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    Content of report Message from the Board 3 Chair and the Executive Director Our Work 4 - 11 Preem 4 People vs Arctic Oil 5 Fortum 6 Climate Laws 7 Meat & Dairy Campaign 8-9 Forests 10 Oceans 11 Our Countries 12 - 15 Sweden 12 Denmark 13 Norway 14 Finland 15 Sustainability and Governance 16 Our Funding 17 - 20 Donors 18 Income and Expenditure 19 Statement of Operations 20 Credits Editor: John Ernest Dinamarca Layout: Suvi Klippi Photos: Edward Beskow, Jana Erikson, Andrew McConnell, Johanna Hanno, Pyry Kantonen, Saara Autere, Kristian Buus, Daniella Zalcman, Christian Åslund, Mathilde Grafström, Jani Sipilä, Tommy Trenchard, Rasmus Törnqvist, Mike Schmidt, Jonne Sippola Contributors: Mads Flarup Christensen, Agneta Rythén Martin, Celeste Stewart, Birgitte Lesanner, Markus Mattison, Erlend Telles, Olli Tiainen, Martina Krueger, Kaisa Kosonen, Kristine Clement, Juha Aromaa, Laura Meller, Sune Scheller, Isadora Wronski, Frode Pleym, Magali Reyes Henkel, Susannah Ling, Lars Kampmann 2

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    Message from the Board Chair and the Executive Director It goes without saying that 2020 will go down as one for If the situation around the Covid-19 pandemic has the history books. Over a year since it was announced taught us anything, it’s that technology will play a vital as a public health emergency, we are still living in the role in the future of our engagement and actions. Digital midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, a global disruption the tools were used to bear witness and take on perpetra- likes of which we have not seen since the Second World tors of environmental destruction, like in Finland, where War. As countries ground to a halt for a few months the social media channel TikTok was used to undermine then continued to go in and out of lockdown, the crisis the social license of Fortum and the fossil fuel industry. revealed huge cracks in the old global power and finan- In Norway, SMS was used in an innovative way to mes- cial structures while disrupting key polluters like the oil sage Equinor’s 40 000 shareholders in the lead up to and airline industry. Across the globe people collectively their AGM. The need for social distancing has led to raised their voice against systemic racism and other the Greenpeace trademark of NVDA’s adopting online social injustices, and dared to reimagine a society where operations alongside existing offline methods, with new genuine diversity is celebrated. These major blows to platforms and tactics developed to amplify our message ‘business as normal’ have galvanized our commitment and speak truth to power. to creating profound system change, and provided us opportunities to work towards building the world we not Our deepest thanks go to every individual who supports only want, but the world we need if we are to avoid the us financially. In an uncertain time, you chose to stand worst impacts of climate change. with us, understanding that now, more than ever, we must work towards creating a more environmentally just In a year where the basic things that we took for grant- world. It is only through your contributions that Green- ed, like working from an office or gathering for actions, peace can stand up against environmental destruction were fundamentally challenged, 2020 pushed us to be and continue our efforts to protect the planet and find courageous and think outside the box. Our staff and solutions to the most pressing environmental issues. leaders devoted tremendous energy and a willingness to adapt to the ‘new normal’, learning new ways of work- Looking back at 2020 we are extremely proud not only ing and adopting innovative new strategies for commu- of our campaign wins but also the spirit and resilience of nication, engagement and action. Against this backdrop the staff, volunteers and teams in Greenpeace Nordic. of breaking new ground, we achieved some fantastic From one day to another, we adjusted to working from wins for the environment. Our campaign against Preem home, while recruiters engaged with potential donors helped cancel the development of a proposed refinery over the phone rather than on the streets and actions in Lysekil and draw attention to the greenwashing tac- became something we did with a computer as well as tics of the Swedish oil company. In Denmark our efforts climbing gear. As the promise of wide-scale vaccina- slowed the rush to extract the last remaining oil through tions becomes a reality in 2021, we will hopefully see the securing of a ban on further licensing rounds in the the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic minimised. How- Danish part of the North Sea. In Finland we managed to ever, we cannot return to ‘business as usual’. We know halt logging proposed for two high conservation value that the continued rapid loss of biodiversity, and the forests. Even when the outcome fell in favour of old encroachment of humans into our wild spaces only in- industries, such as in the Supreme Court ruling of the creases the likelihood of more global health crises while ‘People v Arctic Oil’ case in Norway, our work helped exacerbating the impacts of a changing climate. Instead to significantly change the national conversation around we will continue to act with urgency and we will use our Arctic oil drilling and highlighted the dangers of further skills to harness the collective momentum gained from a fossil fuel extraction. world fundamentally changed by a year of Corona in our fight towards a green and just transition. Agneta Rythén Martin Mads Flarup Christensen Board Chair Executive Director 3

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    OUR WORK Paris or Preem - the environmental movement vs Scandinavia’s biggest refinery 2020 was a year that saw large parts of the environ- 8 tankers from making port to deliver their devastating mental movement in Sweden unite behind one cause: cargo. When the Rainbow Warrior moved, the oil tank- stopping the expansion of Preemraff in Lysekil. Preem ers started lining up to make port but were surprised had applied for an expansion of their oil refinery that to find that activists from Greenpeace Nordic had man- would have entailed an emissions increase of one million aged to make their way onto the docks, up on the un- tonnes of CO2. The issue echoed in the halls of political loading pumps and chained themselves to them, mak- power as the Government proclaimed that they would ing unloading of the oil impossible. rule in this case, due to the conflicts between an expan- sion and Sweden's climate targets. The massive protests were widely reported both domes- tically and internationally. Two weeks after the activists The expansion had been fought valiantly in court by the had been removed from the pumps and the Rainbow local chapter of the Swedish Society for Nature Conser- Warrior had left Sweden, Preem announced their with- vation, but had been granted permission in both circuits drawal of the expansion plans in Lysekil. of the environmental court. As the government was gearing up towards a decision on Preemraff, so too was the environmental movement’s resistance. The spring of 2020 saw momentum growing, with a "This was a win for the environ- movement that was poised to not let Preem ruin the mental movement. The fact that climate. The weeks in late August, awaiting a govern- ment decision, saw the resistance peak, with almost we worked together, odds stacked daily protest outside of Preemraff in Lysekil. Greenpeace against us, and made oil giant flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, fresh from protesting oil Preem back down is a testament in the north sea, set sail on Lysekil and joined a flotilla to the power of people organizing." of sail vessels and kayakers in “Sail for the Climate” to manifest the outrage with Preems expansion plan. - Markus Mattison, Communications Officer The protests culminated in the Rainbow Warrior laying anchor in the bay of the oil-refinery, effectively cutting off the flow of crude oil for several days and stopping 4

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    People vs Arctic Oil After four long years working on the Arctic Oil court case, we finally met with the Norwegian Government in the Supreme Court. It felt like an important moment not just in Greenpeace history, but also in the fight for climate justice in Norway. Working together with the youth organization Nature and Youth, we first filed a lawsuit against the Nor- wegian state for exploring for oil in the Arctic Barents Sea in 2016. We were initially met with strong criticism and the lawsuit was widely dismissed as an “activist case”. Eventu- ally we gained widespread support from legal and political communities as our case went from the city court, to the court of appeal before being heard in plenary by 15 Su- preme court judges in the highest court in Norway in 2020. Along with fighting in the court, we have delivered a num- ber of actions outside the courtroom to show that drilling for more oil is not compatible with stopping the climate emergency. Hundreds of vigils were held across Norway "Taking the Norwegian and globally, and Greenpeace ships challenged the industry when they moved their drill rigs up north. During our time in government to court felt court the case has garnered coverage from media across like an important moment the globe. not just for Greenpeace, but in the history of the While the Supreme Court ended up not ruling in our favour, environmental movement the case has been instrumental in building support for phasing out oil in Norway. The Arctic Oil case has helped in Norway." change the national conversation and political landscape, - Erlend Telles, with the climate and green transition away from oil becom- Arctic & Oil Campaigner ing hot topic issues discussed in media and politics. 5

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    Challenging a state-owned fossil giant in Finland Finland has one of the strictest climate targets in the world and is seen as a global leader in protecting the environ- ment. Despite this, the majority state-owned company Fortum, along with its recently acquired subsidiary Uniper, continues to emit more CO2 emissions than all of Finland and opened a new coal power plant in Germany, Datteln 4, "Fortum became in the summer of 2020. a national shame after Together with our supporters and a broad coalition of opening a new coal Finnish and European NGOs and activists, we challenged plant in the midst Fortum and called out their greenwashing and dirty actions of a climate crisis. around Europe. A variety of tactics and actions were used Together we must as part of the campaign, from holding Corona-safe demon- strations in Germany, Finland, Norway, and the UK, to de- ensure that nothing livering greetings to Siberia, where Fortum/Uniper sources like this happens their coal. never again." - Olli Tiainen, Climate & Our collective efforts did not prevent Fortum from opening their infamous Datteln 4 power plant in Germany. However, Energy Campaigner Fortum published a new strategy in December with slightly stricter climate targets, aiming to become climate neutral in Europe by 2035 and globally by 2050. While this is not enough, especially when they continue to focus on gas, it demonstrates that even companies like Fortum cannot escape the importance of a green and just transition. 6

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    Shaping Climate Laws with People Power In Summer 2019 Finland announced one of the emissions and also take the need to protect nature world’s most ambitious climate targets - a title that and biodiversity into account. only held until winter. Then Denmark took over as the leader with their announcement to cut emissions In Finland the process of bringing the new climate with 70% percent by 2030. What has happened targets into law is still in the works. A revised law, since in those two countries? with new 2030, 2040, and 2050 climate targets is expected to pass the parliament in autumn 2021 the In Denmark the political agreement became law in latest. summer 2030, but an action plan on how Denmark will meet the target has been lacking. The govern- Advancing Finland’s climate neutrality target by a ment plans for only small steps in the first years and decade, from 2045 to 2035 caused some concern hopes for a big ‘ketchup effect’ towards the end of among those who’d rather take it slow. This is the decade. Something that the Climate Council, why Greenpeace, in early 2020, brought together the expert group which acts as a watchdog for the a unique alliance of leaders in business, finance, climate plans, has pointed out in early 2021. Helene, trade unions, academia, sports and NGOs, into a who is campaigning to make sure that the govern- ‘Climate National Team’ standing behind the new ment holds their promise, is also concerned about goal. A video featuring these leaders was starred by the ‘blind spots’ the government has towards emis- the Captain of Finland’s national football team, with sions from bioenergy. Just because formally today a ‘Captain’s shirt’ delivered to the Prime Minister of the emissions from bioenergy don’t get counted, Finland, Sanna Marin. does not mean they are not harming the climate. We need an approach that incorporates all the "Having a truly independent expert panel to assess the government's measures to reach the climate targets has been the best part of the Nordic climate politics, and should be the thing that Nordic countries export to other countries so that climate politics can follow science." - Kaisa Kosonen, Climate & Energy Campaigner 7 7

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    Reducing Danish meat production is no longer just a radical idea A few years ago Greenpeace proposed that Denmark At the end of 2020, we published a report together with should gradually reduce the number of cattle and pigs five other organisations. In the report we put forward in Danish agriculture by at least half by 2030. At the 18 concrete recommendations for transitioning Danish time, it was widely considered as a too radical idea. agriculture towards less meat and fodder production However, in 2020 this idea has really gained leverage. and increasing production of plant-based food for peo- A broad alliance of organisations now stands behind ple, as part of the agricultural sector’s contribution to this demand, and all the supporting parties of the Gov- national climate targets. ernment are backing a demand to reduce Denmark’s massive livestock production. We have presented our analysis and report to politi- cians, media, scientists and other organisations, and Due to the Corona situation a lot of our work this year with a speech in front of the Agricultural Ministry. After happened behind a desk and at virtual meetings. In these important steps, we will scale up the work to Spring, we published an analysis of how to reach the push the government to take the needed action to climate law’s 70 % emission reduction target, show- reduce Denmark’s meat production to protect nature ing that a substantial green transition of the agricultural and climate. sector is unavoidable. The report made it clear that the biggest reduction potentials are found in reducing the number of animals and converting land currently used for fodder production back to forest and other nature, as well as increasing the production of plant-based food for people. 8

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    "The Danish Government needs to take responsibility and address the big elephant in the room - Denmark’s sad world record as biggest meat producer per capita." - Kristine Clement, Agriculture and Forest Campaigner 9

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    Protecting the Finnish Forests Finland is a land of forests – or at least many think so. The ugly truth is that only 6% of the forests are protected and a major part of the managed forests follow the vicious circle of clearcuts and mono- cultures. But things are changing. The number of Finns who love forests as they are – naturally grow- ing – is increasing. These people also understand that as we love the forests they also love us, as a carbon store and a carbon sink that saves us from climate crisis. Despite the challenges we all faced due to Cov- id-19 pandemic, Greenpeace and its supporters managed to save some of Finland’s most precious remaining natural forests. In total 2 200 hectares of valuable forest was saved. The decision to estab- lish the Evo science natural park, an initiative made originally by a Greenpeace local group, marked a major win for the environment. The concept is unique: to connect scientific research on forests to protection. Visitors will have the possibility to enjoy the beauty of natural forest while learning how cru- cial northern forests are for the whole planet. The expert working group is now planning the details of the park with a Greenpeace volunteer representing the environmental organisations. Hundreds of people also participated in protect- ing our forests by writing beautiful stories on what forests mean to them, which were publicly on our Social Media channels. "Greenpeace and its supporters managed to save some of Finland’s most precious remaining natural forests. In total 2 200 hectares of valuable forest was saved." - Juha Aromaa, Acting Programme Manager Finland 10 10

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    From Pole to Pole and back again: Greenpeace ships protect the oceans with scientists and activists Since 2017, Greenpeace Nordic has co-led the global Protect the Oceans campaign, with the aim of securing a strong Global Ocean Treaty under the UN to enable pro- tecting at least 30% of the global oceans by 2030. The final leg of our ambitious ship tour reaching from the North to the South Pole ended in Antarctica in early 2020, with both the Arctic Sunrise and Esperanza en- gaged in groundbreaking scientific research surveying life "The rapid disappearance of in the Antarctic Ocean. In September, we made a month- Arctic sea ice is a sobering long expedition to the Arctic, where the sea ice minimum this year reached the second lowest ever recorded. We indicator of how closely our reported worldwide from the scene as one of the very planet is circling the drain. few vessels present in the high Arctic this summer. The We need to hit the reset British-Bangladeshi nature, climate and human rights ac- button right now on how we tivist Mya-Rose Craig joined the Fridays for Future Global look after each other and our Day of Action staging the most northerly climate strike on an ice floe at 82 degrees North. planet by protecting at least 30% of our oceans by 2030 Although the global pandemic postponed a number to help our planet cope with of crucial international meetings, around 50 govern- the climate breakdown." ments officially committed to protecting at least 30% of the oceans by 2030. More and more, governments are - Laura Meller, increasingly acknowledging the need for an ambitious Ocean Policy Advisor Global Ocean Treaty as a way to achieve this target in the global oceans. 11

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    SWEDEN 2020 was off to an exciting start, as we prepared halt, we saw an opportunity to speak truth to power for the Sea of Hope exhibition inside Stockholm’s and call for a new vision of the world and have Central Station. Just as we were about to install been working towards this goal. We have spent two giant whales and the rest of the exhibition at a large part of the year trying to find our new sys- the central station the new Covid reality hit hard. tem change approach internally as well as exter- We had to reassess all of our campaign plans in the nally. The challenges of 2020 have given us the pipeline and quickly took the decision to continue impetus to be more ambitious and think about the and adapt to the challenges of the Corona pandem- bigger picture, moving our focus from climate cri- ic, rather than cancel and postpone. sis to planetary emergency, from fossil-free and emission reductions to overall system change. This Our decision to persevere and confront the new direction puts our relationship with nature up front Covid reality head on proved to be the right deci- and center of our campaigns again. sion. During the Sea of Hope exhibition, the Swed- ish Foreign Minister Anne Linde showed up, dem- onstrating that our message was getting across to those in power. As far back as mid March, we were one of the first actors who dared to speak out about using the Covid stimuli packages for societal transition. Our victory against Preem in preventing Isadora Wronski, the expansion of their oil refinery in Lysekil, on the Programme Manager west coast of Sweden, is a testament to the power Sweden of activism and people power. With countries around the world locking down and the devastating ‘business as usual’ grinding to a 12

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    DENMARK In 2020, the tireless efforts of our activists, volun- in the right direction. One has to remember that teers, crew onboard Rainbow Warrior and staff in no more than four years ago almost every political the office to take peaceful and safe action against party in the Danish Parliament wanted to suck the continued oil and gas exploration in the Danish part North Sea dry of every last drop of oil. of the North Sea has been a key source of inspira- tion. Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pan- The decision to phase out oil and gas made interna- demic, 2020 demonstrated our resilient spirit and tional headlines and helps our colleagues in Norway our commitment to speaking out against environ- and the UK to apply pressure on their governments mental injustices. while we continue to push for a more ambitious phase out. What makes it even more incredible is that a few months after our creative protest at sea with activ- ists occupying and decorating the oil company To- tal’s Dan Bravo oil platform, a political agreement in the Danish Parliament decided to cancel any future licensing rounds and to phase out existing oil and gas production by 2050. Sune Scheller, Programme Manager This is a huge victory for us and everyone else Denmark who’s been working to put an end to Denmark’s fossil fuel addiction. It inspires me to continue fight- ing for a much ambitious phase out. A phase out in 2050 is far from good enough, but it’s a major step 13

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    NORWAY When Covid-19 shut down our societies, we were The next victory we are hoping for is for the Norwe- acutely aware that it must not shut down our voices. gian Government to take the destruction of the rain- We adapted to more digital engagement to put pres- forest in the Amazon seriously. Thanks to thousands sure on big corporations and our political leaders, of supporters demanding the politicians to act, we and we amended our activities so we could still be saw a change in their policies. out there to highlight what needs to be changed. One of the key strengths of Greenpeace is the col- Whilst the work around the Supreme Court-case was laboration between our supporters, volunteers and the big thing in Norway in 2020, we also held a num- office staff. We unified and strengthened our voice ber of small activities. These included highlighting in 2020, and will do so even more in 2021. that economic relief packages must be green outside the Parliament, activities around Buy Nothing Day in several cities, and campaigning for eating less meat and more oceans protection. We also achieved a big win: After years of massive public opposition in Norway and in Australia con- cerning Equinor’s plan to drill for oil in the sensitive Frode Pleym, Great Australian Bight, the Norwegian oil giant com- Programme Manager pany finally pulled out. This is a big inspiration to us. Norway Protesting makes a big difference! 14

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    FINLAND The Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 has been a challeng- We have also pointed out the disturbing fact that the ing time in Finland, as it has been around the world. Finnish government-owned energy company For- However there has been one major relief for Finns: tum became a part of the European coal problem by Nature. There were record hitting amounts of visitors starting the Datteln 4 coal power plant in Germany. in the country’s natural parks, urban parks and other Fortum became the owner of several coal power outdoor areas, which provided a corona safe space plants and gas after acquiring the German company to refresh and spend time with family. This gave a Uniper. In addition to climate and energy policies, firm basis for Greenpeace’ work to save the climate forests were a natural and important part of the work and biodiversity. with more than 2 000 hectares of saved forests and a decision to establish two new natural parks. Finland has a government with an ambitious climate programme with the goal of climate neutrality by 2035. Greenpeace started the year strong by handing over the shirt of the Finnish football team captain Tim Sparv to Prime Minister Sanna Marin, encouraging her to make the best effort with her team to save the Juha Aromaa, climate. During the year we have strictly followed the Acting Programme actions of the government and raised the issues that Manager Finland are not in line with the government climate goal. 15 15

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    SUSTAINABILITY AND GOVERNANCE Greenpeace Nordic is committed to ensuring that the are also using cloud based solutions with suppliers that environmental footprint of the organisation is always as in turn use renewable electricity. low as possible and we have policies for green offices, travel, food and IT procurement. For environmental reasons Greenpeace Nordic only serves vegan or vegetarian food to participants in train- Most of our emissions are related to travels between ings and meetings. The food should be organic and Greenpeace offices or to places where we do campaign locally grown whenever possible. work. Greenpeace Nordic’s travel policy stipulates that we travel by train whenever it is possible and reasonable in terms of travel time. When travelling between Sweden Board Members and Finland ferries are used, preferably the LNG pow- ered ones. Like the rest of the world, we experienced The Board of Directors of Greenpeace Nordic consisted significantly reduced travel-based emissions as a result of six members during 2020, Agneta Rythén Martin of lockdowns and borders closing due to the global (Sweden), Andrea Cederquist (Germany), Dan Hindsgaul Covid-19 situation. (Denmark), Ingrid Skjoldvær (Norway), Per Rosander (Sweden) and Simo Kyllönen (Finland). In order to decrease travel Greenpeace uses a global video conferencing system that replaces many face- Agneta Rythén Martin is Board Chair, and Simo Kyllö- to-face meetings. Greenpeace Nordic has 11 meeting nen is Vice Chair. Dan Hindsgaul is the trustee, repre- rooms fitted with the video conferencing system and senting Greenpeace Nordic at the International Annual large screens. All employees have the possibility to use General Meeting. In 2020 there were five board meet- the video conference software from their laptops. This ings. All board meetings in 2020 took place online due has proved to be extremely beneficial during 2020, in to Covid-19. light of the pandemic and the need to work from home. Our Executive Director since 2008 is Mads Flarup Chris- The servers in Greenpeace Nordic are run in the Stock- tensen. He has more than 25 years of experience from holm office where we use 100% renewable energy. We various positions in Greenpeace. GREENPEACE NORDIC EMISSIONS Metric tonnes CO2 equivalent, direct and indirect emissions Source 2020 2019 2018 Office Electricity 0.35 0.37 0.83 Server Electricity 0.00 0.00 0.00 Paper Consumption 12.68 15.47 26.83 Vehicles 23.38 35.10 22.33 Boats, Ships, Marine Transportation 2.87 13.65 11.21 Air Travel 31.26 144.51 142.45 Other Travel 10.2 52.70 31.76 TOTAL 80.74 261.80 235.41 16 16

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    OUR FUNDING Your support makes our independence and ing donations from governments or corporates. impact possible. Greenpeace stands for positive Instead, we honour your support by spending change through action. Exactly what that action every donation you give with great care. involves – from petitions, to political pressure, to investigation and peaceful protests – depends on In the Nordic region 147 420 people support what is likely to achieve the greatest impact. But Greenpeace financially. We are endlessly grateful it is only through the generosity of supporters like for all donations which are working to save our you that we are able to take any actions. We main- planet for future generations. Thank you so much tain our independence by not soliciting or accept- for standing with us, and with our planet. DONORS 31 DEC 2020 31 DEC 2019 CHANGE 2019-20 Sweden 88 652 91 404 - 3,0% Denmark 21 477 21 996 - 2,4% Norway 18 187 17 390 4,6% Finland 19 104 19 707 - 3,1% TOTAL 147 420 150 497 - 2,0% 18

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    Where our money came from 3% 2% 4% 8% 83% Donations from Individuals 182 823 Legacies in Wills 9 160 Grants from the Swedish Postcode Lottery 18 000 Other earmarked grants 3 334 Internal grants from other Greenpeace entities 6 076 What we spent it on 18% 2% 23% 12% 10% 24% 6% 5% Climate & Energy 52 295 Oceans 40 296 Other Campaign Topics 25 330 Oil 21 117 Food 12 155 Forests 10 526 Fundraising 50 939 Administration & Others 5 049 Figures are presented per 1000 SEK 19

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    STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS 2020 2019 Donations 209 984 207 547 Earmarked Contributions 9 409 22 901 Total Income 219 393 230 448 Campaigning Expenditure 161 719 165 963 Fundraising Expenditure 50 939 51 374 Administration Expenditure 4 562 3 815 Total Operational Expenditure 217 720 221 152 Result from Operations 2173 9269 Interest Income and Similar Items 45 189 Interest Costs and Similar Items 532 196 Result after Financial Items 1 689 9 289 Taxes 0 8 Surplus / (Deficit) 1 686 9 281 Figures are presented per 1000 SEK The Swedish Postcode Lottery The Swedish Postcode Lottery (Svenska Postkod- receiving a bit over 14 million SEK to support 4 out lotteriet - PKL) has a vision that the world must have of the 6 Changemakerspaces, with the majority of strong civil societies. Through special project money funds being directed towards Greenpeace Africa. the lottery supports many projects around the world Through this project new tech savvy and volunteer in order to strengthen democratic movements. Since friendly physical meeting places for young people the start of 2005 in Sweden the Postcode Lottery that want to engage in climate and other environ- has generated more than 11 billion SEK for non- mental issues will be created. These spaces will profit organisations. Greenpeace Nordic became a help young people in Sweden, Hungary, Armenia, beneficiary of the Swedish Postcode Lottery in 2008. Kenya, South Africa and Cameroon to connect and Until and including 2020 Greenpeace has received grow the movements in their countries, enable new 265 million SEK. international cooperation and facilitate the exchange of important experiences and knowledge between Our 2020 Dream Project application, submitted climate-committed young people from different parts together with the Swedish youth organization Frys- of the world. huset, received 31 million SEK for a special collabo- ration project called Climate Changemakerspaces. The project will run for 3,5 years. Greenpeace is 20

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    Njalsgade 21 G, 2. sal 2300 København S Denmark Käenkuja 3 aB 00500 Helsinki Finland Sandakerveien 24 C, entrance E 1 Postboks 33 Torshov 0473 Oslo Norway Rosenlundsgatan 29 A Box 151 64 104 65 Stockholm Sweden 21

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