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    2015 Annual Report Inspiring minds. Improving Lives.™

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    2 3 Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Empowering Letter from through Education the President Students in the world’s hardest-to- reach communities are now receiving access to Early education is the key to better economic opportunities, healthier families, individual freedom and In 2015, the MoneyGram Foundation built on empowerment. Yet, millions of school-age children around the world don’t have access to educational research, programs and learnings from past years basic school supplies and facilities, learning resources or even basic school supplies. The MoneyGram Foundation is passionate about to solidify alliances and initiate new partnerships innovative educational inspiring young minds at an early age, because we believe education leads to prosperity and an improved to achieve our mission of improving the global livelihood over the long term – not just for the individual child, but also for entire families and our larger, education landscape. Through a unified effort technology global community. with MoneyGram employees, our donors and other fellow advocates for education across the globe, the MoneyGram Foundation continued to work to ensure hundreds of thousands of children in communities around the world can now use the power of education to transform their lives. To all of our partners and donors, I hope our success has left you inspired and ready To date, the foundation has been fortunate to align to continue uniting around the common goal with more than 40 of the world’s top organizations that every child deserves a quality education. fighting for every child’s fundamental right to an Because of you, our impact has the potential accessible and quality education. to be nothing short of transformative to the global education landscape. One of the foundation’s Students in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach most important assets is the employees at communities are now receiving access to basic MoneyGram. Beyond their generous donations, school supplies, brand new educational facilities, many employee volunteers provide essential innovative educational technology, properly skills to the day-to-day operations of the trained teachers and other vital learning resources foundation. Thank you to everyone who helped necessary for each child to achieve future success. the foundation succeed this year, you are truly the engine of the foundation’s forward momentum. More specifically, the foundation support helped build 14 schools in Nepal, Mexico and the Finally, the MoneyGram Foundation proudly Philippines, provided after-school educational announces the expansion of its mission beyond support for more than 950 students, and education in 2016. Thanks to newly initiated sponsored teacher training workshops for 800 collaborations with AmeriCares and Save teachers in 2015. the Children, the foundation will be able to successfully provide relief in the immediate The foundation was also able to introduce technology wake of a natural disaster or catastrophic event to students across Africa, Asia and Latin America, anywhere in the world. Whether for education helping thousands of students learn new skills to or disaster relief, working together we will continue to succeed in our high-tech world. inspire minds and change lives. Sincerely, moneygramfoundation.org moneygramfoundation.org Table of Contents Jacqueline Lowe, Letter from the President 3 MoneyGram Foundation Grants around the World 6 President, MoneyGram Foundation Letter from Pamela H. Patsley 4 MoneyGram Foundation 2015 Grants 8 Donors & Financials 14

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    4 5 Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Letter from Pamela H. Patsley, ...the foundation was able to increase its Executive Chairman contributions to programs giving children of MoneyGram International greater access to quality education. As a preface to our second Annual Report, I am delighted to share with you that the MoneyGram Foundation has built on its strengths and furthered its mission to make a significant impact on the lives of children and families around the world through support for transformative educational programs. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, in 2015 the foundation was able to increase its contributions to programs giving children greater access to quality education. It also partnered with some additional organizations to implement new programs in science, technology and literacy and expand into new communities. The MoneyGram Foundation continues to focus its efforts on communities where MoneyGram’s customers live and work. For example, it is providing new technology for students in Egypt, Ghana, Poland, Bangladesh and Colombia with the aim of narrowing the digital divide and giving these students the means to stay competitive. The foundation is also providing essential literacy tools to more than 50,000 children worldwide. The work of the foundation is very close to the hearts of our MoneyGram team and valued partners in business. Indeed over 80 percent of grants are awarded to organizations recommended by MoneyGram agents and employees. In 2015, we were honored to partner with two of MoneyGram’s agents to make a joint donation supporting mentoring and literacy programs in Kenya and Indonesia. I am constantly inspired by the level of motivation among our employees to donate their time, expertise and money to ensure the success of the foundation. Together with our donors, agents, employees and friends, we will continue to inspire minds and improve lives around the world. We are grateful to everyone who supports the important work of the MoneyGram Foundation. Thank you all! Over 80 percent Kind regards and with thanks, of grants are awarded to organizations recommended by MoneyGram agents moneygramfoundation.org moneygramfoundation.org and employees Pamela H. Patsley, Executive Chairman of MoneyGram International

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    6 7 Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. MoneyGram Foundation Grants Around the World More than 150,000 children have been impacted Awarded 51 grants in 36 countries Poland Ukraine Minnesota, USA Romania Massachusetts, USA Germany New York, USA Arkansas, USA Texas, USA Nepal Florida, USA Egypt Pakistan Jodhpur, India Jamaica Mexico Caribbean Senegal Haiti Mumbai, India Vietnam Guatemala India, rural locations El Salvador Benin Philippines Nigeria Colombia Ghana Ethiopia Cambodia Bangladesh Indonesia Ecuador Kenya Over 40 The MoneyGram Foundation organizations moneygramfoundation.org moneygramfoundation.org Zambia Australia has awarded over $2,000,000 awarded in grants South Africa funding

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    8 9 Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Latin America & South America MoneyGram Colombia Foundation 2015 Grants The MoneyGram Foundation awarded funding to One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) for a technology project in Bogotá, Colombia, where only 62 percent of students who enter primary schools finish sixth grade. The Funded project supplied four under-privileged public schools after-school with 200 laptops as well as technology kits to learn computer programming and robotics. Each project and educational North America was taught by a university student as a part of their support programs professional practicum. The projects concluded with Minnesota, United States the students presenting their final projects at the Creatic Science Fair at Universidad Minuto de Dios. for 954 Almost 40 percent of the U.S. Hmong community continues to live in linguistically isolated households students with high poverty and public assistance rates, therefore Hmong children continue to face significant barriers to access resources including those that promote achievement in school. Haiti The Hmong Cultural Center provides basic education to Hmong immigrants and refugees, The foundation funded the expansion of as well as multicultural education programming LitWorld’s existing literary and library program in to help non-Hmong learn about the culture and Haiti, where LitWorld provides year-round LitClubs, experiences of the Hmong people. With funding LitCamps and library programs. These empirically from the MoneyGram Foundation, the Hmong based programs are a vital literacy lifeline in Resource Center Library at Hmong Cultural Center Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas, where in Saint Paul, Minnesota, created the MoneyGram less than 30 percent of children go to secondary Funding was awarded to Grants for Innovative school. Moreover, areas affected by the 2010 Children’s Corner. The Children’s Corner provides Teaching through the Junior League of Dallas, earthquake are still in desperate need of books educational materials for children when they visit to support innovative teaching programs in One Laptop Per Child written in Haitian, Creole and French. The grant the center, and allows adult learners in the ESL the Dallas Independent School District. These The project supplied four under-privileged impacted 450 students by funding program space, and citizenship classes to check out books to read to grants go toward projects in science, technology, public schools with 200 laptops. library books and library technology. their children at home. engineering, math and literacy that enable teachers to implement original and creative projects that Texas, United States otherwise would not be provided for in school With D Magazine’s Big D Reads, a reading program budgets. JLD’s GFIT program also provides Mexico was implemented in Dallas County and Dallas ISD additional learning opportunities including field trips, through the month of April 2015. Through 31 Dallas after-school programs and family learning nights. The foundation renewed its support of Niños ISD high schools, over 11,000 ninth grade students en Alegría to help rebuild the Cuitláhuac received a copy of the book featured in 2015, True The MoneyGram Foundation awarded a grant to School after it was damaged by local flooding. Grit. Another 500 books were also handed out the Mayor’s Star Council to support community The United Way co-sponsored the Cuitláhuac to students at Uplift Education charter schools, leadership projects in five under-resourced high School, which serves over 150 children in and the remaining 8,000 books went to people schools in South Dallas and Oak Cliff in Dallas to work the community of El Conchero in the Municipality in the Dallas community. There were 20 community together to educate and engage with one another of Coyuca de Benítez. The building will also act as events held throughout Dallas in April to promote while establishing a culture of learning. Studies show a shelter for the local community in future natural the program and encourage the community to read. that students participating in a high quality after- disasters. The Cuitláhuac School is the tenth MoneyGram sponsored the kick-off event, Paint school programs such as this are more likely to attend school in nine years built in the area by Niños en moneygramfoundation.org moneygramfoundation.org the Town Well Read – a downtown light show where school, behave better and receive higher grades Alegría, offering more than 11,000 children the the Reunion Tower, the Hunt building and the Bank compared to non-participating students. Mayor’s opportunity to develop their full educational and of America building were all lit up in red to promote Star Council works to help young people recognize social potential. Furthermore, Niños en Alegría’s the month long reading program. they can be leaders of change in their community, intervention has led the government to improve Niños en Alegría, family, school and with friends. public areas that surround the schools, like a park offering more than 11,000 children where children can have recess in a secure and the opportunity to develop their full safe place. educational and social potential.

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    10 11 Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Africa & Europe Asia Kenya technology in schools in Benin, where more than Cambodia one in five girls and one in 10 boys of school age In 2015, the foundation teamed up with do not attend school. This grant also supports The MoneyGram Foundation funded the Co-Operative Bank of Kenya Foundation to strengthening students’ awareness on proper development of a new ESL pilot program through co-sponsor an educational support program, which hygiene and health issues including HIV/AIDS Caring for Cambodia (CFC). The newly developed includes mentorship and career development and environmental issues. course is presented in a project-based format that workshops. The courses are designed to provide also teaches curricular goals in science, math and students with essential psychosocial support to Ghana other subjects. The introduction of the ESL pilot boost their academic performance and ensure the students possess the skills necessary to succeed The MoneyGram Foundation sponsored the program is significant because English language skills drastically increase Cambodians’ prospects of Held 21 events at university and beyond. The program impacts expansion of an e-reader program in Ghana with employment. The program is designed to replicate over 400 underprivileged students in all 47 counties across Kenya, where education is likely to be the most Pencils of Promise. Four community schools in Ghana received 400 brand new e-readers the teaching methods of CFC’s 21 other campuses throughout Cambodia. The grant impacted 600 to celebrate our expensive item in the household budget. Beyond the collaboration with the foundations, the Co-Operative loaded with 40,000 e-books. The e-readers were distributed to 900 students in grades 3-6 for students and 20 teachers in the funded pilot year. grants in 2015 Bank of Kenya and MoneyGram International are also use in their classrooms and at home. Nearly 25 Bangladesh partners in business. percent of the Ghanaian population over the age of 15 is illiterate and this was the first time most of In 2015, a grant was given to Underprivileged Benin the children, parents and teachers involved in Children’s Educational Programs (UCEP) of the program had been introduced to technology. Bangladesh to provide access to information and The MoneyGram Foundation awarded a grant communication technology to 25 UCEP Bangladesh to Aide et Action to fund the digital component Egypt community schools for underprivileged students. of a community mobilization project for six primary The grant also offered funds to purchase learning schools in Benin. Aide et Action strives to help In 2015, through a second grant to World Learning, equipment and materials such as laptops, software reduce inefficiencies and support the integration of other multimedia hardware along with maintenance Foundation. The Nepalese education sector was the foundation provided advanced laptops for 75 and training for the technology equipment. The among the many casualties experienced in the incoming students at the Maadi STEM School for program impacted nearly 18,000 children and small country in the wake of the 2015 earthquake. Girls in Cairo. Many of the all-girl school’s students enabled UCEP teachers to deliver math and science More than 4 million students were affected after come from poor and marginalized families who almost 20,000 school buildings were severely Funded 400 brand could not otherwise afford education. To date, World Learning has opened two ECASE schools in Cairo lessons in a more effective and meaningful way. damaged or completely destroyed. The newly constructed schools are located in nine of the that serve 800 students ages 15-18. The cutting- new e-readers loaded edge curriculum is fully reliant upon students having earthquake-affected districts of Nepal, including Sindhupalchowk, Lalitpur, Dolkha, Dhading, Kabhre, laptops capable of running the necessary high- with 40,000 e-books powered applications used in the student’s advanced STEM curriculum. Future students will also benefit Gorkha, Ramechhap, Kathmandu, and Bhaktapur. The renovation effort is informed by Nepal’s Ministry of Education and will ultimately benefit over 5,000 when the Intel Core i5 laptops are passed down to children that otherwise would not have a sufficient future cohorts. building for school. Poland Indonesia In 2015, the foundation funded teacher workshops focused on science course materials through In collaboration with the Bank of Indonesia, Children’s University Foundation in Warsaw. a MoneyGram International partner in business, The employees of MoneyGram’s Warsaw office voted the MoneyGram Foundation awarded a grant to from a list of five Poland non-profit organizations for Yayasan Pengembangan Perpustakaan Indonesia the Children’s University to receive a MoneyGram Nepal (YPPI), to purchase 10,000 books as well as fund Foundation grant to develop interactive educational the execution of book drives at 50 separate locations moneygramfoundation.org moneygramfoundation.org events and conferences for science teachers. In response to the devastating 7.8 magnitude in Jakarta to supply thousands of new books for Because 54 percent of children are found to be earthquake, which took place April 2015, the struggling libraries. The book drives address the distracted in school, the program enables teachers Chaudhary Group committed to building 100 semi- critical lack of access to books in Indonesia while to build effective lessons that excite students. The permanent schools. The MoneyGram Foundation promoting student and community engagement grant impacted nearly 600 teachers and more than was honored to fund the construction of 10 of through educational activities, such as storytelling 40,000 students. these schools in partnership with the Chaudhary and writing competitions.

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    12 13 Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. India Global Grants In 2015, the foundation continued to support Agastya International by renewing funding for A Book for Every Child three Mobile Science Labs to travel throughout rural areas in India, including Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, Each year, First Book distributes books to millions Darbhanga, Bihar, and Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. of children who have never owned a book. In 2015, In this year of funding, the mobile labs will offer the foundation awarded funding for 25,000 high over 21,000 children living in remote areas of India quality new books, which were distributed through the opportunity to learn hands-on science models First Book’s international foundation partners to in physics, biology and chemistry. The mobile classrooms will also provide 180 teachers essential support their existing programs in Nicaragua, India, Senegal and Jamaica. In addition, the winners of the 54,943 books training and 66,000 rural residents access to MoneyGram Foundation Back-to-School contest STEM curriculum. In a country with more than 700 million rural residents with no access to innovative chose 10 organizations in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Germany, Haiti, Nigeria, Ukraine distributed to date education, the Agastya Foundation continues to seek equal access to education across all regions and and the United States to receive books through the First Book Global Marketplace digital platform. in 14 countries social classes of India by bringing innovative science education to every child’s doorstep. Pakistan Working with Developments in Literacy, the MoneyGram Foundation continued to fund operations for three schools in Rawalpindi, which have 70 percent female enrollment. These schools serve rural and impoverished regions of a country where nearly 75 percent of girls are illiterate. Although Pakistan holds a 45 percent dropout rate, the schools proudly report less than a one percent dropout rate. The foundation also awarded 32 scholarships for children in grades 10 and above, enabling the students to continue their education in secondary Vietnam education institutions. Through Children of Vietnam, the MoneyGram Philippines Foundation funded the construction of a two- classroom primary school in the rural Tây Giang Although the schools in the Philippines have good District of Vietnam, where less than 47 percent attendance rates, it is still estimated that 6.2 million of children enroll in kindergarten. Specifically, the primary-school age children are not in school. kindergarten now serves the 420-person C’Tu Often it’s because they live in an area affected community in Dang Commune called Batul, where by disaster. Through a second grant to Habitat for 80 percent of households are considered very poor. Humanity Philippines, the foundation supported Often the only concrete structure with plumbing in the village, the schools built by Children of Vietnam the construction of two typhoon and earthquake- resistant single room school structures in two Funded training also teach proper hygiene and serve as a shelter and workshops for moneygramfoundation.org moneygramfoundation.org different areas of the Typhoon Haiyan affected for the community. The MoneyGram Foundation Province of Capiz. The structures are meant to sponsored building is designed to stand for the next withstand natural disasters and act as small shelters 20 years and it benefitted 15 kindergarten students and over 40 additional students in grades 1, 2 and 3 in for future events. They will stand for more than 800 teachers 10 years and will impact over 500 students as well as its first year of operation. the members of the surrounding community.

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    14 15 Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. Inspiring minds. Improving Lives. 2015 Donors and Financials How to Give Thanks to the generosity of MoneyGram International, its employees and our other donors, With your help the foundation will continue to provide financial grants to worthy the foundation was able to distribute almost $1 million in funds to worthy organizations organizations that will positively impact thousands of children, their families and their delivering empirically based, well-rounded and diverse programing in 36 countries in 2015. communities. Your donation will be disbursed in full to the foundation’s grant recipients. The ongoing support of MoneyGram provided not only funds for the impactful grants but Please visit www.moneygramfoundation.org to give to the foundation or contact us at also in-kind support for the operations of the foundation. mgfoundation@moneygram.com. The MoneyGram Foundation was able to award more grants than ever this year due to the success of our fundraising efforts. MoneyGram employees around the world supported the foundation, with more than 27% of employees giving in 2015. In addition, a number of our friends in business and members of MoneyGram International Board of Directors In 2015, more than 27 percent supported the foundation’s efforts to improve education for all children. We are so grateful of MoneyGram employees for your support! donated to the foundation A number of our friends in business have supported the efforts of the MoneyGram Foundation this year. $85,791 $63,600 We want to recognize and thank the following: Total MoneyGram Total Funds Raised Employee From Other ǔ Brierley Contribution Donors ǔ CA Technologies ǔ Cognizant ǔ Dynamic Growth Strategies $982,260 ǔ InnerWorkings Total Funds Awarded ǔ Keyot in Grants ǔ MarketLogic + ǔ The Results Company ǔ Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP moneygramfoundation.org moneygramfoundation.org $1,074,036 $288,245 ǔ Sirius Computer Solutions Total MoneyGram Total MoneyGram International International In-Kind ǔ Technica Solutions Contribution Contribution

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    MoneyGram, the Globe and Inspiring Minds. Improving lives. are marks of MoneyGram and its subsidiaries. © 2016 MoneyGram Foundation. Designed by Global Creative Services.

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