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    The Sands ECO360 journey… 2015 Sands ECO360 Report

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    The journey of Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) is the pre-eminent developer and operator of world-class Integrated Resorts that Las Vegas Sands Corp. feature luxury hotels; world-class gaming, retail, entertainment, convention, and exhibition facilities; celebrity chef restaurants; and many other amenities. Sands Expo® and The Venetian® Las Vegas Sands® Macao The Venetian® Macao Convention Center Location: Las Vegas, NV Location: Macao (SAR), China Location: Macao (SAR), China Location: Las Vegas, NV Year opened: 1999 Year opened: 2004 Year opened: 2007 Year opened: 1990 Employees: 8,500 (The Venetian | Employees: 4,000 Employees: 10,400 Employees: 100 The Palazzo) Suites: 289 Suites: 2,905 MICE1 space: 2.3 million2 Suites: 4,028 MICE1 space: 9,000 square feet MICE1 space: 1.2 million square feet MICE1 space: 2.3 million2 square feet Environmental certifications: square feet Environmental certifications: Environmental certifications: Macao Green Hotel Silver Environmental certifications: LEED3 Gold® for Existing TripAdvisor GreenLeaders GOLD, Award, 2012; Gold Award, 2015 Macao Green Hotel Gold Award, Buildings, 2010; 2013 & 2015; sandsmacao.com 2011 & 2014; LEED3 Gold® for Building APEX/ASTM4 Venue Level Two, EarthCheck Bronze Benchmarked, 2014; Operations and 2013 & 2015 ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Maintenance, 2016; venetian.com Management Systems, 2014 & 2015 APEX/ASTM4 Venue Level venetianmacao.com Two, 2013 & 2015 sandsexpo.com 1. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. 2. The Venetian, The Palazzo and Sands Expo combined. 3. The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® green building program is the pre-eminent program for the design, construction, maintenance and operations of high-performance green buildings. Learn more at usgbc.org/LEED.

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    Starting with a single property in 1990, the reach of LVS now extends worldwide, from Las Vegas to Macao, and from Bethlehem (USA) to Singapore. Our Integrated Resorts have become premier destinations for travel enthusiasts around the world. The Palazzo® Las Vegas The Plaza Macao Sands® Bethlehem Marina Bay Sands® Sands® Cotai Central Location: Las Vegas, NV Location: Macao (SAR), China Location: Bethlehem, PA Location: Singapore Location: Macao (SAR), China Year opened: 2007 Year opened: 2008 Year opened: 2009 Year opened: 2010 Year opened: 2012 Employees: 8,500 (The Venetian | Employees: 1,800 Employees: 2,400 Employees: 9,500 Employees: 8,900 The Palazzo) Suites: 376 Rooms: 302 Rooms and suites: 2,561 Suites: 6,261 Suites: 3,064 MICE1 space: 25,000 square feet MICE1 space: 29,000 square feet MICE1 space: 1.2 million square feet MICE1 space: 550,000 square feet MICE1 space: 2.3 million2 theplazamacao.com Environmental certification: Environmental certifications: Environmental certification: square feet 4 Keys in Green Key Eco-Rating Singapore BCA Green Mark Platinum, 2015; Macao Green Hotel Gold Environmental certifications: Program, 2013 EarthCheck Silver certified, 2014; Award, 2013 LEED3 Silver® for New pasands.com sandscotaicentral.com APEX/ASTM4 Venue Level One, 2013 & 2015; Construction5, 2008; ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management TripAdvisor GreenLeaders GOLD, Systems, 2014 & 2015 2013 & 2015; marinabaysands.com APEX/ASTM4 Venue Level Two, 2013 & 2015 palazzo.com 4. APEX/ASTM – The meeting industry’s first set of standards for environmentally sustainable meetings, created through a partnership between the Accepted Practices Exchange and American Society for Testing and Materials. 5. The gaming floor is not part of the LEED certification.

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    …to a more sustainable future Our responsibility to the planet is as important to us as our commitment to the comfort and well-being of our guests and Team Members. The Sands ECO360 Global Sustainability strategy is designed to help minimize our environmental impact, and it reflects our vision to lead the way in sustainable building development and resort operations. Driven by an aspirational idea, made possible through the dedication and hard work of our Team Members, we continue our journey to a more sustainable future.

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    Welcome from our Chairman Contents On behalf of the entire executive team, I am pleased also re-certify our resorts regularly to keep up with About Las Vegas Sands Corp. to share the 2015 Sands ECO360 Report. The past year industry advancements. 01 Welcome from our Chairman marked the achievement of a significant milestone OVERVIEW Another major highlight of the past five years was – completion of Sands ECO360’s strategic five-year 02 Sands ECO360 strategy introducing and building an industry-leading plan. This report is a reflection of our journey. 03 Key issues and our stakeholders Green Meetings Program. We have hosted many While we started with baseline sustainability efforts in world-class sustainable events, and the program GREEN BUILDINGS 2007, we accelerated our strategy around four pillars has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our How we design and construct environmentally of the current Sands ECO360 Global Sustainability customers as we strive to become the number one sustainable buildings. program in 2011. We also set five-year goals for host for green meetings in the world. 05 Building renovation and new development carbon emission and water consumption reductions, 06 Sustainability certifications This dedication to sustainable business practices 07 New technologies and innovation along with recycling (diversion) rate improvement. has resulted in recognition from leading industry The results of these efforts have been authorities. Last year, Las Vegas OPERATIONS impressive, and we continue to strive Sands Corp. was recognized in the How we operate our buildings to maximize efficiency. for high achievement on all fronts. CDP’s A List and Climate Disclosure 09 Resource conservation Taking a moment to look back 11 Waste management and recycling We exceeded our carbon footprint Leadership Index for management target, reducing emissions by 8.1% helps us imagine opportunities and measurement of greenhouse 11 Sustainable products and materials in existing resorts and by 19.6% in that lie ahead. emissions. Our company was also STRATEGIC JOURNEY TO 2015 newer properties. We also completed listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability 12 Sands ECO360: our achievements at a glance more than 300 energy efficiency projects globally and Indices (DJSI) for our industry-leading corporate GREEN MEETINGS reduced our electricity consumption by 247 million sustainability efforts in North America. How we integrate sustainability into our meetings kWh since 2010. Finally, we improved our diversion rate and conventions. None of these accomplishments would be possible by 11.5% and 12.2% at our existing buildings and newly 15 The Sands ECO360 Meetings Program without the active participation of our Team Members. opened properties, respectively, meeting our target. 16 The journey of our signature events As we look down the road to the next five years, we will Yet, we still have more work to do. After experiencing deliver even greater results working together across ENGAGEMENT challenges in reducing water consumption, our our properties to share sustainable best practices and How we educate our stakeholders and give back progress has been slower than expected and we drive toward the high standards for to the community. remain dedicated to achieving the goals we set. environmental responsibility we 19 Team Member education Since 2011, we also opened several new properties set as a company. 20 Community outreach incorporating our most advanced internal green 21 External communication Thank you for your interest building standards, with each new development PERFORMANCE in the Sands ECO360 surpassing the previous one in efficiency. Once in 22 Environmental performance sustainability journey. operation, each property has remained focused on conservation of natural resources. Sheldon G. Adelson, 24 Thanks to our Team Members Chairman of the Board Transparency and accountability remain our primary and Chief Executive objectives. Of our nine properties worldwide, eight Officer and Treasurer, hold at least one environmental certification. We Las Vegas Sands Corp. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 1

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Sands ECO360 strategy The Sands ECO360 Global Sustainability program reflects our vision to become a leader in sustainable development and resort operations. We developed Sands ECO360 around the four pillars below by identifying areas with the greatest environmental impact and opportunity. Governance and integration Envi ron In developing a comprehensive strategy, we assessed our me nt operations and evaluated where we have the greatest gs all in y environmental impact and opportunity. We continually li d re u nt sp pme b monitor and measure our environmental footprint to develop velo n on Res ee d e Wast ou challenging yet attainable objectives and targets. Education sib w ns em rce Gr ne atio an c nd le and outreach span all areas of our strategy; we seek to engage tific vatio n Sustai nab ag em on r nno a op ce le p tain tion se each stakeholder group on a regular basis. i nd ro rva en y era d ilit sa a t ov tio ab an uc ie ren tion Our strategy is integrated across the entire business and given n dr log ts an e no ing Sus c prominence at the highest levels of governance. The President dm yclin ech s Build ateri and Chief Operating Officer has overall responsibility for New t g als Sands ECO360. The Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer leads the Global Sustainability Department, which develops and implements the strategy. Stand H ig n Property sustainability departments execute the sustainability atio ard h-p n strategy and identify future opportunities. Established uc tio Sus res er f ed ica or Green Teams champion sustainability programs in various po tai ch er an b m un ns na rea ce m Me m departments such as Facilities, Hotel Operations, Food and ib em fac ble om nt ut l ility m ee Tea lc yo ee m me Beverage, Casino Operations, Purchasing, Sales, Convention tin t ing r na it go pra Ext e un Gr m ge and Catering Services, and Human Resources. pti ctices m Co ee ons ga n en ee m tin d er gs ol k eh Sta Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 2

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Key issues and our stakeholders Air Sustainable Regulation and gov’t Guest Local Energy Water Waste quality sourcing relations satisfaction community Our key issues Renovation and development Green buildings Certifications Our strategy is based on the Innovation environmental issues identified as being of most importance to our Environmentally Resource conservation business, stakeholders and society. responsible Waste management We monitor and evaluate issues operations Products and materials pertaining to our Sands ECO360 Facility strategy through regular interaction Green meetings Standard practices with internal and external stakeholders across our Sustainable options business globally. Team Members Stakeholder engagement External communication We assess materiality through: Community engagement • the stakeholder engagement efforts undertaken during the ISO 20121 certification process Our stakeholders at our properties in Singapore We prioritize our engagement with the following key stakeholders who are most interested and/or affected by our business. and Macao Team Members Investors Clients and guests Government agencies • the reputation research Across the world, we employ Our investors understand As more clients and guests expect We collaborate with government conducted by the corporate team over 51,000 Team Members; sustainability drives efficiency; strong environmental credentials agencies to develop and among our Team Members and they contribute to our they increasingly value the and services, Sands ECO360 implement environmental sustainability strategy and help corporation’s environmental and enables us to attract and retain policy. community leaders social responsibility. these clients. deliver it every day. • workshops and sessions held by sustainability teams to review Non-governmental Communities Suppliers Academic institutions key issues and update the organizations (NGOs) They are home to our properties We continually partner with We exchange knowledge, Sands ECO360 strategy and our Team Members. Each our suppliers by embedding participate in and fund research Sharing best practices and building strong relationships of our destinations has different sustainability into our projects, and provide learning • secondary research on current and community needs and we work procurement process. opportunities to students. with environmental NGOs emerging issues from academic inspires us and drives with local groups to make their institutions, industry associations, our innovation. area a better place to live. peers, and partners. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 3

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE The Sands ECO360 journey to… green buildings Building Sustainability New technologies renovation and certifications and innovation new development Page 6 Page 7 Page 5 2015 highlights Green Mark Platinum certification of Marina Bay Sands GreenLeaders Award for The Venetian Las Vegas’ 3,000- suite renovation Micro-wind turbines powered by sun and wind at Sands Macao Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 4

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Our journey of sustainable development... Our iconic properties are architectural masterpieces and many 2007 of them are also examples of functional sustainable design. As The Palazzo Las Vegas was our first green building constructed a developer of Integrated Resorts, we have the opportunity according to the LEED rating system. to influence design and construction decisions to build high- performance green buildings. 2009 Built on the 126-acre former Bethlehem Steel plant, Sands Bethlehem is the largest remediated brownfield site in the United States. This project demonstrated our commitment Building renovation and new development to preservation. Designing efficient buildings provides the foundation for natural resource conservation during years of operation. Our green buildings 2010 journey started with the construction of The Palazzo Las Vegas in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore was designed and built using the Singapore Building Construction 2007, when we successfully achieved LEED Silver® level certification. Authority Green Mark Standard, with sustainable As we expanded into new markets, we identified and adopted Our Integrated Resort business features such as a rainwater harvest system regional standards (such as Green Mark in Singapore) to address model offers an array of luxury and wind-activated art that reduces solar heat transfer. local environmental concerns. Based on the LEED system and our amenities under one roof to deliver best practices, we then created our Global Sustainable Development the ultimate guest experience. 2012 Standards for new development and renovation projects. We have As we bring this vision into new Sands Cotai Central was our first property in continued to advance these guidelines over the years in line with destinations, we do it with the Macao to introduce sustainability features such industry trends to raise the bar for every new property. utmost respect for our hosting as recycling and more efficient LED lighting into the development process. communities. We consider the overall economic, social and 2013 environmental impact of our The Global Sustainable Development Standards developments and operations, were created for new development and renovation projects. and incorporate our robust sustainability standards into every 2014 aspect of our signature resorts. With our rapid expansion in Macao, we relocated a green building expert to oversee Robert Goldstein, the implementation of our Sustainable The Palazzo Las Vegas The Parisian Macao President and Chief Development Standards. Operating Officer 2015 • After successfully deploying the standards in What’s next? new development projects, we applied them The Parisian Macao, due to open in 2016, will be our first to upgrading our existing buildings. project in Macao to pursue LEED certification and our most • We opened The St. Regis Macao, our first sustainable property to date. property with all LED lighting. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 5

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Sustainability certifications Third-party certifications validate our environmental record and achievements. Our goal is to have at least one green building 2013 certification for each property. We also keep pace with industry 2015 developments through re-certifications. Since 2008, we have Macao Green Hotel Singapore Building Macao Green Hotel received 20 green building certifications and awards at our Gold Award Construction Authority Gold Award eight global properties. Sands Cotai Central in Macao Green Mark Platinum Sands Macao EarthCheck Bronze Marina Bay Sands TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Benchmarked Gold Certification 2011 Marina Bay Sands LEED Gold® for Building The Venetian and 2008 Operations and Maintenance1 The Palazzo Las Vegas Water Efficient Building TripAdvisor GreenLeaders US Department of Energy’s Certification from the Gold Certification Sands Expo and the Energy Innovator Award Public Utilities Board The Venetian and The Palazzo Congress Center at The The Palazzo Las Vegas Marina Bay Sands Las Vegas Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas LEED Silver® Certification Macao Green Hotel Green Key Eco-Rating for New Construction Gold Award Certification, 4 Keys The Palazzo Las Vegas The Venetian Macao Sands Bethlehem LEED Gold® for Singapore Building EarthCheck Existing Buildings Construction Authority Silver Certification The Venetian Las Vegas Green Mark Gold Marina Bay Sands 2010 and Sands Expo and Marina Bay Sands Convention Center Macao Green Macao Green Hotel Hotel Gold Award 2010 Silver Award The Venetian Macao Sands Macao 2008 EarthCheck Bronze 2012 Benchmarked The Venetian Macao 1. We officially received the certification in 2016 but the majority of the certification work was conducted in 2015. 2014 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 6

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE New technologies and innovation We look for innovative technologies to further reduce our environmental footprint. We first pilot the measures at a smaller scale to ensure they meet our requirements for performance and return on investment. If proved technologically and financially viable, they are deployed globally. Renewable energy Food waste We are the first resort on the Las Vegas Strip adopting on-site 1,665 tons In Macao, Singapore and Bethlehem, food waste is fed into machines that turn it into grey water which can be renewable energy technologies. of food waste has safely discharged down the drain. Since the machines We installed 680 solar photovoltaic been converted were installed, 1,665 tons of food waste has been panels on top of the Team Member into grey water by diverted from the landfills. parking garage, which generates digesting machines 116 kW(DC) of electricity. At The in Macao, Singapore Palazzo we have one of the largest and Bethlehem rooftop solar-thermal systems in since 2014 the United States to provide hot water for swimming pools, spas, and a portion of the hotel tower. Sands Macao added pole-mounted lights with micro-wind turbines, which harness energy from both the wind and the sun. Non-potable water sources Designed as a lotus flower, the roof of the ArtScience 116 kW(DC) Museum at Marina Bay Sands collects rain water, which of electricity generated by is filtered and used for restroom facilities. In Las Vegas, the 680 solar photovoltaic the nano-filtration system at The Palazzo saves 12 million panels on top of the Team gallons of potable water each year, keeping the property Member parking garage off the municipal water grid for irrigation purposes. in Las Vegas Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 7

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE The Sands ECO360 journey to… 2015 environmentally responsible highlights operations Resource conservation Waste management Sustainable products 55 million kWh of electricity saved Pages 9–10 and recycling and materials Page 11 Page 11 400 slot machines being converted to LED lighting at Sands Bethlehem 19.7 million square feet of building participating in Better Building Challenge The Venetian Las Vegas Hotel Suite Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 8

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Our journey of LED lighting… Resort operations account for most of our environmental 2011 impact. By implementing responsible practices and cutting- Las Vegas Sands is a trailblazer in When LED was still a new concept edge technologies, we can reduce our natural resource environmentally responsible initiatives in the market, we set up our own consumption and improve the experience of our guests lighting lab and started evaluating that have a positive impact on both the the technology. and Team Members. environment and the guest experience. 2012 The company has been at the forefront After testing thousands of LED Resource conservation of LED adoption, working with our teams light bulbs, we became a topic Our safeguarding of natural resources, such as energy and water, is the to innovate solutions that dramatically expert and standardized global reduce energy costs while enhancing implementation based on our own cornerstone of our environmentally responsible operations. Years of their environments. We are proud life-cycle cost analysis tool. conservation experience have enabled us to establish a robust energy to work with Las Vegas Sands on management process, through which we set annual reduction goals for 2013 our properties based on five-year emissions targets. The sustainability and sustainability programs that always We partnered with General Electric to leave measured impact and facilities teams research new ideas and test available technologies to identify develop a new LED lamp specifically for are viewed as best practices our meetings and conventions space. conservation opportunities, subsequently managing their implementation across industries. and evaluating performance. Our teams have completed more than 300 2015 projects worldwide since 2010, resulting in annual electricity savings of Jaime Irick, Chief Commercial The St. Regis and The Parisian were designed to 247 million kWh – more than enough to power The Venetian, The Palazzo Officer, Current, powered by GE be our first properties with 100% LED lighting. and Sands Expo in Las Vegas combined. We operate large and complex buildings, some with up to 60,000 management control data points. Our work has evolved from simple technology deployment (such as lighting retrofits) to more sophisticated process and system improvements, such as building re-commissioning, air side optimization and chiller plant optimization. Our new electronic dashboard stores and analyzes utility consumption and emissions data to better understand our performance. We also developed a project Achievements management system to more effectively execute the reduction efforts. We have replaced more than 550,000 inefficient light bulbs with LEDs globally since 2011, achieving What’s next? The Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower will be equipped with 6,700 90 million kWh LED bulbs which use 50% less energy compared to incandescent of energy savings. and xenon lights that would have normally been installed. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 9

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Resource conservation Building commissioning Even with the most efficient designs, buildings do not always function as intended when they first open. Furthermore, equipment and systems tend to lose efficiency over time. The LAS VEGAS MARINA BAY SANDS CHINA BETHLEHEM THE ST. REGIS & commissioning process is designed to SANDS LTD. THE PARISIAN find and correct deficiencies, and adjust • First commissioned • Re-commissioned • Almost 24 million • Commissioning • New building systems to optimize performance. in 2007 and re- in 2013 square feet of is currently commissioning The process also helps to identify commissioned in • Eight facility conditioned space underway to fine conducted to improvement measures and projects 2011, 2012, 2013 improvement was commissioned tune the building ensure the and 2015 measures were • Piloted automated performance properties are that can further reduce energy • More than 3,000 implemented fault-detection • Sub-meters will be operated as consumption. We first went through designed from pieces of equipment technology added as part of commissioning during the construction have been the commissioning day one of The Palazzo Las Vegas in 2007 and commissioned outcome have since expanded the practice to in total our other properties. Water conservation Highlights Our water conservation efforts have Water Hero Award received Wind detection system at Educational roadshow focused on fixture upgrades and by Las Vegas properties for Sands Macao external water in Macao provides Team plumbing system maintenance, as well saving more than 10 million feature prevents water waste SALE Members with water-saving as replacing potable water with non- 10m gallons of water in 2014. during windy conditions. tips, and offers discounted potable water sources where feasible. showerheads and aerators. Starting in 2013, we performed Water control measures Replacing liquid soap Switching to NEWater save The Venetian Macao with foam soap saves an (high-grade reclaimed water) comprehensive water audits and 90 million gallons of water estimated 1.7 million gallons for car washing and irrigation developed three-year reduction plans. per year. of water in Las Vegas. saves potable water at Marina More than 20 conservation initiatives Bay Sands. have been implemented to date, with savings of more than 200 million gallons. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 10

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Waste management and recycling Sustainable products We have taken a holistic approach to waste management through developing solutions suitable to our regional operations. and materials We execute our sustainable procurement 2 3 strategy at both product and company levels. RATION OPE For products, we have established sustainable requirements for 11 major categories such as office suppliers, light bulbs, cleaning products, INPUT 1 An ECO360 7 8 9 10 OUTPUT and building materials. We measure our Approach purchases and set improvement goals. At a 6 4 company level, we collaborate with suppliers to learn from their expertise and find sustainable product solutions. In 2015, we held a supplier 5 roundtable in Las Vegas to identify new ways to increase our sustainable food purchases. One idea suggested was the use of “imperfectly Input Operation Output delicious produce” – flavorful but cosmetically 1 Minimization: we 2 Upstream sorting: 100 recycling centers 7 Recycling: we strive to recycle as imperfect fruits and vegetables, which are reduced our paper use have been strategically placed throughout many commodities as we can. In Las unsuitable for store displays but entirely by removing phone our Macao properties. Vegas, we operate an on-site sorting acceptable for cooking. We also recognize our books, using electronic 3 Audit & dock efficiency: we conduct facility, while we work with suppliers vendors with the Sands Supplier Excellence documents and signage, to maximize off-site sorting in Asia. waste audits to identify potential Awards. “Corporate Culture and Sustainability” and implementing opportunities to improve dock efficiency 8 Donation: we donate products of paperless checkout. is one of the seven award categories presented and the entire waste management process. value to organizations in need. In Las to companies with strong environmental 4 Team Member education: we host annual Vegas, we launched a prepared food donation program for unused meals leadership, vision, and strategy. engagement events (such as the Sands Recycles holiday collection drive). from catered events. 5 Food waste reduction: to prevent food 9 Reuse: we partner with non-profit waste, we encourage Team Members to organizations to repurpose worn hotel take only what they can eat and adjust linen into cleaning cloths. This gives banquet food preparation according to the vocational training and employment most up-to-date attendee counts. We also to individuals in our community. stopped buffet serving for internal events. 10 Food waste: our Las Vegas properties 6 Incentive program: in Las Vegas, we send their food waste to a local pig offer a profit-sharing program to motivate farm for feedstock. Our properties in recycling dock employees to increase the Macao, Singapore and Bethlehem diversion rate. utilize digesters to process leftover food into grey water. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 11

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    Strategic journey to 2015 Saved 2012 Measured and verified Sands ECO360: our achievements at a glance 32.5 million kWh our carbon inventory, and conducted first from efficiency From the establishment of the Sands ECO360 program, we have worked to put projects globally. CDP sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We have not only built better and Climate Change response. Released 2011 Sands ECO360 greener buildings, but also raised the standards for the resorts we already operate. Report (first environmental Launched the first Sands report by a gaming company Sustainable Procurement verified by GRI). Policy. 2007 Upgraded Sands ECO360 Began publication of the Sands Green Meetings Program. ECO360 Quarterly Newsletter. Integrated Newsweek ranking LEED jumped to Green Building standards into the development of #128 The Palazzo Las Vegas. from #238 in the U.S. Initiated energy reduction Revised the Sands ECO360 Clean the World efforts in Las Vegas to improve amenities recycling partnership strategy to focus on four operational efficiency and launched in Las Vegas. Launched pillars, and developed achieved LEED Gold® for Sands ECO360 Roadmap Started energy reduction efforts at Sands Existing Buildings certification for The Venetian and Sands and reporting systems (ECO Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and ECO360 Expo in Las Vegas (the largest Tracker and Action Plan). Sands China Ltd., Macao. Global Sustainability hotel in the world to receive Set 5-year Launched Sands ECO360 Green program. this certification). sustainability goals. Meetings Program. 2010 2011 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 12

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    Resource conservation and recycling have been integrated into our daily work. Sands ECO360 has allowed us to offer better sustainable meeting services, and enabled us to contribute more to the communities around us. With our strategy as our compass, we have made real progress on a global scale. 2013 2014 Launched the Saved Implemented an energy Sands ECO360 Sustainable dashboard to streamline Development Standards. 112.5 million energy tracking, reporting Saved kWh through efficiency and management. projects globally. 47.3 million Integrated sustainability Newsweek Green Rankings – kWh through efficiency into new developments: projects globally. The St. Regis and The Parisian 18th Saved in Macao. in the U.S. and Sponsored Clean the World to set up a recycling facility for 28th globally. 54.9 million kWh through global Macao and Hong Kong. efficiency projects. Achieved CDP Climate Disclosure Updated green meeting Leadership Index (CDLI). strategy to focus on added value to our clients. Incorporated sustainability 99A into remodel and ranking in CDP, achieved both renovation projects. disclosure (CDLI) and performance (Climate A List) leadership indices. Developed 3-year plan Dow Jones Listed on for water and energy conservation projects Sustainability Indices (DJSI) North America. at all properties and identified promising Developed strategic new technologies. plan for 2016–2020. 2015 Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 13

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE The Sands ECO360 journey to… green meetings The Sands ECO360 The journey of our Meetings Program signature events Page 15 Pages 16–17 2015 highlights 163 green meeting events held across our properties 2,172 pounds of trade show materials donated from IMEX America The Ballroom at Sands Cotai Central Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 14

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Meetings and conventions are integral to the Las Vegas Sands business model. First established in 2011, the Sands ECO360 Meetings Program was created to support forward-thinking The journey of our Green clients in making their events more sustainable. Since then Meetings Program... the program has become our global standard. We have hosted 2011 many high-profile sustainable events internationally, and • Launched Sands ECO360 Meetings Program in Las Vegas. earned various world-class certifications and awards. 2012 • Appointed dedicated Green Meeting Concierges. The Sands ECO360 Meetings Program • Developed Sands ECO360 Impact Statement. Our program provides environmentally preferable options to meeting • Created property-specific Planning Tools. • Established volunteering programs for attendees. planners and clients. With three simple steps, we can help transform an • Expanded Sands ECO360 meetings to properties in Asia. event into a sustainable gathering at our Integrated Resorts. Las Vegas Sands has come a • Trained 300 Team Members globally. Step1: Explore Green Meeting Venues – Our high-performance long way since we started to buildings, most of which hold third-party environmental certifications, 2013 work together in 2013. Their provide the foundation for our program. All meeting clients benefit APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable commitment and progress is Meeting Standards Certification: from our standard sustainable practices, seamlessly integrated into daily exemplary, and now a global • Las Vegas – Venue Level 2 (first in the world). operations at no additional cost. reference in the meetings and • Marina Bay Sands in Singapore – Venue Level 1 events industry. When MCI (first outside of the U.S.). Step 2: Meet Green Meeting Concierge – When planners like to go chooses a Sands venue, we above and beyond, our designated Green Meeting Concierge can 2014 customize their sustainable event. have confidence that this is a • Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and The Venetian Macao responsible choice. achieved ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Step 3: Select Sands ECO360 Meeting Options – We provide Guy Bigwood, Group Systems Certification. sustainable options to event organizers, offering ways to further reduce • Sands China Ltd. received IMEX-GMIC Green Supplier Award. environmental impacts and give back to the community. Sustainability Director, MCI • Hosted more than 100 sustainable events across our properties globally. 2015 • Marina Bay Sands in Singapore received the IMEX-GMIC Green Supplier Award. Achievements • Sands Expo in Las Vegas established a surplus food donation program with Three Square Food Bank. 120,000+ • Held Sands ECO360 Meetings Program strategic surplus meals prepared for catered plan workshop to set the strategic direction for upcoming years. events have been distributed to locals who are fighting hunger in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 15

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE The journey of our signature events Shared values with IMEX America The Venetian, The Palazzo and Sands Expo, Las Vegas IMEX America is one of our most sustainable annual events, thanks to our shared strategic vision and disciplined execution since 2012. Together we challenge ourselves to achieve better results and drive innovations, by implementing initiatives to reduce the event’s environmental footprint and encouraging attendees to give back to the local community. We have focused on four important areas: Waste diversion Sustainable food Community engagement Health and wellness We have steadily improved Sourcing sustainable food We have acted as a liaison Health and wellness has become how waste is dealt with at is a challenge for us, and we between IMEX and local charities, a new focus of the event. IMEX America. have worked closely with IMEX and sponsored several initiatives. America to find solutions. 2013 2012 2012 2015 IMEX launched “Be Well at IMEX More than doubled Local and regional 269 America” to help attendees feel the quantity of show materials food was sourced, including hygiene kits were built, refreshed and revived throughout donated from 2012, and launched cookies from a charitable and 787 lb. of bar soap the show. A guided meditation an upstream recycling program for organization and fresh shrimp and 1,362 lb. of bottled room created a quiet space to meeting rooms. from a sustainable farm. amenities were sorted by relax. Exhibitors on the show floor attendees as part of the provided smoothies, juices, healthy 2014 2013 Clean the World program. snacks, relaxing massages, and healing foot balms. 20% “Brain food” 2013–2014 reduction in total waste (food that is healthier The IMEX journey with Sands has been an generated – the most and more nutritious) was “Healing garden” significant being 56% incorporated into the incredibly exciting one. Who knew five years was created by IMEX volunteers reduction in food waste. menu to help improve the together with our horticulture ago we would be able to achieve so much focus and productivity of team, for Shade Tree, a local in a relatively short period of time. With 2015 meeting attendees. women’s shelter. collaboration among IMEX, Sands and Program expanded to engage buyers our consultant MeetGreen, we and exhibitors in recycling efforts. 2015 2015 Launched “WaterWiseWednesday” advance the sustainability efforts Sands Cares (our global corporate of the event every year. program offering alternative food citizenship program) and IMEX produced with less water. Dale Hudson, explored bringing new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Knowledge and Events Director, programs to future events. IMEX Group Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 16

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Responsible Business Forum Macao ECO TrailHiker Marina Bay Sands, Singapore The Venetian Macao, Macao (SAR), China The Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development is an annual platform Sands China Ltd. has supported the Macao TrailHiker since it was established in for leaders and sustainability professionals to share their stories, engage with key 2010. TrailHiker aims to promote healthy lifestyles and build team spirit, while stakeholders and agree on future actions. Marina Bay Sands in Singapore has hosted exploring the greener side of Macao and learning about sustainability. Green this high-profile event since 2013, working with the event organizers to plan their initiatives have been incorporated into the event’s planning process since the logistics and operations, and ensure that together we reduce the event‘s environmental 2013 launch of our Sands ECO360 Green Meetings Program in Macao. impact and contribute to the local community. 78% 2013 return rate on a Sands ECO360 reusable badge Green Meetings Program collection standard practices were program launched implemented, including waste at the event. recycling, hosting the Soap for Hope CSR event, developing a harvest vegetarian menu with local and regional food, and 2014 measuring food waste Sustainable seafood per attendee. 171 was introduced to the awards pairs of shoes were collected 2015 dinner menu and the event’s from participants and our Team Sustainable food power consumption was live We were named the Event Members, benefiting Save Our was served at the event, streamed by energy partner Kiwi Sustainability Partner by the Soles – a student-driven charity including 10% local, Power. Initiatives implemented Forum and joined its advisory that provides used shoes 20% organic, 20% at the Responsible Business committee to share our to impoverished people in vegetarian and 10% Forum won the 2014 IMEX-GMIC knowledge and commitment Siargao, the Philippines. sustainable seafood. Green Meeting Award. to sustainable development. We take pride in our achievements and acknowledge that sustainability is an 2,180 participants joined the event and ongoing process and journey. We are MOP 400,000 ($50,000) was raised for planning to advance our sustainability Macao Special Olympics and The Macao offerings and community CSR programs. Association for the Mentally Handicapped. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 17

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE The Sands ECO360 journey to... stakeholder engagement Team Member Community External education outreach communication Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 2015 highlights 7,459 I Will if You Will actions by our Team Members globally 200,000 hygiene kits built with Clean the World First-time inclusion on DJSI North America Las Vegas Sands Clean the World global hygiene kit build Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 18

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE The journey of I Will if You Will… We increase our understanding of sustainability 2011 through engagement with our Team Members, We participated in our first global Earth Hour by turning off all external and partnerships with stakeholders and lighting for an hour on March 26. local communities. 2012 In addition to the traditional “Turn off the light” campaign, Team Member education I lead the recycling Marina Bay Sands started turning off exterior lights three Team Members have played a very important role in the growth weeks prior to Earth Hour. of our Sands ECO360 program. We continue to look for fun ways champions group for Sands China Ltd. and am really to engage them and make them feel informed and excited about proud to be able to engage our 2013 sustainability. Every year, we host three global events: We adopted the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF’s) “I Will if Housekeeping Team Members to I Will if You Will – First launched by the World Wildlife Fund You Will” campaign for Earth Hour. More than 2,200 enhance our recycling programs and Team Members participated. (WWF), I Will if You Will is our annual challenge-based platform to show the differences they are making raise awareness about energy conservation. with their sustainability efforts! 2014 World Hunger Day – This event started as part of The Hunger Dina Angelucci, Executive Director of We adopted WWF’s “Use Your Power” slogan to Project, whose mission is to end world hunger and poverty. Housekeeping Operations, Sands Cotai communicate the power that each individual has During this event, we encourage our Team Members to minimize Central & The Parisian Macao to make a change. food waste and donate food to local charities. 2015 Las Vegas Sands Recycles – The event is a collection of This year’s challenge was a call to action for our recycling, repurposing, and donation activities during the Team Members to replace old inefficient light bulbs year-end holiday season. around their homes with more efficient alternatives. We collected more than 7,400 lamps from our Team Members. Achievements What’s next? From 2012 to 2015, our In 2016, we will follow the WWF’s Team Members took “Help Shine a Light on Climate 19,108 Action” theme by encouraging our I Will if You Will Team Members to take actions to actions globally. combat climate change. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 19

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Community outreach Many of our Sands ECO360 initiatives benefit both the environment and our communities. For example, our donation programs support disadvantaged members of society, and help us divert products from the landfill at the same time. Our partnership with Clean the World 2012 From 2012, we offered Clean the One of our key partners is Clean the World, a non-profit World Hygiene Kit Build to our Green organization that collects, repurposes and distributes Meeting clients as a community hotel soap and bottled amenities as part of its sanitation engagement option and sponsored program in more than 100 countries. We started our a volunteer event at the Clean the World Las Vegas Recycling Center journey together in 2011 when we piloted the program with for IMEX America. In the following McDonald’s during their annual event. With the successful year, IMEX brought the program to implementation, the initiative was then fully rolled out at the trade show floor to make it more The Venetian and The Palazzo, Las Vegas, followed by Sands accessible for their attendees. Bethlehem a year later. 2015 In 2015, the program grew into a broader initiative in 2013 collaboration with Sands Cares, The support Clean the World Las Vegas Sands has large operations our global corporate citizenship received from Las Vegas Sands in Asia, where soap recycling was not program. Sands Cares organized has elevated our recycling, always available. In 2013, we helped a hygiene kit building rally with Clean the World establish its first more than 4,000 volunteers in soap distribution, and hygiene international presence in Hong Kong Las Vegas, Bethlehem, Singapore education programs to heights and Macao; within three years, and Macao who worked around we never dreamed of. Sands we had recycled the clock and across the has a deep commitment to globe to build sustainability, and we are proud 172,396 lb. to help them meet their planet- of soap destined for landfills in Macao. 200,000 kits. In the same year, we also saving goals. expanded the soap recycling Shawn Seipler, CEO, Clean program to Marina Bay Sands the World 358,827 lb. in Singapore. Now the hotel soap and amenities from all our soap and amenities have been properties get to serve their repurposed through the Clean the second mission, saving millions World program since 2011 globally of lives around the world. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 20

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE External communication In recent years, we have made real progress with our external communications, increasing the level of transparency in our reporting to ensure that our stakeholders remain apprised of our journey. Third-party reporting schemes and standards inform our strategy and help us stay current with industry trends. We participate in the following rating systems: 18th GRI NEWSWEEK GREEN RANKINGS in the U.S. and 28th in Our Sands ECO360 Report follows GRI guidelines, The Newsweek Green Rankings assess the the world, our position a comprehensive sustainability reporting environmental performance of the largest companies in the Newsweek Green framework that is widely used around the world. in the U.S. and around the world. We started actively In 2012, we became the first gaming company to participating in the program in 2012 and have gradually Rankings in 2014 have a report verified by GRI. improved our performance since then. DOW JONES CARBON EMISSIONS DISCLOSURE SUSTAINABILITY INDICES In 2015, we were recognized for the first We first started reporting our carbon inventory and energy management strategies in 2012 through CDP, an international not-for-profit organization providing the only 99A time in the Dow Jones Sustainability scored in the Indices (DJSI) for our industry-leading global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information. In 2014, CDP disclosure and corporate sustainability efforts in North America. DJSI is one of the most highly we became an inaugural participant in the newly launched performance regarded sustainability indices and is based Hong Kong Carbon Registry emissions disclosure. In 2015, leadership indices on an analysis of corporate economic, we earned a position on CDP’s 2015 Climate A List, as well as on its Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), validating [see p13] environmental and social performance. our equal focus on both transparency in 2015 and performance improvement. 2015 CLIMATE Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 21

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Environmental Performance of existing operations Performance of newly opened properties performance SCOPE 1 AND SCOPE 2 EMISSIONS (IN MT CO2e) -8.1% Improved KPI SCOPE 1 AND SCOPE 2 EMISSIONS (IN MT CO2e) -19.6% Improved KPI 723,969 724,552 718,323 At Las Vegas Sands, we set our 2010 environmental 716,807 692,982 664,995 performance as a baseline for existing properties to measure 186,861 171,917 and track progress toward our targets. Because Marina Bay 150,308 150,253 Sands and Sands Bethlehem were added to our resort portfolio later, we set the 2012 environmental performance at those properties as their baseline since it represents their first year of full operations. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2012 2013 2014 2015 2015 goal: 5% reduction from the 2010 baseline 2015 goal: 3% reduction from the 2012 baseline We reduced our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions significantly in the past five years, including an 8.1% reduction in existing ELECTRICITY (IN kWh) KPI ELECTRICITY (IN kWh) KPI operations and an impressive 19.6% reduction in newly opened properties. Electricity continues to be Las Vegas Sands’ primary -16.8% Improved -11.8% Improved 652,547,882 focus because it represents 72.8% of total reported emissions. 640,176,434 619,663,619 607,216,498 584,547,032 542,982,449 By implementing conservation projects we successfully decreased our consumption by 16.8% in existing operations 347,423,133 329,575,122 309,169,588 306,294,599 and by 11.8% in our newly opened properties. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2012 2013 2014 2015 Notes: Existing operations include The Venetian and The Palazzo, Sands Expo, Sands Macao, The Venetian Macao, The Plaza Macao, Sands Aviation and Cotai Jet. Newly opened properties include Marina Bay Sands and Sands Bethlehem. 2012 was the first year of full operation for these two properties; therefore, it is their Measuring and reporting of our environmental performance performance baseline. increases accountability and drives results. It helps us pro-actively Sands Cotai Central was not yet open when we set our 2015 targets; therefore, the performance data above does not include Sands Cotai Central; however, it has made manage our utility consumption, ensures disciplined execution of notable sustainability progress since its opening. efficiency projects, and compels us to explore innovative solutions. In 2015, we made the following adjustments for the performance data: In the upcoming years, we will continue to challenge ourselves to Las Vegas: we deducted natural gas credits from the bills for 2014, and it resulted in reduced actual natural gas consumption as well as overall Scope 1 emissions. further reduce our environmental impact. Sands Macao: we were not able to obtain 2011 waste data for Sands Macao, therefore we used 2012 data for the baseline year calculation instead. Norbert Riezler, Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer, Las Vegas Sands Corp. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 22

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    OVERVIEW GREEN BUILDINGS OPERATIONS GREEN MEETINGS ENGAGEMENT PERFORMANCE Performance of Performance of newly existing operations opened properties Water has remained a challenge globally. In 2015, we WATER (IN MILLION GALLONS) KPI WATER (IN MILLION GALLONS) KPI were able to address a number of concerns at our existing buildings, specifically in Macao. This put a stop to the increased 1.0% Not improved 11.4% Not improved consumption at those properties and we even saw a 2.6% year-over-year reduction when comparing with 2014 results. Reducing water consumption at newly opened properties was 1,652 1,642 1,696 1,673 1,715 1,669 476 488 438 445 more difficult, partially due to the addition of new venues and growing business demand in 2015. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2012 2013 2014 2015 2015 goal: 3% reduction from the 2010 baseline 2015 goal: 2% reduction from the 2012 baseline Finally, all of our properties have improved their recycling rates, with 11.5% and 12.2% increases at our existing buildings WASTE DIVERSION RATE (PERCENT) KPI WASTE DIVERSION RATE (PERCENT) KPI and newly opened properties respectively. These changes are mostly due to increased upstream recycling efforts, installation 11.5% Improved 37.0% 36.0% 36.8% 12.2% Improved 22.7% 21.3% of waste digesters, and expanded Team Member participation 27.0% 10.5% 13.0% 25.3% and support. 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2012 2013 2014 2015 2015 companywide performance 2015 goal: 10% increase from the 2011 baseline 2015 goal: 10% increase from the 2012 baseline 2015 TOTAL WATER WITHDRAWAL BY SOURCE 2015 DIVERTED MATERIALS 2015 CARBON FOOTPRINT 2015 ENERGY CONSUMPTION BY ENERGY (IN MILLION GALLONS) KPI (IN SHORT TONS) KPI (IN CO2e) KPI SOURCE (IN GIGAJOULES) KPI Non-diverted Diverted 16.3% Direct energy Indirect energy 72.8% materials materials Mobile 3,560,909 3,864,830 Electricity 57,090 24,078 combustion 48% 52% – Scope 2 70% 30% – Scope 14 By source: By source: 42,707 9,409 Non-renewable Non-renewable 2015 Incinerated Standard1 1.6% Gasoline: Electricity: 81,168 Fugitive 1,089,352 22,629 3,564,681 14,383 9,517 emissions – MT CO2e Total waste Organic2 Diesel: Heating: Landfilled Scope 15 Total carbon by type 2,205,938 9,444 160.81 0.30 2,165 footprint Jet kerosene: Cooling: Non-potable Rain water Construction 386,856 7,425,739 290,086 groundwater 2,987 2,714 Natural gas: Total Renewable Well water: Total withdrawal Other3 3.9% 651,081 energy 148.76 of water 2015 Waste LPG: 287,656 consumption Solar PV: 619 Nano-filtration: 12.05 by source 2015 generated in operations – Renewable 2,553.35 Solar thermal: 4.6% Scope 3 Municipal 0.8% 6,748 Stationary Leased assets water 30% TOTAL DIVERSION RATE combustion – Scope 1 – Scope 3 2015 1. “Standard” includes: plastic, aluminum, cardboard, paper, glass and metal. 2. “Organic” includes: food waste, horticultural waste and cooking oil. 3. “Other“ includes: recovered assets, batteries, e-waste, donations, light bulbs, paint, playing cards, soap and shampoo amenities. 4. Includes gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, jet fuel and marine fuel. Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 23 5. Refrigerants

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    We would like to thank our Team Members for Global Las Vegas being part of the Sands ECO360 journey… Marina Bay Sands Sands China Ltd. Bethlehem From running sustainable operations to coming up with energy-saving ideas, from making green meetings possible to supporting our partners and communities, our Team Members turn our Sands ECO360 strategy into reality. As we celebrate our five-year milestone on our journey, a sincere Antonio Ramirez Marc Gougeon thank you to them is in order: William Palubinsky Tim Chan Ryan Green George Markantonis Ann Krutchik Kent Bangell Mark Juliano Mark McWhinnie Olivier Dubreuil Amy Lee Ira Raphaelson Pete Boyd Dina Angelucci Helder Freitas Lisa Witherell Paul Dungo Stephanie Zhao Marc Komatsu Madalyn Banks Ron Reese Kevin Wong Eugene Tong Emmanuel Zoppas Alex Choi Kevin Fang Isabella Che Robert Harayda Jim Albers Dan Johnson Tamir Shanel James Gonsalves Anna Schmid Brian Carr Cetin Tanisman Charlie Fisher Greg Kite Shona Ann Lowe Trevor Hammond Yokaraju Vikneswaran Jae Hong Choi James Barlow Tina Peetris Raymond Koh Kim Grange Kandhadai Sridhar Ciaran Carruthers Gary McCreary Mike Helbert Jesse Low Bogdan Butner Lily Chi Shane Brereton Arthur McClain Kathy McCracken Mia Banks Mike Naylor Faris Alsagoff James Brogan Geraldo Tou Payal Bipin Karnik Jerry Jaggers Jeffrey Yau Annie Lam James Brown Kenneth Leong Michael James Raymond Chung Mike Merlin James Stuart Dennis Dougherty Rachel Tan Alzira Lao Sim Siaw San Winnie Fam Christopher Christie Rishi Tirupari Pranav Jampani Winnie Wong Kevin Teng Patrick Dumont Elaine Seow Sarah Lee Tucker Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 24

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    Our journey would not be possible without you… The most rewarding part of the Sands ECO360 journey is seeing the growing enthusiasm of our Team Members toward sustainability. We are very fortunate to receive ongoing support from our senior executives and Team Members who take pride in helping us advance the program. Every milestone and achievement of our journey belongs to them! Lisa Williamson Katarina Tesarova, Vice President, Global Sustainability, Las Vegas Sands Corp. Chandra Allison Clara Ng Benson Ho Mickey Trageser Timothy Hou Charles Ratnasingam Scott Donley Mikii Abuel Jim Fezel Joe Lam Scott Larocco Tracy Stephenson Dr. Wilfred Wong Andy Abboud Wong Kim Sung Kitty Fung Jamie Pang Jonathan Vista Josie Ho Ian Wilson Gordon Ng Laurissa Generoso Paul Martinez Cody Hansen Stephanie Stanton Doug Pulleyn Grant Chum John Hess Ben Leong Sebastien Silvestri Mick Littlewood Dana Beatty Mabel Wu Margaret Walker-Shaw Meridith Beaujean Au Seng Lye Jack Bonner Priscilla Lew Benny Zin FranChristian Abuisi Kunze George Tanasijevich Ailynn SeahDarcy Martinez Gary Choi Rene Brana Steven Fernstrom Calvin Pereira Stratoe Koutsouridis Richard P. Lagniton Rick Walter Larnme Richmond Sim Mohd Sani Bin Abdul Majid Jenna Xue Sandra Wild Ronald Leong Shanker N.S. Simpson Lei Vic Wendell Alvarez Viernes Knut Becker Greg Dauberger Grace Tam Keith Salwoski Philip Chong Jonathan Sim Catherine Ng Megan Verholy Larry Wheeler Kim Cooper Shane Yi Xie William Lim Jose Borges Rodrigues Ray Matyas Jenny Yu-Mattson Tim Figura Craig Dobson Wendy Lu Janet Lim Peter Speight Tan, Rachel Siew Fong Tony Lam Patrick Staruch Nina Khatami Joyce Siew Terry Salaices Georgina Moreno Nicholas Oyola Kristin McLarty Kevin Sterling Ed Chuchla Syed Mubarak Peter Marr Chef Tan Yee Hoo Fabrice Manual De Cotte Bede Barry Adam Henricksen Kirsten Dimond Michael Huettner Jake Loke Kum Cheong Chan Yit Foon Gene Capuano Max Tappeiner …and many, many more! Las Vegas Sands Corp. 2015 Sands ECO360 Report 25

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    Our sustainability journey continues… …as we embark for new horizons with Sands ECO360. Please let us know what you think about our Sands ECO360 report at: sandseco360@sands.com The electronic version of this report can be found at: sands.com/sands-eco-360/our-strategy.html

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