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    Annual Reporting for Computer Recovery and Recycling, Virginia Calendar Year: 2018 Date of Posting 1/31/2019 to website: Company: MattelInc. Website: www.mattel.com As required by the Virginia Computer and Recovery Act of 2008, we can report the following results of our electronics recycling activity fronvin Virginia for the above calendar year: Recovery Program Contact: Name David Chen Phone (310) 252-2669 Email DavidEl ndo.Chen mattel.com Weight of Virginia-generated computer equipment collected, recycled, and reused during the preceding calendaryear: Pounds 0 Documentation certifying that the collection, recycling, and reuse of the computer equipment complies with $ 10.1-1425.38 of the Code of Virginla regarding sound environmental managementof the collected materlals has been posted on our website indicated above. Yes All computer equipmentcollected underthis article was recycled or reused in a mannerthat complies with federal, state, and local law. MANUFACTURER'S RECOVERY PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Effective July 1, 2009: Before a manufacturer may offer computer equipment for sale in Virginia, the manufacturer shall: 1) adopt and Implement a recovery plan; 2) affix a permanent, readily visible label to all computer equipment with the manufacturer's brand, and 3) post all recovery program information on publically available website. The recovery plan shall enable a consumerto recycle computer equipment without paying a separate fee at the time of recycling. The collection of computer equipment must be reasonably convenient and available to consumers in the state. Examplesof collection methods that alone or combined meet the convenlence requirements include: 1) a system by which the manufacturer offers the consumera system for returning computer equipment by mail at no charge to the consumer. 2) a system using a physicalcollection site that the manufacturer's designee operates and to which the consumermayreturn computer equipment; and 3) a system using collection events held by the manufacturer or the manufacturer's designee at which the consumermayreturn computer equipment. SIGNATURE | certify, to the best of my knowledge,that the information provided on this form is accurate and complete, and meets all of the requirements of Virginia's COMPUTER AND RECOVERY SET. CL Finance Manager UEZe7 Signature Title

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