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    C-Index Diversity & Inclusion 2020 Annual Report

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 Letter from the Chairman 6 Diversity & Inclusion at Centene 8 A Message from the Diversity & Inclusion Office 10 Welcome from Our Executive D&I Council 11 Business Unit D&I Councils and Employee Inclusion Group Chapters 12 Who We Are TALENT 15 Our Workforce as a Whole 16 Enhancing Diverse Recruitment 18 Leading with Diversity 20 Diversity, Inclusion, and YOU 21 Voice of the Employee 22 Workforce Well-Being 23 I Count – Why I Self-Identify COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT 26 Employee Inclusion Groups at Centene Centene Corporation 30 Tailoring Care to Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Members SUPPLIER DIVERSITY Centene Corporation, a FORTUNE® 50 company, is a diversified, 32 The Road to One Billion 33 Health Plans Grow Our Diverse Suppliers multi-national healthcare enterprise that provides a portfolio of 34 Building Up with Diversity services to government-sponsored and commercial healthcare programs, focusing on under-insured and uninsured individuals. STAKEHOLDER COLLABORATION 37 2020 Highlights Centene operates local health plans and offers a range of health 42 Recognition for Centene insurance solutions and specialty services. 43 Looking Ahead • 2 •

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    As our country grappled with long-standing inequities, Centene took intentional action to mitigate bias, increase representation, champion truly inclusive policies, and support the Black community. Through our fireside chats, Courageous Conversations series, and other virtual engagement events, our teams connected with each other and with communities nationwide to address systemic racism and other issues related to racial equity. We also launched the Centene Health Disparities Task Force to MICHAEL NEIDORFF examine and address health disparities across all of our services. At Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Centene, we recognize that this work is ongoing, and we stand firm in our commitment to be a bold and active participant in creating a more just and equitable society. Letter from the Chairman In our Diversity and Inclusion annual report, the “C-Index,” we are proud to highlight the work that is underway. Inside, you will learn more about 2020 was a year of unprecedented change. During these challenging how we foster an inclusive workplace through workforce data insights, times, Centene has remained committed to our purpose of transforming programming, and partnerships. Looking to the future, we will continue to the health of the community, one person at a time. Through a global advance inclusive policies that support women, members of the LGBTQ+ health crisis, a tumultuous election cycle, and social unrest, we expanded community, people with different abilities and other under-represented access to high-quality healthcare while protecting the health and safety groups. of our members, employees, and providers. Centene is honored to be recognized for many of our COVID-19 relief efforts, including making the Complex problems require thoughtful solutions. We will continue to identify FORTUNE® 2020 Change the World List, rating in the top 20 of the Forbes — with intention — further actions we can take to advance diversity, Corporate Responders Ranking for our quick pandemic response, receiving equity, and inclusion. Centene is committed to being a force for change. acknowledgement from Global Finance for Outstanding Crisis Leadership in 2020, and being featured in the World Economic Forum’s Workforce Best- Sincerely, Practices Report for our COVID-19 response. This year has also given us the opportunity to engage in challenging and courageous conversations about racial injustice and health disparities, which have been exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19 on communities Michael F. Neidorff of color. Chairman, President, and CEO ©2020 FORTUNE Media IP Limited. All rights reserved. Used under license. • 4 • • 5 •

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    Our Approach to Diversity & Inclusion The core pillars of Centene’s D&I strategy guide our efforts and hold us accountable for measurable progress. Data and analytics are key, and we continuously adapt the ways we measure and review our data to find opportunities for growth. In partnership with our five Employee Inclusion Groups (EIGs), our Executive D&I Council, leaders, and employees all across Centene, we are committed to advancing the implementation of D&I principles into all aspects of our business. LEADER ADVOCACY & COMMITMENT Our leaders are responsible for implementing the diversity & inclusion strategy and demonstrating their clear commitment in their words and actions. At Centene, D&I is in our DNA COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDER In 1984, when Elizabeth “Betty” Brinn founded a single Medicaid plan in TALENT ENGAGEMENT SUPPLIER DIVERSITY COLLABORATION Milwaukee, women owned just 10% of U.S. businesses. That fact didn’t We will foster a We will advance D&I We will support We will support discourage her. She wanted to help people who were falling through the diverse workforce that in local communities the growth and our providers and represents the markets by engaging with them representation of partners in enhancing cracks of the healthcare system. For Brinn, the challenge also presented we serve and continue through partnerships diverse vendors and their awareness and a way to provide employment opportunities for women returning to the to make Centene a top and philanthropy. suppliers by creating cultural competency workplace. employer. opportunities to do in serving an business with Centene. increasingly diverse population. Today, Centene, the company Brinn founded, is one of the largest healthcare companies in the world, providing healthcare programs to more than 25 million individuals. We are singularly focused on our purpose — transforming the health of our communities, one person at a ACCOUNTABILITY AND MEASUREMENT time. In order to deliver culturally sensitive healthcare to our members, We will track our progress against clearly established benchmarks and key performance measures. we depend on the diverse ideas, experiences, and cultures that our company’s 71,000 employees across the U.S. bring to the workplace. Under the leadership of Centene’s Chairman, President, and CEO, Michael F. Neidorff, Centene has grown into the largest Medicaid managed care organization in the country and the nation’s number one insurer on the OUR EMPLOYEE INCLUSION GROUPS Health Insurance Marketplace. As our business footprint has expanded, so has our commitment to diversity and inclusion. • 6 • • 7 •

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    • Launched an enhanced Unconscious Bias training for all of our people leaders, further expanding on our all-employee “Inclusive and Responsible Workplace” training • Expanded parental leave and established new caregiver benefits, providing employees with paid time off to support their families • Launched 13 local chapters of our Employee Inclusion Groups (EIGs), as well as 20 local D&I Councils across the enterprise ERIKA MCCONDUIT • Expanded mentoring programs across all five of our EIGs, ensuring Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion that participants have access to culturally competent and targeted development • Developed a proprietary risk model to increase our predictive power for social determinants of health A Message from the • Expanded our data to reflect employees who choose to self-identify their gender identity, as LGBTQ+, as having a disability, or as having served in Diversity & Inclusion Office one of the branches of armed forces At Centene, we say that D&I is in our DNA. Since our founding, we’ve • Offered new and exciting professional development and employee held the belief that diversity and inclusion brings out the best in all of us. engagement programs to drive inclusion throughout our remote setting Centene’s culture stems from a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and this commitment remains our guide in times of global uncertainty. Our TODAY, OUR WORKFORCE IS MORE DIVERSE THAN EVER, AND WE efforts don’t reside within a single business unit or level of leadership. They STRIVE TO CREATE A SENSE OF BELONGING FOR EVERYONE. reach all aspects of our organization. As a result, each of our employees is an agent of culture and change. Despite significant and compounding challenges brought on by the pandemic, systemic racism, natural disasters, The diversity in our workforce fuels innovation and drives business and and tenuous political battles, Centene is proud to have successfully led and community impact. Through increased employee communications, activated the following highlights in 2020: transparency, and thoughtful programming, our employee engagement surpassed FORTUNE® 100 benchmarks. To build on our Chairman, • Integrated WellCare into the Centene family, significantly growing our President and CEO Michael Neidorff’s early signature to the CEO Action for workforce and expanding our portfolio of products, services, members, Diversity & Inclusion Pledge, Centene is making a commitment to sustain and communities and advance our vision of conscious inclusion. Although we are delighted to see just how far we’ve come, we know we have to maintain focus on • Advanced a first-class response internally and externally to COVID-19, achieving an even higher standard. We are listening. We are learning. We garnering broad recognition from our workforce and best-in-class are growing. And we are responding. benchmark organizations by offering a 90-day paid medical volunteer benefit, technology stipends, 10 additional paid sick days, and access to a national tutoring service to support parents with school-aged kids • Launched Courageous Conversations across the company, totaling more than 200 to date, providing employees a safe space to have honest and Erika McConduit transparent dialogues on race Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion • 8 • • 9 •

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    Welcome From Our Executive D&I Council Business Unit D&I Councils and Our Executive Diversity and Inclusion Council, launched in 2014, is composed Employee Inclusion Group Chapters of senior leaders who help guide Centene’s culture and practices to enable an equitable and inclusive culture for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, Business Unit Diversity Councils support the execution of the enterprise gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, age, ability, military or D&I strategy at the business unit level. They focus on efforts that advance veteran status, or other lived experiences. Additionally, 20 business units diversity, inclusion, and equity within their business unit in ways that launched D&I councils this year to further progress toward our goals across are sustainable, scalable, and engaging. Effective Diversity & Inclusion local business units. Councils create a competitive advantage by driving capabilities related to Centene’s four D&I pillars of Talent, Supplier Diversity, Community The Executive D&I Council focuses on strategic accountability across our Engagement, and Stakeholder Collaboration. D&I core pillars, ensuring that best-in-class policies and practices drive sustainable results. The council advocates for systematic change that embodies social justice, public policy, equity, and inclusion to ensure Business Unit employees feel valued and respected. D&I Council Markets As we launch our “C-Index” annual D&I report, we encourage you to recognize Centene’s strengths, and understand that we, like many others, are constantly learning and progressing. Centene has many opportunities to grow, and this report is our commitment to continue forward progress. COLUMBUS Michael Neidorff Sherman Card Dr. Mary Mason Cheyenne Ross (Executive Sponsor) Vice President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Chairman, President, Claims Operations Chief Medical Officer Compliance, Arizona and Chief Executive of Corporate Health Complete Health Officer Andi Gillentine Initiatives ATLANTA Plan Chief Product Martha Santana-Chin Jaimee Robles (Chair) President, Superior Elizabeth Miller Government JACKSON Regional Vice HealthPlan Plan Chief Executive Programs Officer, AUSTIN President, Information Officer, Sunshine Health Health Net, LLC Technology Karen Johnson California Health & TAMPA Medicare Officer, Michael Miller Wellness Shannon Bagley Health Net, LLC Vice President, Executive Vice California Health & Contracts & David Seevers EIG CHAPTER LOCATIONS President, Wellness Compliance, Health Vice President, Human Resources Net Federal Services Compensation & ABILITY cPRIDE (Ex Officio Member) Joyce Larkin Benefits People with Disabilities LGBTQ+ Network Vice President, Chris Paterson and Caregivers Network I.N.S.P.I.R.E. Sarah Baiocchi Community Relations Plan Chief Executive Anand Shukla CENVET Women’s Network Regional Vice Officer, Carolina Senior Vice President, Veterans and Military President, Finance and Masud Mahdi Complete Health Individual Health MOSAIC Families Network Operations Vice President, Multicultural Network Payment Integrity Wade Rakes Sarah Wendt Patti Barnett & Risk Adjustment Plan Chief Executive Vice President, Vice President, Operations, Officer, Peach State Talent Attraction Health Policy Fidelis Care Health Plan • 10 • • 11 •

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    Who We Are* 36% SUPERVISOR+ POSITIONS 71K 75% HELD BY THOSE WHO IDENTIFY AS TOTAL EMPLOYEES PEOPLE OF COLOR WOMEN 64% 50% 10K+ SUPERVISOR+ POSITIONS IDENTIFY AS PEOPLE OF COLOR 42% PARTICIPANTS HELD BY WOMEN IDENTIFY AS WOMEN ACROSS ALL FIVE OR PEOPLE OF COLOR EMPLOYEE INCLUSION ON CENTENE’S BOARD GROUPS (EIGS) OF DIRECTORS Centene Corp. was one of the first companies to join the Board Diversity Action Alliance (BDAA), an organization created to increase Black representation on corporate boards. We pledged to boost diverse board representation and to disclose the self-identified race and ethnicity of board members. * As of 12/31/2020. • 12 • • 13 •

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    Our Workforce As A Whole TALENT Our vision of success requires a diverse workforce that reflects local communities, allowing us to better solve the challenges faced by our We seek candidates with ambition members. for extraordinary impact and believe We seek candidates who are passionate about Centene’s purpose, and every employee is a leader at we engage with employees across the enterprise to prepare them for leadership. Today, nearly 50% of all employees identify as people of color, Centene. We actively engage with and women represent 75% of our employees*. employees on their personal and professional development, helping RACE AND GENDER DISTRIBUTION* prepare them to thrive in the future. White 16% 7% 25% 75% Black 2% Male Female Hispanic or Latino 1% Asian Two or More Races 1% American 23% Race Gender Indian or Alaskan Native Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 50% GENERATIONAL DISTRIBUTION* <1% <1% Centene believes that generational Generation X diversity furthers our ability to innovate 18% (1965 – 1980) for those we serve. Generation Y/ Millennials We value the unique perspective of a (1981 – 1996) multigenerational workforce. As reflected Generation Baby Boomers in our data, Gen X and Gen Y have near (1946 – 1964) equal representation, showing the balance Generation Z between intergenerational collaboration. (1997 – Onward) Silent Generation 39% 42% (1928–1945) * As of 12/31/2020, figures do not represent undisclosed (less than 3%) or international subsidiaries. • 14 • • 15 •

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    Enhancing Diverse Recruitment DIVERSE CANDIDATE SLATES In 2020, Talent Attraction introduced Diverse Candidate Slates for VP To better enhance the care we provide to our millions of diverse members, and above positions to include at least one woman and one person of we intentionally seek and hire talented individuals who reflect the color candidate slates. As a result of positive improvement, in 2021, communities we serve and intentionally build teams that reflect the the process will expand to include Director positions. communities we serve. The result is a workforce of 71,000 individuals who bring their lived experiences and diversity of thought to fuel innovation. Research shows that more diverse companies have stronger business outcomes. This is why our Talent Attraction team maintains a robust HIRING FOR THE FUTURE pipeline that enables us to recruit a diverse workforce. We partner Centene’s internship program is committed to recruiting a diverse and extensively with external organizations and our Employee Inclusion Groups inclusive group of early career students. Through active sponsorship of to drive diverse, inclusive, and equitable candidate slates. Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) — a conference for LGBTQ+ MBA talent In 2020, Centene implemented important enhancements in Talent — and The Consortium, an organization that links diverse students, Attraction practices, such as: MBA programs, and corporate partners, Centene is able to attract future talent and leaders to the company. To date, 37% of our intern • Building and deploying a new career site ensuring the highest levels of ADA class has been converted to either full-time or part-time positions at accessibility for all candidates Centene. • Leveraging our 10,000+ EIG participants to refer talent from their * As of 12/31/2020, figures do not reflect undisclosed (less than 3%), international subsidiaries, or non-integrated companies. professional networks for our most critical roles • Certifying Talent Advisors as Certified Diversity Recruiters 2020 INTERNS – 192 TOTAL 3% • Implementing — and achieving — slate diversity metrics for executive roles 54% 37% • Amplifying investments in resources designed to increase representation of people with disabilities, veterans, people of color, and members of LGBTQ+ communities 46% Race and 60% Gender Ethnicity NEW HIRES* People of Color 9% 8% 27% 73% Male White 2% Male Female Female Undisclosed 1% 1% 27% Race Gender 52% White Asian American Native Hawaiian Black Two or More Races Indian or or Other Pacific Islander Alaskan Native Hispanic or Latino • 16 • • 17 •

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    Leading With Diversity PROGRAMS AND PARTNERSHIPS Diversity is crucial at all levels of the organization and is especially At Centene, we understand the areas of opportunity and challenges important at the leadership level. Thirty-six percent of employees at the that exist for professionals of color and women, which is why we’ve supervisor+ level identify as people of color, with women representing committed to cultivating programs and partnerships to support their 64% of employees in supervisor+ positions. growth and development. Diverse leadership demonstrates Centene’s commitment to leveraging For more than a decade, Centene has sponsored the St. Louis Business an employee’s full potential and provides a competitive advantage when Diversity Initiative (SLBDI), a 12-month leadership development attracting new talent. program designed for professionals of color. The SLBDI enhances leadership competencies through a strategic curriculum focused on RACE/ETHNICITY DISTRIBUTION BY MANAGEMENT LEVEL professional development, relationship building, and civic engagement. Nearly 70 professionals of color across Centene’s enterprise have 1% <1% 1% <1% graduated from the program, with a class of 24 diverse professionals 5% <1% 9% <1% currently enrolled. 7% 5% 8% Centene’s RISE program offers a formal, one-year cross-cultural 45% SLBDI GRADUATES mentoring experience tailored to advance the development of women Director/ Promoted within the VP+ Sr. Director and diverse leaders at the VP level and above. Mentoring sessions focus White on goal development, networking, and key leadership competencies. past 24 months Black Sponsored by the Centene Charitable Foundation, the Hispanic Hispanic 10% Leadership Institute is a nine-month program focused on developing * As of 12/31/2020, figures do not represent undisclosed (less than 3%) or international subsidiaries. Asian 81% 71% management skills, enhancing network development, and giving back Two or More through community involvement. Races 1% 2% 1% American Indian 6% <1% 1% Centene participates in the McKinsey Black Leadership Academy, a 7% program that provides sponsorship, networking, and training for success or Alaskan Native 15% 16% in management. Through a combination of virtual learning and one- Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Manager on-one mentoring, participants gain the skills needed to achieve their (Supervisor, Individual career goals. Manager, Contributor Sr. Manager) 18% 48% 59% 25% “It’s time to create communities which are not This data shows the racial, ethnic, FEMALE MALE only diverse, but also have true equity and and gender diversity of our VALERIE PATTON inclusion for Black, Indigenous, People of VP+ 44% 56% leadership. We are defining Centene Senior Vice President, Color (BIPOC). A lot of things have happened People Leaders as those employees Director/Sr. Director 57% 43% Inclusion and Work- in our communities, and in the nation, that that manage and oversee teams or force Development have led to this point. But at the end of the individuals. While we are proud of Manager (Supervisor, 70% 30% Strategies, and day, we must be working together. A well- the progress we have made in key Manager, Sr. Manager thought-out plan, implemented through Executive Director, areas, we recognize that even more Individual 77% 23% St. Louis Business collaboration, can create success, growth, opportunities for diversity exist. Contributor creativity, and innovation for all.” Diversity Initiative • 18 • • 19 •

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    Diversity, Inclusion, And YOU Voice of the Employee At Centene, every employee is a leader and is critical to our success in In 2020, Centene introduced Shaping Centene, a series of enterprise- transforming our communities. Centene’s leadership model sets expectations wide continuous listening surveys seeking employee feedback on what for what it means to lead at Centene, and through Centene University, is most important to them. This ongoing initiative provides opportunities we build skills for how to do so. Centene University is the company’s for employees to feel valued and heard throughout the year. The insights personalized learning platform and is accessible to all employees, providing gathered serve as an important catalyst in how we further improve 5K+ COMPLETED both instructor-led and self-directed learning that enables employees to develop their professional and business skills from anywhere and at any time. our employee experience, from communications and culture to career development and inclusion. EIGHT HOURS In 2020, Centene strengthened its commitment to talent development and From this year’s survey results, Centene optimized its employee benefits to OF THE through Centene University deployed two new programs investing in our include paid caregiver leave benefits and expanded parental care benefits. Front-Line People employees to lead in the evolving world of work. A digital learning experience Leader program was deployed to the full workforce, offering asynchronous learning focused and an additional on building skills in customer-centricity, digital dexterity, perseverance and three-hour APEX EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SURVEY resilience, and end-to-end problem solving. A new virtual, instructor-led Unconscious Bias front-line leader program was delivered to over 5,000 people leaders with a More than 92% of Centene employees Training in 2020 focus on aligning the business strategy with our culture and strengthening responded to the 2020 Shaping Centene the capabilities of our leaders. Employee Engagement Survey, and 88% of Centene University consistently drives D&I through a series of learnings employees reported strong engagement, which surpasses the 75th percentile of FORTUNE® 88% 50K+ HOURS offered to the workforce. “Inclusive and Responsible Workplace” required training was paired with “Unconscious Bias 101” and 100 benchmark companies. Employees are strongly aligned with Centene’s strategy, with Centene Employee Engagement (% engaged) of “Inclusive and cascaded throughout the organization. Additional content was curated 96% understanding our mission and 92% Responsible and promoted to employees to deepen their knowledge of diversity understanding our objectives. Workplace” and inclusion. Finally, a social community on the Centene University training completed portal, “Diversity, Inclusion, and YOU,” allowed employees to engage in Employees describe the culture as diverse, dialogue regarding current issues, share videos and articles, and promote innovative, and supportive. Our Diversity information sharing. Index score showed 82% strong engagement, and 90% feel “the company is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.” We will 82% continue to foster an inclusive environment that CENTENE’S LEADERSHIP MODEL IS KEY focuses on equal access to opportunity and fair Diversity Index TO HELPING US FULFILL OUR PURPOSE treatment of everyone in our workforce. Scores (% engaged) At Centene, we take the lead in challenging ourselves and the world around us to be better. The continuous growth of our people is a top business priority. Leaders across the business collaborated to evolve our leadership model, to drive business performance by aligning all employees around a common understanding of what it means to be a leader at Centene and the leadership expectations required to achieve our vision. Centene takes pride in advancing diverse talent from within. • 20 • • 21 •

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    Workforce Well-Being I Count – Why I Self-Identify At Centene, we’re driven by a desire to continue raising the standards. We This July marked the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities are committed to helping people live healthier lives, and that begins right Act, landmark legislation that increased access and opportunity within our own walls. Our benefits are designed to cover every part of an for people with disabilities. To celebrate this milestone, Centene employee’s life with the goal of supporting each person’s ability to achieve launched “I Count — Why I Self-Identify.” The campaign encouraged optimum well-being and life balance. employees to voluntarily self-identify disability and/or veteran status. A new addition this year also gave employees the opportunity to As we work to foster a culture in which everyone feels supported and update their profiles with LGBTQ+ status and/or gender identity. valued, we recognize that mental well-being and physical health are equally vital. In addition to offering a robust compensation and benefits package, While the self-identification process is confidential, it enables employees on-site medical clinics at some of our office locations provide healthcare, to influence D&I strategic development. The information helps us better free preventive screenings, health promotion programs, and immunizations align strategies with employees’ needs, evaluate program effectiveness, to employees and their families. These initiatives help our employees and ensure the organization stays compliant with Department of Labor achieve their health goals through resources that are no to low cost, easy to guidelines. access, and available to employees. Our employee wellness program, Healthy Pathways, offers health risk OF THE EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE SELF-IDENTIFIED: assessments, individual coaching, and online programs tailored for stress reduction, nicotine cessation, and living an active lifestyle, among many others. 3,900+ 550+ 1,500+ Supporting employees in their family life is an important part of workforce SELF-IDENTIFIED SELF-IDENTIFIED SELF-IDENTIFIED well-being. We believe all parents deserve time to adjust to parenthood and AS HAVING A AS LGBTQ+ AND/ AS VETERANS DISABILITY OR GENDER bond with the newest members of their families. We encourage employees NONBINARY OR Out of 49K+ to take this time and strive to ensure that our culture supports their Out of 42K+ NONCONFORMING respondents decision to do so. respondents Out of 2K+ We also offer early childhood development centers at some of our office respondents locations to ease the transition back into the workplace. The centers offer curriculums in STEM and the arts that encourage curiosity and exploration, inspiring the next generation of potential Centene leaders. “Coming from a military background (Air Force), working for a . company that supports veterans and their families has been a very positive experience for me. The CENVET EIG fosters an encouraging atmosphere. It provides support to veterans and military families, as CHARLES CARR well as develops talent in this important constituency. I am proud to Project Manager II, be a member of the Centene/CENVET family.” Cordinated Care • 22 • • 23 •

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    “When I first started to work for Centene, I quickly realized how accepting the company was and saw the work that they were doing to continually create a more inclusive workforce. It felt amazing to walk in the St. Pete Pride Parade with a company that wasn’t afraid COMMUNITY to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community. Being able to be TARA HUFF Senior Curriculum my authentic self in not only my personal life, but my professional life is extremely important and one reason I am a proud employee ENGAGEMENT of Centene.” Designer, Centene’s Employee Inclusion Centene University Groups are instrumental in fostering inclusion and advocating on behalf of “As a person who is blind, I immediately self-identified when I was communities. EIGs value community hired a year ago. I personally experienced being valued by the engagement, and EIG members company due to my contributions. I am truly energized to be working volunteer with nonprofits and for a company that walks the talk related to disability inclusion.” charities around the country. JASON BRYN Manager, ADA Program Management PARTNERSHIP SPOTLIGHTS Project SEARCH Nearly three years ago, Centene had the opportunity to pilot a new program offered in Missouri for young adults (18 – 30) with developmental disabilities. Project SEARCH is a one-year workforce training program for individuals who have a goal to transition into integrated, competitive employment. As the cornerstone experience, participants complete three 10-week internships at our headquarters in St. Louis. Some of the departments that host our interns include HR Operations, Finance, Security, Accounts Payable, and Medicare Operations, as well as our property management and on-site food services companies. This opportunity has afforded past participants with skills used to secure employment upon completion of the program. In 2020, five individuals graduated from the program. Additionally, all prior cohorts saw a 100% job placement rate. DREAM BIG Centene has been a sponsor of Starkloff Disability Institute’s DREAM BIG program since its inception. DREAM BIG aims to inspire high school students with disabilities to DREAM BIG about their futures. The goal is to broaden the horizons of college and career-bound students by introducing them to a wide variety of jobs and professionals within our industry, through peer-to-peer mentoring and executive interaction. This year, 18 students participated in our virtual program. • 24 • • 25 •

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    Centene’s LGBTQ+ Employee Inclusion Group, cPRIDE, supports an inclusive work environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and all other employees within the spectrum of gender and sexuality. The group promotes the ability of all Centene employees to bring their full selves to work, ultimately enhancing employee engagement and retention. This year, June was doubly important to our LGBTQ+ community. In addition to being Pride month, the Supreme Court ruled that the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects LGBTQ+ employees from discrimination. Because of social distancing measures in place to keep our communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, cPRIDE hosted a virtual PRIDE month celebration, including LGBTQ+ trivia nights, a concert, and a virtual drag event. The group also developed a speaker series on “Supporting Nonbinary Colleagues,” “Parenting LGBTQ+ Youth,” and “Being an Ally.” Pride Month concluded with David Johns, executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition, who discussed how A Place To Be You — intersectionality influences the LGBTQ+ community and how we can all celebrate Pride in our daily lives. Employee Inclusion Groups at Centene . Centene’s employee-led Employee Inclusion Groups (EIGs) continue to drive employee engagement. This year, our EIGs organically grew membership by 14%. Today, 13.4% of our eligible workforce participates in least one EIG. The People with Disabilities & Caregivers Employee Employees are free to participate in multiple EIGs, and many choose to do so. Inclusion Group, ABILITY, focuses on education, accessibility, talent enhancement, and community involvement. The group challenges the stereotypes 14% 10K+ 13 and stigma associated with people with disabilities and expands disability cultural competency. EIG MEMBERSHIP PARTICIPANTS ACROSS NEW LOCAL EIG GROWTH IN 2020 ALL FIVE EIGS* CHAPTERS This year, ABILITY created “Diversity within ABILITY,” a virtual series about people with disabilities in the workplace. The program included member testimonials, With the integration of employees from WellCare, we have more than 10,000 conversations with community advocates, profiles on participants across the five groups. We also launched 13 local EIG chapters to invisible disabilities, and perspectives from caregivers. bring programming closer to home. During National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Unstoppable Tracy shared her incredible journey of Centene’s EIGs are instrumental in fostering inclusion and advocating on overcoming adversity as a quadruple amputee, becoming behalf of communities. a decorated World Cup athlete in sailing, and thriving as a humanitarian and a transformational business leader. * Participants exclude international and non-integrated companies. • 26 • • 27 •

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    CENVET provides support and resources for employees Centene’s Multicultural Inclusion Group, MOSAIC, who have served in the armed forces and those provides peer support for employees of all racial and related to a service member. The EIG offers advice and ethnic backgrounds through networking, mentoring, and recommendations regarding issues relevant to veterans coaching. It also promotes education and awareness, and and military families, while helping Centene further supports employee engagement and retention. In a year as veteran outreach and talent development. trying as 2020, MOSAIC went above and beyond the call to support all of our minority populations. CENVET highlighted the diverse experiences of its community by hosting a virtual panel discussion with As part of Centene’s ongoing conversations about the former members of the armed forces, military family tragic losses and social unrest in our country, and our members, and an active member of the National commitment to diversity and inclusion, MOSAIC hosted Guard/Reserves. The panel shared experiences on how a virtual celebration to honor Juneteenth. The online military service shaped their personal lives and careers event included “The Importance of Juneteenth in 2020,” a at Centene. The event concluded with a flag-folding presentation by Dr. Kyaien Conner, Associate Professor of ceremony and remarks from Centene’s Chairman, Mental Health and Policy at the University of South Florida. President, and CEO, Michael F. Neidorff, and CENVET During the presentation, Dr. Conner discussed Juneteenth’s Executive Sponsor Brandy Burkhalter, EVP, Chief origin, its relevance today, and answered questions from Operations Officer. the audience. Last year, MOSAIC launched the first iteration of its mentorship program, designed to support talent development and enable mobility in middle management. I.N.S.P.I.R.E. (Influence. Network. Support. Promote. With the launch of local chapters, the group expanded the Include. Recognize. Empower.) is Centene’s Women’s program to reach more members. MOSAIC now offers Employee Inclusion Group, which aims to help its both enterprise- and local-level mentoring programs. members meet their professional goals. It leverages targeted development sessions, mentoring, and community engagement to grow women as leaders and prepare them to take on opportunities at all levels of the company. PARTNERSHIP SPOTLIGHT I.N.S.P.I.R.E. recognized the changing needs of its Centene has partnered with Diversity Awareness Partnership (DAP) for members due to the pandemic, and it quickly mobilized over eight years to support and invest in St. Louis high school students. to provide support. A series of virtual panel discussions, The DAP externship program was developed to expose, empower, online coffee breaks, and newsletters provided resources and encourage students of color to pursue STEM (science, on working from home, parenting, and maintaining technology, engineering, and math) and other careers. DAP physical and mental health. and Centene have partnered to develop Explore Healthcare, an invaluable opportunity for high school students to The EIG also launched a crowdsourcing challenge through learn more about the opportunities that exist within the Centene’s SPARK Innovation platform to develop new healthcare industry, as a pipeline to potentially change ideas on how to further meet the needs of its members. their career trajectory. This year, we engaged over 40 The winning idea, a career coaching program, is in students of color representing various schools from the development. In addition, the EIG developed a series of St. Louis region. peer-to-peer guides designed to provide support around some of the unique challenges its members face in their personal and professional lives, such as breast cancer, financial management for women, and conflict resolution. + • 28 • • 29 •

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    Tailoring Care To Meet The Diverse Needs Of Our Members SUPPLIER Centene’s Quality and Risk Adjustment team is leading efforts to better understand our members so that we can deliver culturally competent care and services that honor their unique needs. The team focuses on improving DIVERSITY access to demographic data, ensuring members can access their Centene is committed to supporting healthcare information in the most relevant way to them, and reducing health disparities. and partnering with diverse The Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Innovation Team improves businesses and has the foundation in healthcare outcomes by sustainably addressing social barriers through place to enhance these relationships evidence-based practices, local and national partnerships, and development moving forward. of new partnership and intervention models. Examples include: • Ongoing participation in HUD’s Continuum of Care program helps reduce housing instability and resulted in a 9% reduction in inpatient behavioral health visits per month. • Partnership between a health plan and a community hub improved birth outcomes for high-risk members, with a 136% return on investment. • Launched Social Threads™, a collection of person-centered resources and evidence-based interventions to address social isolation and loneliness; piloted in-home technology solutions, including a virtual senior community whose preliminary outcomes indicate a 28% reduction in depression and a 19% reduction in loneliness. • Partnered with Samsung to increase virtual care access for rural and underserved communities by providing devices and service to approximately 200 federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), other providers and community support organizations. • Partnered with Feeding America® to create best practices for engaging healthcare partners in providing SNAP application assistance. “As an organization, we recognize the importance that culture plays in a member’s health and wellness. We have developed a systematic LAURA SANKEY approach using data to identify individuals with diverse needs. By Vice President, making ourselves aware of these cultural differences and practicing Product Strategy and active listening, we can react appropriately to the needs of our Social Determinants members who share a common racial, national, religious, linguistic, of Health Innovation or cultural heritage.” • 30 • • 31 •

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    Supplier Diversity: The Road To One Billion Health Plans Grow Our Diverse Suppliers Centene is committed to supporting and partnering with diverse SUPERIOR HEALTHPLAN businesses, including those owned by minorities, women, people with Superior HealthPlan has had a successful partnership with Teneo disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, and veterans. As a reflection of Linguistics Company (TLC) since 2014. A language services provider located our commitment, by 2025, Centene aims to spend $1B with these types in Texas, with both Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) and Women’s of diverse companies. Our supplier diversity program is the external Business Enterprise certifications, TLC provides a suite of translation response to socioeconomic inequities and our promise to invest in the services for Superior across multiple lines of business. communities we serve. Centene will implement collaborative strategies across the corporate enterprise and throughout all lines of business to Superior’s contract with the state of Texas requires that health plans help us achieve our goal. distribute member materials in both English and Spanish, as well as other languages upon the member’s request. As Superior’s membership In 2020, we developed a five-year roadmap, creating the foundation has grown to more than 1.6 million, so has the plan’s need for translation for our efforts. It begins with senior leader sponsorship and includes services, doubling the number of materials requiring translation over the expansion of sourcing strategies, analytical capabilities, and course of the past five years. While the volume of translation requests has programming initiatives. increased, Superior has been able to achieve financial savings with TLC’s “memory bank,” a library of previously translated sentences. As a result, We also are working with our vendors to provide mentoring and Superior never has to pay to translate the same sentence more than once. educational opportunities that will help them increase capacity. This ensures we have several tiers of diverse vendors within our supply chain. TLC’s translation process is not limited to language and style, but also takes into account local customs, social context, and comprehension, which The chart provides a breakdown of our procurement spending in 2020. is of critical importance to ensuring Superior’s materials are culturally While we are very proud that we have reached over $1B in spending on appropriate. small businesses, our goal is to elevate the rest of the communities we serve by growing our diverse spending to the $1B benchmark. CENTENE HEALTH PLANS AND MTM 3% MTM is a St. Louis-based, woman-owned business, dedicated to increasing <1% access to healthcare through transportation services. Working with a 6% network of transportation providers, MTM’s business model is based on PROCUREMENT the belief that healthcare is best served through a local, member-centric SPENDING IN 2020 approach. Centene and MTM began their partnership in 2012 with a 17% contract for Home State Health Plan of Missouri. In that first year, MTM Large Woman earned in $979,000 in revenue with 925 employees. Small Veteran Minority Over the past eight years, MTM has demonstrated its value to members, and it has expanded its services across several health plans, including Magnolia 74% Health, Nebraska Total Care, NH Healthy Families, Trillium Community Health Plan, and Pennsylvania Health and Wellness. MTM now employs nearly 1,800 people and earns $126M in annual revenue. KENDRA “Supplier Diversity touches every area of the company. As we activate BURRIS-AUSTIN our various initiatives, we are creating a strategic and inclusive Director, environment within our business areas and supplier base that will Supplier Diversity span through health plans, corporate, and national procurement.” • 32 • • 33 •

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    TD4 ELECTRICAL Building Up With Diversity TD4 is a minority-owned business that has established a strong working This year, Centene advanced workforce and economic development in St. relationship with Centene. The company served as the electrical prime Louis, the site of our global headquarters, with the completion of major contractor for construction of the Ferguson Service Center, which opened construction projects, including Centene Centre, a 28-story office building in 2016, and was a strategic subcontractor for multiple projects during the with retail tenant space and athletic center, and Centene University, a career construction of Centene Centre. As a result, TD4 has grown its business development and training center that includes classrooms, meeting spaces, and remains a partner in ongoing construction endeavors. dining, and a childcare facility. CLAYCO’S CONSTRUCTION CAREER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE ST. LOUIS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SPEND (CCDI) Through these economic investments, Centene intentionally provided To help develop a pipeline of talent into the construction industry, opportunities to local, diverse contractors. Centene participates in its general contractor Clayco’s Construction Career Development Initiative (CCDI). In the program, minority and 77% underrepresented students receive mentorship and career development. Large 5% <1% Program participants visited Centene’s job sites, and our executives Enterprises 3% volunteered as mentors. Total 23% Women Disadvantaged Construction Business $74M African American Trevor Becherer, Spend Enterprises SBE project manager on (DBE) Hispanic Centene Centre, mentors 31% American DaKolby Crittenden, Asian American 60% a CCDI Scholarship Winner attending Clayton High School. Malik Johnson, the first CCDI Graduate, pictured next to his plaque that hangs in the Centene “Centene has provided The UP Companies, our carpenters, training center. electricians, and laborers millions of dollars in projects at their Farmington, Centene University, and new tower projects. These opportunities allowed my business to acquire and maintain some of the best and brightest employees with the consistent revenue, and MICHAEL to continue our mission to recruit and build a diverse workforce. KENNEDY, JR. Centene truly puts its words of ‘community action’ into practice, The UP showing a tangible, real impact.” Companies, LLC • 34 • • 35 •

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    STAKEHOLDER Q1 COLLABORATION Stakeholder and Partner CENTENE ANNOUNCES HEALTH DISPARITIES TASK FORCE Engagement 2020 At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, data indicated that Black and brown communities were severely and disproportionately impacted. We convened a group of medical, nonprofit, and community leaders to form the Centene Health Disparities Task Force to help ensure underserved populations have access to quality healthcare. “Centene has served vulnerable communities for more than three decades, and we have a long-standing commitment to support these populations during their time of need,” said Michael F. Neidorff, Chairman, President, and CEO. “We have seen firsthand how the COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated disparities in healthcare access and outcomes among vulnerable populations, and we are committed to finding ways to narrow this gap. We are proud to pull together top leaders from across the country to assist and advise us on this effort.” KIDS EARN AN A+ FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION DURING ‘NO ONE EATS ALONE DAY’ Middle school can be a source of many challenges, from keeping up with grades to navigating social circles. For many tweens, a constant source of anxiety is who to sit with at lunch. According to a 2016 national survey published by the American Journal of Public Health, 20% of middle school and high school students in the United States have trouble making friends. They feel socially isolated every day. To help kids understand this health-impacting problem, Health Net, Centene’s California-based health plan, partnered with Beyond Differences to spend the day at McKinley Elementary School in Stockton, California, for No One Eats Alone Day. More than 200 students learned how social isolation can lead to poor health, lower academic performance, and lead to bullying and/or self-harm. Students signed a pledge to end social isolation, promoting a safe environment for lunchtime. ALISSA KO Director of Strategic Giving and “Community partners are a key part of how we aim to transform the Community health of our communities. No One Eats Alone is an important part Engagement, of how we bring to light social issues that affect our children. This Health Net program creates a culture.” • 36 • • 37 •

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    Q2 DAY OF DIALOGUE — “REAL TALK: COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS” In 2020, the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many other Black Americans again exposed what we must confront as a nation: how racism has impeded equality in our society. We are committed to caring for the whole health of our members, which means we must address systemic racism, inequity, and other civil CENTENE RECOGNIZED BY FORBES AND FORTUNE® rights issues that have contributed — in no small way — to poor health FOR COVID-19 RESPONSE outcomes. Centene unequivocally condemns racism, inequity, and injustice The Forbes Corporate Responders Ranking assessed how well the 100 in every form, and we are committed to positive action to fight them in largest employers among U.S. public companies mobilized to meet the order to help create a better future for our communities and our workforce. challenges of COVID-19. The ranking evaluated companies’ policies from mid-March through May 7 across 22 categories. To further our progress, Centene invited employees to participate in a JAMES DALLAS Day of Dialogue — “Real Talk: Courageous Conversations at Centene,” Centene ranked #14, recognized for a variety of actions that focus on Centene Board designed so we could listen, learn, and build trust, empathy, and equity. protecting the health and safety of our employees, care for members, and Member support of the communities we serve. The initiatives we advanced include: A fireside chat was held with Erika McConduit, our Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion; Michael McMillan, CEO of the Urban League of • Providing one million meals each month for a year through Feeding America Metropolitan St. Louis; and James Dallas, Centene board member, along to help address rising hunger. with moderator Wade Rakes, Peach State Health Plan CEO. The panelists explored a variety of issues related to racial equity and inclusion. • Purchasing and delivering 65,000 gift cards for essential items to more than 300 community partners for distribution to individuals in need. Following the fireside chat, we launched enterprise-wide Courageous Conversations, facilitated, one-hour dialogue sessions for groups of up • Covering COVID-19 testing, screening, and treatment for members, while to 20 employees. These sessions were safe spaces for people from all also relaxing co-pay and authorization requirements. MICHAEL MCMILLAN racial and ethic backgrounds to speak honestly and listen to each other, • Establishing a Medical Reserve Leave policy to support clinical staff who CEO Urban League of discuss the current state of events through all lived experiences, and want to join a medical reserve force, providing 90 days of paid time off. Metropolitan St. Louis explore possible solutions. Sessions were led in partnership with the D&I Office, Executive D&I Council, Centene’s Behavioral Health team, • Collaborating with Quest Diagnostics to distribute 25,000 COVID-19 test kits Human Resources, and SLBDI alum. To date, more than 200 Courageous weekly to Federally Qualified Health Centers in 10 states or districts across Conversations have been held in business units across the enterprise. the country. • Centene sourced and distributed 6.7 million pieces of PPE to our safety net partners in 30 states and Washington, D.C. These initiatives also earned Centene a place on the 2020 Change the World list by FORTUNE® magazine. • 38 • • 39 •

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    “ As a member of Centene’s United Way Executive Steering Committee, I have the pleasure of seeing firsthand how our employees across the Q3 enterprise come together to support organizations that better our community. This year has been especially trying for so many of us. I am so proud of all of the Centene employees who donated in record numbers to make sure essential resources are available to those in need.” SHANNON BAGLEY BEST IN CLAS— Executive Vice President, CULTURALLY & LINGUISTICALLY APPROPRIATE SERVICES During August’s Best in CLAS Month, Centene provided a series of education events for employees to learn more about the diversity of Q4 Human Resources languages and cultures across our organization. Employees were encouraged to sign the CLAS Commitment, which encouraged them to continue learning through various virtual platforms UNITED WAY CAMPAIGN and to seek ways to actively listen and create opportunities for all voices to be heard. Centene has a long tradition of supporting the United Way, an organization with a history of meeting the most critical needs of our communities. $4M+ RAISED BY OUR Through these donations, United Way helps hundreds of charities in the CENTENE FAMILY communities where we live and work. These organizations improve local during our “Working together, we will prioritize equity and justice by removing healthcare, support educational opportunities for children and adults, and United Way barriers and providing access to the most vulnerable populations in promote financial stability for those most in need. CHRISTOPHER Campaign in 2020 PRIEST our society. This is our opportunity to lead.” Thanks to the generosity of our Centene family, Centene’s 2020 United Way Vice President, campaign was the most successful in the company’s history, raising $4,304,063 Medicaid Solutions in employee donations for 94 United Way organizations across the country. PARENTING DURING THE PANDEMIC AND BACK TO SCHOOL COMMITMENT TO DISABILITY INCLUSION On September 2, a virtual discussion, Real Talk: Perspectives on Chairman, President, and CEO Michael F. Neidorff joined a coalition of CEOs Parenting and the Pandemic, was co-hosted by I.N.S.P.I.R.E., the to commit to raising awareness of disability inclusion and its impact on Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council, and the Diversity & Inclusion Office. business performance. Additionally, the coalition pledged to participate in Timed to coincide with the start of the school year, this panel featured the Disability Equality Index (DEI), the leading corporate benchmarking tool parents who are also Centene leaders at various levels. for disability equality. Panelists discussed challenges associated with ensuring successful Centene has always taken an active approach to our commitment to outcomes for children while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Coping disability inclusion. The Centene National Disability Advisory Council with remote learning, in-person school, different childcare situations, and (CNDAC) helped to facilitate implementation of the Provider Accessibility healthcare concerns were among the topics explored. Centene announced Initiatives and Barrier Removal Fund. Since its inception in 2017, the Barrier new resources for virtual schooling, emotional support, and childcare/ Removal Fund has distributed more than $1,300,000 in grants to 153 family care to support employees as they juggle family obligations with providers across nine states, impacting approximately 195,000 members. working from home. Additionally, Centene launched a partnership with Varsity Tutors so that all employees would have access to support October marked the 75th anniversary of National Disability Awareness students’ virtual learning. Month. Centene is leading the way for disability inclusion in the workplace. This year, the National Organization of Disability (NOD) recognized our efforts to not only hire talent with disabilities, but to find solutions that spark innovation and support employee engagement. • 40 • • 41 •

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    Recognition for Centene Centene is honored to be acknowledged for our efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive culture. As we look to the future, we know we must continue to nurture a workplace that supports and empowers all employees. The work we do signals to prospective employees, customers, investors, and to the communities in which we operate that our commitment to D&I is central to the delivery of culturally competent care. Looking Ahead At Centene, we will continue to refine our framework of inclusive policy and commitments that enhance our accountability to our employees, our members, and our communities. Our efforts are not just for the short term, but instead are to spark long-standing, meaningful change, with a focus on these key areas: Support Talent: We will continue to disclose the racial, ethnic, and gender composition of our employee population. And we commit to further growth of Black and African American representation as well as other people of color and women in leadership ranks across the company. We will continue to leverage targeted programs like SLBDI, ROMBA, and RISE to develop talent and create new programs as needed. Educate: We will require all people leaders to participate in unconscious bias training, building on the Diversity & Inclusion training model, and develop additional training for the entire workforce. We will introduce additional, tailored modules and playlists via Centene University focused on building inclusive practices. Facilitate Courageous Conversations: We will continue to create safe spaces for dialogue that can facilitate healing, break down barriers and build community within Centene. We recognize the importance of psychological safety in the participation and facilitation of these dialogues. Communicate: We will clearly and transparently communicate available initiatives, programs, and resources to our employee population and provide consistent progress updates on them. We will speak authentically and candidly to our workforce. • 42 • • 43 •

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    Develop Additional Resources & Supports: We will continue to develop and make available resources for all employees to navigate the experiences they may be managing, such as sharing mental health resources, conversation guides for people leaders, and resources for expanded virtual options to support the needs of our diverse workforce IN APPRECIATION and their families. Thank you to our key partners for Deepen Partnerships: We will continue to invest in and explore advancing diversity and inclusion new partnerships with nonprofits, academic institutions, and other at Centene. organizations that strengthen our ability to recruit and develop diverse talent of color, such as the National Urban League and its affiliates, • Office of Diversity and Inclusion as well as historically Black colleges and universities. We will further our partnerships with organizations committed to addressing health • Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council disparities and ending systemic racism. · Employee Inclusion Group Leaders and Executive Sponsors Support Our Communities: We will build on our community engagement · Local Diversity & Inclusion Council Members programs by empowering our teams to identify giving and volunteering · Talent Attraction & Advisors opportunities in the communities where they and our members live and · HR Leadership work. · HR Strategy and Operational Excellence, Data Analytics & Hold Our Networks Accountable: We will develop a set of diversity Information Systems expectations for our vendors, contractors, providers, and other partners · HR Business Partners and HR Operations consistent with our internal commitment to diversity and inclusion. We will continue to cultivate relationships within our communities and be · Talent Management, Employee Experience, and intentional in our partnerships to advance supplier diversity. Centene University · Community Outreach & Employee Involvement Hold Ourselves Accountable: We will commit to tracking and analyzing D&I data and utilizing it to inform business strategy and decision • Corporate Brand Strategy and Design making. We will hold our leaders accountable for demonstrating cultural • Our many volunteers, external partners, and the entire Centene competency and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. We will workforce! continue to invest in diversity and inclusion and expand our Employee Inclusion Groups to ensure that our employees have a place to engage, grow, and drive innovation. YOU CAN BE THE ONE WHO CHANGES EVERYTHING We welcome you to learn more about Centene and all the wonderful things happening across our company. Visit: centene.com • 44 • • 45 •

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