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    Avanade Gives Annual Community Report September 2015

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    In 2000—15 years ago—Avanade first opened its doors for business. Since then, we have experienced many milestones—in technology, in client relationships, and in our own evolution as a company. This year, we welcomed our 25,000th colleague to the team. We grew our business to more than $2 billion and 600 clients. And we launched a global corporate citizenship effort around a key area of need. Corporate citizenship is critical to Avanade’s ability to continue our legacy of innovation, superior technology services and realizing results. Partnering with individuals and organizations to overcome challenges and achieve a shared goal is what we do. Applying our penchant for innovation, our fondness of technology, and our passion for tangible outcomes within the non-profit sector will ignite new sources of creativity and energy in our people. Expanding our focus beyond our clients and into our communities speaks to our larger sense of purpose and commitment. I am proud of what we have accomplished in the first year of our formal global effort. We Avanade is committed are building upon the strong volunteering and giving that happens in our local offices. to helping close the Within these pages, you will learn about where we are focusing our time and investment gender, technology at a corporate level. You will discover our unique scholarship program and an endowment honoring my close friend and predecessor as CEO of Avanade, Mitch Hill. You will find out and income gaps for about the generosity of our people, who give time and money to improve lives within our women to better local and global communities. enable them to realize Throughout this Avanade Gives Annual Community Report, you will see images of open their full potential. hands holding hearts. These pictures reflect our approach to corporate citizenship at Avanade—and our approach to many other aspects of our business as well. We step forward openly and willingly, ready to offer what we have and confident that everyone— our people, our clients and our non-profit recipients and partners—will feel good about the results. Regards, Adam Warby Chief Executive Officer 1

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    Corporate citizenship steering committee This group of leaders represent Avanade’s geographic reach as well as all areas of our business. Together, the steering committee helps chart the course for Corporate Citizenship at Avanade. Adam Warby Vikki Leach Manisha Bhattacharya Chris Buckley David Carlino Executive Sponsor Director, Avanade Corporate Portfolio & Delivery Global Business Operations Regional Executive, Heartlands Chief Executive Officer Citizenship Management, India Anna Di Silverio Jeyan Jeevaratnam Chris Miller Stephen Kelly Laurent Masson General Manager, Italy Chief Growth Officer—APAC Chief Information Officer Chief Human Resources and Deputy General Counsel Leadership Officer Richard O’Reilly David Oskandy Corine Vives Dion Walker Niamh Whelan-Reiter Business Management General Counsel Country Manager, Spain Chief Financial Officer—APAC Corporate Communications and Integration Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 2

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    Table of Contents Our commitment 4 15 for 15 7 Humanitarian aid 9 Mitch Hill Endowment 12 Local impact 14 The Aspire Foundation 18 Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 3

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Our commitment 4 Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 4

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    Our committment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Closing gaps to open up opportunities for women Avanade strives to be the leading digital innovator, drawing upon the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem to help our clients and their customers move forward. Ahead of customer expectations, ahead of the competition, ahead of the next wave of technology. We work with clients to determine where they want to go and realize results that will get them there. With Corporate Citizenship at Where to start? Avanade is drawn to closing gaps for Avanade is committed Avanade, we expand our focus women for two main reasons. First, toward realizing results for Deciding to change the world for social science has repeatedly shown to helping close the the better is easy. Knowing where people and communities who are the power women hold as catalysts gender, technology to start is a bit more of a challenge. struggling to catch up—never to sustainable community change. mind getting ahead. This focus is We knew we wanted to focus our Second, working in technology, we and income gaps for attention to generate the greatest in keeping with our Avanade core experience the gender gap every women to better impact and to bring together our values: day, and we want to be a part of • We change things for the better people behind one global cause. We bringing more women into science, enable them to realize looked at areas of need, areas of technology, engineering and math their full potential. • We believe everyone counts attention for our alliance partners, (STEM). • We innovate with passion and and areas that affect our own people. We landed in an area of We want to enhance women’s purpose lives in the communities where focus that encompasses half of the • We deliver with excellence world’s population, and has the we operate by providing skills and • We act with integrity and respect power to drive positive change into technology, supporting our passion the rest. for technology, our desire to give back, and our dedication to realizing Avanade is committed to helping results. close the gender, technology and income gaps for women to better enable them to realize their full potential. Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 5

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Women in the world Women in STEM We are a high tech company that delivers • Women work nearly two-thirds • Women compose 30 percent of of the world’s working hours and the STEM workforce globally; 25 high tech solutions that are used by men produce half of the world’s food. percent in the United States. and women in their day-to-day activities. At the same time, women only • Women in STEM earn, on average, earn 10 percent of the world’s 33 percent more than women in The more balanced our teams are in terms income and own less than 1 percent of the world’s property. non-STEM careers. And the wage of gender, the better the solutions we gap between men and women is • Keeping a girl in primary school smaller in STEM professions. deliver. can increase her earning potential • Women with a STEM degree —Mauro Pedro de Silva, manager, São Paulo by anywhere from 8 percent in are less likely than their male the United States to 27 percent in counterparts to work in a STEM India. occupation. They are more likely to • Women living in poverty are more work in education or healthcare. likely to invest their earnings We will work with all men and into their families than men (on women across Avanade to help average 80 cents per dollar for address fundamental inequities. women versus 30 cents for men). Together, we will seek to empower • After monitoring the gender and upskill women of all ages, and gap for nine years, The World provide access to technology to help Economic Forum’s Gender Gap each individual move forward. report suggests we will have to wait 81 years for gender parity in the workplace. • The gender gap for economic participation and opportunity now stands at 60 percent worldwide. Source: Statistics are from CARE International, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and The World Economic Forum Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 6

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation 15 for 15 7 Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 7

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Opening new avenues for next generation technology leaders Our world is increasingly digital, as more businesses and people come online to learn, interact and transact. With technology as an undeniable force in shaping how the world works and lives, the future is bright for those who are helping shape technology. As a leading Microsoft technology science graduates worldwide are In the coming school year, 15 The 15 for 15 Avanade Scholarship services provider, we have a unique women. Women are even less women will receive university Program is a long-term appreciation of technology and represented in engineering in high- scholarships for their studies in commitment by Avanade to its potential. As we continue income countries. In the U.S., U.K. science, technology, engineering building a network of next- to grow, we need to embrace a and Germany, fewer than one in five or math (STEM) and kick-start their generation technology leaders. full complement of ideas and graduates are women. careers. Five women at each of this In addition to a three to five year perspectives—a fullness that can Where others see problems, year’s participating universities, scholarship to enable each woman only come through embracing Avanade sees opportunities. the University College London, the opportunity to complete her diversity and fostering an inclusive University of Pretoria, and California degree, Avanade will provide environment. Polytechnic Institute of Pomona mentoring, a support network 15 for 15: The Avanade (CalPoly Pomona), will receive and ultimately an alumni network Yet for all our hopes of closing our own gender gap—and the Scholarship Program financial support from Avanade for these young women as their recruiting, training and mentoring While we cannot remove all the during their university tenure. These education and careers grow. programs we have in place—we barriers to women who want to scholars are women who might Our intention is for 15 for 15 to grow are limited by a shortage of women pursue STEM degrees, we believe not otherwise be financially able to as well, expanding to more women, pursuing degrees in science, we have the power to help lower pay for a university degree in the more educational opportunities technology, engineering and math some. Therefore, in celebration expensive settings of South Africa, and more countries. We envision a (STEM). According to UNESCO and of Avanade’s 15th anniversary as the United Kingdom and the United thriving network of 15 for 15 scholars the Organization for Economic a company, we have initiated a States. who can serve as role models for Co-operation and Development, program to invest in the future of young women who are considering fewer than 20 percent of computer women. a career in STEM. ”Education: Distribution of Tertiary Graduates by Field of Study” (UNESCO Institute for Statistics) ”Percentage of Tertiary Qualifications Awarded to Women by Field of Education,” OCD Gender Equality, March 2014 (OECD) Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 8

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Humanitarian aid 9 Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 9

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Accepting an open invitation to help others in need Avanade operates in more than 70 locations in 22 countries. From Bratislava to Bangalore to Boston, each of the communities we call home has people in need. These people are more focused on meeting their basic needs than on being able to fulfill their potential. At Avanade, we are committed to helping people in our own communities and beyond through our global employee giving campaigns. Avanade Gives The first three organizations work to address short-term needs while I joined Avanade 9 years ago and was Humanitarian Aid and building long-term solutions in fortunate to meet our founding CEO, Mitch Disaster Relief under-served areas. In keeping with our global corporate citizenship Hill. His passion for technology and learning In fiscal 2015, Avanade employees donated more than $55,000 to non- focus, we chose organizations that was admirable and a great inspiration. have either a primary focus or profits working to improve living conditions for people all over the strategic initiative around women Supporting others with better opportunities world. as key catalysts for sustainable for education is one of the best ways to help change. The fourth recipient of our Avanade matched every employee campaign was is an endowment them unleash their potential in my view. gift, bring the total contribution to that honors Avanade’s founding CEO more than $110,000 to individuals, at his alma mater. As such, it was a natural choice for me to families and communities. support Mitch’s memorial fund. Our first employee giving campaign, launched in December —Thomas Joergensen, senior director, Copenhagen 2014, focused on four organizations: • The Hunger Project • CARE International • Project Concern International • The Mitchell C. Hill Endowment at Cal Poly Pomona Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 10

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Nepal Earthquake Relief tent. Our toilet is broken and I am afraid that we will get sick. We are When parts of Nepal were physically and mentally very weak. devastated by earthquakes in April I am glad that we received hygiene 2015, our employees responded items such as soap from CARE. With quickly and generously. Avanade the items we have received we can people from around the world protect ourselves against diseases. donated approximately $25,000 We have already suffered too between CARE International and much; we cannot afford any more the International Federation of Red catastrophes.” Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), both of which were already CARE workers like Yashoda remained working in Nepal and well- focused on the larger societal positioned to assess needs and issues as well: “I speak with people provide immediate and ongoing affected by the earthquake almost support. every day. They are strong, they are resilient. They might have lost their Avanade matched the Nepal homes, but they have not lost their relief funds as well, channelling hope. But for women and girls the more than $50,000 to the two situation is very difficult. We are organizations. worried that child marriage and CARE International shared stories of human trafficking will increase as a life in Nepal after the earthquake, form of protection and as a means including this one from Sansara, to ease a family’s economic burden. age 26: “As a mother, I am mostly CARE works with community health worried about my children. They volunteers, community mobilisers are afraid and are crying every and protection to raise awareness night. We are now living with about gender based violence and my parents-in-law and a total of offer support.” eleven family members in a small Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 11

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Mitch Hill Endowment 12 Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 12

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Honoring a visionary who helped open Avanade’s doors As Avanade seeks to build a better world for future generations, we draw upon the strength of our heritage. This past year, we had the opportunity to create a lasting tribute to a vital figure in Avanade’s company history. The Mitchell C. Hill his life. With financial support study. Cal Poly Pomona was named from Avanade, Cal Poly Pomona, eighth most diverse among regional Memorial Endowment established the Mitchell C. Hill universities in the Western U.S. and at Cal Poly Pomona Memorial Endowment Fund. tenth most diverse in the nation. The technology industry is shaped The endowment will establish a Students from socio-economically by individuals with vision, passion student-led cloud-computing lab challenged backgrounds make up and commitment. Mitch Hill was and underwrite faculty and student 77 percent of the student body, one such individual, building his research. It will provide financial most of whom are first generation life and career around technology assistance for women and other students. innovation. under-represented populations in Avanade is proud to work with technology. And it will honor the Cal Poly Pomona on both Microsoft and Accenture saw name and the legacy of a man who Mitch’s passion when he set out the Mitchell C. Hill Memorial helped shaped the technology and Endowment Fund and the 15 for 15 to launch and lead Avanade in services industry. 2000. For nine years, Mitch was a Avanade Scholarship Program. tireless champion of Avanade and Cal Poly Pomona, in addition to the quest to find innovative ways being Mitch Hill’s alma mater, to realize results using Microsoft also aligns very well with our technologies. focus on closing gender, income and technology gaps for women. When Mitch passed away in Many of the university’s 23,000 December 2013, many of us at undergraduate and graduate Avanade were deeply affected students gravitate toward science, by the loss and eager to find a engineering and business as fields of way to honor Mitch’s career and Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 13

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Local impact 14 Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 14

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Participating in local communities with open hearts This year, Avanade launched its first globally-coordinated foray into corporate citizenship. But at client sites, within offices, in cities and regions, our people have already been working diligently to give back to their communities. In that sense, corporate citizenship at Avanade started as a grass-roots campaign, where it has done a lot of good. Here are some stories from our good Avanade corporate citizens around the world. Avanade France and offer courses on SQL database administration and software Passerelle Numerique testing. The 85 students, who Avanade employees in France have ranged in age from 18 to 22, were the option to use payroll giving “studious, happy and persevering,” for regular charitable donations. according to Kalifa. Vietnam was a One of the chosen non-profits is learning experience for him as well. Passerelle Numerique, a French- “I have learned from Vietnamese based organization that focuses culture that, no matter what on providing training for youth happens in life, you should stay in information technology, with positive and work toward your a special focus on Vietnam, dream. Every day is a good day to Cambodia and the Philippines. have a good day.” In addition to financial support, some Avanade employees choose to donate their time and expertise. Last November, Kalifa Bayoko, a consultant, spent three weeks in Vietnam preparing teachers to Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 15

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Avanade Italy and Australia and Avanade Spain and a Avanade UK and Oxfam Avanade Go Give community of support Prince’s Trust Two years ago, Avanade Italy In July, Avanade Australia launched Every six months, Avanade Spain Since 2009, Avanade has been sent a team to Ghana to deploy its Avanade Go Give initiative, chooses two charities to support partnering with Prince’s Trust in the technology that helps with cervical which encompasses workplace with volunteer activities and payroll United Kingdom, donating more cancer screenings. This past year, giving and coordinates activities giving. The team is highly engaged, than $118,000, providing pro bono Gemma Fiorentino traveled to Haiti such as blood drives, holiday toy with 48 percent of employees support for an IT system overhaul, to teach computer literacy to a drives and morning teas to share opting in. The team in Spain and creating fundraising activities group of women, many of whom information around chosen causes. realizes impressive results: during a such as a cake bake to celebrate are bucking the culture of Haiti by Through workplace giving, Avanade holiday toy drive, the team of 500 Avanade’s 15th anniversary. The choosing independence and careers Australia is supporting: Beyond Blue, employees collected more than Avanade team has become a major before marriage and family. Some CARE Australia, Clown Doctors, The 700 toys. Another giving effort had contributor to events such as the of Gemma’s students had never Hunger Project, Ovarian Cancer employees collecting plastic bottle Palace to Palace bicycle ride, where turned on a computer or clicked on Australia, UN Women and White caps to fund wheelchairs and other Avanade was among the highest a mouse. Through the efforts of Ribbon. medical supplies for women. individual sponsorship raisers out of individual volunteers, Oxfam Italia 4000 participants in 2014. is upskilling and empowering Haiti’s women to have more options. Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 16

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Avanade North • When Avanade’s North • Many of our offices throughout Avanade India and the American Executive Committee North America hold holiday toy America and leadership held meetings in Chicago and drives, dress for success clothing Cheshire House involvement Minneapolis, a typical social drives and food drives to support Working with a Mumbai-based Avanade operates in cities and outing was transformed into a local shelters and food banks. affiliate of the U.K.’s Leonard regions within North America, and community outreach program. In These stories are just a sampling of Cheshire Disability organization, the range of corporate citizenship Minneapolis, Avanade business the activities our people undertake 20 Avanade employees have been activities is as diverse as the leaders worked with Minneapolis singly and together. Whether they working together to teach English American landscape itself. colleagues to make sandwiches are running a marathon to raise classes to disabled and economically for the city’s homeless. In Chicago, funds for a disease or volunteering disadvantaged students. Of the • In Seattle, 30 Avanade employees a reception in Avanade’s lobby students who have completed the spent a Saturday packing nearly at Boys & Girls Club, our people find had employees making kits for ways to channel their passion and class so far. 82 percent have gained 22,000 pounds of cucumbers for veterans’ hospitals that included employment. Northwest Harvest, the biggest energy to make a positive change in toiletries, puzzle books and other their communities. local food bank supplier in the sundries for the patients to enjoy. state of Washington (pictured below). Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 17

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation The Aspire Foundation 18 Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 18

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    Our commitment 15 for 15 Humanitarian aid Mitch Hill Endowment Local impact The Aspire Foundation Opening our company and our people up to new aspirations Just as our clients call upon our expertise, Avanade looks to effective organizations already working to close income, technology and gender gaps. We are pleased to have The Aspire Foundation as our first global signature partner. Avanade and is helping women to become We are just one year into our global more powerful leaders in their The Aspire Foundation life, work and world by enhancing commitment to helping close gender, The Aspire Foundation is working skills such as management, to make a difference in the lives of influence, communication, financial technology and income gaps for women. 1 billion women by 2020. Avanade management and career and life We draw inspiration from our alliance has signed on to help. planning. By mentoring women who are partners, energy from our people, and In addition to a large pool of working in non-profit organizations potential mentors, Avanade brings commitment from our work with clients and and social enterprises, Avanade is technology capabilities to help creating a ripple effect, enabling The Aspire Foundation scale its their customers. We know there is a lot of The Aspire Foundation to upskill, operation and reach. We are eager work to be done, but we are eager to be of empower and give access to those to leverage technology to help women to make a greater impact in translate the passion and energy of service in helping create change in the world. the organizations and communities a small team into greater impact for they serve. The Aspire Foundation women around the world. Avanade Gives Annual Community Report 19

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    About Avanade Avanade helps clients realize results in a digital world through business technology solutions, cloud and managed services that combine insight, innovation and expertise focused on Microsoft technologies. Our people have helped organizations in all industries improve business agility, employee productivity and customer loyalty. Avanade combines business, technical and industry expertise with the rigor of an industrialized delivery model to provide and deploy high quality solutions–on premises, cloud-based or outsourced. Avanade, which is majority owned by Accenture, was founded in 2000 by Accenture LLP and Microsoft Corporation and has 25,000 professionals in more than 22 countries. Additional information can be found at www.avanade.com. ©2015 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. The Avanade name and logo are registered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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