat.” As the spat mature, the shells are transplanted into sanctuary oyster beds in the Bay reserved for restoration of the ecosystem, not consumption. All told, each shell’s journey from restaurant to reef takes more than a year of hard work and collaboration. We are proud to say that this project has diverted enough oyster shells from landfill to grow over 16 million baby oysters, more than 10 times the number we serve at our restaurants annually. These oysters will not only contribute to the recovery of the Bay but will also secure a sustainable future for the local economy, which depends on healthy waterways. MGM Resorts began purchasing oysters from the Hooper’s Island Oyster Company that are farmed, not fished, in the Chesapeake Bay in late 2018. Their shells will be returned to grow new oysters in the same ecosystem – a circular economy that will ensure the continued health of the Chesapeake Bay. 11. https://www.cbf.org/about-the-bay/more-than-just-the-bay/chesapeake-wildlife/eastern-oysters/oyster-fact-sheet.html 12. https://www.cbf.org/about-the-bay/more-than-just-the-bay/chesapeake-wildlife/eastern-oysters/oyster-fact-sheet.html

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    PROTECTING THE PLANET 2025 ASPIRATIONS R E SP ON S IBL E OP E R AT ION S R ESPO N SIB LE O PER ATIONS Achieve 60% materials diversion rate Reduce energy per square foot by 25% C LI M AT E L E A D E RS H IP R ESPO N SIB LE O PER ATIONS Reduce carbon emissions per Reduce water per square foot by 30% square foot by 45% A greener business is a better business, and environmental leadership is critical to 21st century corporate leadership. At MGM Resorts, we believe that environmental leadership is critical to ensuring the long-term viability of corporations – and our planet. We are committed to being a global advocate in accelerating the fight against climate change. Through sustainable design and construction, we will build with tomorrow in mind and through our responsible operations we aim to reduce our negative environmental impacts.13 13. “Protecting the Planet” Aspirations are based on 2007 baseline 21

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    TABLE SUMMARY OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL TOTAL WORKFORCE MINORITY WORKFORCE CAUCASIAN WORKFORCE US EMPLOYEE PROFILE % 71,106 48,884 (68.75 ) 22,021 (30.97%) 16+1+1631323z 51+49+z African American 11,208 (15.76%) Female: 36,148 (50.84%) American Indian 305 (0.43%) Male: 34,919 (49.11%) Asian 11,106 (15.62%) Caucasian 22,021 (30.97%) Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 1,089 (1.53%) Hispanic or Latino 23,066 (32.44%) Two or More Races 2,110 (2.97%) MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL TOTAL WORKFORCE MINORITY WORKFORCE CAUCASIAN WORKFORCE MANAGER & ABOVE PROFILE % 6,206 2,762 (44.51 ) 3,424 (55.17%) 9+16+1350264z 44+56+z African American 684 (11.02%) Female: 2,721 (43.84%) American Indian 20 (0.32%) Male: 3,481 (56.09%) Asian 689 (11.10%) Caucasian 3,424 (55.17%) Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 94 (1.51%) Hispanic or Latino 1,032 (16.63%) Two or More Races 243 (3.92%)

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    INVESTING IN COMMUNITY PROTECTING THE PLANET GAMESENSE US ECONOMIC OUTPUT ENERGY PER SQUARE FOOT18 DEMONSTRATION: $20.9B 16.4% REDUCTION lengthier, one-way communication TAXES TO US FEDERAL, STATE centered around a demonstration of CARBON EMISSIONS PER SQUARE FOOT18 AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT GameSense tools or a game 33.8% REDUCTION $2.29B 275 WATER PER SQUARE FOOT18 DOMESTIC CAPITAL INVESTMENT EXCHANGE: 24.5% REDUCTION $1.1B two-way interaction about responsible MATERIALS DIVERSION RATE19 gambling or problem gambling SPENDING WITH DOMESTIC BUSINESS PARTNERS 45.8% 554 $1.8B INSTRUCTIVE: SUPPORTED US WAGES lengthier, one-way communication $4.6B regarding a substantive issue (e.g. the purpose of GameSense) 17,884 SIMPLE / NEW M LIFE ENROLLMENT: brief introduction to the GameSense program 633,529 The above statistics summarize the types and quantities of conversations that our Company had in 2018 as part of our responsible gaming program, GameSense, to educate guests and keep gambling safe and fun. 18. Global data. 2018 progress against a 2007 baseline. See page 21 for progress against aspirations. Full historical, environmental performance data available at www.mgmresorts.com/csr 19. 2018 diversion from landfill during ongoing operations. Excludes construction and demolition materials diverted from landfills during new development projects.

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    REGIONAL PROPERTIES MGM SPRINGFIELD GOLD STRIKE MGM GRAND DETROIT • $202.8M paid to WBE/VBE/MBE • 2,624 volunteer hours logged by 253 employees • $177M paid in taxes owned companies • $128,921 raised by 922 employees for the • $1,304,320 charitable contributions dispersed • $552.3M paid to both diverse and non-diverse Grant Fund to the community companies • ’99-2018 $950M paid to Detroit-based • Over $5M in philanthropic funding and businesses COMBINED MS INFORMATION community investments committed to Western • ’99-2018 $214M paid to MBEs and $175M Massachusetts • $217,113 disbursed to the community in paid to WBEs • 73.5% of hires are Western MA residents foundation grants • 52% of employees are Detroit residents • 56.3% of hires are minorities • $159,857 in charitable contributions disbursed • 70% of employees are minorities to the community • 45.3% of hires are women • 45% minorities in leadership positions • $123,357,842 in total taxes paid • 53% of employees are women BORGATA MGM NATIONAL HARBOR • 217 employees volunteered 6,469 hours in the community • $204,418,804 paid in taxes for the educational trust fund • $620,434 in charitable commitments to the community • $273,690,447 paid in gaming taxes • $207,163,208 in taxes paid to the state of • Over 750 employees logged 7,732 volunteer New Jersey hours with local organizations in the metropolitan DC region • $1,289,785 charitable dollars dispersed in DC, BEAU RIVAGE Maryland and Virginia • 5,320 volunteer hours logged by 518 employees • 49% of employees are Prince George’s County residents and/or veterans • $203,647 raised by 2,162 employees for the Grant Fund • More than $31M paid to MBEs • Over 60 Prince George’s County companies have been awarded contracts 25

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    AWARDS GENERAL • Million Dollar Club – U.S. Hispanic Chamber of • National Designations – AARP and Military • America’s Best Employers Commerce Million Dollar Club [Expenditure of Friendly (No. 76 of 500) – Forbes $25 million - $50 million with Hispanic-owned businesses] CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER • America’s Best Employers for New Graduates [NOTE: MGM Resorts has been named to this list (No. 147 of 250) – Forbes • The Civic 50 – America’s Most Community- since the award’s inception in 2009] • America’s Best Employers for Women Minded Companies – Points of Light (the 3rd year • Department of Defense Employer Support of the of this recognition) (No. 199 of 300) – Forbes Guard and Reserve – Extraordinary Employer • Global 2000: World’s Best Employers • AACC (American Association for Community Support Award (No. 13 of 500) – Forbes Colleges) Outstanding College/Corporate • America’s Top Corporation for Women’s Business Partnership Award – for MGM National Harbor Enterprises – Women’s Business Enterprise and Prince George’s County Community College FOSTERING DIVERSITY & INCLUSION National Council-Bronze Distinction Partnership • Top 10 Regional Companies (No. 3) – DiversityInc • Corporate Partner for the Year – Grant A Gift [NOTE: 13th consecutive year of MGM Resorts INVESTING IN COMMUNITY Autism Foundation ranking as a top company on a DiversityInc list] • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation – • National Operation School Bell Award – • Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality – Revitalize America Honoree (MGM Springfield) Assistance League Las Vegas Human Rights Campaign • Western Mass Employment Collaborative – [NOTE: 7th consecutive year of MGM Resorts Outstanding Employer (MGM Springfield) PROTECTING THE PLANET ranking with a perfect score on this corporate equality index] • Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Talent Network • Leading Company in Sustainability – Nevada – Industry Champion of the Year Award for Hotel & Lodging Association • Best Companies for Diversity – Black Enterprise workforce solutions in the community (Borgata Magazine • Interior Lighting Campaign: Greatest Annual Hotel Casino & Spa) • America’s Best Employers for Diversity Energy Savings for Lighting Retrofits (Large • American Association for Community Colleges Project) – Better Buildings / U.S. Department of (No. 126 of 250) – Forbes – Outstanding College/Corporate Partnership Energy (recognition of Mandalay Bay) • BEQ Pride LGBTQ Business Equality Excellence Award (MGM National Harbor and Prince George’s Award – Business Equality Network • Interior Lighting Campaign: Best Use of Lighting Community College) Controls in a Single Building – Better Buildings / • America’s Top Corporations for Women’s Business • Prince George’s Community College Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy (recognition of MGM Enterprises – Women’s Business Enterprise Inc. – Partners for Success Gala award (MGM Resorts Call Center) National Council National Harbor) [NOTE: 5th consecutive year of MGM Resorts • Food Recovery Award for Highest Percentage • University of South Alabama Department of Increase in Food Waste Diversion from Previous ranking as a top company on this list] Hospitality & Tourism Management – Industry Year: Bellagio Partner of the Year (Becky Smith, Director of Human Resources, Beau Rivage)

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    PARTNERS/ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 100 Black Men of America, Inc. Hispanic Association of Colleges National Association for the Native American Journalists US Pan Asian American 100 Black Men of Las Vegas, and Universities (HACU) Advancement of Colored People Association Chamber of Commerce Inc. Hispanic Association on (NAACP) - Las Vegas Organization of Chinese (USPAACC) American Indian College Fund Corporate Responsibility National Association of Black Americans (OCA) USO Inc. (HACR) Journalists Organization of Chinese USO Las Vegas ASCEND National Association of Asian MBAs Hispanic Scholarship Fund National Association of Americans (OCA) - Las Vegas Veterans Action Group Human Rights Campaign Las Hispanic Journalists Out & Equal Workplace Asian & Pacific Islander Western Regional Minority American Scholars (APIAS) Vegas National Association of Minority Advocates Supplier Development Council Human Rights Campaign Contractors (NAMC) Prospanica (formerly known as (WRMSDC) Asian American Group (AAG) Las Vegas National National Association of Minority National Society of Hispanic Women’s Business Enterprise International Gay & Lesbian Contractors (NAMC) - Nevada MBAs) Council – West (WBEC – West) Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) Travel Association Foundation National Association of Women Rainbow Dreams Educational Women’s Business Enterprise Inc. (IGLTA) Business Owners (NAWBO) - Foundation National Council (WBENC) Asian Community Development International Gay and Lesbian Las Vegas SER National Council (ACDC) Women’s Chamber of Commerce Travel Association (IGLTA) National Association of Women Southern Nevada Association of of Nevada City Impact Foundation Las Vegas Asian Chamber of in Construction (NAWIC) - Las Pride Inc. (SNAPI) College of Southern Nevada Vegas Chapter #74 Commerce (ACC) The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (CSN) Las Vegas Clark County Urban National Black MBA Committee of Las Vegas Congressional Black Caucus Association, Inc. (NBMBAA) League (LVUL) The Gay and Lesbian Foundation Las Vegas Urban Chamber of National Coalition of 100 Black Community Center of Southern Congressional Hispanic Caucus Women - Las Vegas Chapter Commerce Nevada Institute Latin Chamber of Commerce National Coalition of Black The Links, Incorporated - Las Cultural Diversity Foundation Meeting Planners Community Foundation Vegas Chapter Disability:IN National Gay & Lesbian Latin Chamber of Commerce The National Center for Diversity Best Practices Nevada Inc. (LCC) Chamber of Commerce American Indian Enterprise (Bonnier Working Mother National Lesbian & Gay Development (NCAIED) League of United Latin Media) Journalists Association American Citizens (LULAC) U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. Dress for Success of Southern National Minority Supplier National Association for the Unidos US (formerly NCLR) Nevada (DFSSN) Development Council (NMSDC) Advancement of Colored People United States Hispanic Gay and Lesbian Chamber of (NAACP) National Society of Minorities in Chamber of Commerce Commerce of Nevada Hospitality United States Veterans Initiative Henderson Chamber of National Urban League (U.S. VETS) Commerce of NV 29

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