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Business Radar is developed with one primary goal in mind. This is to keep you informed on companies of interest, wether they are clients, prospects or your competition and to make sure you never miss an important event or opportunity ever again. Business Radar helps you to analyze the millions of digital signals that are being generated on a daily basis and find the true gems that are hidden in the noise.

Business Radar maintains a curated index of 154 million quality news sources in more than 190 countries. These news sources include mainstream media, small and local business gazettes, sector specific news websites and the websites of the companies you choose to follow. Every news article is translated and checked on profanity and strong or biased language, so you only receive reliable and relevant news alerts.

Example: Pfizer subsidiaries are followed in their local media

When you follow large corporations in multiple counties Business Radar makes sure that each subsidiary is followed in its local media sources. Our patented entity recognition engine can distinguish two companies with the same trade name in different counties or markets. This makes Business Radar scalable for clients that need to analyze millions of companies and reliable for clients that need to embed our technology in automated underwriting or trading algorithms.

Court filings & Sanction lists

Business Radar scans hundreds of court houses in more than 49 countries on a daily basis. You will receive a push notification when a company or one of its international subsidiaries is mentioned in a lawsuit. Business Radar has a real-time connection to European and USA based Sanction lists for companies and directors.

Company Structure Changes

Business Radar notifies you when one of your competitors and its subsidiaries has a change in its ownership or management board. Other company structure changes include Acquisitions, Mergers, Divestments, Insolvencies. Our guarantee is that you will be the first to know.

Newly registered Patents and Brand Names

Most companies struggle to stay informed on the activities of their competition. It can be particularly difficult to track patent and brand names registrations because these are often registered on newly registered subsidiaries or joined ventures. Business Radar keeps track of the corporate structures of your competition. Whenever a new patent is registered on a newly registered or existing competitive company you receive an alert in real-time.

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