Market Analyst

Follow all competitors, customers and market sectors in online news and publications.

Customer and Competitor Analysis

Enter all your customers and competitors automatically in Business Radar and we ensure that you receive an email or SMS alert when a customer or competitor:

Launches a new product
Working on a new market or a new country
New directors join or resign
Buy or dispose of companies
Registers a new brand name
Register a patent

The result: An agile organization that is able to adjust its strategic course in time.

Market analysis

Use Business Radar's knowledge database to identify key market trends. Business Radar analyzes hundreds of thousands of news stories in all market sectors every day and identifies trending keywords. With this analysis you can quickly discover new needs in your target market or discover new sales markets.


With BusinessRadar you are automatically subscribed to all signals regarding new laws and regulations.  

Design Faster

Save time with a multitude of styled components designed to showcase your content

Rapid Development

Construct mockups or production-ready pages in-browser with Variant Page Builder

Elite Support

Take comfort in 6 months included support with a dedicated support forum