Time efficient and accurate underwriting

Underwriters all over the world use business radar to continuously monitor their debtors.

Because BusinessRadar has the largest collection of public news sources in the world, you as an underwriter never have to worry about missing important news again. Not only major news sources are included in our collection, but also a diverse and extensive list of industry and sector news websites and small-scale local media. 

All news items from all over the world are automatically translated, grouped and prioritized so that every important news event is shown on your screen only once and in your preferred language. 

BusinessRadar is also connected to a wide variety of public sources and checks every day if any of the companies have:

A new annual report has been published
Company structure changes have taken place
A court hearing has taken place

By means of a push notification or alert you are informed in real time by text message or e-mail when risks or opportunities arise so that you can respond quickly and mitigate your risks in time.

All news items can be filtered by a variety of filters so that you only see those documents that serve your specific purpose. The overview of articles and documents can be refined based on the following dimensions:

Location, Language & Portfolio
Industry classification
Business Impact
Signals for Risk & Opportunities
Signals for Sustainability

Use BusinessRadar to write sector-specific reports by combining Industry classification filters with more than 200 signals and thus gain insight into for example R&D within the industrial sector or layoffs within the retail sector.