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    our mission

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    We believe that education is at the heart of better economic opportunities, healthier families, and individual freedom and empowerment. Everything we do goes toward inspiring minds and improving lives. ” Just as our services have the ability to transform lives, so do the programs that the MoneyGram Foundation supports around the world. Whether it’s book donations, teacher training or building classrooms, the MoneyGram Foundation believes that education is a way to give back to our customers and the communities we serve. Alex Holmes Chairman and CEO, MoneyGram International ”

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    2017grant summary North America $457,605 Inspired by our customers who seek South to provide new and better opportunities for their America loved ones, the MoneyGram Foundation invests in organizations which empower school-aged $75,000 youth through innovative educational initiatives across the globe. Thanks to our international network of offices in over 30 countries, as well as thousands of agent locations worldwide, the Foundation can identify and thoroughly vet worthy nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations to ensure positive outcomes.

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    Europe $87,580 Asia $398,660 Africa $183,810 Total Worldwide $150,000 $1,352,655

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    MoneyGram Foundation 2017 grants Africa Morocco $14,920 Funding was awarded to INJAZ Al-Maghrib, a member of JA Worldwide, which provides education and training in entrepreneurial skills throughout Morocco. The organization also teaches programs aimed at developing basic business skills, financial literacy, and soft skills that equip young people to start and run their own businesses and find employment. The MoneyGram Foundation grant provided curriculum and training materials for 650 high-school students in Casablanca. Nigeria $75,590 Among the grant recipients was Worldreader, an organization working around the world to champion digital reading in underserved communities. The grant funded the purchase of e-readers and to implement digital reading programs in three primary schools in Nigeria in partnership with the Christianna Foundation. The programs and technology will benefit 2,000 students.

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    The Foundation awarded over $180,000 in grants in 2017 to support educational opportunities in Africa.

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    Over 9,650 African students are expected to benefit from learning programs supported by the grants.

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    Africa Senegal $30,000 MoneyGram Foundation also supported buildOn, an organization that empowers urban youth to transform their neighborhoods through intensive community service and to change the world by building schools in some of the economically poorest countries on the planet. The grant funded the building of a primary school in the Thiès region, providing 3,000 students with a central place for learning. Zimbabwe $63,300 Another grant recipient, Tererai Trent International, envisions empowered rural communities where all children have universal access to quality education, regardless of their gender or socio-economic backgrounds. The MoneyGram Foundation provided funds to establish reading camps through the construction of shelters, enhancing a library with solar energy, and equipping students with tablets and books. Over 4,000 students benefitted from this project.

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    Asia Bangladesh $51,330 The Foundation awarded funding to Room to Read that seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. A grant was awarded to fund literacy program materials at two primary schools in Bangladesh, benefitting 1,500 students. India $60,100 Agastya International Foundation’s mission is to spark curiosity, nurture creativity, and instill confidence in economically disadvantaged communities by bringing innovative hands-on science education, project-based and peer-to-peer learning to schools, towns and villages across India. MoneyGram Foundation’s grant provided three mobile science labs that travel to Darbhanga, Mumbai and Aligarh. These three labs will reach over 21,600 children and 180 school teachers. India $36,000 In 2017, the Foundation supported the Smile Foundation which reaches over 600,000 children and their families each year, through more than 250 ongoing projects in the areas of education, healthcare, livelihood, and women’s empowerment. The grant provided underprivileged children in Hyderabad with educational support including learning materials and school supplies, benefitting 200 students. Indonesia $63,100 The Foundation awarded funding to Yayasan Pengembangan Perpustakaan Indonesia (YPPI). In addition to raising awareness about the importance of literacy, and providing better services that promote higher levels of literacy, YPPI brings books to communities throughout Indonesia through mobile libraries. The MoneyGram Foundation’s grant provided funding for one fully stocked mobile library with 1,000 books to serve 2,700 students in Tulungagung, East Java.

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    Laos $35,000 Among the supported organizations was Pencils of Promise which builds safe schools, supports teachers with innovative resources, and provides students with programming to increase education outcomes. The MoneyGram Foundation awarded a grant to build a school in the Kang Community in the Luang Prabang province, benefiting 1,380 students. Before the school was erected, students attended classes in a wooden structure with bamboo walls, dirt floors and no ventilation. Myanmar $60,000 One of the grant recipients, United World Schools, works in some of the world’s poorest regions to give every child access to free education. The MoneyGram Foundation provided a grant to fund the construction of two hub schools and four satellite schools in Shan State, Myanmar, which will benefit 2,640 students. Pakistan $50,000 The Foundation helped World Learning in their mission to improve global education and ensure schools and teachers have the tools they need to support students. The grant provided the funds needed to purchase 15,000 culturally relevant educational books which were distributed to over 100 schools in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir regions, benefitting approximately 5,000 students. Philippines $25,000 For the second year, the MoneyGram Foundation supported the Black Pencil Project. It is a collective initiative committed to providing school supplies to public elementary school children living in remote and indigenous communities in the Philippines. The grant supplied 12 barrio schools with a “School-In-A-Box” program kit, which included school equipment and supplies for teachers and students, benefitting 5,000 students. Vietnam $18,130 The Foundation chose to support Children of Vietnam, which works to break the cycle of poverty, illness and homelessness by providing immediate aid to children and families in crisis. The MoneyGram Foundation funded the construction of a kindergarten in the T’Ghey village in the Tây Giang District. The school will benefit 400 students in an area where less than 50 percent of children enroll in kindergarten.

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    Europe Italy $22,000 The MoneyGram Foundation awarded funding to Amref Health Italy in support of their mission to improve the health of people in Africa by partnering and empowering communities, as well as strengthening health systems. The grant supported the Link to School project, which fostered academic growth and collaboration between students in Italy and in Kenya, ultimately impacting 6,300 children. Kosovo and Macedonia $65,580 Among the supported organizations was Kosovo Education Center which provides training for school faculty and staff, bringing leadership skills and innovative teaching methodologies to the classroom. The MoneyGram Foundation awarded funding to equip first-grade classrooms in Kosovo and Macedonia with sets of customized, culturally relevant and age-appropriate books. The grant also funded the translation and printing of books, the training and monitoring of teachers on implementing companion curriculum, and project management. The project is expected to ultimately impact over 48,000 students.

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    In 2017, the MoneyGram Foundation supported educational programs expected to benefit over 54,300 children in Europe alone.

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    North America United States $25,500 The MoneyGram Foundation provided funding to First Book for the distribution of 5,000 books to students in three U.S. cities (Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles), where it held celebratory events to coincide with Día de los Libros (Children’s Book Day). Each event featured a book reading from a special guest and activities designed to further inspire the love of reading. First Book uses a sustainable, market-driven business model to create equal access to quality education by making high-quality, brand-new resources affordable to its member network of over 375,000 educators who exclusively serve children in need. Illinois, United States $62,500 The MoneyGram Foundation grant provided 4,000 “Back 2 School” kits, filled with 30 necessary core supplies, to K-12 students in need. The aim was to help Back to School Illinois with their mission to create and support educational opportunities that enrich the lives of Illinois children. Minnesota, United States $25,000 In 2017, the MoneyGram Foundation supported Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest that offers financial literacy, college and career readiness, and entrepreneurship education to K-12 students in Minnesota, North Dakota and western Wisconsin. The Foundation awarded funding to provide programming and training materials for at-risk students in the Twin Cities. The grant benefitted 625 students. Minnesota, United States $60,000 The MoneyGram Foundation supported Northside Achievement Zone in their mission to permanently close the achievement gap and end generational poverty in North Minneapolis. The grant supported the Expanded Learning (ExL) curriculum, an evidence-based program geared towards attaining grade-level success in math and reading. Consequently, 40 student scholars benefitted from scholarships in the ExL program.

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    Texas, United States $10,000 The Junior League of Dallas’ Grants for Innovative Teaching program is dedicated to improving education by identifying unique programs tailored for a particular school or grade level. The MoneyGram Foundation funding benefitted K-12 Dallas Independent School District teachers in South Dallas schools, who created for their classrooms dedicated STEM and literacy projects, which were implemented in the 2017-2018 school year. Texas, United States $25,000 Funding was awarded to provide programming and training materials for 750 disadvantaged students in Dallas Independent School District. It helped Junior Achievement of Dallas with their mission to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy through programs aimed at increasing financial literacy skills, economic awareness, and career readiness. Texas, United States $16,305 The Foundation awarded a grant to Dallas-based Vogel Alcove which helps young children overcome the lasting and traumatic effects of homelessness, working to ensure every child has a home, a self-sufficient family, and a foundation for success in school and life. The MoneyGram Foundation provided funding to support supplemental educational programming for K-5 students during the school holidays and summer breaks which benefitted 60 students up to age 12. Texas, United States $30,000 Young Women’s Preparatory Network partners with public school districts to create and support all-girls schools with a focus on leadership, college readiness, and health and wellness. The MoneyGram Foundation grant provided a full school year of STEM programming in Dallas’ Irma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School, impacting 1,920 students. Texas, United States $65,000 Last year the MoneyGram Foundation supported Communities in Schools which is a campus- based dropout prevention program, working in over 100 Houston-area schools to provide direct social services to at-risk students, and connect students with available community resources. The Foundation grant provided school supplies and uniforms to 70 schools following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, impacting approximately 700 students.

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    North America Costa Rica $88,300 For the fourth year, the Foundation has supported One Laptop Per Child, an organization which aims to provide each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power connected laptop to inspire collaborative, joyful and self-empowered learning. The MoneyGram Foundation funded the implementation of an educational technology program in three schools in Santa Bárbara de Heredia. The grant included the purchase of 300 laptops benefitting 300 students. Mexico $50,000 Niños en Alegría aims to improve conditions of education for children who are in precarious situations, allowing them to develop their maximum potential. The MoneyGram Foundation awarded a grant to build a new primary school in Guerrero for 136 disadvantaged children. South America Brazil $75,000 The Foundation is supporting the Ayrton Senna Institute, providing a bridge between education and the other sciences to promote the creation of evidence-based educational policies and practices. The grant is funding a school learning initiative which is now reducing illiteracy and the age-grade distortion in elementary schools in Manaus, Brazil’s third-largest municipality. The program estimates that 6,500 children will ultimately be impacted.

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    Global grants In addition to supporting organizations dedicated to children’s education, the MoneyGram Foundation also supported disaster relief efforts through grants to the following organizations: $75,000 Americares saves lives and improves health for people affected by poverty or disaster so they can reach their full potential. In 2017, Americares’ emergency programs helped restore health services for survivors of 25 disasters in 19 countries, bringing essential aid to save lives and improve health in areas of crisis, including conflict areas. $75,000 In time of crisis, when children are at their most vulnerable, Save the Children is there. They are the first to respond and the last to leave, delivering lifesaving emergency relief and staying for as long as it takes to help children and families recover from losses, restore their lives, and build resilience for years to come. In 2017, Save the Children responded to 121 emergencies across 61 countries, directly reaching over 17 million people, including over 10 million children.

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    revenue and support We are proud to have the support of MoneyGram employees and stakeholders who generously donate to the Foundation, as well as provide thousands of hours of volunteer support every year. This generosity ensures worthy organizations will continue to receive critical support, bringing a positive impact to children, their families and their communities.

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    MoneyGram International contribution $1,150,370 MoneyGram International in-kind contribution $388,904 MoneyGram employee contribution $100,370 Other donations and revenue $36,367 Total revenue and support $1,676,011

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    contact us MoneyGram Foundation +1 (214) 999-7552 2828 N. Harwood St. mgfoundation@moneygram.com Dallas, TX 75201 moneygramfoundation.org Our team Aimee Griffiths Pellagia Gambiza Ali Patsley Head of Foundation Grant and Program Marketing and Development Administrator Manager inspiring minds. improving lives. TM MoneyGram, the Globe and Inspiring minds. Improving lives. are marks of MoneyGram and its subsidiaries. © 2018 MoneyGram Foundation. 18-04912

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