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    L A S V E G A S S A N D S C O R P. 2 0 1 9 E N V I R O N M E N TA L P R O G R E S S R E P O R T Experience Sustainable Culture ONE MISSION, ONE MILLION ACTIONS Reaching Our Team Member Engagement Goal LEVERAGING A 360-DEGREE VIEW Tackling Plastic From All Angles This report is printed with soy-based ink on FSC-certified paper that contains 50% recycled post-consumer fiber.

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    WELCOME Contents Welcome From Norbert Riezler 3 Senior Vice President, Chief Procurement and Sustainability Officer One Mission, One Million Actions We bring to you our 2019 Sands ECO360 Reaching our Team Member engagement goal progress report, which highlights our single-use plastic initiatives. At a time when the world is grappling with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to support our communities and take action for the planet. Although the beginning of 2020 proved challenging 4 for all of us, this report shares the Building In Reusability progress we made in 2019. Increasing recycling collection rates We officially added plastic as a key focus area of our Sands ECO360 strategy and Singling Out Plastics set internal objectives in 2018. It became in Food and Beverage clear that making plastic a strategic Further, we completed 54 energy- Reassessing our priority resonated with our guests, Team restaurant experience efficiency projects that are expected to Members and communities. save more than 49.6 million kilowatt hours We leverage the four pillars of our of electricity annually. These initiatives, Sands ECO360 strategy to holistically combined with more sustainable grid address plastic within our business. systems, allowed us to meet our science- Although there is still much to do, we have based targets. As we move into 2020, developed a clear plan of action. This year we continue to double down on energy we eliminated, changed to reusable, or efficiency and the pursuit of regional sustainably replaced millions of plastic waste solutions. takeout containers, bags, cutlery, straws, Our Team Members reached an important Reuse, Refill, Repeat water bottles and other single-use items. milestone, as well. We achieved our goal Opting to refill at conferences of 1 million Sands ECO360 actions one In addition to plastic, we made strides in other Sands ECO360 focus areas. year early, indicating that our program is Exploring the Depths benefiting both the planet and our culture. We ramped up renewable energy of Plastic Pollution Screening of A Plastic Ocean globally. This past May, The Venetian As a result of our hard work, the Sands Resort Las Vegas and Sands Expo and ECO360 program was once again Convention Center partnered with NV recognized by sophisticated sustainability Energy to offset 100% of the resort’s A D M IT indices, including CDP, the Dow Jones electricity consumption moving forward Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good. AD MI T ON E ONE through the purchase of Renewable We would like to thank the thousands Energy Certificates (RECs). Marina Bay of passionate Team Members who Sands also began procuring RECs from carried out actions and contributed a local solar facility. Lastly, Sands China to our industry-leading program. Ltd. built a large rooftop solar thermal These achievements would not have plant, which will supply renewable energy been possible without key sustainability 6 for heating, cooling and hot water to the champions and an engaged workforce. Sky Tower at Sheraton Grand Macao Environmental Hotel, Cotai Central. Performance Tracking progress across a suite of environmental indicators 2 | L A S V E G A S S A N D S C O R P.

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    S U S TA I N A B L E C U LT U R E HIGHLIGHTS PERFORMANCE One Mission, One Million Actions Your eyes trace the curves and crevices conversations and creating a more in Las Vegas illustrate how we put our of thousands of plastic buckets, baskets, environmentally conscious workforce. values into action. bottles and bags, all carrying markings reminiscent of time spent in the ocean. Our goal was to complete 1 million Along this journey, our Team Members The blue items form the fins and body, Sands ECO360 actions within our shared with us their passion for other while white pieces create the underbelly. company and community by 2020. worthy causes. From animal rights As you step back, the full three-story We are proud to say that we achieved enthusiasts to “ploggers” (plastic- sculpture comes into view: a blue whale this goal one year early. picking joggers), they are well positioned breaching. Located at the ArtScience to engage their peers, strengthen our More than 48,000 Team Members business culture and energize our Museum in Marina Bay Sands Singapore, engaged on issues ranging from hunger communities. We plan to support these Skyscraper (The Bruges Whale) was and hygiene to biodiversity and climate changemakers by recognizing and initiated by Ocean Recovery Alliance change. Through the annual Clean Plate amplifying such projects in the future. and created by Studio KCA using Challenge, we strived to avoid food waste. plastic recovered from a remote beach We packaged thousands of hygiene With plastic action forming a core in Hawaii. This awe-inspiring creation and disaster kits for those in need, component of our Sands ECO360 highlights the magnitude of the plastic using unused suite amenities. Further, sustainability strategy, the Skyscraper problem and connects people and planet regional initiatives like tree planting in exhibit is just one way we inspire in an unexpected and informative way. Macau, the Season of Sustainability colleagues, communities and company Experiences that elicit emotions can in Singapore and school garden builds to lessen impact on the planet. profoundly impact our behavior, world views and value systems. Four years ago, we began to embed this idea into our company culture by sparking Skyscraper (The Bruges Whale), Ocean Recovery Alliance and Studio KCA, Marina Bay Sands E N V I R O N M E N TA L P R O G R E S S R E P O R T | 3

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    E X P E R I E N C E S U S TA I N A B L E C U LT U R E Using Less, Reusing More An endless number of products, an infinite number of choices. Framing sustainability in terms of how we use items, what they are made of and how we dispose of them allows us to break down complex decision analysis into actionable steps. Our Sands ECO360 strategy aims to eliminate unnecessary products, reuse where we can, replace plastic with proven alternatives and recycle as much as possible. GREEN BUILDINGS Building In Reusability Recapturing materials at the end of their life is an important part of the circular economy and provides valuable resources for creating new products. We recently remodeled our recycling dock at The Venetian Resort to increase collection rates and improve efficiency. Our recycling coordinator ensures that recycled items are given a second life, despite the ongoing disruption in global recycling markets. We are also piloting in-house bottling plants to help replace single-use plastic water bottles with reusable glass alternatives. GREEN MEETINGS & EVENTS Reuse, Refill, Repeat As the plastic-free movement sweeps the globe, we think it is critically important to bring this surge of action to our meeting clients and attendees. At the annual IMEX America conference at The Venetian Resort, exhibitors and attendees were invited to pledge to reduce all single-use plastic items and join the IMEX refill movement by opting to use water coolers instead of bottles. Marina Bay Sands has also placed a water- dispensing machine in its meeting and conference spaces, enabling attendees to refill their own bottles with chilled, sparkling or warm water. 4 | L A S V E G A S S A N D S C O R P.

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    S U S TA I N A B L E C U LT U R E HIGHLIGHTS PERFORMANCE Leveraging a 360-Degree View on Plastic Every product we use carries a unique environmental footprint. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a robust methodology that quantifies a product’s impact from conception to disposal by evaluating a range of environmental indicators, from water intensity to recyclability. Global warming potential is particularly significant for us: its universality allows us to execute a consistent product replacement strategy across all operations. E N V I R O N M E N TA L LY R E S P O N S I B L E O P E R AT I O N S Singling Out Plastics in Food and Beverage With our food and beverage operations facing a mountain of single-use disposables, we reassessed our restaurant experiences and kitchen procedures to reduce the plastic we use. To tackle takeouts, Sands China Ltd. replaced 6.5 million plastic takeaway containers, utensils and cutlery sets with plant-based alternatives made of cornstarch that have a lower carbon footprint than their plastic equivalents. In addition, with our aim to phase out unnecessary plastic where possible, we eliminated or changed millions of plastic straws for sustainable alternatives in all owned operations globally. S TA K E H O L D E R E N G AG E M E N T Exploring the Depths of Plastic Pollution ECOengage, our annual global Team Member engagement campaign, explored the causes and impacts of plastic pollution and offered solutions we all can adopt. More than 1,700 Team Members and community members attended screenings of the eye-opening documentary A Plastic Ocean, in which a team of scientists investigate the effects of marine plastic on the environment. Six members of Sands China Ltd.’s executive committee amplified the plastic message in our Heart of House and elevated enthusiasm for the Plastic Free July campaign. As a result, more than 3,000 Team Members pledged to use fewer plastic bags, coffee cups, utensils and other single-use plastic items. E N V I R O N M E N TA L P R O G R E S S R E P O R T | 5

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    PERFORMANCE Environmental Performance Energy Performance 1 We reduced absolute Scope 1 and 2 market-based emissions by 12.4% and 11.4% from the 2015 baseline for resort and ferry operations respectively. Efficiency projects, more sustainable grid systems and the purchase of renewable energy certificates contributed to the decrease in emissions. Carbon Footprint Energy Consumption (MT CO2e) (Gigajoules) 71.3% 17.5% Electricity Direct energy Indirect energy Mobile – Scope 2 3,206,562 3,891,784 combustion 7,098,346 – Scope 1 By source: By source: Total energy Non-renewable consumption Non-renewable 947,484 0.5% Gasoline: 27,543 Electricity: 3,629,036 Total carbon Fugitive emissions Diesel*: 1,999,032 Heating: 10,797 footprint – Scope 1 Jet kerosene: 256,536 Cooling: 251,952 5.7% Natural gas**: 750,072 Renewable Waste LPG: 171,906 Renewable Energy – Scope 3 Renewable Certificates: 557,359 Solar thermal: 272 4.6% Solar PV: 1,200 Stationary combustion 0.4% – Scope 1 Leased assets – Scope 3 * Diesel includes mobile diesel, stationary diesel and marine fuel. ** Natural gas includes CNG, town gas and natural gas. 2 Resort Operations Emissions Absolute Emissions Intensity 3 Electricity Absolute Scope 1 & Scope 2 (MT CO2e) Scope 1 & Scope 2 (MT CO2e/1,000 sq. ft.) (MWh) 1,000,000 25 1,200,000 -12.4% -21 .4% 1,000,000 +4.9% 800,000 20 from baseline from baseline 800,000 from baseline 600,000 15 -26.6% 600,000 -8.0% 400,000 from baseline 10 from baseline 400,000 (excl. St. Regis (excl. St. Regis 200,000 and Parisian) 5 200,000 and Parisian) 0 0 0 Baseline Baseline Baseline 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Target: 6% reduction from the 2015 baseline Ferry Operations Emissions Absolute Emissions Intensity Scope 1 (MT CO2e) Scope 1 (MT CO2e/nautical mile) 200,000 0.15 150,000 -11 .4% 0.12 +1 .4% from baseline from baseline 0.09 100,000 0.06 50,000 0.03 Legacy properties4 0 0.00 Newly opened properties5 2014 Baseline 2016 2017 2018 2019 2014 Baseline 2016 2017 2018 2019 2015 2015 2020 Target: 6% reduction from the 2015 baseline 6 | L A S V E G A S S A N D S C O R P.

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    S U S TA I N A B L E C U LT U R E HIGHLIGHTS PERFORMANCE Water Performance We achieved a 3.2% reduction in water use per square foot from the 2015 baseline. Absolute water use increased 7.5%, mainly due to increased business activity, but decreased by 4.6% when excluding the newly opened properties. Total Water Use Water Absolute 6 Water Intensity 3 (million gallons) (million gallons) (gallons/sq. ft.) Other water: 23 3,000 60 Non-potable Rainwater: 0.1 groundwater: 156 2,500 +7.5% 50 -3.2% Condensate Well water: 133 capture: 6 2,000 from baseline 40 from baseline Nano-filtration: 23 NEWater: 17 1,500 -4.6% 30 1,000 from baseline 20 (excl. St. Regis 500 and Parisian) 10 0 0 2,896 2014 2015 Baseline 2016 2017 2018 2019 2014 2015 Baseline 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total withdrawal of water by source Municipal water: 2,717 2020 Target: 3% reduction from the 2015 baseline Waste Performance TM Actions Our waste diversion rate decreased by 4.1% from the 2015 baseline due to We exceeded our 1 million ongoing challenges in the global recycling market. We are continuously looking Sands ECO360 actions for opportunities to reduce, reuse, and recycle and are exploring innovative goal one year early. In regional waste solutions. 2019, Team Members carried out 248,450 Diverted Materials Waste Diversion Rate 3 Sands ECO360 actions to (short tons) (%) support the environment. Diverted materials: 28,733 35 1,031,710 25% 30 -4.1% achieved Non-diverted: Standard7: 25 from baseline 84,941 8,821 20 75% 113,673 Organics 8: 15 Incinerated: Total 7,729 10 56,571 waste Construction: 5 Landfilled: 5,872 28,370 0 2014 2015 Baseline 2016 2017 2018 2019 9 Other : 6,310 1,000,000 2020 target 2020 Target: 5% increase from the 2015 baseline 25.3% diversion rate Notes 1. Sands Bethlehem was removed from our portfolio after the sale of the property in 2019. All data has been adjusted to exclude this property. 2. Emissions reported uses a market-based emissions approach. 3. Data represents legacy properties and newly opened properties combined. 4. Legacy properties: those in operation prior to 2016, including The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Marina Bay Sands, The Venetian Macao, The Plaza Macao, Sands Macao, Sands Cotai Central and Sands Aviation. 5. Newly opened properties: those that became operational during or after 2016, including The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Central and The Parisian Macao. 6. For our Las Vegas properties, 2016 serves as a proxy baseline year for water consumption. 7. “Standard” includes: plastic, aluminum, cardboard, paper, glass and metal. 8. “Organic” includes: food waste, food donations, horticultural waste and cooking oil. 9. “Other” includes: recovered assets, batteries, e-waste, donations, light bulbs, soap and shampoo amenities. E N V I R O N M E N TA L P R O G R E S S REPORT | 7

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    ABOUT LAS VEGAS SANDS CORP. Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) is the world’s pre-eminent developer and operator of world-class Integrated Resorts that feature luxury hotels; gaming, retail, entertainment, convention and exhibition facilities; celebrity chef restaurants; and many other amenities. Starting with a single property in 1990, the reach of LVS now extends worldwide, from Las Vegas to Macao and Singapore. Our Integrated Resorts have become premier destinations for travel enthusiasts around the world. Our responsibility to the planet is as important to us as our commitment to the comfort and well-being of our guests and Team Members. The Sands ECO360 global sustainability strategy is designed to help minimize our environmental impact. It reflects our vision to lead the way in sustainable building development and resort operations. Driven by an aspirational idea, made possible through the dedication and hard work of our Team Members, we continue our journey to a more sustainable future. For more information, visit our website: https://www.sands.com/sands-eco-360.html Please take a moment to tell us what you think by contacting us at SandsECO360@sands.com 8 | L A S V E G A S S A N D S C O R P. 2 0 1 9 E N V I R O N M E N TA L P R O G R E S S R E P O R T

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