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    INTERMOUNTAIN FINANCIAL SUMMARY FUNDS AVAILABLE 2016 2015 (IN MILLIONS) PATIENT SERVICES AND NON-PATIENT ACTIVITIES: Net patient services, including inpatient and outpatient care, pharmaceuticals, and supplies; net of discounts provided for patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other sources because these agencies have limited their level of payment $ 4,368.9 $ 4,167.4 Charity services to qualifying patients unable to pay as part of our ongoing community commitment (419.5 )* (352.9 )* Bad debts for services provided to patients who were unwilling to pay (243.5 ) (215.3 ) Non-patient activities, including health insurance premiums, contributions, and other resources 3,010.7 2,459.4 Non-operating income from investing activities 237.5 50.6 TOTAL FUNDS AVAILABLE $ 6,954.1 $ 6,109.2 FUNDS APPLIED Salaries and benefits to our employees $ 2,838.1 $ 2,607.4 Medical services and supplies 2,402.7 2,074.5 Business services, insurance, utilities, and cost of facility maintenance 888.2 823.6 Depreciation and amortization cost for this year’s use of buildings and equipment 280.3 276.3 Interest on borrowed funds 49.4 48.3 Increase in funds available for future needs to replace and improve health facilities, technology, and services, and to provide long-term stability 495.4 279.1 TOTAL FUNDS APPLIED $ 6,954.1 $ 6,109.2 * This amount represents Intermountain’s unadjusted total. Based on Utah State Tax Commission standards, Intermountain provided adjusted charity care of approximately $244.7 million in 2016 and $202.3 million in 2015. H E L P I N G P E O P L E L I V E T H E H E A LT H I E S T L I V E S P O S S I B L E 35

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